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  1. I liked Fredwynn's name affirmation, which I got the impression he repeated every night - F to the Red for the Wynn. Also, loved his sweater. No disrespect to her acting, but Janice is BY FAR the most boring, poorly written character. Sorry, I guess I'm tired of plucky women. The only thing interesting was her "other" self telling some truths.
  2. I think the ending was ridiculous - Carrie being picked up, with split second precision, by Yevgeny. On the other hand, I am a HUGE Costa Ronin fan (since the Americans) and really want to see them engage in a hot and heavy affair. Not because it makes any sense plot wise, but for the chance to see more (or all) of the beautiful Costa. Yeah, I had to laugh at the pronunciation lesson. I really tried not to, but couldn't help seeing current day parallels with our own administration. Hope Max makes it out alive.
  3. Much as I love Max and am glad he's still alive - but why didn't they get the flight recorder first thing instead of literally waiting until the last minute? I know., plot induced stupidity but still. I also have to say what an amazing actor Mandy Patinkin is, I wasn't a Criminal Minds fan, but he is just wonderful in this.
  4. I love Bill Pullman but this is getting ridiculous. SO BORING. Arrest this guy already. Watching him week after week - ugh. Sorry, Jamie actor - you're just not compelling enough to carry this (or maybe it's the writing). This is whatever the opposite of suspense is. They tell us all along that Jamie killed that guy, so what. It doesn't advance the story at all. The was a one and done character, we already know that Jamie is mentally deteriorating. Are we supposed to care now that Bill's grandson is - gasp - in danger?
  5. Bear Paw Pizza (I think that's the name): I don't know if the restaurant is still around but in the 3 month update, that toxic co-owner looked a million times better. This show probably saved his life, too bad it couldn't get him to lose those ratty dreads. I had to laugh at the cook who couldn't eat pasta without getting some on the floor (hey, I'd be nervous, too) and Gordon's disgust, and the other one who couldn't stretch the pizza dough.. Both restaurants are in the running for the grossest, most disgusting kitchens. It seems like actually getting a chef who knows what he's doing can go far in turning the place around. Who knew? Jermaine may be a nice guy, but he clearly has been babied for far too long. His complete inability to recite the special - just one! l (with Gordon hovering over him like the angel of death) showed how lazy he is. I'm always amazed at how loyal the staff people of these places are. Most of the times, the owners don't deserve them. The owners get a big benefit from the show (especially if it is fixed up and sold), I'd like to think the staff could share in that.
  6. Loved seeing Alan Tudyk. I thought everything was pretty funny, especially Fred Armisen. I don't know if it was intentional but in the waiting room, Larry completely ignored the person of color - I'd say that's pretty typical of the show (except for Leon, of course). Are guys really going to wait for the urinal thing to adjust to their appropriate level? Liked the dog, what a good actor.
  7. That was dreadful. Super boring and pretentious. And I'm a huge Ulrich Thomsen fan. What a waste of what should have been a thrilling episode. The few minutes with Sofia and Voiello were more interesting and dynamic than the rest of the hour combined. I was sick of Jude Law (except in the opening sequence, ha ha), and his incessant smoking. Yes, I know, symbolic but who cares. Hated the death of the dog, although that's probably the only thing John M. cares about enough to cause him to suffer and confess as he did.
  8. I sure hope Voiello isn't sidelined, he's always been the most interesting character to me. I loved how he dealt with the nuns' issues. I just started watching this season, but may have missed it: Who's this Essence character with the cockroaches threatening Sofia?
  9. This episode really made me rethink my approach to this show. For all my dislike of the gross kitchens, disgusting food and screaming dysfunctional people (especially family drama), I guess I do prefer that over this type of low key episode which I found boring in the extreme. The problem with the restaurant was easily diagnosed - the mother, as is so often the case,, micromanaging because she feels like she has to. And maybe she does. I have to wonder if there was really a LOT of editing here, or acting for the camera. I find it hard to believe that someone who REPEATEDLY interrupted Chef Ramsey could see the light without major intervention. I think there must have been some really straight talking that wasn't shown. I didn't think the food was all that bad (yeah, one pork chop was over cooked, and I do love a lot of parsley), but they didn't show any unsanitary conditions or abusive staff behavior. I do think the staff probably was slacking off, knowing that Mama wouldn't fire them. The cooks seemed reasonably competent, and the restaurant decor was fine (except for those white tablecloths). Speaking of - what an underwhelming "make over." Southern is not the always synonymous with Louisiana, so what was the point of the keyboard wall and jazz singers? Why the stage? And, since I'm on a bit of a rant - can Gordon learn a new adjective in addition to "beautiful," please. Beautiful salmon, beautifully cooked, on a bed of beautifully herbed rice. We get it.
  10. Seafarers/halterman What,those parents are the most selfish people in the world. I really dislike them, which is unusual for me, way to ruin your family. They are clearly responsible for the sisters' dysfunctional relationship (or, made no attempt to resolve it) over the years and even when given the chance to speak directly to their daughters, didn't do anything. That one sister was so awful I didn't even feel sorry for her when that line cook broke up with her (on TV!) without a second's hesitation. Poor Amber and her children. I don't know if the restaurant is still in business, but I hope it is so that Amber can sell it and do what she wants with her life. Same for Logan, what a sweetheart. I felt bad for him during that dinner service, which I think would have been hard even for a more experienced cook (entirely new menu, packed restaurant with everyone coming in at the same time). So I guess the whole point of those costumes was so someone could make a "revolting" joke?
  11. mjc570


    Same here. Kenny is still my favorite, although I've appreciated the various pathologists. I have to say that I like the series a million times more than the books.
  12. S11E12: Ka-Pop (ancient grain-sorghum-popped chips) I can report that these are very good, but you should stay away from the rosemary-garlic flavor unless you REALLY like garlic (I do, and threw a few into my vegetable tortellini soup).
  13. I thought the Ka-pop sounded so good that I already ordered a variety pack. I also liked the guy, he seems like a good business person to work with. While I understand the point of the anti-allergy supplements and how the title relates to that, I thought the name by itself was confusing. I thought it seemed liked a good product though. Selling through pediatricians is a good idea. I don't see how the calorie count for the coconut shake could be so low, 1 c of shredded coconut meat has 283 calories. Unless, of course, there isn't that much actual coconut and it's mostly coconut liquid or water. Generally, a much less annoying set of entrepreneurs, although the rope floss guy came pretty close. Hate criers and sob stories, make a point of never supporting them by buying their products.
  14. No disrespect to anyone who liked this, but I'm sorry, I thought it was so dreadful I didn't even watch the whole thing (I know, maybe it got better. . . ) First, let me say I liked both the books and the prior movie, and I very much like both Russell Hornsby and (especially) Michael Imperioli. Not a fan of the generic female, although they were obviously trying hard to give her a personality. I watch a lot of Sci Fi, so am used to suspending disbelief but this was ridiculous. The scene that got me was when Ameilia gets the subway train to stop by firing her gun. The driver had to have already seen her standing right on the tracks waving her flashlight, so what was the point of the shooting? Somehow the laws of motion and inertia etc can be changed by shooting at the large metal object hurtling down the tracks? Drama for drama's sake, I guess. I really wish the writing were better.
  15. I understand the limitations in terms of the bakers not having a lot of time to practice or use unique ingredients or baking aids as compared to the GBBO, but this iterasion really left me underwhelmed. I admit that I was team Dana from the beginning, but she did not excel in these episodes. I wonder if she was dinged because the budino (new term to me!) was not a baked good, as someone above noted, this is a BAKING not dessert generally show, although the judges didn't say anything about it. Some ranting, sorry: (1) Advertisers: You're not helping yourself with those awful hosts, I can't be the only one liberally using the fast forward; and (2) Can they drop the pretense that this is some kind of winter holiday show, or make it a summer holiday? You're not fooling anyone by making those poor souls wear jackets.
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