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  1. I never thought I'd warm up to Dorit, but here I am. 2020 is wild! I can't help but wonder if what little animosity there is between her and Kyle is Dorit's remorse/regret for the LVP situation. Bless Sutton for so succinctly calling Teddi out. Teddi didn't have to bring up Denise and Brandi's extra-curriculars, as that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. The whole thing is a setup. Don't understand Kyle being so pressed about Dorit speaking Italian to Italians in Italy... Jealous much? That wig looked terrible on Rinna.
  2. I suppose we could've seen this coming. Proper love interests for Meredith and Maggie. I see Deloser's sister is going to be a regular on Station 19. In addition to ignoring her brother's issues, what's she going to do, put fires out with her orgasms? (yes, I know she's someone's love interest over there)
  3. The whole insertion of April and giving Luke a surprise!kid was so inauthentic. The Palladinos reached big time to break up LL in such a way just so they could give Lorelai and Christopher one last ride. If this was the best they could come up with, I would've rather they let the season 5 post-party breakup stick a little longer and do Lorelai/Christopher then since the stage was already set for it. The first breakup seemed to have a much bigger impact with the town divided with the bows and such. The Palladinos jumping ship at the end of season 6 before fixing what they broke added insult to injury.
  4. My personal ranking of the final three queens based off of the AS season is: 1. Juju, 2. Cracker, 3. Shea I enjoy all three of them, but Juju stole the show for me. Fierce and funny all the way through. I liked Shea a lot more during her original season, but I felt harboring all that bitterness from losing to Sasha made Shea come off as a sore loser and it's such a turn off. I'm just glad it wasn't a joint win!
  5. Of course they are, because what people really want to be entertained by is the current crisis we're all trying to survive through. Is the pandemic going to be a part of the show until there's a vaccine/cure, or will they just do a little arc, pat themselves on the back for being topical, and then forget about it? At this point, I wouldn't put it past them to have Our Lady of the Sun coming up with a cure, because on top of randomly being able to speak Italian 15 seasons into the show, she's also a virologist!
  6. After catching up and watching both new episodes today, RHONY is so much more entertaining than RHOBH. The Apples may be chaotic especially when alcohol is involved, but at least they don't obsess over one stupid issue for an entire season. And they actually eat their food! (albeit messy) YMMV
  7. I love Zachary Levi! Hope this indeed happens.
  8. Moving Mark to Private Practice would've been great. He's in plastics, so he'd get a lot of cosmetic cases working in LA on top of any ENT and reconstruction surgeries. Plus, his connection isn't just to Addison since he went to school with Sam and Naomi as well. A bonus could've been the potential of Mark and Addison possibly ending up together, which would've been a nice full-circle. But I think once Grey's embarked on the "modern family" Callie/Arizona/Mark parental trio, that opportunity went out the window. Mark would never leave Sofia - or so tptb had said when explaining why they killed him off...🙄... Fast Forward 4 seasons when tptb had no problem having Callie/Arizona go through that OOC custody battle where they ended up having to split Sofia's time between Seattle and New York.
  9. Season 6 makes me ragey... Lorelai and Rory's rift followed by the introduction of April and ending with Lorelai in bed with Christopher. I skipped it in my rewatch and jumped right to "I'm A Kayak" in the name of self care. April was so annoying and I hated the entire idea that Luke all of a sudden had a kid he never knew about. Hated how he acted after that, hated what it did to LL's relationship. Why, ASP?! And then it felt like getting screwed when ASP/the Palladinos jumped ship at the end of the season. I was never hip as to the reason, but if it was beef with the network suits then color me unsurprised yet disappointed because I hate when egos get in the way of storytelling.
  10. Was really hoping we'd find out what happened to Latoya. Can Issa be all the way done with Lawrence now?
  11. I think 13 episodes is perfect for a show like "Zoey". I know 22 has been the standard for network series, but I think that's slowly starting to whittle away. Personally, I find shows with under 20 episodes per season far more enjoyable because that means the storytelling is more cohesive and there's less filler to pass the time. Very happy for a season 2!
  12. Does he know something we don't? Is she not going to have to serve time? (admittedly, I haven't been keeping up with her trash. I have much more respect for how Felicity Huffman handled the situation, all things considered). White privilege at its finest is Lori being rewarded for her shittiness with a television gig and (what I assume would be) a hefty paycheck. Not surprising since he already did it with Teresa Giudice. Andy's gross.
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