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  1. Meanwhile, they couldn't be bothered to give ZEP an 8-episode series finale to wrap up. Assholes.
  2. I love Garcelle. From "Door-It" to not giving Rinna a pass for her bullsh*t. We'll see if Rinna keeps that same "I can't be blindly loyal" energy for Erika when that mess comes to light. Kathy Hilton just wants to be comfortable and have a good time. My kind of gal.
  3. Booo! Perhaps if NBC didn't treat the show like a slot-filler, it would've gained more traction. The suits can't expect to build an audience when they're inconsistent with scheduling and promotion. Changing from weekday to Sundays and the month-long hiatus in the middle of the season did it no favors. And while I enjoyed the E! marathon, it was on a Sunday of a long holiday-weekend, the first since things have opened back up post-Covid. Did they expect people to not go out? It's like NBC set it up to fail. Disappointed in Peacock for not taking on 8 episodes to close out the s
  4. There has not been one episode since she's joined that Leah hasn't looked into the camera (and I don't mean during the talking head interviews). And she showed her white privilege hemming and hawing over whether or not she was going to vote, because the result wouldn't really affect her either way. So who's the Karen now? YMMV with Heather, I don't mind her. But Leah is clearly threatened by her. I wish Eboni would find a better HW friend/confidant.
  5. He said some ignorant 💩 to defend Matt's choice and rationalize Rachael's behavior... Matt plays pretend that he cares about racist behavior and breaks up with her, which makes Chris look even worse... but Matt and his Confederate Queen are back together (if they ever even really broke up?) frolicking through NYC and the Hamptons. LOL Bye!
  6. Jackson didn't personally get some of the Foundation shares, he was/is just the Foundation's point person/representative in regards to Grey+Sloan. It's like him and Catherine tag team it - but since he's the future of the Catherine Fox Foundation, his mama may have passed the torch completely. Then there's Richard and the plane crash victims - Meredith (via herself and Derek), Arizona, and Callie (via Mark) who all have financial stake. We don't know what happened with Lexie's payout, but it could've been included in Grey+Sloan if it didn't go to her other sister/family. And now Tom, by way of
  7. Thank goodness for the time jump. Stupid stupid Amelia… you don't deserve Link. The idea of the hospital shares being passed around like a pack of gum is so ridiculous. Cristina should've never left them to Alex who left them to Jo who sold them to Tom… They should've just had The Fox Foundation, majority share holder, buy out Cristina and/or the other original Grey+Sloan share holders and be done with it.
  8. That was her impression of Max from the first day, not the very first second she met him. It stands to reason that she made the journal entry that very night, and we saw how Zoey and Max's relationship evolved as the day progressed and they got to know each other better.
  9. Meredith being head of the residency program means we're going to see a slew of new interns/residents pop up next season when more characters is the last thing this show needs. Meredith used to fight for surgeries, now she's going to basically transition to administration/teaching after spending an entire season bedridden. When Miranda said Richard was still "Chief of chiefs" I couldn't help but roll my eyes at the stupidity. Once upon a time there was a Chief Resident (a position held by a 5th-year resident), department heads (ex. Head of Cardio, Head of Ortho, Head of Peds), and then t
  10. Maybe if NBC didn't screw around with changing ZEP's scheduling, it would be able to build off of consistency. Starting the season on one night, then going on break for over a month, then coming back to air on Sunday nights did the show no favors this past Spring. I can only hope tptb take that into consideration when trying to decide on season 3. The show does better when it airs during the week.
  11. Aww, I missed out on Flagpole Sitta! What did they have to eat, anyway? From quick flashes, it looked like a pile of bbq.
  12. FF'd through the eating portion because puking is not entertaining to me. I'm surprised more people didn't get eliminated throughout the final. After Derrick and Jisela, I was expecting eliminations at nearly every check point. But it was nice having the group together at the finish line to celebrate. I love Yes. What a great season.
  13. Rinna is so annoying. Not entertaining in the least. And not to be trusted. Garcelle, proceed with caution! Kathy is by far the best Richards sister.
  14. Jo Wilson is not equipt to adopt a baby. Yes, she's a surgeon, and that mean she has a busy schedule. Add the fact that she's single and since she's now training to be an OB, she's going to have even less time than she would've had she stayed a general surgery attending. She also lives in a loft, one room, that she shares with two residents. The later years of Grey's Anatomy tend to do way too much with a character in a short amount of time... the pandemic was weighing Jo down so she wanted to change specialties to something more joyful (never mind the sad fact that not all babies or mam
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