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  1. I see Adam Beach is still one of the worst actors around,. I haven't seen him in years, but I remember how stiff he is. Generally, I thought it was ok, once I got over changing Nancy's hair from blond to red, and the wholesale change in her "friends" George and Bess. I thought the ending was quite confusing, it seemed to indicate Bess had more involvement with the victim (I assume she came upon the body and stole the ring, although I have no idea why, isn't she supposed to be rich?). Liked seeing Scott Wolf again. I'll keep watching, at least for now.
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    I'm more mystified by anyone paying $44 for 6 pieces of fake (wheat) chicken. is the breading really that good, or were the sharks really hungry? I couldn't believe they turned down that deal. They really are terrible business people. Liked the facial yoga person, but how could anyone make any money investing in it? It would have to build up a base so that franchising could be a possibility. I was surprised none of the sharks identified it as a pre-business (although maybe they did and I wasn't paying attention). Her outfit was amazing, though. Amazing and somewhat creepy, I guess. I liked the air guys, that was a good product and they clearly knew what they were doing. Glad they got a deal. I don't think much education is necessary, everyone knows oxygen will make you feel better.
  3. Agree, absolutely can't stand the cop. Ridiculous, completely out of step with the rest of the characters who actually are realistic albeit quirky. I stopped watching last season because he had so much screen time. Weren't there any consequences for him being totally responsible fro some guy almost losing his arm? Otherwise, 2 episodes in I'm liking this. Glad they didn't draw out the fake drama of whether Martin would lose his job (it's the whole show!), don't know why they didn't recommend desensitization for him, or other actions directed to his phobia, not his superior medicals kills.
  4. Could someone explain the last scene with the fisherman/salvage guy, the cop and the magnetized (sort of) car? Does this indicate that they were somehow helping the hammered guy complete his task of getting rid of the car? Or, were they hiding the car for their own reasons, and expecting to retrieve it later? I'm enjoying it quite a bit, except for the plot device/.reporter.
  5. Didn't like it as much as I thought I would - it just got more and more unrealistic as the show went on (ie, that ridiculous cell/office, not one of those competent cops getting the BDSM angle, that completely inappropriate name "Bright" that Malcolm/Tom picked for himself, that a cop would instantly believe a little boy that a well-known surgeon was going to kill him for some unknown reason) but I'm willing to give it some time since this is the pilot. My favorite thing: VIC - very important cadaver.
  6. Wonderful series, with a very satisfying ending. it did clear up one thing for me: Why Marie accepted so little money (also: no apology, no commitment to change things going forward) to settle her case when the city's conduct was so egregious - I do understand how she just wanted it to be over, so she could get on with her life. I'm sure the lawyer, working I assume on contingency, was expecting a bigger pay out. I sure hope she had good things happen in her life. I think my favorite moment was when the bad cop saw right through Grace's attempt to "pick him up" at the bar to get his DNA. She did deserve his contempt, if not the spit.
  7. Loved seeing Dale Dickey! I have to admit that I think I'm going to start fast forwarding past Marie, it's just too awful. Knowing that it is based on a true story (I assume this all happened to Marie) makes it even worse. Yeah for competent women!
  8. I am a pretty unemotional person but I actually teared up when Amber, who had held herself together so painfully started to whimper when talking to her friend on the phone (thank goodness the friend came through for her). The contrasts with Marie are just so obvious. Yes, we get it. I'm glad I kept watching, I was pretty depressed after the first episode. I don't know if it was in this episode or the next one, but there is a statement that because the perp is so DNA conscious (I would have said forensically aware in general, there didn't seem to be any fiber, soil etc) he must be a smart criminal or a cop. I'm not sure that is so true anymore, I think everyone is aware of leaving any kind of evidence (not just fingerprints like in the old days), even if most people are not aware of how sophisticated the technology is. Rapists making their victims shower or scrub themselves with bleach is something that I've read in a number of books.
  9. That was brutal. How anyone can watch this and not understand how the victim is repeatedly violated is beyond me. No wonder rape victims were (are?) routinely disbelieved. I do wonder if it would have happened as it did had the foster mom (Elizabeth Marvel, you weren't a good president, either!) not imposed her own unresolved feelings/hurt ego that she wasn't the first one called to call Marie's honesty into question.
  10. I watched this episode but am not going to continue - the parallels with the anti-immigrant hysteria in the US is just too depressing. Aside from that, I thought there just wasn't a whole lot of suspense here and I don't know if it was the writing or the acting, it just wasn't enough to keep me interested (and I say that as a HUGE scifi/fantasy fan with very low expectations). Still, I give Amazon credit for trying.
  11. Was Speck really so foul-mouthed? That was so awful it was kind of funny. About the principal - I liked how they presented it as a complicated situation, and showed the fallout on his family. I really have trouble believing that anyone in those times would have been bothered by the "Nickels for Tickles" in the absence of even one child being traumatized or even upset. Did nothing come of Holden seeing Debbie and Patrick embracing? it seems like their relationship is unaffected, although I don't see how. Was the tuna can supposed to be symbolic, that Wendy is incapable of having a relationship with another living creature? Because Anna Torv sure is playing her that way. Miss Ed Added:: I don't know why bother with the BTK stuff at all, I'll never remember it. I can barely stuff from episode to episode and I'm semi-binging, Is it just to show that killers are amongst us? That could easily have been done
  12. Rambler: I agreed with your entire post, but the best thing was "accountant with amnesia" which describes it perfectly. Thanks for the laugh.
  13. While I give Starz a ton of credit for at least trying to take on this book, and the good production values, this episode just summed up for me why the series as a whole was so disappointing. The Checquy supposedly has all of Britain's EVAs at its disposal, but all they could muster (and all really we've ever seen beside Nazim and Myfanwy herself) were the Gestalts who really just operated as a very efficient team of shooters. Why couldn't we have seen some awesome talents being used? Was this a budget issue? Why is there any resistance movement at all, much less something apparently so widespread? sure children are taken from their families but it's not shown that's always without consent or that the families (and the British public) don't recognize that this may be the best way to nurture these abilities? Agree, saw no point at all in Olivia Munn, although I like her very much. I think it's not at all in her character that she would have her mind wiped, I imagined that she would take the pain of betrayal and use it to make herself stronger. Wonderful dress, though. Finally, I just didn't like Myfanwy. I understand that she was confused, and a very controlled person, but it meant that I just never cared about her. She was boring, and until the very end with the girl and then trying to rescue Linda, she did nothing to benefit any other person. Even her intervening with Nazim was for the purpose of solving her personal mystery. Sorry for the rant. Again, thanks to Starz. I guess I would have liked it better had I not read the book.
  14. S1E3: pretty good episode, especially Ed, and how the two agents are building a rapport with him I liked how Holden and Bill tagged team Dwight to get him to confess. What I didn't like: Dr. Wendy, I usually love Anna Torv, but the decision to play her with such a flat affect is a huge mistake. I guess it's supposed to show how scientific and dispassionate she is (women in business, and academia I assume were not allowed to be emotional and "female":) but it was especially jarring when Holden refers to her "enthusiasm," I wondered if he had lost command of his English.
  15. S1E2: I would totally watch a series that just had coed killer Ed sitting and talking. Great acting, great writing.
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