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  1. I freakin’ saw “All of Me” in the theater when it originally came out (just dated myself), and this episode with poor poisoned Charles rolling himself around totally reminded me of that movie. It was so funny when Mabel and Oliver were trying to get Charles’ phone to open with facial recognition. It was a little bit disappointing to me that it was Jan, although I’m not sure who else would be a very strong or interesting suspect once Nathan Lane and son (blanking on characters’ names) were ruled out. There really wasn’t anyone it could be that would be an “OMG” surprise. I wavered back
  2. Eh, I'm annoyed. I agree with others that too many shows do the grim ending thing, yet it was kind of weird to me that this show started out grim and foreboding and ended with everyone happy and the dangerous Masha and Carmel free of any consequences. That is an odd move. I'd totally buy some characters surviving their experience at the retreat and going on to live happy, functional lives, even the Marconi family having the potential to adjust to their tragic loss, heal as much as possible, and move forward. But it just doesn't make sense that Masha's and Carmel's past deeds could be expla
  3. I thought they were saying Carmel was the shooter. Would an LSD-induced hallucination be detailed enough to show Carmel messing around with her contact lens case before coming at Masha with the cloudy eye? Plus Carmel does have a violent streak, has beef with Masha, has a hidden cell phone from which she could be sending threatening texts, and is on whatever unfortunate medication cocktail Masha "prescribed" for her.
  4. Just came here to say I hated the goat thing. Watched another show earlier this year that had the same thing in it with a goat and everything. I did think Masha looked angry about it, even though she was trying to act cool. Not sure, though, since she was also basically setting up the male group to have that happen, apparently giving them aggression-spiked smoothies.
  5. Me too. I think that up until the final “twist,” Jeanette could still grow out of her unsavory tendencies or perhaps needed some therapy and more attention and guidance from her parents. I do think she was ambiguous at that point. But yeah, there’s no way to walk back that final scene. I don’t think she called in a tip later, and she can be regarded as nothing but a villain like Martin after that. I don’t know what the writers are smokin’ to call her “misguided.” Misguided was how I regarded her before - I was rooting for you, Jeanette! I thought you could become a better person! But
  6. Yeah, that's one of the bigger unexplained plot threads. Not sure if we're supposed to assume that the Wallises threatened the police into keeping silent on how Martin actually died. I wanted to see Joy's reaction to all the revelations and a scene with Kate and Ashley after the Berenice reveal. So did they show the basement floor when Jeanette went down there and Vincent followed her? That bloodstain would have had to be there then. Ugh, creepy. What was Jeanette actually doing there that day, relishing the thought of Kate being locked up there?
  7. I also thought it was weird. Janette became fascinated with breaking into his house in particular. He was being invited to events as if he was especially interesting and exciting and there was no one else in town to date or be potentially influential for your kid at school. He hadn’t even started working there yet. It’s like the town is supposed to be the size of Mayberry.
  8. I think it works as more than just reuse of wardrobe. For one thing, it shows that Kate is used to moving in wealthy circles and that to her fancy party dresses are just a normal part of your wardrobe that you totally need. But it also shows that she wasn’t expecting to be isolated and kept prisoner. She was thinking there’d be a social occasion to wear that. ETA: The show’s usual time switching worked especially well for me in this episode as you had the therapy scenes interspersed with the horrible Martin and Kate scenes to provide a break in the tension AND be like “Remember, what Mar
  9. Oh wow, that is crazy and interesting if the show really did that on purpose as a clue. There’s really no excuse for Martin. There’s no way that would ever have been okay. I think Kate and Janette have both lied about things and done things that weren’t right, but they were also both victimized in different ways and were both minors. I don’t blame Janette at all, so far anyway, for wanting to defend herself. I know that could and would easily fall into “blame the victim” territory, but IMO Janette shouldn’t be expected to sacrifice herself and not point out if Kate lied about someth
  10. I believe that Greg checked that the key opened the door to Martin’s house a year after Joy told him that. By the time he called her, she had already moved on. But yes, she did leave. Not sure how Janette and Vincent were supposed to “guard” Mallory while she set the prank tape to play. They wouldn’t be able to audibly warn her and probably couldn’t convincingly turn any adults away. In fact, all the kids seemed to have the run of the school grounds, which was very much NOT allowed at my high school in the 1980s (in Texas). If any of us had been lurking in a hallway when we were suppose
  11. Me too. At this point a dissociative state explanation feels kind of cliche and would be another factor to be used against Kate in the lawsuit. It was weird to randomly see Janette toward the end of a Kate-centric episode. I don’t really like any of Kate’s family. Kind of looked like Kate was over Jamie even before she got kidnapped. Kind of surprised she tried to take back up with him, even if only briefly, after she was returned home.
  12. I’m po’d that we haven’t gotten any further information about “Annabelle” after it was teased so heavily two episodes ago. This episode and the previous one have felt like filler to me. I’m with others who said they didn’t think Janette was downright “evil” or psycho. I’m thinking she’s just a selfish, immature teen who has done some pretty dangerous/bad stuff for one so young but still has a chance to grow out of it. OTOH, she could turn out to be just a horrible person. I’m along for the ride. I disliked Janette the most when she badgered her brother not to go away for college. Sti
  13. Yep. Especially after they told her to keep Leah quiet using any means necessary! And Nora seemed to consider smothering Leah in her sleep. I do kind of hate Nora after my opinion softened on some of the others. I like most of the girls and want to see what happens to them next. But damn y’all are correct that the “experiment” makes no sense at all unless there’s still some piece of information being held back that will make it seem a little more plausible. This experiment could never pass an ethics test and results could never be released. Makes me think Gretchen has plans for world
  14. The ending of this episode made me think that Dot is the operative instead of Shelby, the one who found the planted duffel bag, but it could be a red herring.
  15. Hmm, just finished this episode and in the middle of episode 2. So far I am still interested. It does remind me of "Lost" somewhat (though I never watched more than a few episodes of that one) and, oddly enough, "Wayward Pines" because in that show all the characters' lives were engineered and they lived in a fake town. Will continue to watch.
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