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  1. Hope it gets fixed soon, I really used the Follows tab a lot because it took me right to my actively following Forums and Topics. It's really annoying now for me to find my content, several clicks and page loads, etc.
  2. Bye Christie! It ain't been real or fun. The universe has spoken.
  3. Yes!!!! Put'em up girl! One of them is leaving! First bit of happiness I've had in long ass time this season!
  4. Heh, I think they knew about Holly, Kat too.... ~that~ duo just didn't have the 'receipts' like Christie/Tommy so they let that one slide. :)
  5. I don't give two craps that it wasn't their fault. I'm not even convinced it wasn't... Christie would say she manifested that shit. But TPTB did indeed realize it at some point just prior to air or they wouldn't have even mentioned it on the show. They have alternates. The conspiracy theorist part of me thinks they really tried and wanted this to be some duo twist, but like all their twists, it failed. BUT if it was, AND it did (prior to air) then they damn sure should have pulled one of them OR let ALL the houseguests know from the outset "just like in summer camp, some people know each other" and let the game begin. Yeah. Woulda been tons more fun right from the git in my opinion! And fair... er. ETA: And the conspiracy theorist in me DOES think that they only mentioned it because social media lit the hell up over it, that comment by Julie at the start the show was simply CYA.
  6. I swear, I would not have gotten this far this season without you, I pretty much lost interest when the vote flip happened and Christie stayed. Fuck her universe. In my best Tommy impression, " I love you so much!" I will be saltier than I am now if either of them wins, I will totally own the fact that I simply cannot get over their advantage. I don't give flying fuck how "good" a game this one or that one thinks they played... (picture me with my fingers in my ears going "I can't hear you, neener, neener, neener...") And it pisses me off to no end that I actually have to say that I'd rather see Jackson win than either of them. Fuck Jackson!
  7. geesh, I know things are bad/dull/boring/insignificant (pick your adjective or make one up! lol) when this thread is deader than doornails! We've seriously been reaching for content lately. What must the universe think of us? Oh, noes!
  8. Well, I guess I'll take my amusement where ever the frig I can at this point. I find it highly amusing that most of the people that wanted the flip last week were all "Team Good Feeds"! ::snickers:: Fuck Jackson, but damn he's a comp beast! He should have stuck to his guns last week though, and then Christie would be already out, and Nick would never have gotten the Prankster vote. At least he got the anal lice goat with the tart lady parts out. Heh.
  9. I don't think Julie would 'play' a part in this Prank, she's the Host, period. She said someone would be evicted and off to the jury house, and I can't see that being a lie to the viewers or the audience honestly. Also, this came from the CBS website contest rules (bolded mine): America's Prankster Vote Description: During the Voting Period, viewers of the Big Brother 21 television program will be asked to interact with the show by voting for a Houseguest they want to see become America's Prankster via the platform stated below. The eligible Houseguest who receives the most votes during the Voting Period will be named America's Prankster, and will be given the power to secretly control one nominee for eviction during the applicable week, by selecting one nominee at the Nomination Ceremony. America's Prankster will also choose a replacement nominee if their original nominee is vetoed during the Veto Meeting. Evicted Houseguests and the current Head of Household of the applicable week are not eligible to receive votes in the Program. Viewers will vote via the BB Web Site. There is a maximum of ten (10) votes per registered user during the Voting Period. I don't really trust Nick, but man, that'd make everyone's head spin, especially Christie. But I don't know if I can bring myself to vote for him. And oddly enough, I'd want Christie out before Jackson. I cannot stand her more than I can't stand Jackson, lol. I'd love to see Christie and Tommy up on the block together. I split my votes today between Cliff and Nicole - but I may change the rest of my votes up, I really don't know yet. So far I'm seeing a lot of mixed ideas, and that could mean anyone could get it. americas-prankster-vote This is the one I used.
  10. I will completely own the fact that I simply cannot get over the pre-season existing years-long 'bond' of Christy and Tommy. Because of this advantage, they had a very big leg up on all the other HGs except Kat/Holly to a lesser extent. I am totally not convinced that either of them would have been playing well if they had NOT been cast on the same season. Added to that is that I am really, really annoyed by Tommy and his way over the top self and fakeness, to me anyway. I am from NY and have met many of these types in both genders. (Disclaimer: That is not to say that they only exist in NY by any means) His constant 'Let's keep the group all together' no matter what, no matter the cost has been a big buzz kill for me as well. As for Christie, again, I just find her a very two-faced person and often she is very 'mean-girl' while all the while proclaiming her 'love, light and gratitude' manifestations. She seemingly has no awareness what-so-ever of her hypocritical thoughts and deeds. As a huge fan, I am very aware that BB is a game, and one with a huge prize at the end where there can only be one winner. I totally get the 'whole lie, scheme, do whatever you have to win' as valid game tactics in this particular game. But please, at least recognize it and own it. Don't be delusional and self-righteous about it especially if you're going to vilify others for doing the same. This is why I just will not get behind them as 'playing great games' or that they've positioned themselves well, which I seriously doubt would be the case had they not had each other as crutches. If it had been known from the start or discovered in-game by ~any~ of the other HGs getting an inkling of their out-of-game relationship they would have been targetted and everyone would have tried to split them up. This is merely my opinion, and I also understand that they have fans who have valid reasons of their own to get behind them and their gameplay.
  11. ... in this thread have at times been way more interesting or less barf-inducing than what's been happening on the feeds!
  12. In addition to that, I would have ZERO issues with the Christie/Tommy relationship, or the Holly/Kat pre-season knowledge of each other IF all the houseguests were given the same spiel the viewers got on the Season Premiere. Julie Chen stated, "And just like in Summer Camp, ~some~ people ~may~ know each other." Whether it was accidental or not, intended or not is moot for me at this point.
  13. Nothing to see here...can't get link to embed properly
  14. Yeah, I think a lot of people see Jack and Jackson in the same light, but many see Jackson as the lesser of the two 'evils'. I don't want either of them to win this season. But I also think that Christie and Tommy are incredibly awful as well. Christie is just as bad as Jackson on so many levels to me; her brand of manipulation is seen as 'good game-play' by some but I think she gets a pass for all the wrong reasons, she's participated in much of the bashing, even instigating a lot of it. She's extremely two-faced and forgets how much of this relies on one's social game with everyone, not just her select few. Tommy is just such a friggin' weasel, hang on anyone's coat-tails player; so over the top and cringe-worthy that I find him very hard to take. Those two together, with their hidden so far relationship, just has not been fair to any of the other players this season. If it had been a known fact upfront, they would have been targetted immediately. Jack especially is going to blow his stack when he discovers how duped by them he has been, (not that I won't find that both deserving and amusing). Anal and Nick would be repugnant as winners for me as well for a myriad of reasons we've already spelled out. The rest of the group have all had moments when they've just made me smh, and aren't great game players by any stretch of the imagination. But I would for sure rather any of them win over the others I've named.
  15. To me, if Jackson goes that LEAVES a solid 4 alliance. Jack, Christie, Anal, Tommy. I see things like this also. Kat or the outliers using Jackson instead of the other way around for a change is pretty damn humorous too. My only nitpick to this scenario is hoping someone, anyone can get him out before F2. While I'd like to think he'd make a good goat, I worry too much that a jury stacked with a lot of previous Grateful8'ers would rather vote for him than any of the others. I don't trust that whack bozo at all. Not one tiny little bit. I hope they don't vote with the 'house', because that'll be the only way the outliers will see for certain that they are a solid trio, and if Nick votes Jackson out, that'd make it a solid 4. Although the worst-case scenario for me is Jackson going this week because then the Shitty6 are just the Solid 4Shits and then add in Nick throwing in with them and they'd have another run at having the majority.
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