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  1. Because it cannot be said enough, Kenya sucks!
  2. I haven't been to my dentist since the pandemic but when they reopened, one of the assistants texted a photo to me and they all looked like space cadets, covered from head to toe. It was funny and comforting.
  3. Bravo aired Season 5 today and Kenya was a seriously odious person without an ounce of self-awareness--and still is. Watching the show also made me miss the old NeNe. She was a seriously fun time. It's too bad she's burned her Bravo bridge because the franchise could use some of her humorous snark.
  4. Good on her for getting rid of it--and that she was able to. Too many people continue to shoot up their faces even though they look like crap. I also think Braunwyn is totally lying about the Gina house controversy. Shannon's face might have indicated she thought it's pretty tight quarters, which it is, especially the children's room, but if she actually said the words, the producers would have shown it as they did her other hot-mess moments. Shannon is a LOT, but I still have a soft spot for her.
  5. Jen is a vicious cow. Just read that as a woman of color, she's offended by being called scary and no one said the same thing about Meredith/Lisa when she said she'd "cut a bitch." I am a woman of color and think she is very scary and goes from 0-100 in about two seconds. The other idiots can get away with saying something crazy because they're not going off the rails all the time. Why the hell am I watching this show? All of the women are unlikable. Would like to see a bit more of weird Mary, though.
  6. I know! How could Cynthia and Mike be stupid enough to think that Biden had time, weeks before the election of his life, to attend some stupid white party event with a bunch of reality tv people. Plus there's that whole security clearance thing. Bye, Riley. You're in for a shock in NYC, unless you can find some like-minded entitled brats like you to hang with. She's very, very annoying. Thinks she's being witty, but she's just rude. Glad there was very little of Ralph and his gas-lit twit of a wife. Kenya is a thirsty bird and I cannot muster up an ounce of sympathy for her because her character/personality is so vile. The Porsha/Lauren scene was good. I felt a bit sad for her re: her response to the father kissing Lauren on the forehead each morning before leaving for work. I was watching an old episode on Bravo yesterday, and OMG, how Porsha has grown!
  7. Hazel is not catholic. The family belongs to some sort of pentacostal type church as I recall, where people speak in tongues and the service goes on for hours and hours.
  8. And why, if she had it, too, did she never wear a mask around her children?
  9. I've been watching, too, and both Erika and Rinna are despicable. I really hope they get theirs in the upcoming season. Unsure whom I loathe more, but leaning toward Rinna.
  10. Wondering why Broke Chris said the BBQ joint was sold. According to the site it's open and Myron the businesses namesake just opened a branch in Miami. What was up with Robyn's hair? Were those little inky looking things crimps? I've never seen Gizelle so quiet at a reunion. That Jamal business was such a bad idea. What was she thinking? Everyone knows he's a conniving, corrupt man-whore!
  11. I could be wrong, but Tyra may be getting a scholarship for cheering, because how else would she be able to afford college without an enormous amount of debt?
  12. Getting tired of the new and improved Leah. She is waaaay too preachy now.
  13. I think he was trying to "educate" Madison, who likely rarely eats caviar, if ever. The scene inspired me to buy some caviar for Christmas. And I bought some creme fraiche but also "declasse" blinis. I'm not bothered that Patricia has pillows in her collection. They are catering to different clienteles. Austen is a n'eer do well. Wasn't someone who works with him on this beer stuff nagging him on the phone about getting it canned earlier in the season?
  14. I think Shep would have been a WAY better narrator. He's smart, has a better sense of humor and can be very witty. The girls look hideous in their reunion looks. Danni's dress is cute but she's too thin. Thanks to the person who pulled the images. I didn't want to have to sign up for yet another notification site just to see them.
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