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  1. In one of Ericka's talking heads, she said something to the effect of, "you don't know everything about everybody...it's the truth". A reference to Tom to defend herself?
  2. Crystal was talking about how she does everything, and then they show Lucy...lol.
  3. I hope the contestants know that American Idol is about who can sell the most albums (producers influenced) and a popularity contest (voter influenced). It's not a singing contest; the best singers aren't necessarily left standing at the end.
  4. At least it wasn't an animal print, like she ALWAYS wears. Sutton's dress really was pretty; only great outfit at the party. Kathy has weird teeth, top front ones are very prominent. Dorit's boobs look so severe the way they suddenly protrude from her chest. And, she tries WAY too hard with the fashion. How small do these women want their noses? Geez. Mauricio is still stoned it appears. I don't like Kyle's attitude now that she thinks she's the queen. I don't like her house either. Rinna is still awful. Wish she'd go away. I agree Sutton looks
  5. Wonder if Finneas will be interested in Casey, he seemed pretty impressed with her. I could see him writing songs for her. I go back and watch Alejandro's audition tape once in a while. Miss him.
  6. Lionel totally talked that song, he didn't sing it. I was disappointed. Maybe Luke had COVID for awhile before last week, making it okay to return last night. Do we know when he was diagnosed?
  7. Hunter's voice was like fingernails on a chalkboard last night. And yes, the crying went on far too long. Glad Madison went, glad Beane went. I like Ava's voice, she may try to be Taylor Swift but she doesn't have the same voice at all. Caleb, again, no personality. Disappointed in Chayce, but sure nice to look at. It was nice seeing Grahamm that was funny! I sure liked him, fun guy with a nice voice. Hope to see him again. Casey for the win.
  8. Wished Graham had made it. I could listen to him all of the time. Really disappointed. Madison has to be older than we think. Not a fan of Caleb. I know he's young, but show some personality! You're gonna need it if your career progresses. Katy probably didn't like Paula getting the attention. Or, maybe she's matured since becoming a mother. The last show before this wasn't live, and maybe it was taped a while ago and the rest of them hadn't been around him between that show and this one. Just a thought.
  9. Celebrities aren't like the rest of us, they get to do all sorts of things we can't.
  10. He is so deserving, I feel so bad for him each time. The last season of BCS is scheduled for 2022 (!!), maybe he'll get one for that. Thing is, so much time goes by between seasons, people lose interest or forget.
  11. I am so sick of the back stories, I don't care. Just sing well. They could show so many more people if they'd stop that and have the judges stop trying so hard to be funny. Crying guy was awful. Latin guy, come on. I'm not seeing much at all so far.
  12. Three episodes was WAY too much; they drag these Datelines out sooo much. I wonder not only about an autopsy not being performed on Frances, but also why Tom didn't run out of the room when she flatlined, yelling for someone to help. Isn't that what a normal person would do?
  13. Navy dad was a prick. Claudia shouldn't have gone through. I understand Katy is going for crazy outfits, but please find some that also flatter.
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