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S13.E06: Ring Around the Rumor

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Kyle tries to understand Sutton's behaviour; Dorit expresses her own strong views; Erika is determined to restore her public image; Garcelle's son shares information on her divorce.

Airdate: 11/29/2023

Reminder: Real time events that have happened are spoilers until they occur in episode time.  Please continue to discuss those events in the respective housewife's thread or in the media thread.

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So Erika had no choice but to own up to her assholery…not because she’s truly sorry, it’s so she can get work so the cleaning lady can come more than once a week.

That’s what happens when you hurt your “brand,” dear. You kill your “career.” The Rolling Stones called — they want their logo back.

EDIT — Jax is a GOOD kid.

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Instead of letting Kyle and Sutton continue their "private" conversation, Crystal takes a seat and watches 😂 Too bad she didn't have some popcorn!


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First class shade by Garcelle about Dorit's robbery! Then, she's the first one to insinuate Kyle's new ring was a gift from Mo for cheating. She just doesn't care this season and I love it.  

Kyle vs Sutton is odd. Kyle's telling her straight out to basically ask if her marriage is over or if someone's cheating and she wont. She just wants to keep hinting  and hinting.  That would annoy the hell out of me, too. I don't buy Sutton's explanation.  Her anger toward Kyle is so intense.  It seems to go beyond her being mad that Kyle's not being honest.  Were missing something and I bet Kathy knows what it is. 

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Kyle’s new friendship feels kind of cringey and forced. And I would not be surprised at all to learn that the tattoo actually took only those 5 minutes that we saw, and that nothing was edited down for time. It probably took longer to prep the room than it did to do the tattoo. I thought for sure she’d get something a little better/more substantial this time! 

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1 hour ago, SweetieDarling said:

Describing Alessandra as "Very bubbly" is such an understatement

I couldn't spend more than 5 minutes around that woman. That fake energy must be the rich person version of Customer Service Voice. 

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I don’t understand the venom with Kyle and Sutton. Neither one is being a good friend to the other. Kyle is not being supportive over what Sutton is worried about. Not really understanding her problem, does she or her ex have custody of the son?  Sutton is too nosey about Kyle’s marriage. 
And what was the point in bringing in all these ex-housewives and the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, plus several other people who were pro-Kyle to this weed dinner? These ladies don’t need extra people in their dinner fights.

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Garcelle is the Queen, always and forever.  Anyone who throws deep shade at Dorit has my undying loyalty.

Morgan Wade’s speaking voice is horrible. I never heard her sing, but I’m not a big country music fan.  Also not a fan of neck tats.

Sutton’s matchmaker is sooo fake.  She and Dorit should get along famously.

Denise needs an intervention, stat.

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Denise you ok, girl? Goodness…she was wasted. 

Kyle - bitch bitch bitch. And she was swooning over the country singer friend. Hair flipping and the whole nine yards.

Cynthia sighting!

Garcelle I love you. 

Crystal - always on the fence about her but this week I liked her mostly because of her Kyle snark.

Sutton- she makes it hard because of her super awkward style but I’ll always root for her over Kyle, she has some funny zingers.

Faye - you still bore me and I don’t care about you. Shoo.

Erica - I paid zero attention to her so nothing to comment!

I want a weed dinner!

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2 hours ago, RoseAllDay said:

EDIT — Jax is a GOOD kid.

He really is. He's wise beyond his years. I felt awful for him when he mentioned knowing (at age 8) about what his father did. 

Also I loved Garcelle's digs at Dorit, especially the one about how she was robbed of her jewelry, yet still has all of it. 🤣

I'm guessing Kyle invited Faye, again, to this party for backup.

2 hours ago, RoseAllDay said:

Sutton got in a good one just now, too, and I’m here for it, LOL. “If Dorit fell in love with PK, maybe I shouldn’t be so….picky?” 

This one cracked me up too.

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2 hours ago, politichick said:

Kyle needs to join Erika at empathy class. Sutton has just told her the day they argued at her house she was worried about her ex-husband taking their son to London and saying she needed to relocate, too, and that's why she was off, for which she apologized. It all got resolved AFTER that day. OMG! What a fucking bitch!

Kyle basically told her she was acting privileged.

Right, Kyle. All of you are privileged rich women.

2 hours ago, JohnnyU said:

Is Denise blasted?

If I were around the rest of them, I'd want to be blasted too. Lol.

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3 hours ago, politichick said:

Kyle needs to join Erika at empathy class. Sutton has just told her the day they argued at her house she was worried about her ex-husband taking their son to London and saying she needed to relocate, too, and that's why she was off, for which she apologized. It all got resolved AFTER that day. OMG! What a fucking bitch!

Last week Sutton went on and on about Kyle not confiding in her but now she says this is why she was off drunk that night. 

Honestly, I had the same reaction to Sutton's excuse as when Kyle told her Dorit was robbed at gunpoint and Sutton said responded about how she had a terrible day dealing with a French importer. 

Sutton didn't move to London and neither did her child, only change was more money every month and getting/having her kid full time.  She didn't confide any of this to Kyle at the same time she was bemoaning Kyle not telling her about her marriage rumours. 

Marriages go through things, especially long marriages and sometimes they end.    I would be pissed too if my "friends"  "co-workers" whatever were grilling me about it before I was ready to talk about it.  I think that crosses the line as much as this show has any lines. 



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5 hours ago, SweetieDarling said:

Garcelle with the shade!

"The only time I noticed jewelry was after the robbery, Dorit still had hers."

I'm dead

Omg, Garcelle  with the zinger of the night!

1 hour ago, TomGirl said:

I was watching this with closed caption on, and for “love bean” the caption said “lapin.”  Which is a castrated male rabbit.  Lovely.

That's  hilarious. Mo has nothing  compared  to Morgan, Morgan loves tattoos ( she has way too many) Morgan doesn't  drink, Morgan loves working  out. Kyle sounded  like a teenage  girl with a crush.

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1 hour ago, Dr Mama said:

I believe at the time they had the conversation at Sutton's house, Sutton's ex had dropped the news about the move to London. It was only LATER that it was decided the child and Sutton would also not be moving to London.

And it was pretty ugly to me that Kyle focused on the information that Sutton would now be getting more child support as a reason why Sutton should be happier. My guess is that it would STILL be a battle with the ex to revise any custody agreements and change child support--like a huge legal battle. Very stressful.

I don't understand the comment about Kyle having no empathy for Sutton. Sutton was in a long, and contested divorce battle, and I'm sure custody battle with her ex, so she knows that an ex husband cannot force an EX WIFE (or even a wife) to move with him, or his kid because they have joint custody. She used it as an excuse, and yes, she is out of touch like when for some time she was upset about her designer not being able to travel from France (claiming that was so serious), and not having a little bit of empathy for Dorit, and her burglary. As for Dorit, the people responsible for the first burglary were arrested, charged, and convicted. 

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