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  1. Yes, and I cannot wait. The excitement starts on Monday. Need to replenish my bourbon to help keep my nerves calm. Interesting!
  2. I thought Scheana's digs at LaLa were rather unnecessary, especially the bit about her having a price. And girl, you probably couldn't afford baby nurses even if you wanted them. Changing diapers is one of the perks of having a baby nurse. LaLa and Randall's facial expressions when they heard that Brock hasn't seen his children in four years were everything. Brock is kind of gross and that hair and shiny suit need to go. Also his attitude toward Scheanna's mum is rude. She is not your employee. Does he even have a job? Google tells me he owned two gyms that closed due to covid lockdown an
  3. I know, right?!? The children were fascinated and, like, can you believe this crazy cookie lady?
  4. I think she pause/stuttered because she realized she was about to incriminate herself. It sounded like she was going to say, "I asked him why am I..." probably being implicated in the lawsuits/restitution debts.
  5. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed it! I also love Garcelle and Sutton's friendship and am glad that Crystal has stopped drinking the Kool-aid. I'm still on the fence a bit with her although I do quite like how she shares her Chinese culture. I'm trying hard to not be too optimistic about the reunion, but that trailer sure is looking very exciting.
  6. I cannot believe that Imran would even consider helping with Harvey's defense. That's a far greater offense than whatever he's hiding. Looks like the super soap week is going to have us at the edge of our seats!
  7. Where are you finding the old episodes?
  8. How old exactly was this girl when she went to the sperm bank? How are they paying for that and transition, etc.? Why do I watch this show?
  9. I believe Max was referring to the past. Katie is a pain in the ass and it looks like she's going to insert herself into this new venture to create conflict. She should be grateful that the Toms are BFFs because who knows where she and her Tom would be without Sandoval. Say what you will about him, but he's got drive. Katie and Schwartz are two lazy AF lay-abouts. Like Lisa, I've always had a soft spot for James, but do recognize he can be an asshole. She is trying to bridge the divide between James and Max because they've been friends for a long time and their parents were also frie
  10. He acts like he's being deployed. That is too funny. Good question, though! Josh is seriously gross. I mean, spit cup, dude? I wonder how often that request comes up in their part of Florida. Interesting how Tyler said Josh and MacKenzie seem disconnected. She needs to cut her losses.
  11. Brilliant takedown of Erika here! https://nypost.com/2021/09/28/real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-is-the-best-show-on-tv/?_ga=2.93971220.860600605.1632767208-2.12591986.472674835.1558387938-2.11472753.472674835.1558387938-2020780169.1533328547
  12. I missed the Norris special. Where can it be viewed? Max is awfully obnoxious and I cannot believe David. I thought he was smarter than that. Why does he think Daniel would want to spend time tutoring a boy who doesn't give a fig about school? Plus, he's not tutoring Summer, just helping her with her Oxford app. Shona is the voice of reason here. Grace has not changed at all, in the end, it seems. What a pill! Not sad to have not seen much of Michael, though. The actor is awful with his heavy breathing in frustration thing and constant exasperation. Like the rest of the family, thoug
  13. So, when did Amber take the SATs? She is full of it. And Tyler wants to hallucinate his way to good mental health? Weird.
  14. But didn't he own rental property? Plus, he actually had a job in a hospital and could always go back to work. Amber's the one who will be in a shitload of trouble when the gravy train runs out.
  15. During my morning Corrie spoilers check this morning I saw that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the set! This tickled me to bits because I work for a member of Congress and know her. She's super sweet.
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