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  1. politichick

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    I don't think people should slam her for her weight, but Emily is not petite by any stretch of the imagination, plus she's quite tall, isn't she? Trashy Tamra is petite.
  2. politichick

    S06.E10: It's All About the Money, Honey

    Yeah, I'm getting sick of this Josh/Liza/Charles triangle. I think she's still a tiny bit infatuated with him because they've remained close friends and he makes her feel younger (pun intended), but playing someone in her 20s for so long is starting to go to her head and it's annoying. I really, really, really hope that she doesn't jeopardize her relationship with Charles because even if he weren't in the picture, she and Josh would never last because in the end, he is too young and immature and insecure for her. I hope Clare goes to California because she deserves her American tech company dream and has obviously worked hard for it. Can't wait for Diana's wedding! Also, I'm not feeling sorry for Kelsey. She does not have the maturity and confidence to run a whole company. If not for Liza, she would have flopped a long time ago.
  3. politichick

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    I think the point she was trying to make is that people shouldn't assume that because he is Indian that he is an old country/old school chauvinist pig and that what we saw on camera is not the real him. She probably gets tired of that and I can't blame her. Is he a bit snarky? Seems so. But he was also probably uncomfortable with the cameras, which amplified it and she acknowledged there were moments when he came off as douchey. Cameron's stay-at-home mom issues stem from her parents' breakup and her mother having to hustle to care and provide for two children on her own, Also, now that Palmer does more than eat, poop and sleep, she's more interesting. It is unlikely that Cameron babysat as a teen, so this is probably her very first real experience with a baby and the big change plus hormones must be pretty impactful. I don't get why people are bitching about Jason staying home with the baby during his vacation. She's not going to be away all week, he has access to babysitters and also probably very much welcomed this time to bond with his child since he does have to work so many hours, some of them at odd hours.
  4. She was single during her bar seasons.
  5. politichick

    S14.E03: All Aboard The Rumor Train

    He got fired because he and Gina had a domestic assault scandal. I don't like Gina and rarely agree with her, but I was totally with her when she wondered why the fuck Emily ever thought Shane would like her dancing in Vegas plan. That was completely nuts. So, is this going to be gang up on Kelly season? I probably should know better, but I'm disappointed in Shannon. She needs to tone Fun Shannon down. I expect better than that from her. I wonder what her parents have to say about her participation on this show. The other day I was thinking she should move to Beverly Hills and join that cast.
  6. politichick

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    When the bloody hell is Kaylin going to cut that little boy's hair? He looks ridiculous.
  7. politichick

    S08.E12: The Weight of the World

    Sorry. Don't know how to delete the box above. I think the idea that Brandon and Theresa feel pressured by Cate and Tyler's fans to keep in touch or continue visits or that they would make any decision regarding their child based on the idiots who worship these two fools quite laughable. Not to mention B&T probably have a publicist or some such person monitor and manage their social media accounts. The scenes about Mckenzie's mother are heart wrenching. I ff through most of it. I'm sure she needs the money, but still... I'd like to think that Maci probably asked Bentley if it was okay to discuss the counseling on camera and he ok'd it and they also didn't drag it out. She probably also gave him a response to give to other students who may ask about it and in a way he's being a kind of role model because maybe some other kid will be encouraged to seek counseling for a problem or someone to help him or her work through an issue that is troubling. And maybe the kids in his school aren't allowed to watch Teen Mom OG Trash. I'm okay with Ryder going to the shelter. They probably didn't spend a whole lot of time doing it and Cheyenne just wanted to introduce her to the idea of sharing. I'm also okay with her calmly speaking to Taylor about the racist tweets or whatever she posted in the past. Regardless of her The Help tweet. this black mother of a black child needs to know that this white chick isn't harboring any ill thoughts. Someone said something about doesn't Cheyenne realize there's probably some Caucasian in her DNA, which is so besides the point because she identifies as a black woman, not a black woman with a bit of white.
  8. politichick

    S01.E13: Breaking Point

    Yeah, I thought he said he was in business for himself, too. Maybe he meant he's giving it up because it doesn't pay enough to support a family so he can look for what my mother used to call a Real Job. Also, I thought he was the one who told Drascilla to call him dad. She said something to him and he said, "Not Jihoon. Dad." And what has happened to that child? Maybe they gave her a lot of sweets in the early episodes to bribe her to behave and it had the opposite effect? I think Jenny was so overjoyed because she's really lonely. Summit is her only company and had been away for a couple of weeks and her daughter showing up was a totally unexpected, wonderful surprise. Luckily they have the other bedroom. Corey and Evelyn are painful to watch. I loved it when the friend told him the whole town is calling him a cuckold. Even if they are faking it, he should have written himself a better role because this is not a good look and he comes across as a bloody weakling! How old is he? As I recall he worked in a bar. I think he was able to save up so much money because he probably didn't have to pay rent on the compound. I don't get the quitting jobs business. Does Summit think that their money will last until the filming ends and he gets paid? If push comes to shove, Devean and Jihoon can live in his room at his parents. She's all into the shared bed and shit. But still... I think dingaling Tiffany came with a good amount of savings, if only because of Daniel, but isn't planning to blow it all on unsafe housing and also, she wants her addict husband to feel like he has to be responsible. What does Aladin really see in Laura? I think deep inside, he's having a good laugh and is using her to ultimately get to the US of A. As someone above asked, what do these May-December couples really have in common and what the bloody hell do they talk about when the woman's not whinging about their many problems and cultural differences?
  9. politichick

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    Please don't wish karma on Gizelle through the girls. That's just mean. Ashely does know how to compose a clever slam, but it's hard to not feel sorry for Katie. Does anyone know what led to this epic custody battle for her children?
  10. I think they all look horrible. Whose idea was this and why on earth would they agree?!?
  11. Also, she has a couple of older children who are 17 and 18, doesn't she? or 16 and 17.
  12. A few people have said this. Why is it that the odds of passing diminish?
  13. politichick

    S03.E03: Two Haileys And A Baptism

    Totally agree with whoever said the girl whose mother moved her away looks 25. I kept thinking the whole time that she looked way older than a high schooler should. Also, Max's father is a bad dad and an asshole, but to his credit, while sympathizing with his son, he did say, essentially, "but you did do some fucked up shit."
  14. politichick

    S03.E04: Little Lies

    I agree. That or the mother left hers behind. But also, isn't Avery supposed to immediately return to the U.S. after the wedding to begin the visa process? She is such a dolt. I cannot believe she's unaware of the travel ban and the possibility that if she really does go to live in war-torn Syria, the U.S may ban her sorry ass, too.
  15. politichick

    Darcey & Tom: No More Meester Rice Guy

    Yeah. I don't think he's unattractive, but he desperately needs to get better hair. I died when he said, "I'm not taking her to my house." She's going to run him off with her inability to talk or think about anything but romance. Also, does he want to have children? If so, he's barking up the wrong tree.