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  1. I'm really disappointed, maybe because I'm used to the GSN version, which moves along a lot faster and seems to have harder questions and better contestants. Last night's episode (1/14/21) was especially bad. I don't blame the host for her voice, but I find it really nasal and a bit unpleasant. She also seems so scripted and repetitive. The questions are mostly complete softballs (because I think ABC wants to hype up the chance for big payday). I know people get nervous and blurt out wrong answers (the woman last night, who gave "carnation" as the flower otherwise known as a mum), but isn't there any type of contestant testing? I'm not at all interested in the contestants as people, because I know they're not coming back. I especially am tired of the host (sorry, can't remember her name) asking them why they picked a particular multiple choice answer, when it almost always is that it's a guess (in contrast to when the chaser gives an explanation because I always learn something new). They should just eliminate this section completely. Since I'm throwing around unsolicited advice, I also think they should let the Chasers just be themselves. It took me a long time to warm up to James on Jeopardy (I liked his style of play, him not so much) but eventually I did. I also liked the 3 guys rapport during the GOAT. Sorry for ABC and its advertisers, because I want the show to be successful, but I'm at the point where I just FF to the final section.
  2. I thought ken was a great host, and kept the game moving along. I’m surprised unit wasn’t closer, I thought all 3 contestants were pretty evenly matched. Kens tribute to Alex was so sincere, and it seemed like Ken totally channeled him tonight. Except for the voice, every word could have been Alex’s.
  3. I had forgotten how gorgeous Ricky Whittle is - wow, I completely empathized with those girls at the bus. Story-wise, at least it was coherent. I would have liked more Graham Greene, he was a good reminder of Defiance. Had to laugh at Laura completely screwing up her sacrifice by not making sure Sweeney had the coin. I guess there is no hope of her resurrecting, but hope to see him soon. Great cast, too bad the writing isn't quite up to their level.. I'm sure there was a lot I missed in this episode, but I'm glad the show's back. I had written it off after last season.
  4. Man, I think Shark Tank has jumped the shark, I've bought (and liked) lots of products over the years, but this was pretty awful. I don't know if I'm going to waste my time watching this any more. In no particular order: Electra: As a woman and the mother of a daughter, I am a huge supporter of women's sports generally and the WNBA in particular, but I recognize that being a professional BB player is not the same for a woman in a lot of ways. Yes, I'm sure that woman is an elite athlete with a strong competitive streak, but the product was just a generic sports drink (almost all of them taste good), her marketing plan was horrendous (take the laundry detergent approach, and sell in bottles for direct sales, if she could get shelf space, and develop a formulation for on-line sales where the consumer adds their own water), it was completely premature. And what was her catchphrase, something about grabbing ass? The Sex candy: I thought this was a joke pitch, given the poor quality product and packaging, the whackadoodle couple, the crying (fake at that), the complete lack of any business sense. I really wish the Sharks had called them out on the crying. And the rock. And the tell them another story. The office chair: I don't know anything about this market (I am sitting in the same crappy chair I've used for years, with no ergonomic benefit whatsoever) but the chair looked good to me, I don't know why the guy didn't get a deal, but they seemed to really take against him. I wonder if there was a lot edited out. The trophy stuff - this could have been done in two minutes (especially if they gave the other sharks a bathroom break) , they intro the product, Mark makes a deal and they accept.
  5. Further thoughts: Maybe (ha,, no maybe about it) I'm just a grump, but I really don't care to hear the contestants talk about why they made their choices, I do like hearing the experts do that, though, because I almost always learn something new. For that matter, I don't really care about the contestants, except maybe a very brief statement as to what they do. Especially here, where it's one and done. I guess I may be unusual but I don't identify with them, and don't actually like when they win, unless they are really really good. I guess regular people need encouragement to go up against any of the experts, but I definitely know what side I'm rooting for.
  6. I liked it more than I thought. I've been watching the original American version, as well as Master Minds and greatly prefer Brooke, she is quicker and I think makes it more fun, she is always laughing. I think it was set up for a big win to start the series off, because there were some seriously easy questions and Ken missed something really obvious (sorry, can't remember what). I even liked the Lounge, because James and Brad are pretty funny. I do miss the Beast though, he is totally awesome. Bottom line: I enjoyed it, will keep watching.
  7. I really love this show, so I can't believe I am writing this : This episode was awful except for a few brief scenes. It was boring, boring, boring. I have liked Amos, but that extended prison break was so predictable as to lack any suspense whatsoever. Sloppy, too - I'm pretty sure biometric locks don't work with dead hands. I know Naomi's situation is advancing the plot, but it was way too much talk, too little action. Poor accents, also., the belter patois used to be so much more fluid. What I realized - this show needs more Holden, or Avasarala or Drummer. A lot.
  8. Isn't Kens also on Master Minds? I don't know when they were filmed, the Game Network here in Philadelphia PA is currently showing Season 2.
  9. Not only does Filip looks amazingly like Naomi (great casting), doesn't he have the same neck tattoo? Great episode, although I could do without the whole Naomi thing, she as a character deserves better. I also was hoping for some advanced tech to save Fred.
  10. mjc570

    S05.E03: Mother

    I absolutely love this show, so I hate saying this: I really hate Naomi. Maybe because I don't have a lot of family feeling myself, but I don't see how being Filip's bio mom gives her any right whatsoever to have anything to do with him, much less take action on his behalf. Her character deserves better writing - she's been presented all along as a smart, capable woman able to make good choices (ask Amos), but it is beyond ridiculous that she believed that Filip would listen to her at all. I realize that this is being presented as her weak spot, causing her to act uncharacteristically emotional to the point of irrationality, but this extreme reliance on the mommy love trope is unworthy of such a great series. Having said that, I liked everything else. I don't know how shows are made, or what titles are - but whoever is responsible for the look of the show (art director? Director?) has done an amazing job. It looks absolutely realistic.
  11. mjc570

    S05.E02: Churn

    The only thing better than seeing Drummer again (and quite a lot of her, ha), was Drummer & Ashford. I can't believe what a wonderful character he became, and I'm glad he could at least make an appearance here. Amos is always interesting, and it was nice to see his backstory. I was surprised how much stuff Lydia left, and how many containers (we are reorganizing, and the price and availability of plastic containers like that are on my mind). I don't remember Amos calling Chrisjen "Chrissy" but I like it.
  12. I had to laugh at Mrs. Coulter's reaction to the jeans. I assume that was included to show how little Carlo understands her. I admit I had to feel sorry for her - she's done terrible things (although I think she was forced into a lot of it), but there is no question she loves Lyra. Mary M. is still my favorite character. I don't think she was streetwise or anything like that, but smart enough to pick up on the guard's mistake. All in all, a pretty satisfying episode, except for the plot induced stupidity of Will.
  13. I can see the market for the inflatable balls. On the other hand, there already is a big inflatable decoration market, I don't remember any of the sharks asking about competitors. I thought the toilet people were obnoxious and not as smart as they think they are. Like others have said, it's a gag gift. And then what? That ODR guy was clearly prepared for the backstabber issue. But really, that is what he is. With his ego, he's better of without a shark. That said, they look like fun. Loved the car seat coat, loved the woman. Glad she got a deal. Generally, not a very interesting episode, at least for me. Added: It wasnice not to have to put up with any guest sharks.
  14. Ans you know Sylvia's going to be sharing with the prosecutor that even Jonathan's parents think he's a sociopath who killed his sister. Way to go, Grace.
  15. I thought these were interesting products, generally. The mushroom jerky sounded great, and I'd like to try it. I add ground mushrooms to pretty much whatever I'm making (tomato sauce, meatballs etc), it really is a umami flavor booster that gives a nice meat-like mouth taste. I thought the dog mask were a good idea, for dogs that need to be in an area with poor air quality, like rescue or search dogs. I wonder how well the dogs can breath , though. Didn't care about the moment drink, not sure why they didn't stress it wasn't to take the place of meditation but might help people relax generally. Also, haven't they been in business just for a month? I liked the fake charcoal, but it's not something we use. I just have to express again how much I hate when sharks tell some poor entrepreneur to take their offer immediately. I know there is a lot of ego with these rich people, but these people generally only have one shot in the tank.
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