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  1. Ken thanking her goons at the end made it very clear that she, Kandi, Cynthia, Eva and probably even Yovanna linked up before the reunion with a plan to "stick together". Why do a I get the feeling that they're trying to do to Nene what Kyle, Dorito, Teddy and co did to Vanderpump on Beverly Hills and gang up to push her out?
  2. Yovanna getting a Peach before Marlo? Dumb. Nobody wants more of "that b*tch from Clark". In that case, bring Phaedra back to make things really interesting.
  3. I got all happy that Issa and Nathan were hanging out ("is that a skip-it?!" 😅)... until I saw the promo for next week. 🙄
  4. Because I can't say this enough: I love Garcelle. She is classy and she keeps it all the way real. Loved seeing her with her friends - it's a stark contrast to the hyenas on the show that HW's are contracted to be "friends" with. Kyle's warts are on full display this season. And it makes me laugh because I bet she thought that, with Vanderpump gone, she'd be the HBIC. Nope!
  5. Night Angel's biggest competition in the finale was the Turtle. Frog's a great performer with his dance moves and such, but the show is the Masked SINGER, not Masked Performer. Frog basically rapped his way through the competition. I'm glad a female won this year. 3 male winners in a row when there are equally as good if not better female performers in the bunch would be a terrible look. I'd be happy if the show goes without an audience for upcoming season 4 - should it still premiere in the Fall. Then it can be judges vote - at least it'd keep the foolery like Gronk's spoken word from getting through week after agonizing week. The audience is grating with the dumb producer-driven "dance" moves for each character, and I'd rather the camera be on the performers and judges than continuous cuts to the audience reactions.
  6. "You were in the sunken place and you wanted to pull other people down." Tanya nails Ken to a T. When Ken is miserable (all the time), she projects onto others and tries to pull them down with her. On top of being miserable, Ken is a hypocrite. Kandi says she doesn't want any part of Cookie Lady because she wasn't there, but has a lot to say about Porsha and Nene's reconciliation when she wasn't there. Okay girl. The Porsha/Tanya/Nene/Marlo vs Kandi/Cynthia/Ken/Eva divide is very clear.
  7. Yes! Thank you @Pallida for the Hatchet Face comparison. I've been trying to figure it out all season. lol Hatchet wore it better. For me, Jackie's always looked better out of drag than in drag. A nice queen, but never really stood out to me. I think this top 3 is the strongest in recent memory.
  8. I believe this was originally supposed to be the 2nd episode, saving the best for last with Vanessa Williams. With the caliber of guest judges they're able to get on the mothership, I'm surprised there weren't more recognizable celebrity contestants. But maybe that comes down to timing/commitment/$$$. Still fun tv.
  9. Eva is trying way too hard. It's almost as if she caught wind that she was nearly forgettable this season and thinks her "plum" (lol @ Nene) is in danger. It cracks me up when the ladies call Kenya "Ken", because you just know she hates it. Ken will talk in circles to dodge owning up to her missteps whenever she gets called out. I still don't understand how Cynthia and Kandi can fully ignore the stuff she does, but are so quick to point out other people's faults. Porsha came ready. I hope we get more input from Marlo because she was the surprising standout for me this season.
  10. I'm so proud of Issa and happy that her hard work paid off. (I feel like I'm her friend. lol!) Nathan is FINE fine. Kelli is a trip, I love her. "Is it a knife? Is it a wallet? This is my life!" Molly just couldn't let Issa have her day. She's so self-centered. And what the hell is Andrew apologizing for? I feel like in real life, this friendship would be done-done. But I'm sure the show will give them the opportunity to talk it out; though I don't think their friendship will ever be what it was again.
  11. A bomb at Pac North? Oh goodness... there they go recycling storylines again. Grey's did it and did it well in season 2. I know the show's been on for way too long, but I feel like Krista thinks - or is hoping - fans have forgotten what has already happened. Sigh.
  12. Those of you who watch Station 19, I appreciate you letting the rest of us know whatever little Grey's tidbits are in these remaining episodes that hint to what is/would've been going on with Grey's.
  13. Carina is a joke of a character, always has been. Since Meredith and the man-child have broken up, it's her responsibility as the sister to take care of her brother and (literally) pick him up off the ground and get him the help he needs. She knows the deal, after all, since she's experienced it with their father. But she's too busy spending all of her time at the fire station gettin' busy. But thanks for clarifying that which we already could assume! Honestly, this Deloser diagnosis and spiral is just the show runner's way to try and give him some "dark and twisty" experience because apparently that will somehow bring him more equal to Meredith. Krista said that in no uncertain terms in some recent Deloser vs McWidow(er) love triangle article at TV Line. In any case, No. Suffering from a mental illness does not make an insecure twenty-something fifth year resident, never married no children, whose fallen hard for a multitude of women in a short amount of time (Maggie, Jo, Sam Bello, Meredith) does not make him any closer to being equal to Meredith Grey, Our Lady of the Sun, married, widowed, mother of three, award winner, Chief of General, has had multiple near-death experiences, etc etc etc. Nice try, though.
  14. Kyle starts sh*t and talks sh*t, but whenever she's confronted she cries and plays the victim. Every time. And without Vanderpump to deflect to, people are starting to see Kyle for who she really is. Vile. Garcelle is the best.
  15. Vanessa is so disrespectful. Who is she to just let herself into the Garcia's home uninvited? And then call the family out because they didn't do specific things for her...And then make a mess by dumping soup on Mateo. Psycho. Noa didn't intentionally out Natalie. PDA at the table would make anyone think it was public knowledge, and she was just trying to make polite conversation. In any case, I thought it was harmless and don't hold it against her. If anything, Daniel should've given her a heads up.
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