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  1. I will be amazed if Jazz actually goes to Harvard - she is so not ready. And will be even more amazed if she does go and lasts more than a term. The only way I see her succeeding at Harvard, at least in the beginning, is if she has Jeanette there bolstering her up every day the way she has been for most of Jazz' life. She'd have been so much better off at Pomona where the expectations are high - but not nearly as high as what she will be facing at Harvard. Certainly even Jeanette has to realize in her heart Jazz is not ready to live away from home, support network, etc?
  2. I am really hoping that the family is not so Jazz-centric once the cameras are off. So unfair to the other three kids if so.
  3. My new feel-good show. I happened on to this show as Ben's truck caught my attention - then when I saw the house they were working on (LOVE old houses) I decided to stay with it. Now I'm catching up with the prior seasons and loving each episode. Husband was a big fan of Chip and Joanna - I could never warm up to them or their show - but Ben and Erin....I absolutely adore them. Love their passion, love their creativity, love that they reuse materials as often as possible, LOVE THEM! Oh - and Ben's sense of humor - you never know what to expect out of that man's mouth! Love this sho
  4. The show feels rushed and forced now. I'm with those of you who say it isn't what it used to be. I used to call it "my happy show" as it made me feel so good watching it. But now it seems they're just trying to fill the hour (or two) and get rid of dancers as fast as they can. I won't even mention their obvious biases that they don't try to hide.
  5. Nancy left him with the couch he wasn't ready to get rid of and a bare mattress - didn't even leave his pillow! She's been just a *bit* angry with you Bill - do you get that now?! It's a real shame that they stopped investigating the child murders after they took Williams into custody. I haven't had a chance to look it up - but did the murders stop after he was arrested? I'm pretty sure they did?
  6. I think Bailey is a supremely gifted dancer...but given his size can be make it as a dancer? I ask this as a 5'1" person without a dancer bone in her pathetic body.
  7. Wait...WHAT??? Benjamin is gone?? Going into a corner to pout if so. NOOO!!!
  8. This show felt rushed to me. They are cramming a lot into one hour. My favorite Benjamin did not disappoint! As for the judges continuing to gush over Madison's every move...😵
  9. I think she wanted them to know it was her. Her home is Wentworth...not out in the world She wanted them to know it was her. Her home is Wentworth..not the outside free world Sorry for double post
  10. Oops..posted too soon! J is on the job
  11. I am thinking J needs to take Angela on a boat ride...
  12. So relieved to see arrogant a** Evan go. Right to the last word he spoke as he was leaving....arrogant. Unbelievable. Such disrespect for all three chefs. Buh-bye!!!!
  13. I worked at the VA in the late 70s/early 80s and it was like that back then as well. It was an all day ordeal for those poor veterans. I was both saddened and angered to see it still goes on all these years later. The doctor that didn't order the MRI because he wasn't authorized to spend that kind of $$? You should SEE the waste that goes on the VA because there's an endless supply of money coming in. We used to toss out thousand dollar hyperalimentation (IV total nutrition) if we weren't sure if we added enough potassium. When I crossed over from government work to private hospital wo
  14. I actually miss Simon and his brutal honesty. Harsh but he knew real talent. I don't want to single out singers i doubt he would have allowed in (okay...one...whose name starts with B) but really??? I feel they soft pedal the criticism now
  15. I finished rewatching the Bashir interview - I remember initially seeing it and there was an ick factor then - but watching it now, knowing what we know - that was one creepy interview. Michael was either a fabulous liar or he was delusional about his behavior. And those eyes of his in that interview - there's just nothing in them - they're just empty. Very disturbing.
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