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  1. Well she apparently ran up over 100K on the Amex in the month before she left and according to Rinna she refuses to say how she afforded her move, her rent, her car, etc. which either means she has a new source of financial support (man) which makes the most sense or she started stockpiling money for the day she left. Now I'm wondering if maybe Tom was starting to show signs of dementia a few years ago and she decided to start stockpiling her own nest egg for the day everything came crashing down. She never mentioned Tom's condition because it allowed her to continue her outrageous spe
  2. She just didn't call the paparazzi to snap pictures before now. Because someone called them; I can't imagine paparazzi hanging out in the TJ Maxx parking lot to get celebrity pics, lol.
  3. Sutton stepped up to the same small table. Erica said, "IT's beautiful, right?" about the party/house. Hahahaha! I noticed that.
  4. Ha! I thought the same thing! I'd say she must really hate doing dishes except I'm sure she hasn't done dishes in a very long time. The best thing about Dorit's wedding party is I thought it was a good excuse to walk around in a wedding dress you love without having to you know, have a wedding.
  5. $35K for a wedding dress? Wow. Poor PK is such a slob but he totally makes me laugh this season. Wears a hoodie to dinner, orders tarter for the salmon (is Kyle the "friend" Kathy told us always serves salmon?) and then cracks everyone up with his brain surgery jokes. I cracked up when Crystal's husband ordered a martini PK (in his wine stained dinner jacket) just volunteered that he isn't allowed to drink martinis until after he eats because he starts talking utter shit. Ha! Then Harry asks him, "Why did you leave real estate?" PK says, "Because I went broke." Or w
  6. Or maybe not that deep. Being called a liar or even thinking she's being called a liar triggers her because she IS a liar. About things big and small. Either her marriage was a nightmare and she lied to everyone how great Tom was or it was good and she's lying now. Did she know the extent of Tom's crimes? I doubt it but who knows? But even if she was completely innocent in all that mess, I think she's still shown herself to be an odious, disgusting person in so many ways over the years; not the least of which is cutting and running when the money is gone.
  7. Or goes over to their house like she did to Garcelle this episode to let us know that she gave Garcelle some of Harry's sauce and that Garcelle did not thank her enough for it.
  8. Okay, I'll buy it because now I remember Dorit telling us that while she was born and raised in Connecticut her parents were not Americans. And that she speaks multiple languages. But your point about her being consistent is a good one as well.
  9. Ha! I thought the same thing. I grew up in the 70s suburbs with a working mother before take out. There is a whole lot of stuff I didn't grow up eating and most of the stuff we did eat I do not eat now, lol. I think Rinna just truly doesn't eat; only the bare minimum to stay alive. I'm thinking of Yolanda's model diet of one almond.
  10. Yes, I found out when I looked up her picture. That's why I called her an ex Bravo player.
  11. I never saw RHOM but I do remember her from Flipping Out. Anyway, isn't she just another ex Bravo player coming out with opinions trying to get some of Ericka's spotlight? Kathryn and now Lea getting into the Fray. I wonder who's next?
  12. Hahaha! But since Sutton had one you know Kyle had to have one! That's her shopping M.O. - copy everyone else. You know she is probably already driving a car like Sutton's too.
  13. Sure, I guess. But honestly if someone that hadn't treated me that great recently came over unannounced to bring me sauce that I didn't ask for, I'm not sure I would do much more than say thank you. And if she then made another special trip to my house to let me know I should have thanked her more than I did (this time on camera) I would have reacted just like Garcelle did - only maybe with more eyeroll.
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