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  1. A baby requires a LOT of stuff; I'm guessing that was why the two suitcases.
  2. Add a hard life and poverty. I think Amy said at one time their mother worked three jobs which is why their grandma mostly raised them. Yes, 61 with money (think the Real Housewives - some are in their 60s) looks a lot different than 61 without money.
  3. When others were talking about Tammy and making "final arrangements" etc Amy looked visibly upset and absolutely heartbroken. I really felt for her because she knows it's true and she's done everything she could. During the flashbacks of Amy in her wedding dress it was really clear she's lost a good amount of weight and conversely Tammy's weight gain over the same period really showed. I started watching this show because it was something new and rather entertaining. Now I feel like I'm just witnessing Tammy's descent into the grave and it makes me feel awful.
  4. I cannot imagine how miserable Tammy must be trapped in that body and watch everyone (but mostly Amy) have a real life and not even being able to imagine that for herself. But the saddest part to me is that Tammy is so miserable she cannot see that she isn't just hurting herself but her decisions are hurting people that genuinely care about her, again mostly Amy. I wish she could appreciate how fortunate she is to have a family that loves her and cares about her as much as they do - which seems like a lot. I know Amy has a lot of faults but I'm impressed with her boundaries. Sure th
  5. It's not about the money - it's about the FAME. The Dubrows are Talent-less Famewhores.
  6. To be fair, I found this photo on some tabloid I'd never heard of so just because it says it was taken this week doesn't really mean it was. The main evidence that RHOOC Nicole isn't the Baywatch Nicole is Bravo lists her as Nicole James. Edited to add: Hmmmm, Nicole James seems to have been scrubbed from the Bravo cast on their website. Ha!
  7. Hahaha! I was just going to post "Who's Nicole?" because I can't see that she adds anything to this show except maybe a cautionary tale of too much plastic surgery. Are you sure that's the same Nicole? https://timesnewsnetwork.com/news/entertainment/nicole-eggert-runs-errands-ahead-of-her-milestone-50th-birthday/
  8. Not just that, the dress she wore swimsuit shopping was about an inch below her vagina. To be fair I really didn't watch to closely after that opening scene. The Heather Dubrow Show just isn't very entertaining to me.
  9. For the love of all that's decent, GO UP A SIZE EMILY! *I realize I make the same comment every week but she's not hearing me, lol
  10. It's not about money, it's about wanting to not be alone. Kevin doesn't always do so well when he finds himself alone. He likes to be around his family - he spent some time living in Randall and Beth's guest room as well. Edited to add @kili said it better than I did, and yes it was Randall's basement not his guestroom. 😑
  11. I think they are trying to make her look like an old grandma. On AJLT 55 is the new 85. Just ask Steve.
  12. Sure but on the other hand being in the hospital means a staff of people waiting on her so there's that.
  13. Exactly. She desperately wants to be famous but doesn't really do anything entertaining. She isn't fun and seems to only enjoy bullying the other ho-wives. The old crew may or may not have been basically decent people but they knew how to have fun and mostly always entertained me - usually just by being their ridiculous selves.
  14. Sure, but do you plaster the walls with pictures of yourself and tabloid articles like some serial killer stalker? I'm thinking the fam decided she had to limit that shit to one room. 😳 Two words: Scary Island 😁
  15. I don't know about endearing but besides his experience in Vietnam ruining his life and then the alcoholism don't forget he also lived like a hermit for about 35-40 years. At least that's what I attribute the source of his lack of social skills.
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