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  1. I think she wanted to say something to her personally before Cierra saw it on television, just as a courtesy. And Cierra handled it very well, I think. Jenna blows and I hope she and Adam get really blasted during the reunion. Especially Jenna, who is a fucking liar to boot.
  2. These are some messy, messy bitches. Britten and Mack definitely are having problems and I agree that's likely what Ivy is reacting to. This sleeping in his child's bed and the child in his is no bueno. I don't know what to think of Imani and her marriage. They seem to get along well on the phone, but who knows. I don't usually like one shoulder dresses, but loved that red number she was wearing. Her friend Lia's scalp/edges are snatched. As soon as people start seeing the damage emerge, they seriously need to put the weaves away. Jazmin's husband is totally missing in action. I wonder if he's doing a Kelsey Grammer on her, so she can establish a presence and he can hit the road, though I totally get it if he does not want to be on this shit show. I do wonder where all the money comes from, however. The one married to the little man is a ditz. If Kendra's husband is germs enough to have to wear a mask all the time, why the bloody hell was he out? Over how long of a period have they been filming, I wonder, because he's been wearing that mask for what seems like forever.
  3. Lisa is fucking vile. Usman surely could find someone better than that. He's not bad looking and seems quite nice. She's a disgusting, disrespectful bitch. His brother Fariq was quite cute.
  4. I don't get the impression that Brittany spends a lot of money on clothes. She may splash out once in a while for a special event, but isn't a shopper like Stassi or Lala.
  5. I was watching yesterday, too. Such a HUGE difference in the show now and not in a good way. I really enjoyed that season and had some good chuckles during yesterday's rewatch. LuAnne was and still is the worst. Dorinda had such nice clothes. Where did they go?
  6. The crown is too heavy and will never fit because she didn't earn it and doesn't deserve it. Rinna is too desperate to be queen and regarding everything, and frankly doesn't have enough money. She can't fake being rich like Dorit is trying and failing to do because Harry would never go along with it. I don't like her.
  7. I'm sure she told them and the ex before the show aired.
  8. I still have to watch the episode, but I did see WWHL and Ariana explained that everyone knew they were getting some things custom made and some had even met the designer. From what I saw last night, and wish it had been more, it was well worth the wait. She also said that staying in the shitty one-bedroom he once shared with Kristen helped them save some of the money they needed to buy a house. I really want to see them succeed. They are hard workers and entrepreneurial and have interests other than getting drunk or high all of the time. As someone else here noted, both Ariana and Tom and James and Raquel seemed really happy together, and they all looked good. I really adore James. Raquel, not so much, but she is tolerable when she's not acting like a dummy. Another person commented on how much easier Stassi is on Jax than Kristen. I'm thinking that may be because she expects less of Jax.
  9. I tend to agree. She has always struck me as rather rough around the edges, especially the way she speaks.
  10. I agree. Plus she's a NYC kid and probably lots of her friends have their own pages, She is very cute.
  11. I don't think it was a pregnancy scare. She was telling him her period had started and she had cramps, lol.
  12. Exactly Ben has a great sense of humor and wit and can be very kind. Adam just sucks. So does Jenna.
  13. This is why I hate network tv. I really liked this show! Merde!
  14. Excellent post. At first, when Gregory chose his team, I was, like, WTF? And then I got it. He was extremely strategic, a pleasant leader, tasted everything. It was masterful. I don't want to go to Haiti like Tom, but I definitely want to explore the cuisine more, which God willing, I will be able to do if I ever get to exit my social distancing from my childhood home and return to work in WDC, where I have a Haitian colleague who frequents Haitian restaurants. Hell, I wish Gregory would open up a restaurant there as Middle Passage Eric was supposed to but is likely on hold because of the pandemic. Leeann escapes again. Her expression when Stephanie said she wanted to expedite was golden. She should have jumped for joy. I'm glad Stephanie stepped up. She was, like, no, no, no. This shit show will not continue,
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