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  1. IrishPirate

    Name of the Rose

    On Sundance is the US.
  2. IrishPirate

    Kate Plus Date

    Does anyone still care? (Yes, I'm aware of the irony of asking. Sigh.)
  3. IrishPirate

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Fog? Did someone say FOG? Wasn't there a Fog Monster on "Lost"? Or maybe it was a Smoke Monster. Also, when Mt. St. Helens blew in 1980, the wind sent say south (so Portland was affected) and east. For years afterward you could see ash in the fields and ditches. KFC offered a bucket of ash with a bucket of chicken. Seattle would more likely be affected if/when Mt. Rainier blows.
  4. IrishPirate

    Location of midwives

    Living at the convent makes a certain kind of sense on several levels: a. The nurses don't have big salaries, but if "room and board" are included, the pay won't be a huge issue. b. In a time where not everyone had a phone, and pagers were non-existent, a common phone in the house means the midwives could respond quickly to any emergency. c. Meals in common, trading stories and updates about cases, and you still get to date? Much better than a boarding house.
  5. IrishPirate

    S01.E19 Happy Place

    Isn't Bloom missing because the actress was expecting a baby during filming? I'm bingeing the whole season, but think I've reached a point that I'll just watch the final and let it go.
  6. IrishPirate

    Mrs Wilson

    Back to the Urquhart business card: there was a phone number written in invisible ink on the back. Turned out to be Mr. Karim who finally answered when he got home from Lahore.
  7. IrishPirate

    [Enquiry, ANSWERED] What's the date?

    You're right. I use my iPad exclusively for the social/fun stuff online. The laptop is for business. In the former version, the date of the most recent post was visible in the topic listings. I can live without it. File it under First World Problems. Thanks for checking into it. Shannon
  8. IrishPirate

    [Enquiry, ANSWERED] What's the date?

    Sure thing.
  9. IrishPirate

    Pet Peeves

    Why are so many people backing into a parking spot in a well-striped lot? The seconds that maneuver saves when you leave does not make up for the time I have sat here waiting for you to back in.
  10. IrishPirate

    [Enquiry, ANSWERED] What's the date?

    Is there any rhyme or reason that the date a topic was started shows up in the listing and not the date of the most recent response, as it was previously?
  11. IrishPirate

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    I've never heard "Crowbar Hotel" but "Graybar Hotel" comes up every now and then, mostly with the crusty older guys who have spent a number of years in the system in a number of states.
  12. IrishPirate

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I don't think the family is aware that Kate even has a friend named Madison. They know about her problems getting pregnant, that she delivers singing telegrams for a living, that she doesn't have much of a life. They never have substantial conversations with her. Compared to her brothers, she exists to applaud their accomplishments but isn't expected to have a life that includes people they don't know.
  13. IrishPirate

    Small Talk: This Just In

    Inquiring minds want to know: why does it take at least three hours for TRMS to be posted to the NBC app when LOD is up and running much earlier, even though his show is after Rachel's?
  14. IrishPirate

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    The best part of the "special report" was the correspondence between GHWBush and Agnew that came to light. The years and years of chummy contact makes me ill. The "how did this become a thing?" about the president not being indictable was interesting too.
  15. IrishPirate


    That IMDb app is phenomenal and Fringe is amazing. I was a fan of Lost back in the day, even when the storylines were as convoluted and crazy. When I saw J. J. Abrams' name on this, I was intrigued. I'm still in Season One, but I've gone and looked at other sources. Snowed in for a week? Who cares. I found a new show to watch.