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  1. I was at least grateful that John acknowledged Eric Carmen, who wrote the song. I prefer his version which has more build than just keening high notes.
  2. I wonder if that is the voice Carter will keep as he ages. Because it’s lovely but you have to think of what maturation will do to it.
  3. Bella Ramsey! I’d watch anything with her in it. Seriously, the kid is magic.
  4. The show streams on Peacock a week later. Not sure if that helps.....
  5. Finally some Kevin depth. I really enjoyed it. And as tired as people are of Jack and Rebecca, Mandy and Milo make it work.
  6. Johnny’s posture bugs me. He’s really fluid but never really seems upright. I wish they had him dance with another man although probably not a winner with the show demographic. I remember Charlie White (when he was on the show) talking about how in skating all your strength comes from the rigidity in the hip. I wonder if the postural differences relate to that. I really disliked Kaitlyn’s cha cha. It was bloodless. Just so slow and robotic.
  7. Sophie stars on Virgin River now, probably too busy.
  8. It posts a week later on Peacock, if that helps.
  9. Absolutely no clue. TV is just too small, we need someone with a massive tv....
  10. Outlander shout out! We are the worst!
  11. I really didn’t think Justina’s costume worked well for the rumba. I think a different style would have given her more flow.
  12. I agree with Derek about Johnny’s flood pants. I found them distracting. Justina just radiates happiness in her dances. Look at her face! Her having fun makes me want her to win.
  13. Watching today’s.....tuned in late. Did they explain Keoni’s speech impediment? Just curious, I can barely understand him.
  14. Loved that they played Warren Zevon over the birthing scene. “Keep Me in your Heart”.
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