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  1. I am so glad KE was already filmed and ready to go, unlike so many other shows that got corona'd. We need the little things in life more than ever to keep us happy.
  2. The first three eps are already on Hulu. A day earlier than planned. I just happened to be on Hulu and noticed the eps were ready to go!
  3. I just finished S2 also,and while I think S1 is excellent and not quite as good as S2, I did think I enjoyed it more on this second go round. The B story of the detective who killed his girlfriend was quite good and the actor did such a great job showing just in his facial acting his nervousness and anxiety with what he'd done and trying to play it cool at the same time. Since HV is leaving Netflix, I bought the S1 dvds right away!
  4. Oh no really?!! It's probably my favorite series on Netflix along Wentworth and not having it around anymore even though I've seen it about 5 times is going to be a bummer. I've recommended it to so many friends and all have loved it. I just told someone of Facebook the other day and she thanked me for the rec. Crap, I liked seeing it still pop up under "watch again"...and I just might.
  5. Valny


    I totally forgot they were going to do a S2! Found out it comes to Sundance TV on April 8, here's the trailer. It's been so long but I want to see where they take this
  6. Great news!! Season five is already on in the UK! Here is the trailer. Can't wait until PBS will get to air it here in the US. Here is a little synopsis that I found: "Season five of The Last Tango in Halifax will see Celia (Anne Reid) and Alan (Derek Jacobi) face off against the seven-year itch. Alan attempts to keep himself busy by getting a job at the local supermarket, but Celia isn’t keen on spending so much time alone. Meanwhile, Gillian and Caroline have their own (slightly less serious) issues to contend with."
  7. Finally a season 3 trailer! It's been so long between seasons I will have to watch the S2 finale to remember where the hell I left off. 🙂
  8. Seriously, a head explosion was not even on my radar, but it was spectacular! I yelled out, Holy shit! Plus the guy was a douche so it made it sweeter! Great song that followed by Echo and the Bunnymen too! Oh and the tiny hedgehog was pretty cute. I quite enjoyed this series, short and sweet. I really hope they get a second season.
  9. I like Stan too. He tries so hard. It was driving me crazy where I'd seen him before without looking it up, then I heard on a podcast he was one of the kids in the horror film It. But he also looks like a younger version of Alan Cummings. 🙂
  10. Yes, they have been great. I wasn't expecting to be crying at this show but there's at least two eps where I did.
  11. Season 10 cast revealed!
  12. It was an ok film but her performance was the stand out
  13. Who is that older gentleman who is always with Renee at these award shows?
  14. I'm sorry but there is no way a song like Glasgow from Wild Rose would NOT beat any one of these nominated songs! That song and performance was amazing. Just sorry everyone didn't get to see the awesome Jessie Buckley perform it at the Oscars. It should have been nominated! Grrr....
  15. proserpina65- I was coming here to post the same thing about Jessie. I definitely had more optimism for the song because she had not been nominated in other awards(except the BAFTA's, which may have given her a hometown edge which I will take) But I did have a glimmer of hope she would be a surprise nom just like that one actress from Roma last year. Oh well, I guess the film was to small to get the voters attention? I But damn that ending song was perfect. Well performed, emotional and served to tell a story of what the main character was going though. Another real shame is not getting to see Jessie perform that song at the Oscars. That would have been special. On a happier note, Glasgow did tie for a win at yesterday's Critic's Choice awards, so I was super psyched about that. But they didn't show that award given out, they just mentioned sharing the win with Rocket Man. Grrrr... would have loved to have seen Mary Steenburgen, who is one of the co-writers, get up there and get that award.
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