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  1. YES! I got confused when they had this perfect Dick Van Dyke house, but she was in Lucy dresses. Then a perfect Bewitched house, but she was full-on Laura Petrie style. Like you said, I don't mind the mashups, but I hope they explain it later and let us know it's deliberate, otherwise it just looks like they didn't really have a grasp on the shows they're imitating. If I know Marvel, that ain't the case.
  2. True, I was disappointed in the recast too. And I couldn't find any info as to why they did it. I've asked Netflix point blank (even included the original trailer) and they never answered.
  3. I don't understand why they recast everyone. It looked more genuine before, although the actor playing Dion doesn't look THAT much different, they went a whole different direction for the mom. Too bad.
  4. This is my favorite Moriarty line, and that scene was terrifying. AS was master-class delivering that line. His face transformed with so much hatred, I was holding my breath! I was riveted and couldn't look away.
  5. I'm sick to my stomach they went there. I want more Franky, not
  6. Yes he IS! I've donated and can't wait for it - looks amazing! Here's the kickstarter link for anyone who wants it:
  7. Look at this amazing deal! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00G575PM0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I love Jim Jarmusch, and felt Only Lovers Left Alive was a sweet movie about lovers throughout the centuries, their weariness with their vampiric existence, and their appreciation for safety, and true friends. It really only scare-startled me once, and that was the very end. I didn't find it pretentious, because they were pretty glum characters, who were struggling to find the beauty in the world after living for so long. They weren't high-falutin' at all, or putting on airs. They were... shabby. I loved the movie.
  9. They never said. And the Barren was dismissive of him while acknowledging Laszlo and Nadja. I'm rewatching and about halfway through and it still hasn't been made clear. Thanks for venturing an answer! Does anyone know if they've said whether or not Guillermo is a virgin? You'd think he'd be in perpetual danger if he is...
  10. Rewatching the season and I crack up at how fucking weird she is when encountering Jesk... she's all labored breathing and craning her head, baring her fangs and laughing too loudly. It's hilarious that he just eats it up, and doesn't even mind she's like two inches from his face. 😄 Do we know who sired Nandor? I don't remember him saying. He told about "When I first became a vampire..." and how his wives left him, but I don't recall him disclosing who made him a creature of the night. We know Nadja turned Laszlo, and of course Jenna.
  11. The guy who Jane cured his smallpox, what's his name - Andy Cramed? Said something to the effect when he was feeling better: "Henceforth, if ever I fall into calamity, I'll be sure to seek out Jane."
  12. It's so funny how this show has branded itself on my brain in even the smallest things... when Trixie said "I'll be good" when she went into labor and Sol ran to fetch Doc, I immediately flashed on Al's boot on her neck. I did a bit of a rewatch, but skipped around a lot, mostly avoiding the Theater Troupe, as much as I loved Langrishe.
  13. What an amazing finale to television's finest show. I loved it. Thank you to everyone involved, I feel like I've been given a huge gift.
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