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  1. I have never thought Dean was attractive, but tonight I thought he looked positively ugly.
  2. I guess I’m just a romantic dork, but I LOVE Demi and Kristian, and I’m glad BIP showed us a happy, loving same-sex couple. Whether they last a lifetime or not is beside the point for me.
  3. “We’re listening.” Shades of Frasier Crane!
  4. So glad to hear that Nicholas Britell won the Emmy for best TV show theme music. The scoring of this show adds so much to the quirkinesses and dark mood of the show. The music for tonight’s end credits was especially good.
  5. That was truly atrocious, wasn’t it??
  6. And she looks fantastic!
  7. I’m so bummed that tonight’s show is the last of the season. I’ve really enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and I think all the actors have done a great job!
  8. Funny how Nicole can’t tell that Clay just isn’t that into her when it’s been perfectly obvious to the rest of us all along.
  9. I totally agree. I found her very believable.
  10. Demi was jealous because Kristian was touchy feely and flirtatious with the other women, not the men.
  11. I am clearly in the minority, but I do not find Dean attractive AT ALL!
  12. Unless his will leaves his assets to Gigi in trust for her lifetime and then it passes on to his kids. That’s what most wealthy people do when they have kids from a prior marriage.
  13. Andrea dreamt that she walked into the Peach Pit, was rudely snubbed by Brenda, Kelly and Donna, and went after them with a chainsaw.
  14. Meh. I had been loving this show until tonight, but this episode didn’t work for me. I was really looking forward to seeing Shannen, but I don’t like what they’re doing with her character at all. I’m also not finding Christine Elise likable or attractive in any way, and the Gabby/Christine relationship seems totally forced. I repeat: Meh.
  15. Seinfeld reference for me: “Hello........ DEREK.”
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