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  1. Thanks for the advice! No, it's just that I'm not sure I will have time to watch it all, and didn't want to watch a few seasons now, and have to wait what may be a substantial period of time to watch a few more. Also, to be honest, I'm not sure how much prison drama (I assume it's all set in the prison) can be sustained over a number of years, without having a major change of scenery. I find Frankie to be by far the most interesting character, or maybe that is just an exceptional actor. She does awful things, but I do feel that is because she feels that she has to, she is not naturally sadistic. I have a lot of sympathy for her, with her background, it's not surprising she is screwed up. If she had had a better start in life, she could have really been successful. On the other hand, I don't like Ms. Perfect Bea. The Debbie love is excessive, and just isn't enough to give her character any depth. She really has no identity besides Debbie avenger. She could have been set up much better as a foil to Jaqs or Franke or whoever the top dog is until she (Bea) takes over. I also hate her scraggly hair an perpetually chapped lips. I think (so far) the show is very well written. For example, I thought Will Jackson, the guard/husband of Meg) was going to be hitting on Bea, or otherwise abusing his position. but that's not the way it's turning out. Anyway, would love to discuss, it but have to get back to watching.
  2. I just started watching this on Netflix (US). I finished Season 1, just started S2 and like it very much. Although I have to admit I pretty much skipped through all the Debbie grief stuff. My question to you: I'm not sure I really want to watch all 7 seasons, so my plan was to watch S1, S2 and S7 - would that make sense? Would I be able to follow along? Or maybe I should just skip S5 or S6?
  3. I'm still watching, but I have no idea why. There is literally nobody I care about, and I am NOT titillated by the sex scenes. There really is no reason for me to waste my time.
  4. i have to say, I liked it (a bit) more than I thought I would. I've never seen the actors in it (except possibly the police chief), so I don't have any preconceptions. There was some humor in it, which I appreciated. I hope after this first episode it will settle down and focus on good story telling rather than shock value. I didn't mind the female lead peeing, it was pretty natural. I hope her rehab takes, I'm not really into watching shows who leads are excessively drinking or using.
  5. I think now might be a very good time for this product, I know I could use one.
  6. I thought this was an interesting episode. I thought the weighted baby sleep sack was a pure winner, I couldn’t understand why more sharks weren’t interested. I loved the mad optimist guys (i originally thought they were optometrists). I don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts, so I usually try to find something unusual or personalized. This is perfect for me, and I don’t mind paying a little more to support these guys and their mission. Perhaps this can help my guilt at increasing Jeff bezos personal wealth with all the amazon purchases I make. i was blah on the plant stuff I’d probably get it, because I’m trying to eat less carbs but it just didn’t look appetizing I always discount it when the sharks say something is delicious, I figure they’re hungry. i don’t get the hammock appeal at all Do that many people really want them, or have room? I don’t find them comfortable in the least, I like some support I also hated the name “hammock throne”:or whatever it’s called . Anything less throne like is hard to imagine. Added: I didn't watch to the end, so was unaware of what kind of deal they got. speaking of products: I’ve bought lots of things over the years, and almost always liked them In fact, I’m eating Ka-Pops right now, and just put in an order for more
  7. The escape ladder: Barbara was absolutely right, they should think about adapting it for existing home use, rather than only pursue new construction. I think it would take years to get to the point where builders were in a position to offer it as an option. Loved the mc guy and his products. I think his timing is unfortunate, with so many people working from home. On the other hand, maybe they need organizational help. Chocolate milk - still a lot of sugar. There are a lot of chocolate flavored protein shakes and drinks. I'm offended that the show offers a slot to such a premature product, rather than introducing a product I might actually be able to buy. I liked the kitchen idea, I would order from them all the time if they were in my area. I kind of lost track - was he talking about franchising? Unless there was a lot of editing going on, I thought it was pretty funny that Lori wouldn't make an offer because of insufficient eye contact. He did seem like a pain to work with, though.
  8. I got a good laugh with the crochet guy, and his groovy friends. I thought he would have been loud and over the top, so I'm glad he was funny and restrained. It was worth it to see the various sharks strutting their stuff, although I could have done without the crocheted thong. Loved the name, Lord Von Schmitt. Hated the potty parents. They could have the best product out there that would improve my life, and I wouldn't buy anything from them. So emotional, ugh. They were lucky Lori took pity, she really is the perfect shark. I'm surprised the Squatty folks don't already have some kind of kiddie component. Liked the tie guys, they seemed smart and practical. A lot of guys really do still wear ties, especially young guys looking for jobs. Although I would think that with all the people working from home now, who probably don't even get out of their jammies, who knows. I think they can extend their clothes beyond ties and socks., everybody really does still wear socks and I think there is always a market for inexpensive, long lasting clothes. I think there was more of a market for the baby shirt guy than the sharks realized. There are still a lot of babies being born, and I can see this as being a component of a new baby gift set. There are (sadly) many guys, really, who should keep their shirt on but can still get some skin on skin time with their babies (or puppies).
  9. I've seen ads for the Proven skin care and as a woman of a certain age (ahem), I was interested in a routine that seemed simple and geared for me. I've never taken the skin test, because I'm never sure how to answer some of the questions - I really am not sure what kind of skin I have or what my concerns really are. I do know where I live, though. If not too expensive, I am absolutely her target. But I thought what might have been attractive to investors was her tech. I never had a problem with seat belts until I sprained my thumb. That device sure would have been handy, then but otherwise it's just another gadget to lose.
  10. I thought the only interesting thing on this episode was the animated thing in the front row at the show, who showed more animation than any of the designers. Glad Ji went, her stuff was pretty one-note. Rinat was pretty lucky here, so was Esther although I think her past wins helped her. I was surprised Sander won, he doesn't seem all that creative beyond the t-shirt cut out. I think Jonny's 2 outfits were beautiful and very well-made, both were very accessible. I also like Megan, her white sit was so well-done.
  11. I've been a loyal watcher since this show started, but I found this episode unwatchable (except for Costa/Yesgeny, sorry). I think I'm just sick of Carrie how she's so much smarter than everyone else, so good at her job except when the plot requires some massive stupidity to move it along - like in this episode, upload the data from the flight recorder if it was that important! Or earlier, when the soldiers were at the crash site, they should have grabbed the flight recorder first thing, not leave it to the last minute for Max to get. I know this is probably a realistic depiction of a bipolar person in a high stress job, but I am tired of her relentless focus and unbounded willingness to use everybody in every way to accomplish what she wants. I'm tired of her. I love Saul (acting and writing), but really, I'm not in the mood to see him sidelined and powerless. Sorry, show, I'll try to stick it out, I guess, but maybe I'll just read recaps or something.
  12. I was glad to see that Maeve fell into a puddle of host-making goo (and I guess Serac could use the equipment at Bernard's house to replicate her if necessary), since she is by far my favorite character since Delores turned into a soulless killing machine. I just love her accent, and complete indifference to being impressed (sorry, not said very well). I do feel that this season has abandoned character development and plot in favor of cool scenary.
  13. We're still eating - and loving - Ka-Pops, the sorghum popped chips.
  14. I thought the shoe/slipper idea was a good one, I wear slippers or socks in the house, and keep a pair of slippers with heavier soles by the door to slip into. That was a lot of money for a pair of slippers, though. I loved the duvet cover, and would totally buy one. I'm short, with short arms, and it's always a struggle, whether I do the burrito method or climb inside. I can see why none of them wanted to invest in the woman, though. Not impressed at all with the prepwell academy idea. I don't know why there was so much love for that guy, his presentation wasn't too impressive and I'm not a fan of using family members as props. I liked his fit deck a lot better, I'm gad he was able sell it although I noticed he didn't mention the price (although I might have missed it). Liked the golf shirts - but if there is such demand., why haven't the current shirt makers picked up on it? I think Mark is right, the buzz is the limited opportunity to buy, but I guess I'm just too old - I don't care in the least about drop dates, there's always something else conning along. Those 2 other guys were good looking, a good thing Barabra wasn't one of the sharks in this episode. My favorite part of this episode - no crying, no emotional sob story. Thanks, Shark Tank
  15. I liked Fredwynn's name affirmation, which I got the impression he repeated every night - F to the Red for the Wynn. Also, loved his sweater. No disrespect to her acting, but Janice is BY FAR the most boring, poorly written character. Sorry, I guess I'm tired of plucky women. The only thing interesting was her "other" self telling some truths.
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