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  1. Thank you. That still sounds very difficult to achieve with multiple designers.
  2. OK, we're 19 seasons and several spin-offs into this show, and still no one knows what makes a collection cohesive. I sure don't know and I think it's time the judges explained it. I think it's a ruse.
  3. I was blown away by Gary's dance at the end. I was not prepared for that, and I loved it, because I thought he was about to break down. Sparkly Andrea did better than she has done all season. Curly Andrea is massively talented, but I really didn't like that print or the camel color. The yellow was pretty by itself.
  4. Those TV babies just don't stand a chance.
  5. What I want to know is why Bloom is wearing Groucho Marx's eyebrows. They're disturbing. They're almost a unibrow.
  6. I'm kind of glad Kloss is being replaced. I liked her well enough, but I found her speech somewhat stilted. She probably would have improved over time, as Heidi certainly did. Whoever it is, I'll be watching.
  7. I'm not really sure why I'm watching this, except the scenery is amazing. And the hair. Mel and Jack have great hair.
  8. Unless I missed it, Frank and Gabriel never knew they were brothers. I thought Frank would have said something to Gabriel about it in their last scene.
  9. Of course Bonnie died. Nothing good ever happens to Bonnie. She had a little dark rain cloud over her head at all times. She was a total Eeyore. Now I have to go back and watch the last few minutes. I completely missed Michaela getting sworn in as a judge. Oh, and Nate - who I always refused to hate - came through in the end.
  10. I'm thinking this show should have ended a couple of seasons ago. They just keep piling it on until nothing makes any sense.
  11. Well, I liked it for several reasons, even though there were problems, such as the loud music, the inability to review the runway items, and the poor visuals on the runway shows. But then again I was very impressed with the designers and their ability to do what was required of them. I loved Paris and Tokyo. I am glad that budget never seemed to be an issue and that professional sewers were provided. I also noticed the high level of professionalism of the people who put together the pop-up shops. It seemed that the designers could get anything they wanted. I had Esther and Jonny pegged a
  12. I found it interesting in the last surgery how everyone in the operating room was suited up with gloves, hoods, and masks. I think that must have been a nod to what hospitals are experiencing now with the pandemic.
  13. Does anyone besides me think that Carole's husband "disappeared himself"? If he had loads of valuables stashed all over, he may have been able to engineer that disappearance with or without her knowledge. The guy who said that Don told him he was about to pull off something amazing made me think it might have been a hint.
  14. Of course I'll keep watching. I can't help myself, I really like Heidi and Tim (but also love Siriano as his replacement on PR). Ms. French Vogue looked insane with that makeup. Oof. Too bad Martha didn't get eliminated - I hated her clothes on the runway and the ones on her body. I'm OK with Richie and Altuzurra; Campbell's hautiness is sometimes just too too much for me, but she's soooo gorgeous. I kind of thought Esther's problem was that she wasn't able to communicate exactly how she wanted her sewing done - which was unfortunate, but I didn't think she was whiny about it. She just
  15. I don't want Floyd to go. I've always liked him.
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