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  1. TomGirl

    Spring Baking Championship

    I was glad to see Riccardo win. He started out the season so cocky, but after a couple of major mishaps, he was so humbled and anxious, it was almost painful to watch. He seemed truly appreciative of the judges’ kudos and the ultimate win. I was happy for him!
  2. TomGirl

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    I know right. I said the same thing when I saw PK in the coming attractions. Hilarious!!!
  3. TomGirl

    Spring Baking Championship

    It still scares me. I always make my husband open them for me!
  4. TomGirl

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    I’m not really thrilled with Hannah B as bachelorette, but I must say, that’s a pretty nice promo!
  5. TomGirl

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    And did you notice this line in the article? “Fans will be able to see the play-by-play of Jazz’s decision-making process on I am Jazz, which was recently picked up for a sixth season.”
  6. TomGirl

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    Atta girl! https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/i-am-jazz-jazz-jennings-accepted-into-ivy-league-school-harvard/
  7. I know it’s already been mentioned by many, but - just wow!
  8. I think she’s supposed to be Jill 2.0, but it’s not working!
  9. I don’t think the double dipping is about sanitation, as no one (as far as we know!) has eaten off the ladle. I think it’s just about dishing out consistent amounts. (Never mind, already been answered at least twice)
  10. No kidding! I should be so zaftig!
  11. Luann, it’s garbanzo and barley soup, not “bonzo and barley.” Sheesh!
  12. I’ll never look at eggplant the same way again.
  13. TomGirl

    Spring Baking Championship

    They usually keep the home baker around longer, giving us someone “like us” to root for, but those waffles were kinda pathetic...
  14. TomGirl

    Jazz and the Jennings Family in the Media

    Jazz’s college plans: https://people.com/tv/jazz-jennings-reveals-college-plans-harvard/
  15. I enjoyed Sonja on WWHL tonight, but the best part was when Andy Cohen mentioned that his other guest was dating a Bravo “alumnist.”