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  1. New to the show, might as well have been an audio book, could not see a thing.
  2. Quickbeam


    Just finishing up the first season. Some powerful insights about the status of women (in any culture). Hiam Abbass as Ramy’s mother is fantastic. She’s the show for me.
  3. A great Patton episode...they sure gave him a terrific send off.
  4. I really like the actors more than the plot. It gets really goofy and twisted but I’m like : “ok, see where they take it”. Tonight was more dotted line than plot.
  5. My husband yelled at the TV when Savannah was on: “she has no idea who they are!” Re: the judges. I just don’t like kids competing for stuff but she was cute enough.
  6. Yeah, I got lost after the other world rabbit hole thing. The one where everything was gray-green? I couldn’t keep everyone straight in my head. I drifted away. Mostly my husband hated how convoluted it got. I may go back and marathon the missing seasons.
  7. I freely admit I missed a couple of years of this show but when I heard Patton was back, I had to watch. It was a lot of fun even though I am lost on the canon side of things. Plus lighter with a little humor. Prohibition humor, it never gets old.
  8. This is the first show in a long time that my husband and I both liked. He’s big in Buffyverse and feels everything pales in comparison. I loved the Luke Wilson performance, he’s got a genuineness that is absolutely winning. Solid attempt at casting people of color, hope to see more.
  9. It bugs me that the family seems to seek reality shows for success....his son was on that Amy Poehler craft show.
  10. I was hoping for anyone but Todd. 😩
  11. Telling every contestant that they are a star is just wrong. You just need to look back at the trash heap of former contestants. My shining moment of this season was the sweet way they handled Doug Kiker and letting him sing in the finale. He sounded great. I know the lead guy on Rascal Flatts can be a diva but they gave Doug some nice moments.
  12. Were you thinking of myasthenia gravis?
  13. I ran out of gas on this show, couldn’t keep everyone straight in my head. After hearing Patton is coming back as a new character in season 7, I sought this episode out on Netflix. I just loved it and the arc it gave to the Koenigs. Plus a sister. One of my favorite episodes. I did make it through season 3, May now need to go back and start again with a new resolve....
  14. In reading the books, I felt there was too much rape. What I miss most (and did not mind hundreds of pages devoted to) is the lovely detail of women’s work and lot in day to day life. Diana writes that so wonderfully from a women’s history point of view. this is one of my favorite episodes of the season. I like the lack of super cliff hanger too.
  15. I know! That was my first thought!
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