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  1. Everyone on this show must want a recording contract. Too much singing indeed. I forgot to add another observation. All the sexually active teen couples hung around in one or the other’s bedroom for what seemed like hours at a time (even sharing a bed all night). It was like they were living together and/or married. Is that what the kids are doing these days? They don’t worry that their parents or guardians will walk in on them in a private moment? It kind of gave me anxiety.
  2. I'm glad to see other posters loving this episode! This turned out to be my favorite episode, maybe of the whole series, though it makes sense that if you didn't watch or didn't like the original goofy Sabrina sitcom then you probably wouldn't like this. I, OTOH, loved it. At first I was confused when the aunts said they lived on their sets. It took me a minute to get that this was a dystopian version of the real world based on the original sitcom. But after that it worked perfectly for me. The only thing that didn't make sense was that Sabrina M said she was sent there to help fix the eldritch terrors, whereas I thought they sent her through the mirror just to keep all the different alternate universes from colliding by keeping the two Sabrinas separate. Other than that, loved it, OMG! The original aunties looked great! And they got to be in more than a 10-second cameo! And they were evil! And animatronic Salem got a lot of scenes! And he was evil! Even Harvey was less annoying and actually had a brain (obtaining the script early). I wasn't too sure why the original aunties turned into staggering zombie-like figures while they chased Sabrina around the set.
  3. At first that's what I thought was happening, a la the ending of "Titanic" when Rose dies as an old woman and is reunited with Jack in the afterlife. Having Nick kill himself is really BS. I can't believe they did that, even if it was meant to be quickly "rectified" if they'd had another season. (That almost makes it even worse because real-life suicide is final of course.) That's probably why they went with having Nick kill himself because they were going to "fix" it, and if they'd had him die as an old man then it would have been really awkward when Sabrina got resurrected. They would have done much better to show a determined Nick declaring his intentions to bring Sabrina back. Even if they weren't getting another season. It's not like the ending they went with offered any closure or even made sense in a magical world where they have a Lazarus graveyard. I was waiting all episode for Sabrina M. to come back to life and then they go kill off Sabrina S. too. WTF even? I've always hated this the most about this show. Ridiculous but it's how I feel. Salem could have been an awesome addition to the show IMO. They should have gotten an actress who could work with cats, sorrynotsorry. They kind of did include him more this season, even including the animatronic version, which I liked. But still grossly underused. ^This. Question: Was there a woman dressed in black (hat, dress) standing in the chamber while Sabrina S died? Other complaints: If Sabrina M's body was damaged enough for her to die, how was it able to house Sabrina S and keep her alive? Magic, I know, but still internally inconsistent. What happened to animatronic Endless Salem? Still hate all of Sabrina's friends and they can all DIAF. That includes Nick although he is less geeky than they. What in the hell was Father Blackwood trying to do? It was evil for the sake of evil and therefore I couldn't take him seriously. His motivation needed to be fleshed out a little more. Maybe he thought he would become the void and be able to create his own universe or something? Zelda and Hilda would never have just given up trying to bring Sabrina back.
  4. Why do the judges keep telling him he is so good? He always looks checked out during his dances. He is not abominable, but he kinda needs to go now.
  5. I read a review somewhere that surmised that the faceless boy who was always playing with the dollhouse was helping Flora keep track of who was in the house and where. I think that’s a pretty good interpretation. That would explain how Flora knew when Dani didn’t stay in her room at night (and was thus in danger from Viola). Maybe having the Viola doll under the dresser signified that she was in the lake and Flora hoped it would prevent her from wandering, even though the doll’s placement only indicated where she was but didn’t control her.
  6. This episode would have been more surprising If they hadn’t hit us over the head with her never eating! Not sure why she was able to drink around the campfire. I’m still trying to figure that one out.
  7. I kind of liked the repetition and thought it worked in a stylized way. But I could definitely see it being annoying to some.
  8. I think at some point - forgot which episode - she threw his glasses into the campfire and then the haunting stopped. Maybe her throwing his glasses away was symbolic of her being able to let go of her guilt and so then she didn’t see him anymore. IMO both she and Henry weren’t actually haunted by a real spirit, just by feeling guilty. Henry’s haunting seemed to go away after he really accepted guardianship of the children and actually taking care of them rather than distancing himself.
  9. I think Henry was just being haunted by himself because he felt guilty. It wasn’t from the house. Dani also had a haunting from guilt that wasn’t from the house. Good point about Viola. She didn’t want to leave the property like Peter did; she was totally obsessed with finding her daughter. Hmm. Maybe she forgot herself enough that it just worked anyway.
  10. They tried to have it both ways with Dani - she sacrifices herself and doesn't get a happy ending, but she did get a few happy years before she succumbed to possession. It was unclear to me how Dani died. Did she travel to Bly Manor and drown herself? I really ha-aaa-ated the possession story. It was weaksauce IMO and also not visually portrayed well. They seemed to have a hard time showing what was supposed to be happening without lots of exposition. I'm glad Miss Jessel came through at the end but she still irked me as to why she was so enthralled with Quint, even after death. Also not sure why the possessed would have to "dream hop" while being controlled, and even less why the spirits themselves would jump from memory to memory in a disjointed manner. I could even buy that their consciousness would be disjointed but not that they enter various memories in a dreamlike state. I guess it was supposed to be a version of hell, especially for Quint, but apparently Viola's "spell" over the property was causing that and other spirits who died elsewherre around the world would not be affected by that phenomenon. Also-also not sure why the kids would be so compliant with Peter Quint. Sure they were innocent and not able to anticipate that Peter Quint was manipulating them for his own selfish ulterior motives, but I would have thought they'd be more hesitant about helping him tie up Dani. I kept expecting something ghostly to happen with Dominic and Charlotte's suite but nothing ever did. Boring! My favorite episode was really the Viola and Perdita one. I wish there could have been more like that. It was almost like a fairy tale and ghost story all in one. ETA: Hannah Grose was an awesome character. Loved her and wished she could have at least gotten to kick Peter Quint in his ghostly nuts before being released from Viola's spell.
  11. I actually really liked this one and thought Viola and Perdita's story was way more interesting as a backstory to explain why Bly Manor is so haunted. The show should have introduced these characters much earlier in the season and based the overall story arch on this background IMO. There's a lack of cohesiveness to me that Viola was causing the spirit of anyone who died at Bly Manor to be trapped on the property but most of the rest of the ghostly action only happened centuries later with Quint and Jessel.
  12. This was a boring episode IMO. Way, way too much Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. Their story is not interesting to me - bad boy manipulates smart but gullible young woman and tragedy ensues. It's unpleasant and not particularly original. Surely the writers could have come up with something a little more imaginative. It was difficult to get through this one and I was really only half watching because it was boring. I might have missed something.
  13. I like it so far. Love that the story seems to be set in the 1980s. The kids are creepy so i think it’ll be interesting to see what’s really up with them.
  14. Me too. I kind of kept expecting him to show back up or for Alexis to go to Galapagos just for a visit to see if she liked it or not. Mostly I just don’t like that she didn’t get something a bit more definite, even if it didn’t include Ted. Everything was SO focused on David that IMO the other characters got a little cut off and Alexis most of all. Not that I didn’t care about David and of course he was having his wedding and that would be the focus, but it’s like they just ended Alexis’ story abruptly. I’m also sad to think of the characters who always lived in the town and are staying behind. Things will be dull for them without Moira around! I’m sure Stevie will get lots of travel but the others are kind of going back to the way things were before.
  15. All I could think of was the Cowardly Lion but AFAIK the Wizard of Oz is not Disney. What was going on with Darwood’s sash? (Derek). It was on, it was off, it was crooked. I suppose they’re splicing the dances together out of the order that they were presented. So. Many. Waltzes. And other IMO boring dances. Apparently only one tango per episode is allowed.
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