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  1. I can’t believe Henry as the murderer. It doesn’t fit at all with what we’ve been shown of his personality, character or behavior.
  2. I just do not like Ben AT ALL!! So, he's gay? Just rumors (about Alex), I thought.
  3. Bennett reminds me a bit of Alex Michel, the very first bachelor (and also a Harvard man).
  4. That was what I thought, too, but we seem to be in the minority!
  5. I agree, and I think he’s the best actor on the show. But those eyebrows! In every scene, I’m just itching to grab a scissors and give him a trim.
  6. I love this show for so many reasons, but one of my favorite things is the opening montage where that precious little girl always puts a smile on my face. She must be quite the young lady by now!
  7. I think he’s adorable.
  8. Whoops! https://people.com/tv/new-bachelorette-contestant-peter-giannikopoulos-tests-positive-for-coronavirus/
  9. I LOVE kedgeree! One of my favorite things. I thought that filling sounded delicious.
  10. It was both sad and wonderful to see a pre-Covid New York City with all its glorious hustle and bustle. Here’s hoping it looks and feels like that again someday soon! ❤️
  11. Aaron Lazar (the reverend) has a beautiful voice!
  12. What happened to John Goodman? He looks terrible!
  13. I must really be in bake-off mode, because I read that as, “Don’t throw scones.”
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