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  1. Plus, who wouldn't want to go on that SK tequila trip? That was fabulous!!
  2. politichick

    S06.E10: Rocky Mountain High Part 1

    Totally agree about Whitney. He is a gentleman and is not going to discuss his sexual conquests on television, especially those with someone in their group. And a 4-hour bus ride would not appeal to me, either. As someone else said, Craig is jealous of Whitney and Shep. He cracked me up when he was trying to characterize Whitney as a spoiled rotten Richie Rich. Whitney actually does some work unlike Craig who is incapable of rising before 1 p.m. and had to call whoever that was about his luggage like his house is all that big. What a tool. Craig and Austen need to stop gossiping about it and get their own lives together. I have never cared for Austen and Craig needs mental health treatment. Also, when Craig said he couldn't go to the weed shop because he's "an attorney"? I almost choked on my wine. Who the fuck does he think he's kidding?
  3. politichick

    Jersey Shore

    He is in the same prison that Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, is in. While far from an ideal situation, his most major complaint is probably the food.
  4. politichick

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    Gizelle and Robyn were probably in Jack and Jill as children, whereas Karen and Charisse had their kids in Jack and Jill.
  5. politichick

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Thank goodness I DVDd this and could fast forward through the commercials, but this reunion sucked. I wanted to vomit when they anointed Kyle Queen Bee. Goodbye Kyle. You are no LVP and never will be. Bravo needs to boot them all and start from scratch.
  6. politichick

    S01.E08: Chickening Out

    And a bloody haircut!
  7. politichick

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I totally agree. Also, for the parties and charitable events, they aren't required to remain seated for 90 minutes having their eardrums tortured. Ramona actually said, "we don't want to watch you work."
  8. politichick

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    The bottom line is that he invested his nice cushion in real estate and is collecting rents. He's also reportedly very frugal.
  9. politichick

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    Yes, Gizelle is messy--that's kind of her job on this show--but at least she apologized to Ashley. Candace is the most hardheaded person in the world. When Monique was trying to give her advice during her visit to the house, she said "I disagree" before the woman could even complete the sentence. She doesn't think Monique should be kind to Ashley in any way because of the animosity between the two last season. She cannot tell the difference between sharing an opinion and being judgmental. She cannot fathom why it's inappropriate for her to be in Ashley's baby-making business. I would feel sorry for Chris but he had to know what he was getting into with this silly little cow. I really, really, really do not like her. I like Monique's shorter hair and that swinging bassinet was the bomb. Wonder what she said last night when she heard Candace calling her "hood." Robyn cracked me up when she suggested Gizelle doesn't know what she's getting into. As with all projects of this type, there will be some unanticipated bumps, but if she thinks Gizelle is going to a bumbling hot mess like she has been with that tiny townhouse, she's got another think coming. Plus she's probably not doing it on the cheap as I suspect Robyn is. And when is she going to get rid of that round the way girl hairstyle? Not sure what is going on with Katie but she's involved in a custody battle royale, which surely isn't helped by her looking like a loon. That wig was crazy! Not even going to get into the Ashley and Michael business. So glad that this show is out of "other candid shows" purgatory.
  10. politichick

    Gary: The original Belden Lineman

    She did not call him a county police officer, just police officer. Kristina is sweet and a great mom, but not the brightest bulb, so it's probably all the same to her. In the photo he is not in a uniform like the officer next to him. And did anyone seriously think that Gary had actually gone through the police academy? Really?
  11. politichick

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    She really is a cow.
  12. politichick

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Or perhaps drinking some deliciously cold rose! This was most excellent.
  13. I hope she didn't marry him. I read the article and it appears she had the baby here in the U.S. while he and his mother observed the birth on a video call. Crikey!
  14. politichick

    S08.E06: Momcation

    Yeah, I felt kind of bad for Maci and Cheyenne, too. With all the talk about mental health issues, meds, anxiety attacks, etc., that trip was a complete downer. And I'm not criticizing Cate or Amber for being open about their issues, but they seem to kind of revel in it and are just two lumpy sad sacks. I wonder if Nova was having a bad day or every day no one wants to be friends with her.
  15. politichick

    S04.E09: Days of Our Knives

    Oh, I LOVE the nights out with the fellas on Married to Medicine and Love & Hip Hop, too, when I catch up on the latter show's episodes. The men on this show are barely acquainted, so we can't expect any of that kind of fun. I get what people said in response to my "One of Gizelle's good friends is gay," comment, but I still do not believe that any of these women are at all homophobic, with perhaps the exception of Candace because she's a shady fucking bitch who learned goodness knows what from her crazy mum. They are some messy, gossipy bitches, though.