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  1. I agree. She wouldn’t be supportive of a client that was striving. She would be competitive. I always think about the time she immediately had to embarrass Heather at Chase’s younger/thinner people party. Heather looked really pretty and because Whitney was feeling insecure, she loudly called out the fact that Heather was wearing support undergarments.
  2. It’s so funny how Kyle looks everyone up and down from shoes to hair when she greets them. That would make me so self-conscious, but I dress for comfort not fashion. I loved Garcelle at the resort ‘if two twin girls in dresses pop out, I’m leaving! You know they always kill the black person off first!” She doesn’t fit in with these women because she’s too good for them. Yes, she can ask some really blunt questions, but that’s what they want, right? Honesty? But Only when the honesty makes her look bad. When it puts Them on the spot, it’s called ‘throwing jabs.’ I’d love to see her
  3. I would actually Love a game or tv lounge room decorated in total Beetlejuice or Alice in Wonderland style! But Mary is such a negative, egotistical person...there’s nothing about her that says ‘whimsy.’ So, it doesn’t fit.
  4. The producers’ influence on judging seems more obvious this season. Some of their critiques were really inconsistent. Carla would say, “Dude!” Then, another judge would say the same cake was too dry & you’d see Carla nodding in agreement. Plus, the heavy handed repeating of how the one team’s story was ‘confusing’ when I thought others were much more convoluted. Just seemed the winners were pre-chosen, and the critiques edited to match.
  5. Meredith’s mama bear ferocity is making me like her more. Heather has a weird combination of severe insecurity combined with these moments of thinking she’s the shit. Hard to explain. I couldn’t be friends with her because she seems fake, like she’s taking notes or something. Jennies kids are cute, but a little goes along with with reality tv children. Jen Shah? Ugh. She cycles through all her tricks in a row. Act Confused. Deny. Yell. Cry. Pout. Apologize. Then immediately do the wrong thing again. “What did I do!? Did I re-tweet funny comments? Yes, so what?
  6. Skin lesions girl seemed to have a mild Tourette’s. She was doing some facial ticks.
  7. Always a possibility when it comes to reality tv! The 'I'm good enough. I'm smart enough, and Doggone it people like me!' stuff always makes me cringe, but that park was gorgeous. Too bad about the bugs.
  8. Todd seemed coked up. So, Whitney was supposed to do a dance class for the retreat? But instead just had a twerk-off? I liked seeing all the ladies having fun. Of course, some asshole had to degrade them because they dared to laugh and move their bodies outside, instead of hiding in their homes like fat haters want them to do. Being fat in this world is not for the weak.
  9. Jennie basically telling the world she thinks her husband’s face is ugly. Whitney admitting she’s done giving oral for money.
  10. Kind of a snoozer, but also watching for both of the Jen and Mary’s well-deserved downfalls. I forgot how much Meredith’s way of speaking annoyed me. She’s like a ventriloquist’s dummy. Her head movements are delayed and odd.
  11. I’d be shocked if Ashley only weighed 225. When she was in the kitchen with Whitney, I thought they looked close in weight. Unless she’s really, really short.
  12. “That’s not a threat-it’s a Promise!” Is So sixth grade🤣 and everyone knows it’s the same damn thing. I wish, when Erika said “you want to get sued?!” Sutton would’ve replied “Go ahead and sue me. I have lawyers too, and mine don’t steal from me!”
  13. After seeing Sonja’s segment, I’m convinced these college students are actually working as her short term ‘caretakers’ and just allowing her to call them ‘interns’ in an effort to save Some of her dignity. She’s so gross.
  14. So agree! When this show first came on, I thought it would be a good showcase for how obese women still have the right to live their lives in public, have fun, and how difficult that is when society hates your mere existence. Instead, it turned into Whitney demonstrating every cliche attached to obese women to be true (in her case, but when it’s out for the word to see, it’s assumed ALL fat woman are this way.) So, it’d be fun to see fat women just being themselves, having laughs and talking about their lives. But I suspect they’ll just be used as an audience for Whitney’s endless whining
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