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  1. I realize it's early in the season, but Season 18 is bordering on Season 15 boring with an inch towards Season 13 bad. Isolating Meredith to Minnesota, ruining the most appealing relationships (Link and Amelia, Riggs and Megan off screen), completely dropping storylines after seasons of lead up (Meredith and Cormac, even if they aren't "meant to be"), working overtime to make Teddy likable again after completely trashing the character, heavy focus on these dumb ass nobody residents... Covid aside, at least last year we got to see Derek, George, Lexie and Mark. And unless Grey's is
  2. Yes, was just coming here to say the same thing. And after all of her heartbreaking miscarriages, the infidelity knock-up will be the one that conveniently sticks. 🙄
  3. No Samantha, uninspired fashion looks, the probability that Why are they doing this revival, again? Who is this for, exactly? I know it is premature to judge the series before it airs, but as a big fan of OG Sex and the City, my expectations for this are currently under the floor. Self preservation, perhaps.
  4. funnygirl

    S01:E01 1999

    For me, QUEENS has the edge because it's on network TV (and Hulu), which I have, unlike Girls5Eva exclusively on Peacock, which I don't have. 🤷‍♀️ I, too, am loving the music on QUEENS and hope it's made available. The cypher was great!
  5. The show is starting to get difficult to watch when my dislike for the lead character grows with each passing episode. I want to like Joe, I want to like the premise, but I think it'd have been more interesting if all three timelines didn't have multiple connecting factors. Ex: the kid doesn't need to exist in all three. It'd be more interesting if the timelines were actually vastly different. I'd rather be watching season 3 of Zoey's Playlist. Thanks, NBC.
  6. Color me shocked that it didn't work out with the guy who was also "in love" with two other Bachelorettes in the span of like 6 months.
  7. What's the point of breaking up with Lawrence (again!), if they're just going to end up back together at the end of the season/series? (assuming that's the case, going by the promo) The back and forth is tiresome at this point. "Prenny's Preguntas" as the name of Kelli's podcast is so good.
  8. Pretty cute that Nayte was the first out of the limo, got the first impression rose, first kiss, and ends up being F1. I do hope this connection is for real for Michelle and that her and Nayte go the distance beyond the franchise because I'm rooting for her happiness. I like Joe, and the idea of Joe because he's cute and from MN and talk about convenience. But I think he not responding to her DMs scorned Michelle enough to put a wall up with him, even if he makes it to hometowns. Do we know if Clayton makes F4? I wonder if at some point production knows that Michelle isn't go
  9. If true, I'm all about Camille's return but WHO TF wants Teddi's boring ass back? She was fired for a reason. As for Door-it… meh. We need less of the Fox Force, not more yes-(wo)men.
  10. Is this it for Addison? What's Grey's/ABC publicity going to use to promote the show without her? (lol) I loved having Addie back and I'm glad her, Jake, and Henry are still intact. Megan Hunt is irritating and her wig is terrible. Why is she still here? (answer: because she's Krista Vernoff's good friend) Jo's light hair washes out the actress' complexion. Still not feeling nor care about Jo as a single mother and OB. I feel like lately the writers have done a 180 on seasons of multiple character and story developments to service random ideas. I enjoyed the Private Practice
  11. Episode dropped a few hours early. No Alex. WTF. I did not sign up for the Bradley and Laura show. I liked that there was more Mia, though. I want to see her win, too.
  12. I don't know how anyone can believe a word that comes out of Erika's mouth. She's so full of shit. It's telling how the Fox Force assholes quickly jumped to Erika's defense during the dementia talk. The only thing these harpies have stuck to is the pact they so obviously made with each other however many seasons ago to stick together against everyone else who comes along. Was it a blood pact? Is there incriminating information on each of them that will be exposed should their agreement be fractured? I don't know, but they look fucking stupid.
  13. RHONJ Star Teresa Giudice is Engaged to Boyfriend Luis Ruelas Surely the Bravo cameras will be in attendance (and thus footing some of the bill?). I wonder if she'll get a spin-off wedding special or if it will just be featured during a regular season.
  14. I wish the writers could find something else to give story to both Richard and Miranda that doesn't involve putting these ridiculous residents front and center. I don't care about any of them or their development. They're idiots. It's a wonder how any of them even made it into med school.
  15. Even with the cheating, Amy is still > Jenny. Rockstar Joe has had multiple opportunities to tell his wife about his son, but he kept lying to her instead. It's annoying how he was hardly upset at Jenny when she told him that she had had their baby after all these years, but he gets to take advantage of Amy. Nurse Joe may be boring, but Rockstar Joe is the worst.
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