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  1. I used to excuse Dorinda's outbursts (Kristen and Heather were her first targets) on grief and self-medication. Then her attacks on Sonja got really hostile, and as ludicrous as Sonja is the fact Dorinda claimed she had a dossier compiled by Richard's PI was just weird. What she's doing with Tinsley is beyond. There's zero focus to the tirades - Tinsley won't reveal herself but Tinsley is stupid and boring when she talks, Tinsley dates men for shoes but never owned anything or had to work in her life. Tinsley had a relationship that was twice as long as Dorinda's marriage but Tinsley's relarionships don't last. Dorinda seems really comfortable with the vitriol and language she uses and as @ancslove pointed out she sees nothing wrong with her actions when they're played back for review. One of my pet peeves with many HWs is their proclimation of self-earned "wealth". Maybe Tinsley didn't earn it, but she's had bank since she was born. I don't believe Megan King Edmonds or Ramona earned their first million before they got married, and I don't believe Dorinda was buying couture on an aerobics instructor salary before she married the Raythron exec and the hedge fund manager.
  2. If they still haven't finalized the divorce I'm doubting they've changed any custody terms. The courts aren't open to squabling parents' complaints right now so I'm guessing this is to needle Hoppy whilst the kid is sequestered with Bethenny. (My take may be especially pessimistic bc I am an old and 1. I don't understand declarations of love on social media unless it's about food and 2. I really don't understand putting a kid's picture on the internet.)
  3. There are an awful lot of blind items about Clooney & Gerber to imply their deals are more casting couch-based than financial. But despite that they did sell casamigos a couple of years ago. Google is telling me the pricetag was 1 billion but they may be using skinnygirl math. You know, maybe it's from being a shut-in but as I was typing the drink started to sound good (minus the beer nuts). I think Stats Queen may have the most accurate description - yummy with a question mark.
  4. Yeah, it's difficult for me to see Marty as someone to root for and Wendy is simply irredeemable to me (although Linney killed that crying jag). Both of them walked into this with eyes open and were repeatedly shown where all roads lead. And then Wendy leans in and doubles down to to leave no doubt that the family will never escape a life which she clearly relishes. The show may have spent too much time on Ben but I don't really understand the hate. It makes sense to me that the first sensitive man we see truly pursuing Ruth romantically is someone she'd fall for - Marty just had to give her a job and a little attention and she became a devotee (I understand there is more to their dynamic but it's a clearly unequal relationship and Ruth's face killed me when Marty gave her a to-do list without looking up right after she was released from the hospital). I do think Ben's journey from jail to hospital to cab ride WAS poorly done 1. bc I don't believe Ruth would have let him leave the hospital alone and 2. to me the way Helen was acting I was sure she already had a plan to off Ben in the hospital. But based on Ben's opening scene - a sense of overwhelming frustration that basic decency was foreign to a classroom of kids followed by that bipolar grandiosity that brings an inflated sense of self - we were clued in exactly how this would play out. Yet Wendy kept her brother around simply to disagree with her husband. That being said (mildly spoiler-ish for season finale)...
  5. Why are these regarded as insights and reflections? First, Bethenny may have been in the LA area in 2001 during the strike that actually pushed reality tv to the forefront, not the one in 1988 - but pretty much any actor, writer or executive was spouting this while it was happening almost 20 years ago. Second, anyone who claims to be involved in charity work and jokes about their assistants can have several seats. Third, picking up a camera? Easy. Creating great content? Not so much. There are a few chefs right now providing worthwhile videos, but our world is changing. Quit trying to market to it for a minute and trust that you don't know everything. "I WAS forced, Andy. Thank you so much." I rewatched that reunion recently and KKB's narcissistic denial still kills me. This. Bethenny ordered the drink by name then clearly explained the recipe more than once during the first season at Phillipe, where she knew the owner or had some kind of arrangement. Like, who does that unless they're marketing the item? Or am I supposed to sit at a random restaurant and order a Chicktini ('It's dry gin, prosecco and raspberry puree with crushed spiced beer nuts around the rim to bring out the juniper') and expect them to complement my invention? Slightly o/t when Denise Richards orders a casamigos on RHBH I lose my damn mind. It's obvi she has some kind of deal with them or Bravo wouldn't keep airing her repeated requests for it. If Bethenny offered the first bottled mixed drink she must have time travelled back to my high school graduation to get me drunk. That crap has been around forever. Although I hated the sg cosmo and thought the margarita was only tolerable with a hit of seltzer, I thought the brand would have more staying power in individual bottles/cans. The price point was kind of high considering one could buy a drinkable vodka or tequila for a dollar or two more. Granted I know nothing about shelf stability or packaging and I'm sure Bethenny wanted to think of sg as a sophisticated product, but it really seemed like it was a better fit for the cider-hard tea audience.
  6. My take that Saul was dying was based on the fact this was the final episode and they chose to show his last few minutes on screen moving out of his home and giving up personal items while his sister attempted to care for him, his difficulty to get up, his underplaying a heart attack to Claude (which is such a Saul thing to do). It seemed a little heavy-handed that they would show all this just to inform us Saul was going to a returement community. Don't ask me how he's Carrie the traitor's handler if he's retired bc I'm still kind of annoyed by the last 10 minutes.
  7. When I became pretty sure Carrie wasn't going to get killed towards the end, I thought they were crafting the story towards an upcoming 2 hour movie. But I don't think I want the show without Saul, and I HATE that they - by all appearances - gave him a terminal illness at the end.
  8. I think that's a generous pov towards Carrie's character- I didn't quite see it that way, possibly bc of the way the final scenes were edited. Also, bc Carrie pulled some serious bullshit on Saul and his sister. Other than that I thought the first 60 minutes were terrific - brought me back to the earlier seasons of the show.
  9. I do think Seehorn's performance in the season finale helped sell me on the fact this version of Kim was inevitable and we should have seen it coming (even if the writers weren't sure until mid-season 5). Her reaction when Jimmy challenged her ability to go lower was pretty chilling. I agree that there are clearly triggers for Kim, specifically male authority - and I think that's a great thing to explore in such a male-centric show. Kim has been devolving by following the least traditionally authoratative but most destructive guy for years. And have we ever seen that ponytail more limp? I actually liked Lalo's story this ep and am a bit fixated on the choice to close with his scene instead of Jimmy & Kim.
  10. I go back to two S1 scenes that always stuck with me throughout the series: the premiere episode (I think) when Saul rebuffs Carrie with disgust, then during The Vest when he understands her color-coded wall. They were established & respected each other enough for him to find HairflipCarrie a total wtf, while he glowed with admiration when she put the pieces together during a breakdown. While Carrie was obviously sloppy with people, she did seem to be able to direct her vision for a while. And Saul was, to me, Carrie's human credential. He believed in her so for a while I did, too. But yes, her leaving Brody has never made sense no matter how many times I watch. I think my main reason for hating this season is Fara - or more correctly Haqqani for showing up as someone we were think of as a solution and peacekeeper. It just didn't work for me at all and I didn't buy that it would work for Saul, either.
  11. I'm a bit frustrated by the mystery of Carrie's relationship with Yevgeny and if there IS anything more to reveal I wish they hadn't waited until the finale. I think the show went from being feminist to expecting both other characters and the audience to love Carrie the way the showrunners do, and I think GoT had the same problem with Emilia Clarke. They gave Danerys such glowing treatment (despite the fact all she wanted was power and had three nuclear weapons to get it) for years that the final season seemed to make no sense. I mean, Carrie's always been problematic but I haven't seen the mission-focused agent Saul talks about in years. She's just running around with her own version of Drogon giving the orders. Also, could they give Linus Roache SOMETHING to do in the finale? He used to be a character who could think. I'm glad he's employed but hate that he's been restricted to making copies.
  12. And her recipe for bucatini with spinach and lemon marscarpone is fantastic.
  13. I clicked on an episode titled 10 Things I Love About Ladd and I just could not turn away. I mean, if the PW's statements about this man are genuine that's very nice - but just building a show around it seemed off, especially when the two of them have the on-camera chemistry of Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi from RHBH. I don't know why I can watch Valerie Bertinelli make a pretty standard, not terrific recipe and not be too bothered. Maybe because he guests actually look happy to see her? Also, she's not pushing a frozen food line, bath mats and whatever else the licensing gods will allow.
  14. I believe it was 'A blonde? Good for him." But I got straight Cs in French so don't take my word.
  15. The reason I thought it might involve Lalo (or a Fring chess move or anyone else but random cartel) is bc the jeep was waiting for Saul's car, not the cousins'. I just couldn't stretch my imagination that they use the same pick-up route for every cash transfer. Idk why I get a kick out of revisiting the gas cap tracker. And yes, when Saul started talking about Kim to Mike my immediate reaction was *dude! abort!*. Mike definetely had a genuine reaction to Saul's carelessness.
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