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  1. I still like Cynthia (just not the Bridezilla version) but after all these years I honestly never realized what a dumb dumb she is. Nice, beautiful but not so bright.
  2. When did Noelle leave school? Last I remember she was in school somewhere around Washington D.C.
  3. Exactly! Drew didn't even show up. I was impressed with Kandi's project. Nicely done.
  4. I agree but who is an anchor? I guess Shannon and maybe Kelly because they've been on the longest but I've never thought of Kelly that way.
  5. Brauney seems sex obsessed - and spends a lot of energy looking sexy and talking about her sex life but at 42 she's got a limited shelf life on the sexy looks department.* Good genes and plastic surgery can only do so much; eventually she will cross over the line to from looking sexy to looking ridiculous. In fact she seems to ride that line quite frequently now. She's headed for a big crash into reality. *I'm not saying women of a certain age can't be sexy but it's generally a different look/vibe than when you're 25-35. And of course by the time a woman has reached her 50s she has wisdom and experience and confidence that most 25 year olds don't.
  6. But it's PRADA!! (Or whatever the designer name was on the 20 year old coat offered to Sophie)
  7. OOOOOOOoooooo Can Not Wait. Gina is looking like a knockout! Gorgeous.
  8. OMG I forgot about that! Hilarious. Best editing of the episode season.
  9. I agree except I hope Sean kicks Brauny out and lets the kids stay in their home with him. She can go find a one bedroom apartment and sign her Bravo paycheck over for child support.
  10. Thanks @UsernameFatigue - I guess I missed him on the beach. And good point about the golf gossip. Still seems pretty specific to me but you're right it would be easy to disprove. I wonder if it will come up at the reunion?
  11. Last night on WWHL Andy asked Brauny about saying she would be "heartbroken" if Sean dated someone else. Brauny clarified that she would only be heartbroken "if Sean met someone else, fell in love, and wanted to start a new life" but other than that "he's free to date." WHAT THE HELL? She insists she wants to keep her marriage together (and keep her new girlfriend) but by 'keeping her marriage together' it seems pretty clear she means 'keeping Sean around to pay her bills.' She also told Andy that "ever since Kelly doxxed her house" the paparazzi camp outside her house and followed her and Sean to a sex shop last Sunday where they "got some nice things". Good Grief. Those poor kids.
  12. If that was a lie , it seems pretty specific. Repeating gossip doesn't mean it's not true. Was John the only husband/boyfriend who didn't show up at the beach?
  13. WTF with the electrical/duct tape spanx? Maybe it was an attempt at getting a laugh but I though it was just weird and stupid. Elizabeth dialing up Vince Neil was hilarious. I can't imagine why he'd change his number. 🤪 Even better was Gina asking, "Who is Vince Neil" Hahahaha Kelly hounding Brauny about her sex life was so rude. Just Kelly being Kelly I guess. That party set up looked so nice it made me realize I haven't been to a real party or had one (I'm not counting the socially distant, bring your own food get together I attended at a park last summer) for almost a year. 😭 The lighting at sunset made them all look really good.
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