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  1. I suspect they were more show friends than anything else and Shannon does have real friends from college and life before this show. I don't know what possessed her to join this franchise--maybe thought it would help with her marriage woes and/or develop a lucrative income stream when the marriage ultimately crashed and died. Tamra and Vicki were not the kind of girls she would have as friends if not for this show. Hopefully we'll get fun Shannon navigating dating and her emptying nest.
  2. Well, you've all said it all. Sarah did look like a slop, while Juliana was beautiful. Her dress was exquisite, the hair perfect. She can look at the photos 50 years froim now and pat herself on the back. Thank goodness she can help CeCe as she explores fashion and makeup because clearly the mother is a dud. I think both CeCe and Max are adorably precocious and it is likely they make up their own lines. The girl marrying the Russian, however, looked like a fucking ghost with that hideous grey hair and the white dress. She will look back at her wedding photos and shriek.
  3. Yeah, Jennifer was so, so, so tacky. And why the hell is she always throwing shit? What is wrong with her? I would bet my head that her husband cheats on her on the regular and the only reason he doesn't leave her tiresome ass is because of the children. Instead of worrying about how Jackie spends her money, she needs to spend some of her money to send her children to summer camp, and I'm talking 6-8 weeks overnight in Maine, so they can drop the fat and develop healthy eating skills. And hopefully better manners, too. Jennifer is so, so envious that it's pathetic. She probably also feels even more insecure because Jackie in addition to being wealthier is far more educated. I like Margaret a lot and hope she can pull together her financial situation. She's fun snarky and has a good heart. Teresa is as dim as they come, but I do credit her for being a hustler. Joe is probably given a time in advance to call so he can regularly embarrass her on screen. He really is the worst, isn't he? But I saw photos of his sad little apartment in Italy, so payback's a a motherfucker.
  4. I think Kate was, like, enough already, and I don't blame her one bit. Rhylee gets fucking carried away. I don't think she should take crap but she definitely has some anger management issues. But I definitely agree that the girls at the table sat there like cowards instead of saying something. That's why the boys hate Kate. She would have said something
  5. Everyone loves and misses Tarik and Dean but we're going to have to get over it because according to Tarik, he and his brother "ain't cool" right now. It sucks, though, because they were such fan favorites. Do we think maybe Molly actually films in her house, cause it sure looks like it. Plus, she has a young child
  6. What did you lot think about the wedding? And do you believe this love will last? I can't believe the couple didn't speak after the fight until they were at the wedding venue. That Phresher dude and his baby mama are two fucked up pieces of work. There's no wonder he can't succeed with his female artists when all he wants is to bang them and/or make them have unnecessary plastic surgery. He's disgusting. I really hope Rich will do the right thing for that young rapper girl.
  7. I really, really hope that Kate did not sleep with Tanner. Eww!
  8. I think Riley has a terrible, terrible attitude and is way too combative, like, the girl has some fucking issues. I don't expect her to be submissive, but she can be shockingly rude. She's a hard worker and is frustrated that she's not getting to do more challenging tasks, but isn't she also the one who insists on tying fishing knots that nobody else knows instead of the universal ones that can be quickly undone in a crunch moment? That said, I also think that the boys have treated her horribly and Ashton has been a really bad manager. He also totally set her up with that fishing trip and then tried to throw her under the boat with Captain Lee, which is why Kate ratted him out. If he didn't want to her to say anything, he shouldn't have opened his trap in front of her.
  9. Yeah, I totally noticed the hair when she returned the next morning and loved it. Why not? She barely has time to pin it up when she crawls out of her cabin bed each morning.
  10. Yeah, I don't like her at all. She's too trashy to me and even the character she plays on B&B seems to be trashy, too (stopped watching the soap long ago but sometimes read recaps). Get LVP Middle-Aged Mean Girl Club -- great name!
  11. Maybe David and Jennifer's husband know each other.
  12. Good point and I think that's exactly what they do. Lots of time when the wives are telling the husbands about something on the show some time has passed and I'm like, wait, you can't just be having that conversation now. Sometimes a whole day has passed. A lot of people have speculated that David doesn't really love Delores. I think maybe he just doesn't love reality TV and actively limits his exposure because he has a very serious profession and does not want his reputation besmirched by being filmed at some of these shit show events, so he limits it to family type stuff or interactions with just Delores and him (and/or Frank). Also, whatever happened to Delores's daughter? Also, I thought it was good that Margaret didn't invite Teresa to the mothers brunch. They weren't getting along at the time and even if they were, as someone else noted, she would have been whinging about how she misses her mother and made the event a total downer.
  13. #freeTeazha--love it! As I recall the one time we saw her at her own house, she has a very nice brother who is around the same age and her mother talked about how she had some challenges accepting her daughter's sexuality but wanted to work on getting there. And the girlfriend's mother is kind of shady because she so would not want her daughter to be in Teazha's shoes.
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