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  1. I need a lot more of the aunts. They are wonderful.
  2. It was *so* obvious Scott was going to win this. It wasn’t even close.
  3. Nope. Which is amazing with the entire Badger State screaming it at their TVs. Could have heard us from space.
  4. I thought Bradley was far better than Rachel. I enjoyed his performance a lot ...hers not so much.
  5. Television Without Pity *and* Reno 911 in a single day! The poor guy in the middle looked like he was having a stroke with his buzzer technique.
  6. Was that Hannah with the blue-ish top? Because she looked really annoyed.
  7. Just watched the second chance tournament. Very satisfying win! If you can see her, you can be her! 🤣
  8. I just started watching this, season 1. I read the books, this is better. Matthew Goode is acting the crap out of this. The woman playing Diana just isn’t up to his level, in fact the rest of the cast seems to be propping her up. But I’ll keep watching, just for Goode.
  9. FYI, I live in the greater Milwaukee area and Aaron’s run on Jeopardy is being treated as Big News. On all three major channels, they run a puff piece about it about every half hour. If you didn’t know he was on Jeopardy, you’re in your bunker somewhere. I do hear a slight WI intonation in Aaron’s speech. I’m from NJ and my family says I now sound “so Midwest”. So it gets you.
  10. When I saw Sophie my first thought was: “hey get back to Virgin River, you had your shot at Kevin!”. Because I watch too much TV.
  11. Hey, I loved Aaron! However as a resident of WI I am contractually obligated to wet myself over him.
  12. They are also a misery for the disabled and wheelchair users.
  13. I can’t stand Dr. Oz in terms of his shilling questionable crap to vulnerable audiences. However I thought he did a strong job as host. I can’t wait for Aaron Rodgers.
  14. As always, the skill set in this group of actors is stunning. Leif....Tainted Love....Soft Cell. Just wonderful. Fire inspector is hot.
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