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  1. They really did spend a lot of time with Todd, wasn't expecting that, definitely could have been less. The part when Jesse The Skinny Pete and Badger banter was quite funny. What good friends too. I felt better after Jesse showered. 🙂 I thought that was cheese Jesse was piling on his plate at the buffet instead of pineapple. Now I wasn't pineapple chunks. Overall I enjoyed it and was very glad it was made, but I can't say I LOVED it.
  2. Yeah, the poor guy has been through hell. Looks like he's going to have some PTSD there. I don't know if Walt makes an appearance but if he does, I would think it would be through Jessie's hallucinations or something like that.
  3. That first contestant was awesome. I was totally cracking up when Kelly realized she got Blake blocked and all the banter that ensued. Too bad Kelly didn't get her,she REALLY wanted her. I liked the second guy too. I'll have to see how much I can take of the "Blakey" talk. Oh, I don't miss Adam.
  4. Did anyone see this today? I was like, what the hell is this! The story is over, there can't be another season of Dirty John! Turns out they were just using the name, which I don't think is a great idea, but whatever, and it will be a different real life case.
  5. Season 2 general info. Man, it makes more even more psyched for the next season!
  6. You got you wish! Third season is coming to Netflix Sept 25. It's been so long since I've seen the season 2 finale, I have no recollection of what happened or who lived. I will definitely have to rewatch before S3 starts.
  7. Very happy about the renewal too. It's such a consistently good show with crazy,interesting storylines(though I still am not a fan of this year's young Smurf storyline) I am a couple eps behind but still quite enjoying the show.
  8. I can't wait for this!
  9. Valny


    Totally yelled out OH SHIT when Alison killed DS Halliday. Did NOT see that coming. I know Alison is a nutjob but I was a bit disappointed the writer(s) made her go that far with the crazy to kill a total innocent (Did Neil Cross write all eps? I didn't notice) And I hated she went psycho on Luther. In my mind,I my own twisted mind,I wanted those crazy kids together even though I knew it was highly improbable. I don't always pay attention, can someone tell me who was this Mark guy again?  I would think she is, but is she really? Did anyone read any spoilers where it said she's definitely dead? Because you never know, unless I have it confirmed, I won't believe it yet.
  10. *Not looking at previous posts, can't look, can't look* We have a date when season 7 is coming to Netflix- July 31. I had read it would be sometime in August, but they moved it up a little soon since there's only 10 eps from what the article says. I think I will wait until July 31. Now if it was a couple of seasons back, I would have not been able to wait, I would have had to watch on line. It's still a really good show though, just not the same as the good old days. seasons 1- 4 were the best. But I did like 5. S6 was just ok.
  11. Got to see the first ep of Season 7. I just knew that I still like her but they messed up her character and yeah, kind of pointless these days. The last time I thought she had something meaty to work with was season 5. Last season, not so much. Hoping for a better season for her but I'm not holding my breath. Question- so wait, I remember Allie broke up with what's her name around the last ep or so(didn't like those two together,blah) and now This show will never be as great as the first 4 seasons(I'll give you S5 too because I did enjoy that one) but I will still watch because it's still "enjoyable" enough to me. I am holding on to my hopes that Liz and Boomer will be here until the series is over, because if they're not, then the shreds of the remaining cast will be gone and I will be very unhappy.
  12. Valny


    Watching ep 2 now....Luther hooking up with Alice was real, not him just fantasizing right?
  13. There's season 3? THERE'S A SEASON 3?!!!! For some reason I thought it was canceled after season 2. I guess just on Lifetime then. Well I'm hopeful that Hulu may pick it up. I haven't finished the second season yet but am enjoying. THERE'S A SEASON 3?!!
  14. Will the third season drop 12am east coast time or do they usually do they wait for the West Coast to hit 12am? thanks! Nope, I'm not excited at all! 🙂
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