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  1. I hope she had their approval before speaking medically about her grandchild.
  2. Evie Kay would have been a nice name...
  3. What are our thoughts on the psychologist? He seems a bit dodgy to me.
  4. I’m Italian and it’s the same for us- Nonna Firstname, Nonno Firstname. We also say first names for Aunty and Uncle. However, we were never allowed to refer to anyone as Mr or Mrs as it was a sign of disrespect and excluded them from the family. Everyone was an Aunty or Uncle. This tends to get some people’s back up especially if they don’t understand the cultural significance behind it.
  5. This is probably the first time in any relationship that Matt has had someone stand up to him. So he says that she gets her way. When really, it’s just not Matt’s way. I am intrigued as to how the Matt/Caryn relationship will work out because Caryn comes across as a passive-aggressive narcissist. Two peas in a pod, maybe?
  6. Is Chris just a super shy person or does anyone else get a weird vibe? I just feel that he isn’t being genuine .
  7. Wasn’t she studying education? Did she end up completing her degree?
  8. Thanks for the search suggestions. I’ll keep digging! That quote is interesting because I don’t personally identify with a gender, I have a sex. When I was pregnant I did so much research on embryos and the growth process, so I find the whole concept of early development fascinating. It also helps that I have a degree in my field of passion. Thanks again for your response. I appreciate people who look at forums when the show is in hiatus 😂
  9. I was wondering if you had the names of these studies? I have googled but can’t seem to find anything a) recent and b) that agrees with this opinion. I’m posting this publicly in case someone else is interested as well.
  10. I would be interested but they wouldn’t as it comes across a bit..icky.
  11. I do my family genealogy for fun. Lord, I would hate to be the person attempting this shit fest.
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