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  1. It was always going to be Symone BUT, for a terrifying second or two, I thought Ru was going to announce Kandy as the winner. 😱
  2. Surely, I mean SURELY Kandy has to be the next queen eliminated?! That haute pocket 'dress' was fucking hideous, bur hey it was made of multiple, poorly made and poorly sewn pockets, as opposed to Olivia's beautiful dress with only the two pockets, so ya know, POCKETS!! WTF are the judges on? Seriously, if Kandy takes this season out, then as far as I'm concerned, that's just a big "fuck you" from Ru to her loyal viewers.
  3. I... can't tell if Lala is genuinely happy or not in that photo. Girl literally cannot smile because of what she's done to her lips and face.
  4. That snatch game was THE worst one, ever. Gottmik and Symone were the only two that I laughed at and I get why Gottmik won over Symone as her runway look was just a bit better imo. It's an absolute travesty that ANYBODY should be sent packing while Kandy is still there!!
  5. I can't wait for this... obvs. 😄 Scarlet Adams and Etcetera Etcetera for me based alone on what I've just watched.
  6. I'm guessing that maybe Jax gives even better BJ's than Lauren from Utah.
  7. I'm not a fan of Sister Sister but come on, she slayed that lip sync compared to Tayce's piss poor effort! I know both girl's outfits were hideous, but seriously, why lip sync when Ru has obviously made her mind up beforehand who she's keeping in the competition.
  8. Absolutely agree with you 100%. It was schmaltzy, REALLY badly written and similarly badly acted. I don't think I've ever seen Angela Bassett over act. This week was a first. Just horrible all around.
  9. Funny that the son of a billionaire has nowhere else to go. He could literally afford to go and stay wherever he chooses. I appreciate that yes, it's Bill who is mega rich, but Liam wouldn't be without a few bucks I'm sure. Same as most of these guys when they break up with someone, they never stay at a hotel or very rarely. And the ones that do stay (I'm looking at you Eric, for example) don't need to because they have multi-room mansions, where it would be easy to get lost and stay away from your ex for as long as you needed!
  10. They literally have no other job skills, except for waiting tables and pouring drinks. How sad is that? Plus, they won't be influencers forever, as newer, hotter, younger things will come along and they will have sponsors throwing their shit at them left, right and centre, while these guys will be getting forgotten soon enough. Then what do you do when you're an aging, ex reality 'star' with absolutely no pull in the world of fame? What a horribly cold shiver up their collective spines that must be?!
  11. Kandy, Tina and Gottmik can just fuck right off. The SOONER the better!
  12. Thank you! I was trying to rack my brain on who he reminded me of. Now I know. 😊 Love Veronica! She's my favourite queen by far! And like somebody else mentioned, I'm sure that's a really bad toupee on Lawrence's head. Though I'm not sure he'll reveal all at a later date. He has so many insecurities. 😥
  13. Wow, what is with the Elliott hate? I really like her so far and I've enjoyed watching her on Insta. My faves this season are Rosé, Joey Jay, Denali and Elliott obvs.
  14. https://www.etonline.com/vanderpump-rules-star-tom-sandoval-plays-a-creepy-handyman-in-vivica-a-foxs-lifetime-movie
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