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  1. Valny


    Thanks for that info, I had forgotten it was getting a season 3!
  2. When I read about the renewal I shouted YES! and did a fist pump. This show definitely deserves a second season.
  3. OMG, have you guys seen the Season 8 trailer? It looks pretty good! It premieres in Australia on July 28, so I'm guessing early October it will be on Netflix if there are 10 eps.
  4. Valny


    There's a season three?! I haven't even finished S2, but I loved S1.
  5. I thought it was going to be Dean that shot her. I was really surprised when I saw Jess. Right there with being elated that finally Ben died. He really grated my cheese. I was waiting for a while for him to get his, couldn't stand that guy,especially when he started with the blackmail. I don't necessarily want Dean to die,(for Chloe's sake) but he definitely deserves some comeuppance. He is a scumbag.
  6. Glad you are liking the series, it's one of my all-time favorites. I highly recommend NOT skipping at least season 3. It was really good and yet another great intense finale. Wentworth really knows how to do finales! Personally loved S4 even though it was super emotional,but still an amazing season. I really liked S5 too. Probably my least fave is S6 but that's just me. But S7 got me back on the love train again. Just curious, why are you not sure you want to watch all seven seasons? Is it too emotional? This show is high drama with tiny spots of humor thrown in but drama and emotional stuff is it's core....and I love it... but it might not be for everyone. Do you have some favorite characters mjc570? What did you think of the new warden in S2?
  7. I loved that we got to hear Eve telling V that she stepped on(crushed?) Dasha and V said that they both took part in killing her. 🙂 The whole bridge convo was so great to watch, it was nice to hear calm and reflective talk from them,which I never expected. And no head buttings anywhere!
  8. OMG, Jodie Comer had me cracking up tonight, probably like season one level. I need to rewatch to remember everything but stuff like when she was talking to the three at the Bitter Pill and they are kind of scared of her, there is a lull in the conversation as they are staring at her, then suddenly she says something really loud like it's been fun and has to go,and they kind of jump when she says it. oh man, so funny. Didn't he said he couldn't access it because it was on the cloud or something? It really was pointless and we did not need her storyline, waste of a good actress. Although I did crack up tonight when Caroline pulled that journal out with the blank pages and pretended that she had written something to Geraldine. 🙂 What did she say again?, "it's time for Geraldine to leave" or something like that. That cracked me up too.
  9. Yes, a fourth is coming...but who knows when! a year and a half? Two? Grrr. I know V didn't do it, but I was so scared Konstantine was going to say V really killed Kenny. I thought that dancing scene may have been a dream. omg it was weird seeing them slow dance, it was like a fanfic or something! But I got a kick out of it once I got over the shock. 🙂 Glad V told Eve she didn't want to live this life anymore. I liked the ending on the bridge. I knew when she told Eve to turn around they would walk away from each other,but I didn't think they would stop and turn around. Where do they go from here???
  10. Valny


    So true. I love and admire some good face acting! 🙂 And if she doesn't get at LEAST nominations for all kinds of awards then something is very wrong. As much as I loved Laura Linney's performance in Ozark this last season, I would love to see Shira pick up some awards for the amazing job she did with this character/story. I love this video where Jessica Chastain interviews Shira and she is fangirling all over her(and visa versa) I didn't realize she was in The Zookeepers Wife with Jessica. Now I have to go back and watch.....and also seek out other films she's done. Apparently, she won Best Actress at the 2020 Tribecca Film Festival(International Narrative category) for a movie called Asia that I can't seem to find a trailer for, grrrr... she said she doesn't know when it will be released but I can't wait to see that one. Also she was in a 2014 film called Princess that looks really good. Has anyone seen that? It's not on any big streaming services but luckily I found it on Kanopy which is a service through my library. It's great for all these lesser known or Indie films.
  11. Preach it Blake! (Blake Shelton Slams 'The Voice' Winners' Record Label)
  12. Damn, I thought Dasha was dead. I am not a fan. Plus she has stinky breathy per Villanelle. Thought K was a goner too but him I'm glad he's still around. They were telegraphing that heart attack for a while now. l cracked up when Eve gets info from the golfer then kicks him out of the car! 🙂 Sorry but they have put Jodie in some fugly outfits this season. That green thing she was wearing tonight was...yikes! I laughed at Eve's little half hearted return wave at V as the train was pulling away. Remind me, now how did she know V would be at the station? I was right there with K whenhe was getting so angry at his daughter for not giving a damn about killing her mom's boyfriend and ruining their plans. I still enjoy the show but this season is just not as good as the last two seasons, like why were V and Dasha going to kill some rando guy playing golf? For fun? Don't like that... or did I miss something? Anyway, hopefully the writer(s) have something good in store for the finale. I don't know if it will being as good as the previous two finales but let's hope for something unexpected as they were.
  13. I hoped it would be Micah, Toneisha or Todd but I did pick Todd as winner. I was surprised Micah left first though. The look on Kelly's face...she was not happy about that. I bet she didn't think he'd ever get cut first. Too bad we couldn't hear what Blake said but I'm sure he will repeat most of it somewhere. I am not a Jonas Bros fan but I really liked their new song, it was catchy and danceable! Also thought the song Micah and Kelly did was good. Fingers crossed next season will be back to "normal" because it was a bummer to see these performances like this, but at least they didn't shut the show down. Feel sorry for all the contestants that they couldn't perform in front of a live audience,etc.
  14. Valny


    I know! I loathed her too. Her and her nicotine gum!
  15. Valny


    Did anyone watch the finale? There sure was a lot of twists and crazy turns and red herrings. But in the end, I am fine with who killed Andrew. And I knew even before she said it that the lady detective would let off.
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