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  1. I’m from Jersey…..it’s so close to E-Street that I thought it *was* a deliberate tribute band.
  2. It’s a hit show. Plus I liked him in it. I’m still worried about the deck. I’m no Deja fan and the whole story line with Malik and his baby mama is really off point. But Griffin Dunne really brings it every time.
  3. I really really need Kevin to have a win. Toby, you’re a decent guy so I’m thinking you are toast.
  4. It’s like an alien is about to explode out of Robin’s neck. A manipulative lying alien.
  5. I am not an Amy fan. I am looking forward to this all being over.
  6. Just watched this. I can see why Luci Arnaz was upset that she couldn’t cast Cate Blanchett….it would have worked better. Bardem was just too old but he did a nice job with the voice. I thought Simmons did a great job with Frawley even being definitely not a close physical match. I’m in my 60s so this TV show was in my weave. I remember reading that Vivian Vance was forced to weigh 10# more than Lucy. It did rankle her that she was so much younger than Frawley…..they did not get along. Desi was responsible for hiring Frawley who was a legendary fall down drunk. He did promise to nev
  7. This show is 9 hours long, just saying. I am not unhappy with A Girl Named Tom.
  8. She made it again! She really threw down. It was a good result.
  9. I was watching the show again today while I was doing holiday cards. That sweater is completely fugly. I found myself wondering about the sanity of the people who designed it, knit it, marketed it and yes, wore it.
  10. I feel nothing for these women…..they bought into this clown car going into plural marriage. As a pediatric nurse, I worked in a tertiary facility where we got kids from all over. In 30 years I saw maybe a handful of families where the mother and father were present post-op. Especially at Ysabel’s age. I don’t think the Ysabel situation would be an issue if Christine felt Kody loved her.
  11. I’m over Jim and Sasha.I don’t think they are strong enough vocally to go forward.
  12. She can sing but I wasn’t overwhelmed by the acting. I saw the original in the late 70’s so maybe I’m just holding on to that.
  13. As always with me, I’m pretty befuddled once we get talking multiple time lines. I laugh inappropriately every time someone says “1988? No way!” or similar words. It was an ok year but I guess life without smartphones isn’t worth living……
  14. I loved Wendy’s Jolene. That was lovely.
  15. OMG Holly singing Last Dance was a new low for this show.
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