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  1. This show jumped the shark for me. 7 episodes of edging with no real payoff. The kids were frustratingly dumb. And Allie can foresee anything, really. That bust out of the jail was all hinging on there being an extra set of keys around. Also - they bought the VW bus 3 days ago. 3 days is a long time to get anywhere in Mexico. Sure, you can limit it to the coast, but even then, there's 2 of them. The likelihood of the mob finding them this quickly seems very slim to me.
  2. This show is starting to lose me a bit. After all the kids have been through, I find it hard to believe, that they just wander off. They know they are in danger. It felt super contrived. I did like the idea of using kids as the local spies. Very clever, and somewhat terrifying.
  3. I could see his explanation be a red herring, to be honest.
  4. She then used a completely different microphone for later voice overs. This will be an inconsistent sounding mess. Usually you cut the movie and then do the voice overs in one run, to maintain a consistent signal chain and audio recording. But what do I know, she's the pro that was still able to do a great live performance despite the overly stoned guitar player. /s
  5. hurrrz

    S03:E02 Intervention

    I think the writing in this show is so clunky. I highly suspect, that the prize money for winning at the ball is just for plot convenience. There's no other reason to drop that in there. It's no longer about celebrating creativeness and whatnot, but only about "we need to win, to do X".
  6. It annoys me, that the beergarden's name is grammatically wrong in German. It doesn't even pass as a joke.
  7. The suspension of disbelief in this show is wonky a bit. The beginning in Gordon's office "Come up with a comfort food dish and make 40 servings" Cut to vote ballots describing these dishes. Also at the end, all the tension of "who'll make it to the finals?" Gee, there were 3 TVs right there...
  8. I think a reasonable (kind of) counter to Dan's 25% request would be a vesting stake based on continued performance and business. Earn your way up to whatever they agree on over time. I agree with the premise of this request being out of line in the first place. He ran multiple businesses himself, I suppose neither of them were successful, so he's not business savvy, and it shows.
  9. I wanted to mention that they carefully avoided any pronouns for T, but felt bad for pointing it out. I noticed it, though. :) Yesterday there was a France episode, Reiki Retreat in the boons. I suspect it was a repurposed episode from a UK channel, as this felt different. Bizarre soon-to-be owner that doesn't speak French. I wonder how their reiki endeavours work, now that the UK is out of the EU, and they'll probably have to get a work visa type of deal.
  10. As a German, this episode kinda annoyed me. "The Black Forest" is a pretty big area. They were close to Stuttgart, why not call it that. Also... the music choices are so cliche.
  11. I really wonder how the writers room for this show is looking like. This is just sloppy writing at this point.
  12. I had one year of French and my mother tongue is German. This was a trip for me. I could make out some of the french words, and a lot of the (I assume Dutch, but I don't really know). Belgium is a strange country, for sure. But can you be mad at a country that is famous for their Fries and Waffles? I can't. :D
  13. Y'all summed this up expertly, this show is really jumping the shark episode by episode. Covid is a prop in this show, and a terrible one at that. The acting is getting super rough as well, and character motivations are iffy at best.
  14. I recall seeing desserts layed out in the kitchen when they close service. I suspect that the desserts are pre-made and not executed/finished by the contestants.
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