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  1. Erika’s responses were scripted and rehearsed to the point of being robotic. She put on a good performance, but it was definitely a performance.
  2. Kyle’s dress is not doing her boobs any favors.
  3. Apparently she’s done a lot of stage work.
  4. Maybe, but I was mesmerized by the actress, Jenny Walser. What a beautiful girl!
  5. I agree, but I can’t un-see George Costanza for one minute.
  6. I knew from the first moment when Mira walked through the door that she and Poli had broken up.
  7. I’d guess it’s more likely the latter unless there’s some other pressing reason like abuse, addiction, etc. There are so many reasons (finances, kids, fear of being alone, sheer inertia) that prevent people from making huge life changes like divorce.
  8. What a great addition to my vocabulary! Thank you!
  9. Just checked out Dorit’s wedding gown website, where the “Actress” dress is described as follows: “Our design showcases our traditional glass corset which accentuates the hourglass figure. this beautiful gown is custom made to measure, dripping in french beaded lace and a lavish decedent finish.” Gee, do you think she meant “decadent”? Or is there really a lavish DEAD PERSON finish on the dress? Sheesh!
  10. I find Becca’s air of superiority extremely irritating. She acts like such a Queen Bee. Becca, you are not all that!
  11. I thought Mira said “married.”
  12. I’m in. Pretty gut-wrenching first episode, but extremely well acted by all the characters.
  13. I thought Serena handled the conversation with Joe with great maturity. She was my favorite on Matt’s season, and still is.
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