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  1. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week Of 2/6/2017

    Agreed, but it bothered me that they (and especially Joy) seems to credit the President for all these things instead of Paul Ryan and his squad - they are the ones that did this. I liked Sara's segment but I thought it was odd that they sent her when Paula is the former (?) sports reporter. On the other hand, that keeps with Rudeness theme this show has always held dear. Some things just don't change - like Whoopi's wardrobe. I had to laugh at Whoopi insisting Gaga's performance wasn't political. I Born This Way is practically an LBGT anthem and performing it in front of Pence was awesome. And of course Guthrie's This Land is My Land is/was originally an activist protest song. No, Gaga didn't march on the field with dancers dressed as Black Panthers but it wasn't apolitical just because Whoopi decreed it so.
  2. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week Of 1/2/2017

    That's a good point Morgalisa. If pressed I have to say I agree with more of Whoopi's opinions than not but I've been advocating her leaving for YEARS. Ditto aobut Nicolle and Paula.
  3. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week Of 1/2/2017

    Oooooooh! Did she [Whoopi] really say that? That's funny because I had the same thought when I tuned in and not only saw her in her bathrobe but Sunny missing. I lasted as long as I could, which wasn't very long. I think that's pretty easy in these days of specialized media so I understand this point. It's not easy to find conflicting opinions on the same show being discussed intelligently although they do exist. However The Spew is a panel show - there are often five different points of view and Jed seems to enjoy explaining about half of them. Luckily, I watch for entertainment/snark and not information. The most annoying thing about Jediblahblah to me isn't her opinions, but that she always has to be the first person to spew on a topic - any topic and she talks the longest - so long I generally stop listening when she starts contradicting herself. I liked her at first but geezus she's a motormouth. I seriously think she's using this gig to audition for a solo gig on cable - Faux maybe? I hear there is a BIG opening LOL. Meanwhile, where's Paula? I don't share many opinions with her either but I like her on this show. A lot.
  4. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week Of 1/2/2017

    So true GH. Still, I'm always a little stunned when she shuffles out in Crocs or the occasional bedroom slipper because the other women really make an effort and it shows.
  5. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week Of 1/2/2017

    And CROCS. Whoopi was wearing red rubber Crocs with that ratty old scarf. Geezus. She really doesn't care at all anymore.
  6. Cosmocrush

    The View in the Media

    I'm just getting caught up here and am delighted to see that CCB is a goner on the show. Yay! As far as this show going down the tubes, ol' Babs had her hands all over that; I didn't think we (the viewers) would survive The Year of Barbara by Barbara Walters. The post-Babs era looked promising with the re-boot but when they cleaned house they left one bad apple and you know the saying about bad apples. I will still continue to only watch the days Whoopi is out - which is most Fridays.
  7. Cosmocrush

    Former Hosts: PERSONAL Life After The View

    While I agree with the law regarding Sherri's surrogate child, it doesn't mean that Sal didn't have this child as a meal ticket - which I have always believed to be 100% true and the fact that he continues to publicize the situation to get more money proves it. Sherri had this child to try and keep a man that only ever wanted her money - the trashy version of women who chase professional athletes hoping to have their child as their meal ticket (with $herri as the Baller.) And while I did (and do) feel bad for Sherri, she does need to suck it up and pay up. In my opinion the kid is the only innocent in this story and is probably better off with a different mother. Meanwhile, Sal needs to get off Twitter and start paying some bills himself. Sal came across as a big loser from the start - and I always wondered if the people who Sherri surrounds herself with tried to point this out and she just wouldn't listen? Anyway, I'm married but I would really hope my friends would throw a flag down if I started dating some middle aged loser without any visible means of support.
  8. Cosmocrush

    Post-Election Fears & Anxieties

    I burst into tears just telling someone about Hillary's rally in Philadelphia, and I only caught what MSNBC showed. Yikes. Between my election anxiety and the history making possibility of electing our first woman president I am almost overwhelmed. This place is the only place I can say that without feeling crazy. Thank you all. I haven't smoked pot since college (30 years) but I'm stopping today to get something for my anxiety [I live in WA, it's legal.] Plus, I have a new bottle of good gin, some good vodka, plenty of olives and hubby is making tacos.
  9. Cosmocrush

    The View 2016 Election Night Special on Lifetime

    I just posted in the Media thread that The View election special is being repeated at least twice tonight. I'm going to set my dvr for the 1:00 am showing - might be good for a laugh. Or not. Depending.
  10. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week of 11/07/2016

    Because everything is always about Whoopi. I think Born Again Barbie was saying that no matter the result of the election today, her life will go on unfazed. Bigotry and misogyny are just big words to her. She doesn't really understand "government" so she won't even know if the U.S. Constitution is trashed. Her healthcare will not change, nor her income. No one will be deporting people at her church. Her bubble will remain intact, even if her country falls apart. However, she will have to explain to her daughter and maybe one day a granddaughter that she chose to support a demagogue over the first woman president, but that's about it.
  11. Cosmocrush

    The View in the Media

    I just saw that The View Election special is being repeated twice tonight. I'll probably set my dvr to pick up the 1:00 am (PST) show.
  12. Good point and I don't disagree, but Bill's audience probably isn't in that group - after all HBO isn't free. And really, neither is PBS or NPR. I mean it can be, but there are an awful lot of Boomers and Gen Xers supporting it. I think everyone should pay subscribe to at least their local paper if not the NYT, Washington Post, etc. That's the reporting on the issues that will affect people directly. A NYT reporter isn't going to cover your city council meeting.
  13. Cosmocrush

    Post-Election Fears & Anxieties

    Well, the Thomas Jefferson / John Adams election was pretty nasty. Jefferson hired a writer that said Adams was a hermaphrodite (false) Adams campaign spread the word that Jefferson was dead (false) and that he was sleeping with slaves (true.) And some historians say the John Quincy Adams/ Andrew Jackson was the worst. Until now of course. There is even a book dedicated to the subject : Anything for a Vote But I don't really see this election as a contest about two ideologies as much as about being qualified to hold the office and being completely unqualified.
  14. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week of 10/31/2016

    Hahahaha! What the hell was that about? Strange clip to put up today.
  15. Cosmocrush

    "The View": Week of 10/31/2016

    That's not exactly what I heard Bill say but that's another thread. Oh if only. But Whoopster is all about the money and there is no way she's going to give up such an easy paycheck as this show. Remember during the first reboot (S18) when the tabs were reporting she was fine leaving the show but insisted ABC buy out her contract? They said no, and we got The Whoopi Goldberg Show.