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  1. I think I'm out. I couldn't even make it all the way through this episode due to a combination of annoyance and boredom. It feels like they're trying to retcon the Steve character and make him out to be nicer than I remember him being. The whole scene with Judy crying over Steve's death and telling Jen that Steve felt terrible about the hit and run that killed Ted just rang false to me. Probably someone like Judy would feel bad about Steve's death, but it felt like a total retcon to make him out to be a super sweet guy when I don't remember that AT ALL. On top of that, oh surprise Steve has a twin brother! That is too over the top and just a cheesy way to keep the actor around. Meh! Plus NOTHING HAPPENS. I really enjoyed the first season, and the ending gave me the feeling that the twists and turns would continue for a second season. But it's just boring! I don't care about the nursing home scenes at all. It's very all over the place, as if they don't have much plot (just Jen hiding something from Judy) so they had to pad it out to keep the season from being done in one 1-hour episode.
  2. Okay, I see I'm not the only one who felt something has been off with Armstrong from his first episode! I screamed, "I knew it!" to myself on the couch. I don't follow any social media or spoilers about the show so have no idea if the show runners planned this all along and the actor was playing his character this way on purpose, but now I think it must always have been the plan since others also picked up on it. He's really good at his job because it's hard to put a finger on it, but it was always there. I actually expected him to be revealed as a dirty cop during his first episode. It's very subtle. Love it. That was a bit of fun on an otherwise dorky show.
  3. Wendy might not know that getting a second casino would trigger an audit, but shouldn't Helen? She's been pressing for the deal too. I didn't think Marty knew, either, from the way he didn't seem prepared when the FBI agent came to tell him. I do wish Marty and Wendy had better communication skills. But I guess that would reduce the drama on the show, so! Marty is very dismissive and short with people. I also think what keeps the two of them from really treating their relationship as a business is that they have too much emotion and bad feelings invested because they've had a bad marriage for a long time.
  4. I do wish Darlene could have been killed off. It's too bad Wendy couldn't have ordered a hit on both her and Cade. Definitely Cade needed to go but so does Darlene! She's a menace. I don't quite get why the Snells would get any money from the casino if they don't technically own the land anymore because it became part of the river when they flooded it. Charlotte was so annoying in early season 1 but I warmed to her later on. She seemed like a typical teen who loved her family but also had tiffs with them and was under a lot of stress from the criminal elements of their lives. But I've hated her for all of season 2. She is correct about the bad parenting, but everything she does screams bratty teen. She isn't good with money, doesn't have a job and probably couldn't get one that would support her with basic food and shelter, and stomps to her room when her parents won't immediately sign emancipation papers. Not to mention whatever would come out if the case were taken to court. I don't get why Ruth would want to deal with the cartel after Marty's planned departure. She knows firsthand now how violent they are. I still think the writers didn't know what to do with the Rachel character so they had her run off, then for some reason brought her back with a drug problem. She seems to be well into adulthood and would probably be less likely to turn to first-time drug use as a coping mechanism unless she was severely traumatized or injured and got addicted to Rx painkillers maybe. They've never indicated that or hinted that she had a drug problem when she was younger that reared its ugly head again after she ran away.
  5. Oh, Buddy! I'll miss you. At least he was having fun when he went out.
  6. Cade can go anytime. He's horrible and I don't want to see Ruth being abused and held back by him. I think the writers have never known what to do with Rachel as her characterization has been all over the place. It was totally out of character (as far as I could tell) for her to run off with the money, and now all of a sudden she's a drug addict. It's bugging me.
  7. I don't get why Wendy was so dismissive (more than once) of possibly going into witness protection. She has almost been murdered and Marty has been tortured and almost murdered even more often. They want that for their kids, really? Because realistically eventually they would all be killed and probably in some super horrific way. It was weird the way Rachel seemed to be built up early on as a main character and one who didn't want to be involved in anything illegal, but then she just ran off with a bunch of the money. I guess maybe she figured Marty owed her a fresh start, but it seemed out of character for her. I, too, thought at first that she was supposed to be Tuck's mother, but after she ran off Marty mentioned that Tuck lived with his mom so I guess not. The pastor storyline has been stupid. But I guess it wasn't enough to have a psycho FBI agent; we also had to have a psycho pastor. How could the psycho FBI agent possibly still keep his job after basically having a fit at that bar and then trashing his hotel room? Somebody would surely report those things and the hotel would probably want extra money for the damage. It's not a fancy hotel but come on. I do like that some of the stereotypical redneck characters such as Russ and Ruth were fleshed out and shown to be more than just one-note hicks. I was expecting Del to be a longer-term antagonist. He was good at being menacing. However, I did enjoy the surprise at his being so suddenly eliminated. Was not expecting that!
  8. I was kind of surprised the wife didn’t jump at the witness protection offer.
  9. I kind of like this okay but not sure I will make it through all the episodes. Maybe, maybe not. The kids (teen angst) are kind of annoying. I wish they could have their own personalities instead of TV trope angsty, sullen, generic teens if they are going to be the focus of most of the action. Okay, the house looking like some kind of Gothic over the top creation is one thing, but why does the school also look kind of Hogwarts-y? Was that intentional? They even had that chalked note on the wall saying something like "your Hogwarts invitation is not coming." I think it would have helped balance the mood of the show for the school to be a bit more run of the mill.
  10. You'd think Bode and siblings would be more concerned about the Well Woman coming back at any moment and taking the keys. Bode found the key in the portrait and then just stands around holding it in plain view like an idiot. She could have come out of nowhere and grabbed it. They are not nearly concerned enough about her! Yeah, I don't get how the Head Key works. I thought Well Woman mentioned something in a previous episode about a key that allows you to leave your body and be like a ghost (forgot her exact words), and from the way the Head Key functions I thought that was supposed to be the one but apparently not. It lets you leave your body for some reason so that you can look into your mind. I do like how the key drops when you remove it from your own neck but still not getting why it works that way. I guess it makes it easier for the other characters to tag along. Wonder if they will ever go into Tyler's mind? Must be bad in there. The mom seems off. Wasn't expecting the alcoholic thing. So, looks like Ellie remembers the keys despite being an adult! The dad probably remembered them, too. If so, then forgetting is unique to their mom.
  11. When Michael gets back, at least Janet will be there to greet him. I like to think they’ll hang out a lot.
  12. I think maybe even just one additional episode, maybe showing the gang helping with the "conflict" experienced by new Good Place arrivals (or something like that) would have helped me FEEL that they had all lived there for thousands of years. Probably multiple episodes of just the gang living in the Good Place with no problem to work on would get dull, but IMO they could have worked around that somehow and given us an episode or two of just living there and still make it interesting. It wouldn't have felt like they tried desperately to get to the Good Place for 4 seasons and in the last 2 episodes finally got in and became immediately bored. The show spent so many episodes working on the points system. I really disliked the earth-based episodes. Then they spent this season on the test subjects and trying to convince Shawn to agree to a new system, and it got boring to me. Maybe they should have spent more time working on the tests for new arrivals and less time arguing with Gen and Shawn. Bolded by me - This! This is what bothers me about death likely meaning that your consciousness ends and that's it. I won't ever get to find out what happens next! Not meaning to start a political conversation, but the fallout of the current situation in the US is probably going to take longer to work through than I have left on earth, even if I live to a decently healthy old age. I would love to have extra time in TGP to see if things get better!
  13. I still find it ambiguous. All I can go on is what was shown, not what the producer said outside the show itself. I saw Eleanor dissolve into little golden lights that floated down to earth and caused a stranger to do something nice but small to make Michael slightly happier for a second. Whoa! Nirvana! 😩 The scene gave no indication whether or not Eleanor's golden lights could keep going and spark other acts of kindness or if her consciousness was still present or what. I think what throws me off is that yes, they are dead and their bodies are long gone by the final episode, but their consciousness still existed. What made them them still exists in the conceit of the show. Anything that ends that consciousness is basically "killing" them. This doesn't happen in real life IMO because once the brain is dead then the consciousness is also dead, but in this show your consciousness can "live on" even after your body is dead so IMO it is a second death for that consciousness to be snuffed out. Is Eleanor conscious in the glowing lights? Are the glowing lights alive in some sense? Do they have free will? Do they continue to exist or do they go out after they perform their tiny, almost insignificant act of kindness that seems kind of small and weak after all that striving and learning. How is being a floating light more fulfilling than what you could be doing in TGP with some kind of incorporeal body and other people to talk to? Well, I've also had these experiences and it did strike me as depicting depression/suicide. It doesn't necessarily make me think they were glorifying suicide, but the way Jason and Chidi acted after they felt the urge to go through the door very much seemed like depression to me. The actual going through the door wasn't violent and wasn't being suggested as something you should do while you're still alive on earth, so it doesn't strike me as saying people should kill themselves if they feel like it while living. But it did seem to show a cessation of consciousness, which is close in my eyes. I guess I'm just not in the head space to feel that oblivion is perfect bliss and that may lead me to be disturbed by this finale while others might feel comforted by it. I like the idea of Chidi's wave speech in relation to when we die on earth because I don't think there is an afterlife, but in the universe of this kind of show where there IS an afterlife, once you die you should not have to die again. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  14. You're probably right - you dissolve into golden lights, float to earth, have a small effect and that's it. I agree. I do think the show meant to indicate that Chidi and Jason were "content" rather than "depressed," but to me they seemed sad, not happy. Janet is NOT A GIRL so when Jason wanted to go she didn't try to talk him out of it, but Eleanor did try to talk Chidi out of it and he just seemed sad and low energy to me. As if he could no longer get joy out of his relationship with Eleanor or their friends or "traveling" to magnificent locales or any other activity. To me that is very related to depression, not contentment. I get that this is supposed to be different because existing in heaven for eternity is way different from existing on earth for a finite time. But I still see it more as an "I'm tired of this" reaction, not an "I've completed everything" reaction that they were selling. The idea that your essence (or whatever) just floats to earth and causes one very small, very minor act of kindness and that's it is VERY depressing to me! Totally agree with you. I wonder what their essence is supposed to be made of. It can't be their atoms since their dead bodies were left on earth. I like the idea of some of them becoming guardian angels for living humans. This show seemed to subscribe to the idea that once you die you cannot have any more influence on the living - no ghosts, no god controlling things, etc. Getting too deep into the weeds, I did wonder how Michael was supposed to support himself on earth. Janet gave him some money but it wasn't clear to me if it was supposed to be enough to support a modest retirement or if it was just enough for him to get a place to live and a few pieces of clothing and some food for a little while but then he'd have to support himself. He wouldn't have any retirement fund or pension on earth since he didn't exist on earth during his ideal working years. It must have been meant to replace a modest retirement fund that he wouldn't have otherwise.
  15. I didn't really like this ending. My biggest problem is probably that it was so rushed. We spent so many episodes on the gang trying to improve the afterlife points system and prove that they deserved a chance to get into TGP themselves, but then when they finally do get there we find out there's a problem we get only 2 episodes to resolve it. So that means it takes 2 episodes for them to solve the problem in The Good Place, hang out there for many Bearimies, become "content," and "move on" except for Tahani and Michael. So we see all of the struggle but almost none of the reward, and then they basically ditch the reward right away in show time, even though it's supposed to be thousands of Bearimies or whatever. Eleanor and Chidi worked so hard to stay out of hell and remain together and then this happens? What's the appeal of being little golden sparkles that float around and influence the living to do good? I mean that's nice and all, but there's only so much you can do on your downtime when you are little golden lights. That's not depressing? I am probably just not in a mood to think about the solemn truths about life that this show brought up in the last episode, but it just didn't do anything for me. I was also sad that the gang would of course not be together anymore and that when Michael dies and makes it to TGP, Eleanor won't be there.
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