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  1. On the van front....I have a 13’ travel trailer (Skamp) and while it’s great for a road trip for a few weeks, you’d lose your mind living in it. The outdoor showers are usually just to rinse sand off....I see them a lot in RV parks but no one is taking a full blown shower with them. A lot of people have screens set up around them.
  2. I’ve bought Pipcorn in the truffle and it’s great. More coming this week. I really come here to post about the Spatty. Since I am working from home I am making lunches as I go and was looking forlornly into the lower half of a peanut butter jar. I usually use the Spatty for beauty products but after a thorough washing it made an excellent peanut butter spatula.
  3. She’s so awful. My husband, a very casual, now and then watcher of this show said: “was there a reason they had to cast her? Is she someone’s niece?” I never liked Roger in the books but Rankin really brings it. Plus he has to do the acting for two. Eyeroll.
  4. Quickbeam


    She’s so much better looking in her natural hair color.
  5. Susan’s voice...I just can’t.
  6. I really liked Madison’s speech. It gave the actor something significant to work with. This is happening, I have a crap health history, never thought I had a chance of conceiving, it’s a miracle for ME, I’m appreciating it for what it is. No angst, no blame.
  7. Once again, casting nails it with pretty pretty children to play the twins.
  8. Aged up Kevin still crazy hot.
  9. I’m no Kody fan but Robyn is beyond what anyone should tolerate in a spouse. OMG the high end drama with her....”I can’t!”......Sigh.
  10. She sure was, amazing actor. I am finding I am forgetting some fine points of the books. And I can’t face the thousands of pages to fact check.
  11. OMG, how maudlin. I have t seen anything like this since Queen for a Day in the 60’s.
  12. My Milwaukee station does that too. It is irritating.
  13. Cam line: “the school here has a full time nurse. My school has a band aid jar and a ginger ale”. Made me laugh.
  14. Just watched this on Hulu. Wow, they packed it with talent. I liked it more than I thought I would. And as my husband says: “hey, it’s work for the dance people!”. 🙂
  15. Thanks, she’s really sharp.
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