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  1. I don't notice anything and I noticed that hug.
  2. Agreed. We are obviously completely out of fresh ideas. Rose McIver is no Charlotte Ritchie. Does anyone remember when the US attempted to recreate The IT Crowd? They even brought Richard Ayoade in to recreate Maurice Moss and it was so terrible. Seriously just watch UK Ghosts. It's charming.
  3. Noel and Matt were especially cringey this week. It's as if they knew people were going to complain and got worse on purpose. Which, honestly, I wouldn't put past either of them. A worried Jürgen is NOT a happy Jürgen. Give us happy Jürgen! That was the least suspenseful star baker announcement ever. Guiseppe rocked the entire episode. Was sorry to see Rochica go. She seemed so quiet and nice. Truth is I like them all and will be sorry to see them all go.
  4. If I recall correctly Mel and Sue had worked together for years pre-BakeOff and so they knew how to play off each other. Also they were compatible types so their comedy meshed. Noel and Matt are what happens when you just throw two random people together and tell them to be funny. I recall when Noel was first hired. I'd only ever seen him in IT Club and I was shocked they'd hired Richmond for Bake Off. But I really like Noel. Also I think he really cares about the bakers and how they're doing. Matt still seems like that one kid from school who always does weird shit just for attention. Ho
  5. I actually thought the opener was hilarious. I don't know why. BUT now I can't get that song out of my head and I blame Paul Hollywood. If Matt had sung two lines of the Flintstones it would have been cute. I actually couldn't believe it when he went on. And on. I don't understand why they seem to be just letting him go on. On the other hand I think Noel got the message. Jürgen's little shrug and "Nobody home" after the phone call made me sad. I like all the bakers. Maybe I even love them. Some of the bakes were bad, very bad. I felt bad for the guy with the pink cake that faile
  6. Jacki seemed savvy enough to understand that by entering the competition in its final days, she'd be booted right back out the door. That's why newbies are safe in their first blocking. The final boot is always a newbie. I assume she agreed to do it for the exposure for her career and I hope it works. She was pretty great and I'd have loved to see her play the whole game. Nick will probably win and I'm surprisingly ok with that. Nick played smart and he seems like a likable guy. I'd prefer an lgbt winner this year but Nick played his heart out. However, I think it was season 2 of Cir
  7. I'm just agreeing with every point you all are making about this failure of an episode. The only upside to this episode was Robin Weigert and the colors Simply White and, to a lesser extent, Mountain Peak White. I'll just add a couple of random things. I think they made a huge mistake making Belle a baby killer. Frances Conroy is great. She's so good she can make even an evil/crazy character someone we can root for in a weird sort of way. Baby killing took me completely out of the story. I'm a 60 year old childless curmudgeon and I'm never going to root for a baby killer in real life or i
  8. Hi @purist. 👋 We were so close. I remember wondering if they were really going to kill Judy in Ep 5. Alas. But never fear. She and Lou are going to bomb their way out. I'm actually worried for Lou. Ferguson is playing Dr. FancyPants and Nanny McGee like a fiddle and I'm here for it. And now Vera is onto it. Let the games begin! I warmed to Ann a little (just a teensy bit) as she was flinging f-bombs all over the place in the staff mtg.
  9. I know nobody's here to hear (or care about) this but the number 1 person I want to die before the end is Linda (f'ing) Miles. I'd be happy to never see her smug face ever again . Her character has been and is useless. My antipathy extends to the actress who plays her because she owns the smug face and the shit acting. Second is Judy.
  10. Not for nothing but their conversation indicated they'd been married for 40 years. I wonder how much "coin" they'd wasted on his "dreams" over 40 years. How many times had he spent the night with someone else and come home to taunt her. Men (and women) don't just change into someone new at age 60 (without the help of the little black jelly bean). I think he got what he deserved.
  11. I feel like you shouldn't tempt the universe to torture us. 😂
  12. I just don't understand. You have Robin Weigert signed on and you use her in a 5 minute throw away role in the pilot?! At a minimum she could have played Typhoid Karen in her sleep and done a massively better job than whatever Sarah Paulson thinks is Acting. I just had to get that off my chest. The show is a little dull but I'm bored so...
  13. I'm about 10 minutes into Episode 3. Please tell me she dies.
  14. I have to assume this was filmed last spring (2021) because obviously no one in the current cast watched Season 3 of the Circle UK (the most recent aired in Spring 2021). The clone twist was the same as one in that season. In the UK season the fake clone went home. I mean, if I was going on the show I would binge every season including the non-US ones. There's no one in this group that I actively dislike. Yet. I'm sure that will change soon. If the Brooklyn Sisters had stuck around I'm sure I'd have hated them soon. Or at least Chanal. The younger sister seemed a bit dim but also pos
  15. I'm pretty old. When I was very young (so maybe circa 1963) my older brother had a joke book and the only joke I remember from the book was "How do you carve a statue of an elephant?" "Easy. Just get a block of stone and carve away everything that doesn't look like an elephant." I still remember how we laughed and laughed nearly 60 years ago. Then Charles told that joke on episode 3. I was so happy to hear that old joke. I wonder if he has the same book. Do you think it was a clue? Maybe I'm the killer! 😀 Being old I have little idea of who Selena Gomez is but I'm impressed with he
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