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  1. Token

    S03.E13: Mayday

    There’s no need to be rude about it. You clearly have a different opinion of June than I do. Next time, please just ignore my post and move on with your life instead of being rude. Thanks.
  2. Token

    S02.E10: In My Heels

    I LOVE this show! I love the characters, I love their love for each other, I love it all! I’m sad the season is over and can’t wait for season 3.
  3. Token

    S03.E13: Mayday

    And, as usual, it’s partly June’s fault that those handmaids were left behind. If she had a plan to fake fall & use the gun the whole time, she didn’t need to run that far and get shot for real. She could have fallen much sooner and then shot the guard. Then everyone could have escaped on the plane. Once again, June’s stupidity rears it’s ugly head.
  4. Token

    S03.E13: Mayday

    WTF... this show is going to kill me. How did so many of those people stay behind when they had the chance to escape? Do none of them have any brains? You’re going to end up on the wall or in the colonies. You should have escaped when you had the chance. I can’t even. I don’t even care anymore. These people are too stupid to save anymore.
  5. Token

    S06.E10: Thin Ice

    Welcome to another season of Whoever Starves Last is the Winner! It’s like watching torture. I can’t watch this show anymore. I’ve been on the bubble for a couple of seasons now and this was it for me. I watch TV for entertainment, not to watch a bunch of desperate people starve.
  6. Token


    After many years, I started rewatching the series about a month ago. It’s like seeing an old friend. An old, dysfunctional, mystifying friend, who doesn’t make a lot of sense but is entertain as hell. Just started season 4.
  7. Token

    S06.E09: The Ice Cometh

    Poor Niki. She really did grow on me and I was rooting for her. But that ‘teddy bear’ that she made was just frightening. It looked like something you’d see a zombie child holding in some horror movie. Surprised there’s four people left going in to the last episode. Usually it’s down to two or three. Sadly, it seems like we’re at the stage again where people are being pulled for medical reasons, so I’m guessing we’ll see more of that next week.
  8. Token

    S06.E08: Out Cold

    All I wanted to do was record Jordan’s segments and broadcast them as a PSA to all these keto freaks online who espouse the wonders of the keto/carnivore diet for losing weight. It isn’t healthy. You’re literally starving yourself to death. I’m hoping some keto folks are watching this show and learn their lesson. That diet will eventually kill you.
  9. Token

    S03.E09: Heroic

    Oh good, I’m glad that the show’s creators clearly got our feedback that we really love all the brooding close-ups of June’s face. I was worried that they might stop.
  10. Token

    S06.E06: Ablaze

    Goes on a show called Alone, taps out and quits because he feels lonely. Umm, yeah.
  11. Wow... I’ve only watched this first episode so far and that was all kinds of awkward! These kids got odd looking and really snotty. Kids making out was just unnecessary. The actress playing Eleven is just bad. So much bad in the first episode of what was an awesome show up until this point. Gross.
  12. Token

    S06.E03: Up in Flames

    I feel like the winner of this season is just going to be the least stupid person.
  13. Token

    S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    Okay, I love Black Mirror, but I hated this. With a passion.
  14. Token

    S17.E14: Finale

    So, Hester's inspiration was Clueless and Buffy?
  15. Token

    S06.E02: Tainted

    There definitely seems to be two definite groups of contestants this season - intelligent people and annoying idiots. Jordan - Got ripped off with his location. I'll be interested to see what the pros are to his site, because so far it looks like one big con. Ray - Love him. One of my favourites. Nikki - Annoying. Please stop talking. Donny - That man is not long for this world. He looks much older than he really is and has already had a massive heart attack. I think he got some crappy genetics and is aging really quickly. Something that is confusing me is the medication situation. I assumed no meds were allowed, after they had that woman with MS on the show. I thought she wasn't allowed any medications, which is why she was using plants to treat the disease. There's no way Donny wasn't on any medications, with his history. Was he taking them?