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  1. funnygirl

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    I am long past having sympathy for June getting Hannah back. Her quest keeps hurting people. She should've escaped with Holly/Nichole when she had the chance, and then somehow try to fight for Hannah while safe in Canada with her husband and friends who could help. The stakes are no longer high for when she does something out of line. They aren't going to kill the protagonist, so what is this all really for anymore? June keeps getting chances and she keeps screwing up.
  2. funnygirl

    S05.E14: Chapter Ninety-Five

    I wouldn't say Rafael is an atheist, he just doesn't adhere to organized religion. Atheists don't believe a higher power even exists, where for Rafael that's more of a gray area. At least that's the impression I've gotten throughout the series.
  3. funnygirl

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media: Incident Reporting

    GA is sticking around for two more seasons because Ellen is greedy and the network needs it to help keep Station 19 afloat, thus securing a solid 2 hours of programming a week. Not because the show is peaking creatively, or any other reason of quality that should matter in storytelling.
  4. funnygirl

    Sweet Lady Jane Spoilers and Speculation

    The series finale is July 31st.
  5. funnygirl

    S05.E13: Chapter Ninety-Four

    A most joyous episode. Lots of wonderful moments. The Villanueva De La Vega Solano family FTW!
  6. funnygirl

    RPDR: In The Media

    Thanks for the breakdown!
  7. funnygirl

    RPDR: In The Media

    I think some of the Drag Race queens are in it, too, I just can't make out who's who because it goes by so fast.
  8. funnygirl

    S05.E12: Chapter Ninety-Three

    Love love loved it.
  9. funnygirl

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media: Incident Reporting

    Ellen's been dragging the show's quality and reputation down with her greed. She has more than enough money to support her children and family. If she hasn't been challenged creatively all these years then why continue to do it? GA could've went out with a satisfying ending for the majority of beloved characters and couples - including MerDer, but she chose to feed her ego instead. Despite being the show's namesake, Meredith Grey was never as much of a lead as say Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating. The show has always been an ensemble. Meredith was only as good as the people around her, which is why she used to be a much better character than she is now. And Ellen clearly wasn't a great supposed-leader all those years if she let things get so toxic. She is part of the problem.
  10. funnygirl

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    The season finale was the lowest rated episode of the series to date. 1.3 demo/5.99 million.
  11. funnygirl

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    I still don't understand how Drogon doesn't light Jon up upon finding Dany dead. Or that Grey Worm and the unsullied don't kill him on the spot when he turns himself in. Whatever.
  12. funnygirl

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    In Jane's defense, misguided though her attempt was, she thought he was going to be alone because he told her that he was going to the house alone to take some pictures for the showing. Still not the best time or place to do something like that, but it's not like she did it intentionally. And it tracks with the earlier episode when he was going to take her on a date to one of the waterfront homes they were showing and sit on the veranda and drink wine.
  13. funnygirl

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    I miss when Grey's Anatomy season finales used to be riveting. Having both Miranda and Richard vocalize that Deloser is the best/star resident doesn't make it true. His intern class disappeared and the likes of Glasses and Intern Amy Schumer are nothing to write home about. The bar is set very low. Krista and Co. wasted way too much time this season trying to make him something special. At least Teddy had a fairly normal/safe/non-tragic childbirth. Derek Shepherd is rolling in his grave with the nonsense Meredith is up to. Send those kids to Grandma Shepherd, they'd be much better off. Has the acting gotten worse? Or is it just the writing. Maybe both. April, who still lives in Seattle, would absolutely be at the hospital if Jackson were seriously hurt. That is the father of her child. But will we see her? Nope! (Sarah Drew is better off)
  14. funnygirl

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    That's because Rafael is her true love, not Michael.
  15. funnygirl

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media: Incident Reporting

    That Krista is now going to be the showrunner for Station 19 as well (what happened to Stacy?) tells me that dragging Grey's further through the mud (ratings shmatings) is to keep Station 19 afloat. Grey's Anatomy used to be a beacon that stood on it's own, now it's part of a package deal.