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  1. Much as I love Uzo, her wardrobe and house (and Joel K.), I realize I have no interest whatsoever in anything else, neither the various patients nor the therapist. I'm checking out for the rest of the season.
  2. mjc570


    I've seen the first 3, like it so far. More than I thought I would, actually.
  3. I liked Buzzy, but I have to admit that I am still Team Ken.
  4. good lord, is no one watching it? I'm enjoying this, although some of that is totally shallow - Brook is so statuesque and gorgeous, and her clothes are amazing. Not a huge fan of Laila, I know they needed someone youthful whose emotions are still in a state of flux, but what a bunch of cliches. And there is no way in the world she's bond with Brooke over earing candy. I did like her sponsor, Rita, I had assumed it was her therapist. Actually, given how many unresolved issues Brooke has (baby, father etc) I'm surprised she's a therapist herself.
  5. Maybe I watch too much tv (well, no maybe about it) but I wondered if John had really killed Erin, and manipulated Billy into confessing.
  6. Loved the dino folks. Great business, they know what they're talking about. If they hadn't gotten the deal with Mark, would they have had to back out of the tank, or would it just have been edited? I liked the coffee thing, although I like it black, which to me is not Vietnamese coffee. I think it would really work if you're traveling and have access to hot water but not the equipment to do other than instant. I would market to hotels, if I were her. I liked her though., and thought they were pretty rude. The potty thing, I'm not at all in the market for that. Didn't really
  7. Ha ha, thanks for that. Perfect
  8. I didn't understand why he wouldn't just tell her some mean guys were picking on his sister. I also don't understand why he is in such bad shape about his dad - yes it is an awful place to put your kid (making him keep a secret that affects his mom), but isn't he old enough to feel comfortable talking to his mom? Have friends with cheating parents? It made me wonder if there was more to it.
  9. There are a million of those shoe lace things - I'm wearing a pair right now. I liked the couple, they were so low key. I really liked the pillows, am thinking about getting one for myself, and if I liked it, would be good for presents for family members. Impressive couple. The golf thing was pretty gimmicky, and I can't imagine who would want golf balls being flung all around Now, if the balls were like nerf balls or something. I could see it more if they were setting up leagues and franchising it. I'm not interested at all in the pool grill, because I just don't see the pr
  10. One of whom is substantially younger, to boot. Maybe it's me, but the fact he asked Mare on a date makes him a bit suspicious to me. Not that he is the serial kidnapper, who clearly likes younger women. But him asking her out, the religiosity with his mom . . . maybe he's too good to be true?
  11. As a consumer, I'd be really interested in the protein mixes. I think there must have been a lot of editing or something, I can't believe someone would not know basic numbers, unless she was really nervous. That was nice of Barbara to reassure her,
  12. I'm impressed at the proper grammar and correct spelling.
  13. I'm sorry, but this show is just not compelling enough to me to put the effort into figuring out different timelines, realities, resets etc. I'm glad other people enjoyed it, but I had been really tired of perfect Finola/doormat Bryan before this. Sorry to come off as grumpy (well, to be fair I AM), but I am also tired of family dramas, even when they're shoehorned into the main arc (like, Daddy George).
  14. My favorite was: Good Nightmare.
  15. Maybe because I wasn't really paying attention, but I didn't get the point of the self-cleaning water bottle - is it that it purifies the water? If so I guess it would be good for the camping/developing nation markets. The fact that it's self-cleaning is meaningless to me, I just run mine through the dishwasher. I thought the salad spinner seemed like an ok product, but the reviews on Amazon weren't great. I have to admit, I don't spin my greens and nobody has complained of limp greens. The hand cleaner thing - I don't know, it didn't seem very well designed. Truffle snuffl
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