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  1. That's it?! That's the story they wanted to tell us? What exactly was amazing about that? That was boring but I thought there would be a payoff. Don't bother with this one unless you like boring stories.
  2. Beth was going to have Max shoot Rio in a crowded bar? Max? While she was sitting there? There's asking your audience to suspend disbelief and then there's treating your audience like drooling idiots. Also, even if I suspend disbelief infinitely, there's NO WAY I believe Max doesn't either 1) go immediately to the police and spill everything OR 2) immediately spill everything to the next human being he sees who asks him about Lucy or even just says "hi". We're asked to believe that in the end all he wanted was the bird? So last week Stan was a paragon of virtue and now he's planning heists? Farewell Stan's character. Who even cares about Dean any more?! Or ever. IMO at least 75% of ANY home is just people's crap. Why would Rio want that stuff? Why would the guys leave the place spotless? Those floors looked like they'd been washed. So much stupid. Why am I watching? Because I'm bored and also, frankly, because I'm enjoying watching this show kill itself with its own stupid.
  3. Plus Joe wanted to open a pizza parlor at his zoo using the Expired Walmart Meat for toppings. I haven't even watched the last two episodes yet. I don't know if I can handle it.
  4. That interview is painful to watch because Spade just babbles stupidly BUT Saff comes off very well, I think. Hope he lands on his feet and even gets a boost from this.
  5. Holy Cow! I keep thinking this can't possibly get crazier and then it does! First episode Carole seemed kind of normal and nice and then BAM! Oh yeah, Carole knows. The best part? I haven't thought about the Corona Virus in 5 hours! Just started Episode 5. I'm actually going to save the last couple of episodes for a distraction tomorrow.
  6. I agree. I was looking forward to some harmless DRAMA. I just can't figure out how they could go on. Support staff were starting to quit in fear of being exposed. Apparently feeds were down for more than a day before the announcement. There will be two more episodes (I think) to wrap things up.
  7. According to twitter production on BB8 has been stopped. This terrible season is over.
  8. I don't have any problem bailing out on tv shows. I quit watching shows all the time and never look back. So why, I'm asking myself, am I still watching this dreck? They've ruined Manny. He used to be layered. And interesting. Not any more. Beth is just More Beth and there was IMO nothing likable about Beth ever so More Beth is just Too Much Beth. In the first 2 seasons there was something elusive about Annie that was almost likable. Maybe it was the way she supported Ben. And she could be funny. Again IMO. But all that is gone. Ben needs to go live with his dad and Annie needs to go away. (Also ugh to the stupid "cute" therapist for caving to her.) Ruby has always been portrayed as a good mother. A great mother even. Now, all of a sudden, she's making choices that could irreparably damage her daughter's life. And why? Still I watched. Then Lucy happened. And this week Manny threatened Max. Max is the human equivalent of a sad puppy. And I actually believed Beth would cave and give Manny the information about Max. The final straw was when they had the audacity to suggest Au Jus has birdy cancer as part of a dark (unfunny) joke. The only thing good about this episode was the final 15 seconds. EDIT: Sorry. I keep calling him Manny. Of course I mean Rio. My brain is melting.
  9. I know this show is stupid and unrealistic but I cannot understand why Dean hasn't taken the kids (and Ben and Stan and Ruby's kids and Au Jus) and run so far away with a side stop at the police station to turn Beth's gang in. I dislike Dean intensely, yet here I am on Team Dean. So confusing. Stupid show. I liked Lucy so much I want to get a bird and name it Au Jus. But I won't because I know nothing about birds. And I have a cat.
  10. The scene at the end when Beth introduced Au Jus to Dean and referred to the bird as a "rescue" made me irrationally angry. I just hate Beth now. It's easy to blame Dean but Lucy's death is really all Beth's fault. Just MHO. I feel like Christina Hendricks thought GG was going to be her Breaking Bad but it is so very much not.
  11. What just happened? That was just disturbing. Not interesting disturbing. Just ugly and unpleasant. Now I actually hate all the characters, except poor sweet Ben. And Au Jus.
  12. One question I've always had about the show is Are we meant to root for David? Or maybe Why do I have so much trouble rooting for David? He's a 30-something year old man baby with a personality many would find off putting. I get that maybe he's supposed to be a junior Moira Rose BUT Moira has worked her ass off for everything she has (she's a 9 time Daytime Emmy Award attendee after all!! CaCaw!!) Sure she's a bit crazy but she's working all the time. And Johnny Rose is working constantly. David pouts and is basically incompetent at everything until Perfect Patrick comes along and enables him. That store of his is just a fictional fairy tale. Unless he and Patrick are laundering money for the Canadian mob, that store would not produce enough income to support a day old kitten for a day. My big problem with Perfect Patrick is his introduction to the show focused way too much attention on David and took away from the real stars of the show (IMO): Moira and Johnny (of course), Stevie, Jocelyn, all the Jazzagals. Honestly I would love a season of just Moira and the Jazzagals. Especially if they're all drinking Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wines and getting unfortunate haircuts. They should have sent Patrick to Madagascar, or wherever, with Ted. Do I remember correctly that David was the first man Patrick ever *kissed*? Now they're in a perfect, conflict-free relationship and planning the perfect wedding? Where are they going to live? In the motel? In Patrick's studio apartment? I have so many questions. (I kind of wish the show would stick around for another season whence Patrick and David's marriage implodes from the unresolved issues like the wants kids/doesn't want kids one. (Also just IMO David would make a terrible parent. Nobody needs a selfish man baby for a parent.)
  13. Providence Rhode Island Buddy Cianci, spent 4 years in federal prison for racketeering. Then got out and ran again.
  14. Now that the former seafood restaurant is doing ok is there any reason why the younger daughter can't sell her 40% stake and take her kids and get the hell away from the rest of her family? I assume it depends on whatever kind of financial contracts they may have signed and I literally know nothing about financial stuff. But, damn, if not for herself she should get her kids out of there. That poor boy (I don't remember names), 20 years old, so much pressure already and trying to get clean on top of that. It felt like he was carrying around so much weight. Older sister needs help and I hope she gets it. There are obviously deep seated problems in that family that we aren't privy to and that are none of our business. What was the point of humiliating her on TV? None of that shit about her relationship with the line cook was any of our business and humiliation like that can literally kill a person who is obviously struggling. Gordon should just stick to humiliating dickwad control freak restaurant owners. There are plenty. Honestly, after seeing the condition of the kitchen I would not ever eat anything within a mile of that place ever again. I'm almost reluctant to ever eat seafood again after that.
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