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  1. Why can't we get a show that is just episodes of Michelle Gomez walking around being amazing; throat punching bad men and rescuing people and maybe one whole episode where she rescues kittens from bad guys. I would pay to watch that!
  2. I had never even heard of Derry Girls before I watched the Great Festive Bake Off. Since then I've binged both seasons AND re-watched their Bake Off episode. I'm now officially a HUGE fan and can't wait for season 3. Would be interesting to see stats on how much Derry Girls viewership on Netflix spiked in the US in the last few days. Also how many Americans have tried to use the word craic in a sentence this week. Now I want a Derry Girls Bake Off every year!
  3. I'm enjoying this a lot. I just don't know if that's because I've watched everything else. Anyway, it's fun. KC is surprisingly good and I'm glad she spent some of that big pile of BBT money to produce this. Am I the only person who thinks the role of Annie (the lawyer) is horribly miscast? The character is, supposedly, a mob lawyer and the actor tries to act tough but it's really laughably bad. In one brief scene when her assistant told her somebody couldn't get the video she needed and she (Annie) said something like "I'm going to need a different answer" I just laughed out loud. Like a little girl playing grownup. I wish they'd gone with someone like Rhea Seehorn. Other than that I love the cast. Love Michelle Gomez and was thrilled to see her here. I wish they'd spend less time with Cassie and Dead Daario but I can ff thru that nonsense if I want. I'm worried that we aren't going to get any definitive answers about what's going on with Rosie Perez' character. I'm worried that there will be a cliffhanger in anticipation of another season.
  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Hermine was my favorite almost from day 1. If Laura goes on to win this I will hate this show (briefly). Peter for the win now. I think he has some good skills and he seems like a nice young man. I read somewhere that Noel and his partner just had a new baby in October I think. He also has a toddler I think. So a pregnant partner and filming during a pandemic is probably monster stress and may be a contributing factor to Noel's on show behaviors which have seemed a bit off to some of us this year. Will be interesting to see what next year brings (if we all survive.) That said I'm grateful we had a show this year.
  5. Thank you for clearing that up. I am often bewildered by the technical bakes but this one really confused me. As a person who does not love the taste of lemon, I was mostly horrified. This technical seems like a pretty egregious example of setting the bakers up to fail. They simply weren't given enough time to steam their puddings so pretty much everyone ended up with soupy garbage with a gross lemon in the middle. Everyone failed. I'm not really interested in watching that. Are they doing Patisserie Week this year? I always enjoy that.
  6. Quick question about the technical bake. Are you meant to eat the lemon? Rind and all?
  7. Cracks me up all the sizes the kids come. From tiny to towering. Perhaps Dev had a growth spurt. My brother had one the summer he was 13. It was memorable. I want Dev to come work for me and be my personal chef. I have wanted to eat everything he makes. I would get very fat (OK fatter). In fact these juniors all create meals I'd like to try. This is often not true of the adult cooks. Anyway I love them all. So sad to see my favorites go, but happy to have a bunch of favorites still n the comp. Is it a final 2? Or 3? I think Laura and Dev will make it to final 2. They've got some skills and apparently a good ability to think on their feet. I'd love to see Georgia sneak into the final because I love her the most. I LOVE Filo but I don't think his skills are up with Dev and Laura. These kids work maskless in very close proximity to each other. I assume they've all been living together in a pod somehow? Are their mothers (or dads) with them? So why can't they hug? I'm not asking for hugs all the time but for after saying goodbye?
  8. I feel like Victoria Pedretti must have done something to piss off her stylist (or whatever they're called. costumer?) for this show because those 80's fashions (clothing and hair) were not kind to her. Sure, 80s fashions hurt all of us but a TV stylist ought to know how to work with the actor's body type etc and make sure they don't look, um, dumpy. We don't want to see frumpy dumpy characters. If we wanted that we could just go look at pictures of ourselves from the 80s. That said, I hated Pedretti in You, I never saw Hill House, and expected to hate her in Bly. And I didn't. Pleasantly surprised. Is she a great actress? Possibly not but improving maybe? Maybe the 3rd season of You has potential to be better. Hope springs eternal.
  9. I've just watched the first 3 episodes, thru the first elimination. I'm trying to avoid spoilers so I haven't read all the above messages so I'm sorry if I drone on repetitively. I didn't want to watch because I really didn't like the new judges during the adult season, especially Jock Except Mel, I love Mel. I was just meh on Andy. Also the cast members I actually liked got eliminated early so I didn't even watch to the end of the season. So I turned this on because I was bored and surprise I'm loving it. The kids are all great. Such big personalities. Such cooking. So adorable. My biggest surprise is the judges. I suddenly love them. They're great with the kids and the kids obviously love them. I love that they don't talk down to the kids. Jock and Andy just act like a couple of goofs and Mel is sweet. What a great surprise! This is sooooo much better than the US version. What I hate is the eliminations. I would honestly be willing to watch a season of them cooking and goofing around with no eliminations. I don't like seeing the kids stressed out. Ben is a bit of an odd duck and I really like that. Love Ruby, she always looks frazzled. Also the girl who won the immunity with her honey dishes even though she hates honey. The tall Italian kid (Salva?) is a force to be reckoned with I think. I honestly love them all even if I don't know their names yet. Tomorrow is election day here in hell AND I'm preparing to move houses, so I'm going to binge a bunch more episodes tomorrow to distract myself from my anxiety.
  10. Approximately 5 posts in the last 12 hours. All-stars final 4 and we have literally nothing to talk about except how bored we are.
  11. I looked at the Season 20 and 21 Live Feed threads. S21 thread had about 330 pages and S20 had over 500 pages (can't remember exactly because it was more than 10 minutes ago and my brain is old). Activity on this thread dropped off precipitously after Janelle/Kaysar. So my completely scientific analysis is that YES this is the shortest LF thread ever. 🙂 ETA: Peach beat me to the details. I should remember to refresh the page before offering my $0.02
  12. I'm 500,000% sure it is because of her $parkling per$onality
  13. Here;s a third kind. About 15 years ago a man in my home town murdered his wife and kids and then killed himself. He was referred to as a "Family Annihilator". This is a gross oversimplification but basically it's (almost always) a man who kills his family to "protect" them from some future harm. Many of these families are in huge debt. The husband wants to kill himself(for the insurance money) but fears his family will fall on hard times without him so he KILLS THEM. To protect them. Other family annihilators are motivated by religion. A man fears his family has sinned or will sin in the future and thus will not be admitted to heaven so he KILLS THEM so they can all go to heaven together. Family killers often commit suicide but not always. Read about John List. That's an interesting story. Sounds like Chris was more of a Scott Petersen type but there are reports the family was in dire financial condition which I'm sure contributed to his desire to get away. The man in my old home town beat his small children to death with a baseball bat. To this day my blood runs cold if I think about it. Message to Men: Here's a good deal. Just go kill yourself first and then, after you're dead, if you really really want to kill your family you can go right ahead. How bout that.
  14. OMG! That would be a great twist and also devastating. I hope you're right. Wentworth had a transgender inmate story back in, like, season 3 with Maxine, who was portrayed by a male actor who was not transgender. A lot of people, myself included, thought he was gay but apparently he identifies as heterosexual. There was blow back for the show for hiring a straight man to play a transgender woman. I don't know if Zoe Terakes is transgender and, of course, it isn't any of my business. BUT they are at least NB and they're doing a great job and I love Reb. I'm just afraid his devotion to Lou is going to get him killed.
  15. I can actually sometimes understand, on an **intellectual** level, how an adult could get to a point where they would murder another adult. Especially family members. I mean, we can really be extremely terrible to each other. Shanann was clearly a bit of a control freak and their marriage was toxic. Chris contributed to that toxicity. He was just so dull. While conventionally attractive, he didn't seem to have much of a personality, and no interests other than working out. Did they have any actual friends (not work friends)? Of course Shanann did not deserve to be killed. She deserved to be divorced and on the lookout for another man to control and more stupid things to post to instagram.. What I cannot understand is those children. I don't even really like children and I can't comprehend how someone could kill one. Especially one who is their own. I can't imagine what kind of unhuman monster loads his babies in the car with their dead mother's body, drives them for an hour and then coldly kills them and dumps their bodies like so much trash. I try not to wish ill on people because it makes me feel bad BUT, in this case, I pray Chris Watts never gets a good night's sleep ever again and that he lives 50 more years in prison and every day is torture. Then I hope he develops ball cancer and dies alone and in agony. Or something like that. Gonna go watch season 2 of The Good Place to clean my brain.
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