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  1. I liked New Tricks and watched the whole series. The Dr. Blake Mysteries is a great series, but the Dr. Blake-less Mysteries just couldn't live up to it. I've spent the last month watching Silent Witness, all 21 seasons! (or was it 23?) I watched the first six seasons in order and then have bounced around, choosing 2-episode sets by the descriptions of the cases. Currently, Flesh and Blood on PBS has my attention. Prodigal Son is intriguing. I'm getting spoiled watching British/Australian/not American mysteries. Not only am I not interrupted by inane commercials, but working out the
  2. IrishPirate


    "...astronaut selection is a crapshoot..." Considering that astronauts are recruited and trained in groups, it's far from a roll of the dice or picking the short straw. The early Apollo astronauts were guys always at the top of the list in the classroom: Aldrin and Armstrong. Teacher Christa McAuliffe had young kids at home, to say nothing of her young students, and kids across the country that NASA was hoping to get hooked on the space program which had become so routine and unremarkable. And while most astronauts are relatively sane and stable, there was that one who drove across t
  3. No worries. Being out of my office since mid-March, I am seriously missing my interactions with folks at the jail who enjoy playing "Stump the Chaplain." My Lint Trap Brain has too much crammed into it! Shannon
  4. No popes named Peter except the first one. There's a bit of superstition about that, as in, if someone dared to take that name to use, the world is truly coming to an end.
  5. PBS is showing Season 6, I think, in preparation for the introduction of Season 10 this fall. The seasons are getting shorter, and with the pandemic this year, I can't help but think that Vera's days may be numbered. Shannon
  6. To say nothing of NBC's lack of regard for the audience. Sloppiest schedule ever.
  7. There's the podcast Serial that made a number of must-listen lists. I really enjoyed Rachel Maddow's Bag Man, about the shenanigans VP Spiro Agnew pulled that got him in trouble and out of office. I just finished listening to Floodlines put out by The Atlantic magazine. Fifteen years after Katrina, a look at history, policy, and the aftermath. The last episode has an interview with Michael Brown, head of FEMA, whose obituary will make reference to "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie." I don't care for the murdered wife retellings nor the long drawn out unsolved mystery. How m
  8. The Queen and Madeleine Albright belong to a select club. Clearly she thinks the right side is her best side, and has thought so for years.
  9. No way someone could roll the kid in the wheelchair in for a second opinion and: see a doctor immediately, undergo tests requiring time with big machines that are booked weeks in advance --and already strained with a full ER, have a surgery lasting hours (that dummy was looking especially plastic this week), and right away know that everything will be fine. Arghhh.
  10. Someone tailgating me? I turn on my blinking hazard lights and keep my speed. Took another driver half a minute to figure out if I'm going to stop in the middle of all that traffic. My current pet peeve has to do with Primetimer. I usually get a digest of the shows I follow in the evening. And then I get an identical digest. And then... one day there were SIX copies of the same digest. I'm down to two at the moment, but I have no clue how I managed that.
  11. The show begins its new season in Britain right after New Year (and after the Christmas special). Stateside, we get to see the Christmas special but have to wait til spring for the new season.
  12. And all the episodes are released at once so if you're taking snow days or recovering from something, it's a great time to binge. (I have a relative who is having knee surgery Friday and I wouldn't put it past her to have planned this little detail.)
  13. Pet Peeve from the Northwest: Although it does not rain here as much as Grey's Anatomy would have you believe, late fall and early winter have more than their share of days with low-hanging clouds that press down heavily. Add to that a bit of spit-rain or a mammoth fog bank and driving becomes hideous. Given all that, what color car are you most likely to see on the road? Or not see? Silver/grey. Add to that drivers who don't turn on their lights. Which leads me to a related peeve: Back in the day, I could signal another driver to turn on their lights by switching my lights off and t
  14. @ohiopirate, Lord Mountbatten wasn't assassinated until 1979, still a ways into the future. I'm only just starting Episode 7, so I think the show is saving that for Season 4. Shannon
  15. "For which he is being impeached" on Friday's show---one part of me wants to rewatch the episode and count how many times Rachel said the phrase. Another part wants a tally of folks who turned it into a drinking game. In the end, I can't rewatch. I don't drink and I'm not going to ruin my family member's 30 years of sobriety by starting. Because I would insist on a companion to watch with me.
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