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  1. I really enjoyed this, although I too would have been happier with less speechifying. Hill House is still my favorite of the three Netflix series, but this may be second. Anything to do with isolation already creeps me out, and that scene in the church - when those who have taken the position are "resurrected" and start going after their family and neighbors hungrily - is the most unnerving thing I've seen in a while. I do wish, though, that they'd made the angel a little more ambiguous looking, less frightening. Less obviously a monster. A little more Bela Lugosi and less Nosferatu. I to
  2. How long was Riley supposed to be away for? The Neil Diamond songs in the beginning made me think it was the 1970s, backed up by hairstyles and dress...so it was a small shock to hear the word "texting." I know he can't have been gone THAT long though. Was anyone else expecting the priest to emerge from the steamer trunk, a la Nosferatu? They kept showing that trunk...
  3. And now who's her legal guardian, Ursula? Maybe Harry wasn't the best dad but Ursula is just going to pimp out Alma's talents when it suits her. But instead of having relatively caring parents, that's Alma's karma. Loved the town board meeting. I live in eastern Mass. and the "they don't serve lobster rolls in Walpole" cracked me up. An old coworker of mine painted his old house a pumpkin color - out of step with the traditional New England white - and a neighbor anonymously asked him "where do you think you are, Castro Street?" I can totally see the board nixing the color choice for bein
  4. I wondered if Ben and Jessica's tacked-on ending was meant to leave the door open to a second season (different guests)...? And maybe not micro-dosing, but another twist. Ben talked about going back to his food delivery truck, and never seemed more than neutral on Tranquillum. But it makes more sense if it was set up as a plot device for another season. But I can't see sustained interest beyond this episode. I can't remember how things were resolved with the Connolly's, but maybe Delilah had evidence showing that Mr. Connolly was drugged beyond what was safe?
  5. The endings weren't so fantastical to be unrealistic - except for maybe Ben and Jessica taking over the retreat. (Presumably with a different focus!) I didn't get the ending with Masha and maybe it was meant to be ambiguous - if she was hallucinating her daughter, or had chosen to be with her daughter permanently, i.e. suicide? Which would be especially grim after those whole Zack-in-the-woods scenes. That near-death "simulation" was all kinds of messed up. "Fuck you, Yao!" indeed.
  6. I knew what was coming with Doris but still, it was cruel to see how her family easily disposed of her. Random thought: have we seen yet what happens to these people if they DON'T feed? I know Belle's use is seasonal, but what would happen if she was deprived of a blood source/meat while taking the black pill? I don't know if this is supposed to be a riff on how addicts, prostitutes, the homeless etc. disappear from society without anyone noticing or caring much, including local PD. But come on - tourism is Cape Cod's bread and butter! Local PD would be all over these bodies in a hea
  7. Not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure keeping Carmel locked in a room against her will constitutes kidnapping. I'm not sure why Masha didn't just let her leave Tranquillum - Carmel has been physically violent a couple of times now. I guess Masha feels like she can "heal" Carmel, or that it's too risky to have her potentially go to the police? I must have missed something because I don't remember Masha being cool with Lars being a journalist - to the point where he gets to witness the Marconis' drug trip. No death threat for Masha today? Loved Frances' conscious dream of Tony quoting
  8. It was a Vipassana meditation center in the Northeast US. I hesitate to mention which one. I have read about it online and while some put it in the "cult" category, others have benefitted from their 10-day program, and I don't want to knock that.
  9. No kidding. I wondered if the pill brings out people's psychopathy, or if they already have a latent tendency towards it. Harry at least seemed taken aback and upset by Alma's comments about Doris, but Alma seems to have embraced her new life quite easily and without conscience. Her "I'm hungry" unnerved me more than practically anything else. So, Harry's new teeth provided an unforeseen benefit - the ability to gnaw through ropes!
  10. As a Gen X'er, I loved hearing Stevie Nicks' "Leather and Lace" in this episode! (Another high point - that kiss!) I feel so much for the Marconis, who clearly need professional help to deal with Zack's death and not psychedelics. Heather's scene in the woods was tough to watch, as well as Napoleon's admission that he would likely leave her over the pamphlet issue (which he freely admitted to not reading). It's hard to buy Carmel's real reason for being there (and Masha's response). So is Masha some kind of all-knowing, omnipresent being? If I woke up to see her sitting on my be
  11. Was that erotic reiki I just saw? I don't know how else to describe it. Lars hasn't been particularly like-able but I enjoyed his friendship with Zoe, and his attempt to listen to Carmel instead of pegging her as a crazy person to avoid. I know Nicole Kidman's the biggest name in the cast but oddly, I'm not really interested in her character at all.
  12. (I waited a week for that?) (Thanks, Nellise, for reminding me of why Ben and Jessica weren't dosed with the others. I guess you can tell that I wasn't particularly paying attention to this episode :-p but I remember Jessica mentioning molly. If it's like ecstasy I'm guessing it's to help the two become more affectionate physically...?) Between this and St. Vincent, I hope Melissa McCarthy continues to do more dramatic roles.
  13. Might be hard for people to say "he died." I refer to my father's "passing" or say "he passed away" because it sounds less harsh somehow. I can't explain it. But I admit I've never heard "he stopped living" before.
  14. I have a tendency to binge-read (or binge-watch) something and then largely forget the plot. Did the goat incident happen in the book? I don't remember that. I've seen Michael Shannon do sleazy/oily characters (Runaways, Shape of Water) but never a sad sack middle-aged guy like this. He's killing it. I gave the book to a friend of mine who went on a spiritual retreat and came back after only a few days in. She had to relinquish her cell phone and car keys (!) upon checking in (the request alone for my car keys would have made me bail). Reading and writing materials were also forbidden in
  15. Late to the party (I finally started watching the series!) but thought I'd share a possibility, since that struck me as odd too. When my father died, my mother had some cremains set aside for family members. We each got a little knick-knack with some ashes in it, while the rest of the cremains were kept in a box in the closet. I thought maybe Rob had asked for cremains to also be put aside separately and who knows, maybe he put them inside a doll or a pillow. Normally I believe in "whatever gets you through the day," and grief does crazy things to people, but the husband was in a different lea
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