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  1. I know a lot of people don't like Bethenny, but I think that if she were still on the show she would have shut Dorinda down and ask her what the fuck is wrong with you? Get help!
  2. Yeah, I didn't think that the daughter's post was cool at all and also was kind of disrespectful. As I've said before, no wonder Harry Hamlin loves to go camping. Lisa is annoying AF and a really bad friend and human being.
  3. How religious could she be if she gave up her V-card to a stranger while on vacation? There may not have been many men who wanted her for a variety of reasons.
  4. Stassi and Kristen aren't the only ones who got fired. Two men were let go for offensive tweets--racist and/or homophobic.
  5. I felt like she was saying those things didn't work out and/or fell by the wayside and she doesn't want to screw up this opportunity because she doesn't have a lot of time yet. And I think she was joking with the yacht comment. Agree with poster above that Luann did look better than Leah during the bikini walk.
  6. Dorinda is exhausting. First of all, Leah and Sonja were at that table first and I don't think they should have had to stop what they were doing because there is probably another lovely spot or a few where the ladies could have enjoyed their breakfast outdoors. They were online, not making any noise. Then at lunch, she's a raging not even drunk hypocrite with that call from Hannah. Even if she wanted everyone to hear the news of her library job, she then switched the conversation to some crap about her going to the apartment for a jacket, on fucking speakerphone. Clearly she "forgot" about the fit she had over Leah and Sonja working. God, that woman is vile. I think Ramona got so upset because she's been friends with Dorinda for a very long time and so she's rightly upset by this behavior. All of us are upset, so I can't imagine how she must feel. The crocodile tears are a bit on the dramatic side, but i can imagine how frustrated she must be with someone she actually cares about. And I don't think that she's jealous of Leah. What is there to be jealous of? She's a single mum, raising her daughter in that small apartment, doesn't have nearly as much money, has serious mental health issues, behaves bizarrely in public, can't keep a man, has a troubled relationship with her mum, etc. Yeah, it would be nice to have a banging body, but she's clearly not trying to get one. Luann has a better body than Leah. The night out without Dorinda looked fun and I'm glad they were able to have a Dorinda-anger-free evening.
  7. They still get kicked off of shows like the idiots at Vanderpump Rules.
  8. Believe me, boys and girls, Luann's French is not good. She sounds more like a Canadian than the Parisienne she imagines herself to be, She's got that banging bod, though. I'd trade my quite good accent (that makes me sound more fluent than I actually am) for that. Interesting post about Dorinda being in the throes of alcohol addiction. That is probably very true. Sonya should have invited her on the spa cleanse because she looks and sounds great. Hopefully she'll stay that way. I hope they'll address Dorinda's anger and aggressiveness and denial syndrome at the reunion. Leah is a pill and I hope she gets swallowed after this season because she's petulant and annoying AF.
  9. Are vile Candiace's days on the show numbered? https://pagesix.com/2020/08/13/rhop-star-candiace-dillard-apologizes-for-past-homophobic-tweets/ A girl can hope!
  10. Maybe there's a way to get rid of vile Candiace after all: https://pagesix.com/2020/08/13/rhop-star-candiace-dillard-apologizes-for-past-homophobic-tweets/
  11. I love all of those foods you mentioned and have cooked some of them.
  12. So glad that Tim and Veronica were back. Never go away!
  13. I'm tempted after the promo on Pillow Talk, mostly because there's so little else new to watch on the networks.
  14. I watched the episode a second time and I am not feeling the new person. Also, if you are going to brag about being a professor at a prestigious university, then pronounce the word library correctly. Second, that bio page they showed with her in the red dress read John Hopkins University instead of Johns. Who created that? I also hate it when the women on these franchises say, "Me and X have to talk" instead of "X and I have to talk." Leah on the NY show does that about 10 times each episode and it drives me mad. I wonder if Candace knows how much so many people watching this show do not like her and think that she's an awful human being? Karen's current house and the one before that looks like a house staged for the market and so unlived in. Why does she set the dining table for 10 or whatever when it seems no one's coming to dinner?
  15. Happy for Hannah. Hope the baby is healthy and she and the father and baby live happily ever after.
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