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  1. Gloriosa

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    I was happy for all the final four - they're all creative and they all seem like nice people. I hate to say it, but the workroom seemed like a happier place without Tessa and her little dark cloud. I think Bishme was the right one to go - he may be the nicest guy on the planet, but he just didn't bring the kind of work he should have. And I definitely have thought Sebastian would be a front-runner and that they were intentionally overlooking him early in the season. Christian has been such a breath of fresh air (even though I love Tim). I gave Karlie a chance, but I just am not happy with her. I hope she'll be replaced next time around. But I really love Heidi. I want to BE Heidi. (Hah! I said Hester's home would look like Pee Wee's Playhouse, and I wasn't too far off.)
  2. Gloriosa

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    Just what kind of shit zippers are they selling at Mood?
  3. Gloriosa

    S17.E06: Power Play

    I can hardly stand to look at Hester. I bet she and Honey live somewhere a lot like Pee Wee's Playhouse. (Actually, there's a very nice looking woman under all that stuff I find so hard to look at.) Anyway - didn't really hate her model's outfit, but the makeup is horrible. I wish we could have had a better look at the video artists' renderings. They looked pretty great.
  4. Gloriosa

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    Two things: 1. They are KILLING me with this makeup. 2. Karlie's cape looked like it had big cloth diapers on the sleeves.
  5. Gloriosa

    S7.E13 All the World's a Runway

    That black and white pantsuit of Irina's - what were they all salivating over? It reminded me of a karate outfit I sewed for my kid for Halloween. That's all I could see. Actually I thought all the collections were pretty great, and was glad the contestants were given the freedom to do what they wanted with them.
  6. Gloriosa

    S17.E01: Premiere

    The designers were so excited to see Christian! I noticed, too, that he has a grown-up haircut now. I recently saw him on his season - what a difference.
  7. Gloriosa

    S07.02: Top of the Class

    I think some of those truly unfortunate color combinations could have worked better with a color-blocked dress. There was way too much lace on that runway.
  8. Gloriosa

    S07.E01: All Stars Goes Global

    Very good point about the items being up for sale. I had forgotten about that. Irina's couldn't win (not that I thought it should), based on that system. Smart Dmitry.
  9. Gloriosa

    S02.E10: All Alone

    Joel has done wrong for sure, but overall I still like him, and I think the actor is adorable. I think he and Midge should keep that divorce on ice for a while. Next season should be a major advancement to the story, if the Europeon tour actually happens. I like the show, I like the actors, and I love the clothing.
  10. Gloriosa

    S05.E11: Nia's Last Chance

    Poor JoJo! If they were going to set her up like that, at least the comments should have been anonymous. But that was probably all fake too.
  11. Gloriosa

    S05.E04: Bye Bye Pittsburgh

    Geeze, that "Frozen Together" music made me wince. Awful, awful, awful.