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  1. Yes! I kept waiting to find out what her connection was to the company. I guess it was just a hobby? But it seemed oddly intense for her.
  2. I watched all the episodes….my one take away was how hideously ugly the merchandise is. I didn’t see a single Lularoe item I would wear even if it was free. I wondered in my head if this was a Pacific coast thing….warm weather living, loud garish prints. I had a friend who did make a living selling Mary Kay. She hustled and it well supplemented her retirement income. I have no sales gift …. I guess MLM can work, but it is not by saddling sad women with a garage filled with “product”.
  3. I watched last night since Seth MacFarlane was on……funny as always but no real teaser about Orville so sadz. Still waiting here……
  4. Just watched this now. I am always amazed at how many actors have really lovely voices. It was fun….and work for dancers is always a plus.
  5. My favorite line was Amenadiel’s aside to Linda after she returned to the table……”so close”…..I really laughed hard.
  6. Michael and Alex! Sigh. So hot.
  7. I was SO happy that Veronica beat Ryan. It made my day.
  8. Frances really brightens the screen for me. Also, I like Lars a lot. Carmel’s whiny stress face makes me want to turn the channel. And godalmighty could they not get a better wig on Kidman? It’s just laughably bad.
  9. I *hate* that wig. It is so distracting. I enjoy the actors overall.
  10. Mike is out as new host. I am happy.
  11. Mike was my least favorite option so I’m not thrilled. It feels like the basic white guy who always seems to leapfrog over women and people of color. So not thrilled. I love Joe Buck! I guess it’s a small club.
  12. Joe Buck! I love the guy. He once did a long form radio interview while I was driving about how the network made him get hair plugs….over and over again because he has such a huge forehead. I almost got into an accident laughing so hard. I like him so far.
  13. My take on Biles, and I speak as a pre-Title IX woman who got nothing but an eye roll for my efforts…..no one should compete if they don’t want to. However imagine what would happen to a man who said “guys, I’m bagging on the team event, pick up for me, will you?”. As my husband said, he’d be crucified in the press. From a gender neutral POV, she’s getting treated extremely gently.
  14. Ben Harris, GB rugby sevens whatever the hell that is.
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