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  1. I've never understood the Gaines' popularity and that commercial airing on ID & FN every ten minutes isn't helping. It sets my hair on fire every single time.
  2. This is what I have trouble getting my head around (and I'm with you-I have never understood why Tom agreed to appear on the show) - Girardi's been a powerful lawyer for decades and I was under the impression Erika's hobby was uncharacteristic of how he usually spent his cash. Why this case, why now, and was this his m.o. for years? Yeah, the spin on infidelity is much. You've had it with the husband you never spend time with bc he's a big ol' cheater and it's simply the oddest of coincidences that this happened when his butt is in a legal sling? Maybe Tom is interested in saving Erika's bacon and they agreed the divorce would be the best way to do that and maybe he's even ok with her blaming it on infidelity. Or maybe Erika is as selfish as she seems and this is her damage control. Frankly, to me Tom & Erika seemed more like strangers than Shannon & David Beador ever did. I can't imagine them cooking anything up together bc they didn't even seem to know each other.
  3. At certain points I would find myself doubting that the husband did it bc of what Madison left out of the doc. Ali started traveling right after her mother's death and Madison finished his college education - how was this financed by a pair of teenagers? Ali was moving between her mother & father's homes but Madison & Ali made it seem like they were cut off (emotionally & physically if not financially) from the father for some time. I've seen college funds weaponized after divorces, but Madison didn't really explore that or the lawsuit dad won after he was fired. Was Barbara's child support settlement awarded prior to Jeffrey getting canned? What were the details of the $3mil settlement? It seemed odd that Madison was going over papers he couldn't decipher when there seemed to be plenty of stuff available as public record. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to law enforcement and while I didn't like hearing how they addressed Madison for exploring his mother's death I don't think Madison can expect much cooperation after secretly recording them (btw they received a tip a week before the FOIA hearing? I am doubting this.) And I think we know what Madison seems to believe deep in his heart - even if his dad didn't actually kill Barbara, Madison believes Jeffrey's actions were the cause of her death. He wouldn't have secretly recorded his father over several years if he wasn't ready to completely sever that relationship for good.
  4. I go back and forth from being intrigued by Madison's general attitude to thinking he's made this series to crack his family open like a boiled peanut. I dont mean the latter in a completely negative way - many families have secrets and violent crime tends to thicken the shroud that cloaks them. My mantra of "the husband did it" just isn't completely taking bc there's SO much stuff here.
  5. So we're supposed to stop watching the episode and go pay for AMC streaming to watch Hardwick? Odd placement for TTD.
  6. Break-apart houses really come in handy during a brawl.
  7. But I'm still not clear if Huck knows this. Clearly I'm very confused for someone who's been watching this franchise for over a decade.
  8. Yeah, I have zero clue what's going on with anything.
  9. It looks like they're wrapping it all up next week and and airing the last 2 episodes back to back. For whatever reason I'm not minding his sincerity this week.
  10. OK Silas took drawings. Percy was lying to them from the start and now he's missing but whatev.
  11. Yay John Glover bc Ed's walker factory wasn't creepy enough!
  12. How is there anything left of Ed to bury?
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