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  1. I just binge watched that whole series recently. I had watched it initially as it aired. I thoroughly enjoyed it all over again; caught a few things I didn't the first time and had several 'wtf!, I don't remember that!' moments. Can't wait for this series.
  2. I've consistently had the feeds since Season 6, although occasionally it was through 3rd party access rather than direct pay. That said, I have found myself opting out earlier and earlier with each passing year. I had high hopes for this Season, with a few of my favorites playing; who either weren't anything like I remembered, and/or were voted out way too early (DaVonne is still in, but is playing horribly with terrible reads). I blame all of this on the whole 'new school' style of play, AG, Casting and the whole idea of 'influencers' rather than just regular people playing the game and do
  3. I haven't been watching the show or the feeds for a while now. What the heck is going on with Ian? Why did he say, "if I go home on someone elses blunder..." and why does he think he's being evicted by accident, as a poster upthread indicated? I am majorly confused!
  4. I get that he met some in other ways; but he also typically had online profiles on various web sites and apps. Not EVERY woman he was involved with or F'd over is featured in this documentary. I did a bit of dive into the background on this jerk. And yeah, it also sucks that the one woman featured screwed over her husband for the sociopath; but he also took her back... There's all kinds of screwed up people out there; and I am not sorry I watched over my daughters and what they were doing, especially on-line. They are all happy, healthy and in a great marriage or relationship now. They h
  5. Yes, and I like the idea of everyone voting HG's for eviction also. I've seen that in international versions, and it works well. Who voted for who is not revealed; just the #'s. Highest 2 or 3 (or more if there are ties) vote 'getters' are up for eviction, then everyone votes again voting 1 person out. Occasionally a twist is thrown in where someone can win the opportunity to 'block' someones vote; or to win the ability to double your personal votes. I also definitely think they should bring back the Food competitions! They really, really need to seriously change up the format of this sh
  6. I'm watching both also. Love Fraud pisses me off on one hand and scares the crap out of me on the other. I've got three daughters, two of which were all about dating apps and the like, no matter what I said to dissuade them.
  7. Also to add to this; some people aren't photogenic. I look pretty decent in person, but take horrible pics. That'd be really awesome. But this season sucks so far, so I'd be shocked if it did.
  8. OMG, I just spewed my drink all over the damn place!
  9. Never gonna happen, but I'd love to see something like the person that gets evicted gets to drag someone out with them ala Sequester. It entertained me for awhile as I considered whether X-person would drag out a nemesis, which would aid X-person's friend or alliance; or would X-person drag out an alliance member or 'friend' - which could either be, "I'll spare them the heartache of staying to be the next target" or "Oh hell to the no, if I gotta go, so does he/she. And it spiraled from there to... well, you get the picture. Hey, I had to do something to fill all the time I'm NOT watching
  10. She really wouldn't want to hear what I call her, all the time; because I legit have had 'her name' in my freakin' mouth. Not every minute of every day, but every time I turned on the damn feeds. I have zero tolerance for her type of game play, and I really detest whining crying victim player's. Damn, I think my BP just went up 3 ticks. I think I'm at the point I can't even hate-watch BB anymore, I'm getting too old for this.
  11. This Season is just giving me a huge headache and major ajita. I've already pretty much stopped watching the feeds and didn't even bother watching Sunday's episode. I'm reading here, of course and Twitter occasionally. I'll try the feeds again, maybe, once the herd gets thinned.
  12. Edited to remove; had a thought that it might not be appropriate for this Forum since it was about BB AU and really didn't want to get dinged by a Mod or anything just before our own BB is slated to begin. Better safe than sorry I suppose.
  13. I just got Danielle too. It's a conspiracy. ::nods::
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