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  1. Quickbeam

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I think the FJs have been pretty easy all week. Elgin? Was just about the only logical answer.
  2. Quickbeam

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I am really enjoying watching James. I like his style and the calm he exudes. No wild twitchy buzzer throwing.
  3. Quickbeam

    S06.E09: Mueller Report

    I watch for the bits like the Shinjokun/Chiitan segment. They lighten my week. I wish he could dial down the Trump stuff.
  4. Quickbeam

    Past Season (and Contestant) Discussion

    I am a very occasional watcher but saw all of Rachel's season. What ever happened to her? I found it so amusing she demanded a proposal but is still not married? I still occasionally drive past Peter's parent's house for work (it's a small town) and sigh.
  5. Quickbeam

    S08.E02: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    I liked it. I can never get enough Lady Mormont. I want to see her go out in style with a sword in her hand. Bear Island!
  6. Quickbeam

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    I really enjoyed this episode but I hated Past Kelly’s wig. A lot. And at the end I like some upthread felt she returned to her time with her memories intact. This is the best show on TV right now.
  7. Quickbeam

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

    She’s also pretty short. And she’s probably always been an apple.
  8. Quickbeam


    I loved the water filter guy. You can’t get anything like that where I live. I felt bad for the soda guy but the minute they get desperate everyone turns off. And soda is a brutal market, just cutthroat. I like Rohan a lot. He’s polite and seems to be positive. He also pays attention, not just waiting for his next catch phrase.
  9. I can’t see AUB without thinking of Big Love and Juniper Creek. For a New Jerseyan, it was a huge eye opener.
  10. Lifelong yoga practitioner here. Going to Bali to get teacher certified is unnecessary and very expensive. In my small town I could take 3-4 different teacher trainings. Average cost 4K. Going to Bali will run probably 10K. Seems like a spendthrift way to go. Yoga is not just for thin people. I like seeing people of all ages and body types in class.
  11. Not just in this case; the Amish have a very high rate of genetic disorders.
  12. Quickbeam

    S17.E10: All-Star Duets (1) (2019.04.08)

    That mouth is so weird. Is it make up or a birth defect?
  13. Quickbeam

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    I can’t believe I spent an hour watching people pack.
  14. Quickbeam

    S44.E17: Kit Harington / Sara Bareilles

    Madison is it’s own little world. The rest of the state just elected an ultra conservative court justice. We put Trump over the top, baby. It’s not a great place to be different. I was hoping for a What’s Up With That sketch if just to see Jason’s goofy dancing one more time.
  15. Quickbeam

    Free Solo (2018)

    Watching this now with my big wall climbing husband. I can’t look even though I know the outcome. Well done though, Oscar was worthy.