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Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

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Thing look pretty bleak right now.  GOT is both the best and worst of shows, so before it (probably) winds up self-destructing, how about we share all the awesome moments we had over the years?

There are plenty I'd love to list, but one of my all-time favorites was the season 6 finale.  So much great stuff happened: Cersei blew up the Septon, Jon was crowned King of the North, we finally got confirmation of R+L=J, Arya killing Walder Frey, and we had a magnificent closing scene of Dany sailing off to Westeros with her armies and dragons:

*sigh* Those were the days...

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Stannis was a brother killing, child murdering asshat. But damn was he cool.

Cool guys don't even draw their swords when wildlings rush them. 

Also damn Mance Rayder was cool. "We do not kneal."

There's way too many cool guys in this scene. I can't handle it. 

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Varys one ups Tyrion in The Night Lands (S2 E2)


Tyrion: (puts his hand on the door, blocking it from being opened)
Tyrion: I don't like threats.
Varys:  Who threatened you?
Tyrion: I'm not Ned Stark. I understand the way this game is played.
Varys:  Ned Stark was a man of honor.
Tyrion: And I am not. Threaten me again and I will have you thrown into the sea.
Tyrion: (removes hand from the door)
Varys:  (blocks the door using a single finger)
Varys:  You might be disappointed in the results. The storms come and go. The big fish eat the little fish. And I keep on paddling. Come, my lord. We shouldn't keep the queen waiting.

Too bad Varys is turning into an asshat

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- Dany coming out of the fire with dragons at the end of the first season.

- Dany making a deal with the slaveowner who was insulting her because he thought she couldn’t understand his language, freeing his slaves, then killing him.

- Dany burning all the khals in the tent.

- Cersei being arrested by the High Sparrow after she'd created the monster.

- Cersei blowing up the Sept and the High Sparrow, after torturing that hypocritical nun.

- Cersei taking the throne after she’s killed everyone else and her son’s committed suicide. Just the looks on the faces of the crowd… lol I don’t even like Cersei, but it was a fun moment.

- Pretty much anything Olenna Tyrell.

- Joffrey’s death scene.

- Everything going wrong for Stannis in his final episode.

- Jon hanging the traitors who killed him.

- Jon beating the shit out of Ramsay and then Sansa feeding him to his own dogs.

I must have a vengeful personality…

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Arya and The Hound when the got needle back, a chicken dinner and a horse.

Dany emerging from the funeral pyre with 3 baby dragons.

Dany torching the Khals and emerging unburnt.

Dany buying/stealing the Unsullied, and then giving them their freedom.

Dany/Tyrion and Grey Worm negotiating surrender with the Masters.  

Arya killing Walder Frey

Arya killing the rest of the Frey men.

Tyrion's speech to rally the troops at the Battle of the Blackwater.

Robb Stark named KITN.

Lyanna Mormont receiving Jon Snow and Sansa Bolton...or is it Lannister.

Lyanna's KITN speech.

Tyrion's 2nd trial by combat.

Joffrey being poisoned.

The Red Wedding.  

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15 minutes ago, Bryce Lynch said:

I love a sort of similar moment.

The Arya / Jaqen scenes were so cool, when she gives him his own name, the look on his face was priceless, I can’t believe we’re so close to the end, daaaammmmm!

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I also loved:

Arya training with Syrio.

The scene where Ned tells the girls he is sending them back to Winterfell.  I love Arya's "Seven Hells!" when Sansa tells Ned about all the blond haired princes she wants to make with Joffrey and the looks Ned and Arya exchange when Arya tells Ned she doesn't want someone gentle, brave and strong...she wants Joffrey.    

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The chat between Margarey and Sansa, with Sansa coming across as naive as hell, and Margery smiling at her and saying something like, "my dear, dear girl."

Margery trying to get a baby in her belly because she knew the politics and understood what might be needed. (A gomer in the cattle industry.)

"My eyes have always been blue."

When Arya takes down the pedophile. 

The Cersei-Tywin conversation when he hears what he's been avoiding hearing about Cersei and Jamie.

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Tyrion's first trial in the Eyrie was what really sold me on the show too.  Also:

The Mountain vs. the Red Viper, right up to the end.

Danerys "acquiring" the Unsullied.

Tyrion's "watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores" speech at his murder trial.

Jaime jumping into the bear pit.

Jaime's "so many vows, they make you swear and swear" verbal cage match with Catelyn Stark.

The entire nearly 20-minute montage that culminated in the blowing up of the Sept.

And lastly for as much as the original recipe Starks were nearly too stupid to live, which is probably why they didn't, Robb being crowned king of the North still really gets me.

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5 hours ago, MissLucas said:

Captivating dialogue for six minutes - something we haven't seen in a while. 


OMG. I had almost forgot how good season one was. This scene is amazing and shows that Robert wasn’t as clueless as people thought he was and Cersei isn’t nearly as smart she thinks she is. Hmm. They’d been together for 17 years so this got me thinking how much time are we supposed to assume has passed in Westeros since the show started? 

Also, they could have been a true power couple but Robert couldn’t or wouldn’t get over Lyanna and Cersei couldn’t or wouldn’t stopped banging Jaime. 

Looking back, I wonder if Robert knew all along that Lyanna and Rhaegar were in love. Jealousy and not getting what he wanted would have turned Robert real mean real fast. 

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-The Red Wedding

-Robb being named King in the North

-Jon and Sansa reuniting, and the conversation that followed (Nan's meat pies with the peas and onions).

-Arya training (dancing) with Syrio

-Arya's rooftop combat in 8x03. The episode overall was uneven, but Arya's jedi-like moves were super cool.

-All Dany scenes in season 1. I love her evolution in that season, my fave character arc of the entire series.

-the Sansa and Cersei scenes in the Battle of Blackwater 

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Great topic! Especially since it feels like the show is racing to the end and  the show runners are trying to stuff 30 pounds of plot into a 10 pound bag. Fave moments:

Lady Olenna was basically awesome in any of her scenes, but I especially loved this one of her tearing a strip off of Cersei:

-I wasn't big into battle scenes, but the blackwater episode was quite thrilling, and Tyrion's speech rousing the troops was enjoyable.

-Again, not into battle scenes, but the big fight between the Mountain, and the Dornish Prince Oberon was pretty exciting stuff - very well choreographed.

-Princess Shireen teaching Ser Davos to read. That whole Stannis/Melisandre plot thread bored me to tears, but the friendship between the little girl and The Onion Knight was sweet and poignant. The Onion Knight's whole back-story as to how he obtained that title tickled me.

-watching Lady Brienne's journey - one of the most sympathetic characters on the show, and her knighting scene was lovely. Gwendolyn Christie is a terrific actress.

-Jaime in a sword fight scene after losing his hand. I believe it was when he and Bronn arrived on the beaches of Dorn. His metal prosthetic hand actually wound up giving him a brief advantage: in the thick of battle, his opponent's sword got stuck in the hand! It was funny and unexpected.

-Tyrion and Varys trying to figure out how to feed Dany's dragons was hilarious. Now that we're near the end, they're only having serious discussions about the fate of the realm, but for a short while there, Tyrion + Varys were comedy gold. 

-The Mountain is meant to look menacing, but always makes me laugh, because he looks like a classic lumbering horror movie monster.

-Anything Tormund - he wound up being such great comic relief, and who can't relate to him pining after someone who had zero interest in reciprocating his affection? Gonna miss that Northern weirdo.

-Sansa & Tyrion holding hands in the crypt during the battle of Winterfell.

-Seeing the many villains get taken out: Joffrey, Ramsay, Baelish, Walder Frey etc. I guess I'm probably high on the revenge-o-meter, but all very satisfying exits. 

-The scene where Drogon gently curls himself around Dany as she weeps over the lifeless body of Jorah.

-Really, just anything Dire Wolf or Dragon. They may be CG images, but they are magnificent awe-inspiring creatures whenever they show up on screen.

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Remembered one more!
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I really enjoyed these moments:
The whole story around the death of Ned Stark
The Red wedding
Speeches by Olenna in The Broken Man.
The massive charge of Dothraki's cavalry and the Drogon's attack on the Lannister

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Throwback to the Starks having real connections with their wolves, the (grown) Northern bannermen not sucking, and Bran being a cute kid with a good reaction face.

One of D&D's best original scenes:

Tywin counseling Joffrey:

"If you want justice, you've come to the wrong place."

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On 5/8/2019 at 8:03 PM, OoohMaggie said:
On 5/8/2019 at 7:43 PM, Bryce Lynch said:

The Red Wedding.  

That’s got to be in the top three of my list, maybe even No 1. 

 Edited just now by OoohMa

Correction, the Red Wedding, the only scene that has left my jaw actually on the floor can only be No1,

The Viper and Mountain run a close second

Ygritte dying in Jon’s arms makes No3

Edited by OoohMaggie
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I loved all of this, including Joffrey, after all his boasting and usual bullshit, ran back to hide with mommy.  Tryion, scared to death, was so brave and inspiring.  I wasn't a fan of any of the battles really, aside from the human side of them, the personal moments.  It's just not my thing.  This was one of those "personal moments" I did love though.

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Despite my feelings, the fighting choreography in GoT is top notch 99% of the time. Here are a few favorite:
- Syrio water dancing vs Kings Guards
- Jorrah vs gladiators in the fighting pit.  Each gladiator used different fighting style.
- Mountain vs Viper
- Arya with that double tipped spear of hers

One none fighting scene:
- Tywin's horse pooped in Red Keep throne room after he won the battle of Blackwater

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I really love all the scenes with Sansa and Arya this season.  They are sprinkled throughout this video, especially middle and end of it.

Sansa and Arya, reunited is one of my favorite things, the way they initially distrust each other, they way they both think through that, the way they eventually respect each others path and growth, and "the pack survives."

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On 5/9/2019 at 4:57 AM, Detective005 said:

The massive charge of Dothraki's cavalry and the Drogon's attack on the Lannister

Yes, I can't believe I forgot this scene! Hands down my favorite "dragons fuck shit up" scene. The Dothraki screamers in the distance, then the charge with the dragons swooping overhead, Dany with the dracarys. Holy crap, the visual effects in this scene were amazing.

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Boatsex.  I don't care if I'm the only that that loved it, it was great.

And I also loved Dany and Jon flying together on Drogon and Rhaegal.  It was the first time in a while we'd seen either character really happy (and it might be the last).

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On 5/8/2019 at 5:35 PM, Umbelina said:

"sometimes I play a little game..."


God I have watched that scene so many times, its amazing! "How do you answer these charges...Lord Baelish?" Not only does it finally wipe that smug smirk off Littelfingers face thats been in place since season one, but it calls him out for every single freaking thing he has done, going all the way back to the murder of Jon Arryn, what kicked off this massive clusterfuck to begin with, and how basically everything awful that has happened has been directly and indirectly his fault for the entire show, and he is FINALLY getting his comeuppance. 

Edited by tennisgurl
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Speaking of Littlefinger...


I liked early seasons Littlefinger - he was a deliciously complicated character. It was never quite clear whether his 'betters' disdained him because he was a resentful schemer or whether he had become a resentful schemer because they disdained him (or maybe both were correct).

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15 minutes ago, MissLucas said:

Speaking of Littlefinger...


I liked early seasons Littlefinger - he was a deliciously complicated character. It was never quite clear whether his 'betters' disdained him because he was a resentful schemer or whether he had become a resentful schemer because they disdained him (or maybe both were correct).

Oh me too, he is one of my favorites!

He was an asshole, but so was just about everyone else on screen.  What I loved about Littlefinger is that he kept rising up the ladder, by his own wits.  He wasn't born to greatness or position, he earned it.

I was rooting for both him and Bronn, because they were DOERS not "inheritors" and God Bless the Child Who Got His Own.

That doesn't mean he wasn't an asshole, and the show practically had him twirling his mustache. 


Also, in the books, he hasn't sold Sansa to Ramsey.

minor book spoiler above, well, not so minor but it only spoils the books, not the show.

Edited by Umbelina
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Some won't agree, but this has become one of my favorite moments.  The part that matters most to me begins around 2:44.

The writers FINALLY added some GRRM heart and soul to the story.  They gave the words to Bronn, which is where they probably belong.

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This scene got me hooked on GOT

Still want to know what he did with the Jackass and the honeycomb

This was my favorite speech

and this was my favorite interaction. 

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9 hours ago, Umbelina said:

That plus his fight with the Mountain intercut with Arya scrambling around King's Landing are my favorite scenes from this episode by far. Certainly among the best of this season. I wasn't this afraid for her life during most of 8x03. Just excellent work all around. 

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On 5/11/2019 at 9:23 AM, Spartan Girl said:

Boatsex.  I don't care if I'm the only that that loved it, it was great.

I mean, on a purely shallow level, I think it should forever be appreciated for Kit's butt alone, but I realize that's not a priority for everyone. 

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