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  1. I liked the idea of the granola butter, I eat a lot of peanut butter so it might be nice to have an alternative. For some reason, I found the woman to be especially annoying. Edible utensils - at first, I thought it was a great idea, but didn't the guy say they don't last long in hot or cold food? 20 minutes? That's not long enough for me. I don't buy in commercial quantities but maybe there is a retail demand: I always get compostable non plastics flatware for get together , like this one from Amazon: Amazon.com: 100% Compostable Forks Spoons Knives Cutlery Combo Set - 380 La
  2. I especially liked how supportive Taylor was of Cindy, they were so good for each., they were so in synch It was pretty clear that when they failed the 2nd test, they probably wouldn't win. I also think that while their fish bridge worked well and was amazing to look at, Rodolfo and Sarah's whole display was just on a higher level, with so much more detail as well as a unifying story. Overall, I really liked the show, especially the great judges, and hope their is another season.
  3. What I like about the show is that it is not TOO realistic about social conditions that existed then - that would make for some grim viewing. For example, Mr. Asper actually turned out to be decent, which I didn't at all expect, and things looks rosy for the poor young couple who already have several children. Most importantly, I want Leonard not to be harmed in any way, although given the times, things don't look good for him.
  4. Perhaps it was a Dutch baby?
  5. I'm enjoying this very much, have watched through episode 6 (I think) , the Bake Quake. What a cliff hanger! I feel so sorry for Steve - no matter how much the show tries to hype her, Renee just isn't a very good engineer. She's lucky to have Steve as her partner, at least he knew how to construct a building because of his wedding cake expertise. There is no way they should continue. I still think the advantage given to the winning team is way too advantageous. See the obstacle so and so being able to address the traps? Having someone extra to help for 3 hours? It's a wonder the
  6. I just started watching and like it a lot. I liked episode #2 (robots) a little better than #1 (robots), because it seemed a bit more fun. I realize that the engineering is MUCH more important than the baking. Watching #3 (chain reactions) now. One thing I really like are the super qualified judges, especially the engineering one who explains things so clearly. It seems like a good strategy may be to make sure you win the first challenge, because the advantage the winners got was huge. I can see that just kind of snowballing, where they win the next challenge because of that,
  7. I was very disappointed, because bread week is usually one of my favorites. First, there was way too much Noel and Matt, to the point that I just started fast forwarding past them. I don't know if they're really helpful to the contestants, but certainly they are not funny or entertaining, especially throwing dough at someone trying to concentrate on her bake. Second, there is a whole world of bread out there - why deliberately select the two most well-known ITALIAN types of bread, unless it was to showcase Giuseppe (who really deserved Star Baker) in the same episode. Speaking of typ
  8. Agree they should have tougher challenges as the show progresses. I also suggest that there should be no elimination for the first week, give them a chance to settle down.
  9. As soon as I saw Rachael Stirling, I knew it had to be her simply because she is so recognizable. Speaking of which, wow, she is in everything! Or maybe it seems like that since I watch a lot of British tv. It was an ok episode, it seemed almost more designed to introduce the various core characters. Can Geordie really just preempt an investigation like that? I know his rank was higher, but what about jurisdiction? I think I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would because I am VERY worried about Leonard. I can only hope that Will can pull off some miracle to protect him.
  10. I don't know why they added the movable/interactive component, especially so early in the competition. It seems to me that the quality of the products really suffered as a result, none of them were really complex or refined. Much as I like Jurgen, I sure hope it is not a runaway. I know that the judging starts anew each week, but if he is the star baker every week I think that will be pretty indicative. I do think it's probably been pretty easy to decide who has to leave, although I'm glad Maggie recognizes she is at risk. I like all the contestants, but especially Lizzie. I li
  11. What a lovely group of contestants, I like them all. It's clear they have varying skill levels, but they are all interesting. Just about all the bakes, even (or especially?) the messy ones looked delicious. I've never heard of mini rolls, or malt loaves but I would love some. Maybe I'm over -sensitive but I didn't really like the ostrich story, I felt sorry for it. I feel like they shouldn't have elevations the first week to let them get over any tent nerves, with a double elimination perhaps on the second week.
  12. I have to laugh about the judging, not that I necessarily disagreed with the result. I agree that Caleb and Jacob deserved 3rd place in comparison to the other two, which I think were more technically proficient. Wayne and Zack's dragons were very disappointing, but I thought they took the judges' suggestions to heart and incorporated stories on each level that were very personal and interesting. It doesn't seem, though, that this story telling really was a factor. Mark and Steven's build really had no story aspect, but the wood warden was well done, and the waterfalls were really well do
  13. Not if you're speaking French, ha ha. To be fair, I know a lot a people say it that way, and it is (I think) a permissible usage per various dictionaries although not the primary entry.
  14. Liked the episode except for the extended homage (and, seriously, why the repeated dropping of the perfectly good "h," does everyone shop at Tar-je?) to the dead friend. I know it was supposed to humanize the guy, but really, it was unnecessary and overdone. With the respect to the build themselves, I liked them all. I really disagreed with the automatic pass for the one furthest from the wall, I think it could have been a factor in judging them. I liked the DIY moms' totally creative cardboard castle, too bad about the telescope, but those markers looked great. I think the various t
  15. mjc570


    S11E1: It was so good to watch this episode - all the gang is back (although some look quite a bit older), complicated story line with multiple suspects, family issues.
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