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  1. hh15

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I wanted so badly to love this, but I didn't. I found it boring, and too much like other Sci Fi shows that I was so excited for but ended up not liking, like Manifest and The Crossing. I'll give it one more episode.
  2. hh15


    Why wasn't Boomer smart enough to kill Liz when no cameras would be recording? My goodness Boomer.
  3. I binged all the episodes yesterday, I'm excited for the rest of the season too. I'm a drama, dark, gritty show person, but I love this show. It's cute and uplifting. I hope Maya and Gemma become friends. I don't understand how Maya kissed Duffy? She showed NO sign that she liked him throughout the four episodes. And I am so glad that Maya didn't pursue anything with Kash, and I truly hope she doesn't. Good on her for not breaking girl code.
  4. I understand that teenagers experience the hormone thing, because I experienced it too. And I think that Kate's personality plays a lot into the way the twins act. But I also believe in children not talking a certain way to adults. There is no way I'd let children talk like that to me. That would be nipped in the bud the first time they tried it.
  5. I wish my husband would cheat on me, I find out from outside sources, and then he refuses to tell me exatly what he did when I asked because he thinks he has to right to protect himself from how I'd react. I'd have the right to react exactly the way I want. Hank is a pussy and a coward, and Kendra is a fool for staying with him, and a fool for not demanding he tell her immediately what happened or get out of her life for good. I feel like I'm living in an alternate universe when I watch this show.
  6. Lauren is a piece of shit. She's just mad that Brittany is skinnier than her.
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