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  1. I have Britbox, but it's not there! So weird, and bloody awful! It says there are 117 episodes, but 117 isn't showing up for me. I'm gutted, as they would say.
  2. I agree that Erika had a "don't ask, don't tell" approach, but she had to suspect something. And there may be a sad little apartment in her future. The glam squad must be gutted. During their trip, she also frequently remarked about all of the time they were spending together, acting like everything was normal pandemic life. Wondering how she'll respond to all of the dementia stuff. It doesn't just suddenly happen. And also wondering if she'll show any vulnerability. I wouldn't be surprised, though, if there is not much hidden money as her spending was obscene. Would love to hear from the son,
  3. Are any of you watching from the U.S.? This soccer thing that has changed the schedule is doing my head in. The most recent episode that aired last night still hasn't posted on my Amazon/Britbox and I'm feeling very frustrated! Any ideas as to when they'll be up?
  4. I'm just starting it now. Heather said she invited Erika to be on her podcast and the bitch arrived with glam squad and wardrobe, even though it had been made clear that it was audio, no video at all. Yikes!
  5. She was essentially saying, "Luanne essentially called me an angry black woman, can you believe it?" But when she laid out the whole scenario, Eboni quoted Luanne accurately.
  6. I hadn't watched Pillow Talk for a while. Cynthia looked enormous to me, as if she'd expanded vertically and horizontally.
  7. Scott is definitely shady AF. Not holding out much hope for that marriage. Can't believe there are just two episodes left!
  8. That is exactly what I was thinking every time someone wrote about her not being at her grandmother's side. Leah is so desperate for attention she would make it all about her and her parents, especially the mum, have little tolerance for that. I really wish she would leave this show. She is so vulgar and I am sorry that Eboni is her "friend."
  9. Mine, too. She's so bloody stubborn on all fronts, which makes everything more difficult and invites trouble. I quite like Ronnie and Jenny together. Interested to see how that pans out.
  10. This season really is boring AF, especially the Leah bits. I do think, however, that Jade will ultimately come to her senses as her business grows and the child grows older and they're both more independent. Right now, Sean is cheap child care. Ashley also might one day give up on Barr if he doesn't up his game real fast. One thing I will say for her is that Holly is so fucking adorable and she's also very articulate. Barr needs to visit Brianna's new boyfriend or wherever one goes for this and get those face tattoos removed. He looks ridiculous and thuggish. I hope they don't get married
  11. Didn't the attorney say the life sentence for Low might not apply because that went into effect after the fact when Trump became president?
  12. Agree that the older cast members are the cream of the corrie crop. Sometimes I find myself repeatedly saying "How stupid he/she is!"
  13. I think I am, too, and if intermittently renting it out allows her to keep it, good for her. it would break my heart to part with that beautiful garden. Love her kitchen and bath, too. It can't really be falling apart that much; she wouldn't be able to rent it! Her haircut is smashing. I also think the whole intern thing is a schtick that Sonya has kept going beyond its expiration date. They probably do get paid and some other perks and having fun being on TV. Some may get behind-the-scenes production experience, as well. I believe there are actual laws regarding internships now.
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