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  1. He’s Jewish, probably Russian or Eastern European.
  2. I hear Rosanne’s voice, with that funny baby talk voice she always used with little Ed and Jerry,
  3. This whole topic is giving me major deja vu! When I was in high school (a million years ago) I applied to both Cornell and Harvard. Everyone - my parents, teachers, friends - said, “Well, if you get into Harvard, of course you’ll go there, right?” I was accepted at both schools, went to visit each one, and knew immediately that I wanted to go to Cornell. But how could I? What would everyone think? How could I say no to the name, the prestige, of HARVARD?? Fortunately, I had a wonderful teacher who advised me to follow my heart and my gut, and not worry about what anyone else thought. I went to Cornell and never had a moment’s regret. Go Big Red!
  4. Ah, now it makes a lot more sense. Thanks for the info!
  5. Agreed, but at least Jackie was acknowledging that she regrets having felt that way. I had a mother like that, and the insecurity never goes away...
  6. Huh? Did you mean denomination? Or maybe you really DID mean delusion?
  7. That’s one of the greatest typos of all time!
  8. Oh, Rainsong, you never disappoint!
  9. Peter seems to be driven primarily not by who he likes, but who likes him. He seems absolutely terrified that his final pick will reject him. As soon as any of the women seem the slightest bit hesitant, undecided, or simply appropriately reserved, he immediately goes all deer-in-the-headlights. He wants every woman to virtually promise to accept him in the end, even though he, of course, makes no such promises. He seems very immature to me.
  10. I believe Natasha is still there.
  11. Me too. And I think Anthony is adorable. And Graysen. And I love Reggie. And Liam. I could go on...
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