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  1. Pegged it! 💁🏻‍♀️ Fucking mean girl wanna be popular girl.. How do you condone a grown woman threatening another grown woman at the dinner table. Acting like it ain’t no thing for someone to be so damn vicious at the dinner table. Please!! 🙄
  2. I really like Katie but man she aggravates me. This is the second time where she treats coming on shift like some easy hand off. SHE’S THE SUPERVISOR! Go do a visual walk thru and take note of what the situation is. Had she come on shift and checked around first thing she would have noticed the table not completely set that first go round and AGAIN this episode she would have spotted that some of the guests were up like 5 minutes into them looking for service. Like how are you THAT aware of how bad Lexis performance is but still don’t immediately check the status of the guest area, breakfast a
  3. Okay, it's driving me nuts and I wish I could like call into WWHL one night and share this point of view but GUYS...!! Tom's been doing shady dealings for a long time however I do believe the "3 year package" as Sutton has named it (awesome by the way) is valid. I think that after his injury/mental decline he was no longer able to manage and hide his dealings well. This caused, what was an already bursting at the seams scandal, to truly start spilling out into the mess it is now. I believe the 3 year mark is when he started to slip up and trip up due to his declining health and everything
  4. I love the deck crew because they aren't toxic and they seem A Okay with doing their jobs without an attitude. Oh what a concept! LOL. But I can't help but point out that, and I apologize for the shallowness of the point I'm about to make, notice how the "less attractive" people are nicer whereas we've had season after season of beefcake, hot guys who oddly enough have issues with being decent, non toxic human beings. I actually don't know how I feel about the dramatic contrast. To me it's giving off the vibe that the only way you can find sweet, decent men is if you abandon the superficial c
  5. I believe Scott when he say he lied about the life coach. 100%! You know why? Cause I could tell the minute he said it. Once he went into that I was like oh no dude why are you even lying and the fact that Tessa accepted it even though it was written all over her face that she didn't believe him confused the crap outta me. THEY BOTH have some really bad issues with playing games with each other when they argue. Scott walked in on her talking to her life coach and offered to come back into the room when she was done which was the appropriate thing to do. Tessa roped him in and told him to stay
  6. No, other people don’t have to coddle but other people can also leave something alone when it’s obviously not a good idea to open the dialogue. Again the show dictates that wounds be picked and Kyle saw the opportunity. Simple as that. That’s how Kyle contributed to the chaos by not leaving it alone. So what Sutton is sitting there looking uncomfortable. And? Kyle sees the opening and takes it. The rest of the women at the table aren’t paying any mind to “fuming” Sutton cause it’s not like Sutton was fidgeting overtly and sighing loudly. Kyle didn’t need to do anything in that moment but then
  7. If I know what someone is sensitive to, friend, acquaintance, co worker you name it then I don’t consider it a burden to just avoid falling into that territory. I mean I still don’t get what’s so hard. The Sutton drama has to do with a two separate things with one particular person. The conversation interruption which I admit was a very very bad look and the walk in. Both uncomfortable and rather intense. I don’t think being sensitive and cautious because there’s still an elephant in the room with Crystal and Sutton is walking on eggshells. As for other interactions with Sutton. I do
  8. I see it. Being exhausting doesn’t scare me away especially if I feel like your an overall nice person. Although Sometimes effort is a dealbreaker for some friendship so there’s that I guess.
  9. Exactly. Sutton has tried to leave it alone more than once and it has been brought up NUMEROUS times in a group setting putting Sutton on the spot. I don’t fault Sutton for not knowing the best way to shut it down because A) I think she has a right to still be upset so I don’t think she should have to be fake about being ok with it. B)EVERYONE knows she’s not the greatest when having all eyes on her. So I’m not surprised that she becomes emotional which is why I’m on to those “matter of fact” moments when a housewife (Kyle) innocently asks a question at the table.. 😒
  10. Sutton is also maneuvering around the other ladies and how they are choosing to handle it. Kathy and Kyle are getting a kick out of the Tomasina jab. The other Woman are very invested in wanting Sutton to be okay and done with (in theory cause ratings) I mean that’s a lot of pressure from multiple sources WHILE she is still trying to figure out how to be in the same space with a person who obviously doesn’t think much of her and who she isn’t a fan of either. It’s not just oh Sutton needs to leave Crystal alone. The same way Crystal isn’t required to wipe that ridiculous smirk off her face and
  11. I don’t know what that all has to do with me thinking that Sutton’s discomfort at the table was completely understandable and as for her speaking on it at the table I found it okay because she was only answering Kyle after being continuously prodded. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. I found nothing wrong with Suttons behavior at the table because Kyle was the one that was prodding her so I guess that isn't the best example to use. I also feel that, at that point, Sutton was well within her right to answer honestly about her feelings toward Crystal. Crystals doesn't seem to care that Sutton is uneasy with her Crystal shouldn't expect positive vibes coming from her anyway. Not to say that Crystal should be prepared to be yelled at but I mean hello...... The tension is still there, it hasn't been resolved and everyone knew it. It's ridiculous to think that it coul
  13. I guess, for me it's all in the way they choose to handle these dilemmas. I am one that will give as much grace as possible especially if I know that someone struggles emotionally on occasion or is sensitive to certain environments and situations. Sutton has actually made it a point to inform the woman about her tendencies and sensitivities as a forewarning AND as a way to maybe gain a bit of comfort moving into a situation. Letting the others know about her quirks and stressors may make her feel safer therefore making her more comfortable and less likely TO BE awkward or say the wrong thing.
  14. THIIIIIISSSSS!!! The bolded part really speaks to me. This a very common practice. People don't admit to it but a lot of times people justify being unkind, or inconsiderate to others who they deem are annoying or awkward. That their inability to NOT be irritating is enough of an offense to warrant mistreatment and I feel like that's what going on here. I'm not absolving Suttons missteps, and that's what they are, missteps. I don't think any of it comes from a malicious place and that should be worth something. It would definitely be worth a good amount of patience from me but I do realize
  15. Looovvveeee This! It's not like Sutton doesn't have any reason to feel uneasy when she's around Crystal. I get that Sutton has contributed to the friction but just because Sutton has mishandled parts of this feud doesn't mean that Crystal is completely innocent and that there is absolutely no reason why Sutton should dislike Crystal. I mean there's enough evidence for anyone to understand why Sutton would be uncomfortable around Crystal.
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