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  1. Bethenny knew it all. I'm ok with anyone outing Tom & Erika, but of course Bethenny knew everything before everyone.
  2. In his documentary David said he'd never discuss the reason for the split out of respect for Yo's children. Word on the street is Yolanda has several clauses in her prenup about not disclosing information and that if she was incapacitated in some way David would owe more. Yolanda had her prenup to Mohamed declared null & void. Allegedly Yolanda claimed she was unable to care for herself and there was talk Mo cheated. I find her interesting, too. And it really bugged me when Yolanda clutched her pearls when she found out Linda might have a less-than flattering view of her ex-
  3. Oh FFS Dorit you had four women stand in dresses and called a caterer. Slow your roll.
  4. So Dorit covers for Erika bc Erika pretends Dorit is a designer? Oh look, Dorit lets Not Jagger out of her room if she can be useful to mommy's grift.
  5. Who is this Michael boyfriend who looks like he could possibly guest start on an episode of Justified?
  6. Yeah, I really hate that LVP is labelled as some kind of master manipulator when Kyle still has a Bravo contract. At least LVP provided some stories and brought us VPR and didn't have vulgar neon in her home.
  7. You literally have 25 million reasons not to believe Erika, Dorit. And FFS can Kyle make anything besides broccolini, lasagna and charred, moist-free salmon?
  8. I can't even parse this. Tom was burglarized (no coincidence - I'm sure this has NOTHING to do with the Girardis trying to hide their loot)? Erika gets 3AM phone calls (that she doesn't receive til 6)? The son who lives with them but that subject has conveniently been avoided since we found out that Tom is an addle-brained mean, cheating grifter? Tom lives in the alternate universe Pasadena where it snow all the time and cars roll over pell-mell???
  9. Oh good another person in the service industry who has to travel to other people's homes so these brats can pretend they're not getting old. Also, Kyle? Erika looks like crap in that ugly AF sweatsuit.
  10. Dorit trying like hell to pretend people like her parties with her faux Kevin Lee.
  11. They were covering a WSJ piece about FB having data & actual written reports that IG does harm to teenage girls. Mike shoot her head as they were covering the story, Willie spoke of the relevance in his home as his daughter is 14 and then Joe started SCREAMING. No illumination, no raising of relevant questions...just yelling "FACEBOOK KNEW BAD!" (or something like that). I don't think negative influences of unattainable perfection are anything new. But these folks work for a partnership of global technology and a major network that rarely hires any woman over 120 lbs. These influences
  12. This. I do think Jones was a bit overwhelmed by the manipulative attention she was receiving, and of course in the end both she and Lewinsky were in over their heads. But Jones is appearing too gullible to live and this version of Monica just does not seem accurate. I am in full agreement with what Jones' character said - this is something that Clinton did. But Monica was someone from an affluent family, had already been involved with two married men and was writing the wife of one of those men when she was in D.C. (assuring her that the husband wouldn't cheat). Yes, Monica was very young
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