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  1. Him being all blokey and yet talking so openly and honestly about these mental health issues is going to help other blokes (and non-blokes). Glad to read that he's doing well. I'd blocked out the fact that they're all required to quarantine for, I don't know, 2 extra weeks before filming even starts. These people have been away from their families for an extra long time.
  2. I was completely spoiled and I still teared up. Damn you Blokey, making me feel things. In the end I've got nothing but respect for the guy. Wish him all the best. If they're bound and determined to have a male winner this year who will it be? Aaron - no, Justin - no, Tommy - maybe, Scott-no, Pete - probably. The women who are left are formidable.
  3. Yes. Do not hold out any hope that he will get better. Joe's not only not a chef but he got his start in the restaurant biz coasting in on his Mom's coattails. Also he thinks he's way more of a chick magnet than he is (which is not one at all). Actually I may have talked myself out of watching much this season. I hate Joe and there's no upside to him. At least with Gordon you get an asshole who actually can cook and you maybe learn something. Aaron is easy to ignore. And then there's this Legends nonsense and Paula Dean for crying out loud. I will watch the first few episodes becaus
  4. I was going to throw some kind of tantrum if any of the women went home before Amir. Amir seemed like a lovely guy but now I will happily forget about him. Next on my hit list: Aaron or Justin And then there's Blokey. I have a very bad feeling that they're setting us up for a Blokey win. The women who are left are strong and the men who are left are really not. Pete has interesting ideas but his implementation is off. I mean, food (or at least food people go to restaurants for) is supposed to be attractive to the eye. The only thing I would have done with Pete's gross fish skin is sc
  5. Call me old fashioned and set in my ways but I do not think the world needs a fish scale lamington. I hate coconut. I especially hate the abomination known as desiccated coconut. BUT faced with a choice between coconut and **fish scales** well, honestly, I would scrape all the gunk off and eat the cake. Oh I just remembered he actually added cod oil to the chocolate. Why does Josh Nyland hate all people? I appreciate what Nyland was trying to do because they do waste an enormous amount of food on MC but couldn't he just throw everything in a broth like regualr home cooks might.
  6. Regarding Gabe, I also did a deep dive. There's not a lot of info but I saw a lot of the same sources as @Werehauzen. There was some, just speculation, that Gabe won TC last fall, came back to Austin all ego puffed and escalated his already pretty bad behavior. So bad that the restaurant had to fire him. Probably sexual because of the tight lipped way it's being talked about. Could also be drugs, I suppose. Or racism. For a brief instant I thought it might be covid related, but I just don't think it would be so secretive if it was covid. Think about it. Even if Gabe doesn't win TC he's al
  7. "I'm going to make a pickled egg yolk and fennel 4 ways." -- last words of a chef who has lost all hope. I'm mildly obsessed with YoYo. She was eliminated early (2nd or 3rd) and I never gave her a thought because she was never featured. I'm not sure she ever got a talking head except the pity THs contestants get when they're about to be booted. So this week that we have spent with the eliminated chefs, a week in which way too much screen time was given to f'ing Trent, we again never heard a word from YoYo**. No TH, no heartwarming story about how much she's grown as a chef, no judge visit
  8. We are going to be stuck with Blokey McFatFingers til, like, final 6 aren't we? Worse? Final 3!? Sometimes I wish I could still drink booze because he would be a great drinking game.
  9. MC Junior Australia 2020 was really good. Why can't we have both kids and celebrities? That said, I like Celebrity MCUK and I LOVE the celebrity Bake Off (UK) episodes. I often don't know who any of the celebrities are but it doesn't matter. It is crucial to get celebrities who are good sports and can laugh at themselves though. Otherwise it can get awkward.
  10. All 3 deserve to win, IMO. Why do the stylists hate Arisa Cox? Is she secretly super mean and bitchy? Is she not allowed to look at herself in the mirror and say "oh hell no"? Serious question because what the heck was that?
  11. Did you watch the CircleUK season that just ended? There was a similar situation (to Chloe and Trevor) and I thought that final meet-up was a real blast. This CircleUS finale fell short for me but I think it's just me, not anything the show did or didn't do. Maybe I just reached a saturation level. In the end I really liked it. I'm glad Trevor won. That money will help give their little girl a boost and I thought Deleesa did a great job. She came prepared and I appreciate that. I'd also have been entirely happy with a Chloe win. She really won me over these last few weeks. OK now wha
  12. I'm not a professional fisherperson but I suppose they simply ask the yabby a question only a girl would know the answer to.
  13. For my personal emotional well being I propose that we implement a new rule. Anyone who make Kishwar sad is immediately banned from the MC kitchen forever. Heck, let's just declare Kishwar the winner and let everyone else battle for second. That was actually an excellent twist. I'm ok with never hearing the word gutsack on a cooking show ever again. Question: What is the fish coral(sp?) they were talking about in conjunction with the gutsack? Is that roe? Tried to google but I think I'm off on the spelling.
  14. Does Reynold have written into his contract that EVERYONE must exclaim at great length on the wonder and awe that is REYNOLD!!!! Honestly he kinda ruined the episode for me. It's easy to love Callum. Poh is a LOT but she's also warm and has a great rapport with the cooks. Reynold felt like he was just there to meet his fans and pretend to be humble. Also that black dessert just looked unappetizing and gross. If I was working in his kitchen I'd throw it away because it looked like burned food scraps. Man, I just really don't love Reynold. I love Kishwar and she's the one whose food I
  15. I didn't watch the audition episodes because I got 10 minutes in and had already cried a LOT and I couldn't deal. I'm extra emotional right now and the slightest hint of a sad backstory makes me cry. So anyway... Is Kishwar the woman in Emilia's Mystery box episode who was very worried her food might be too simple because she just made something her family likes? Because I was sooo sad that she was worried and I love her. I hope I didn't just jinx her. Hiring Melissa is the smartest thing this show ever did. And Andy is so much better. I was surprised by the top 3.
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