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  1. While I've never been a big fan of this series--and part of me would laugh if it got cancelled considering how much it came gunning for The View despite being a pale imitation of that show--I don't want it to get cancelled simply because Sharon Osbourne would be happy about that. I think it can be a decent talkshow the same way The Real is now she’s removed, they just need to find some good castmembers. Hiring a male co-host is the worst decision they could make, imo. I think that would only work if the man is LGBT, no offense, jmo. I still feel like the only way to “save” this show rathe
  2. This was the case for me, too. It was what I watched when I first got off the bus in middle school and high school. I taped all of the Golden Girls back then, but I would've been wiser in retrospect if I'd recorded Designing Women instead. TGG airs on practically every channel nonstop still while Designing Women rarely shows up and often in the middle of the night. Delta Burke's character was always my favorite from that show, too, and, unlike McCain, her having a big chest had nothing to do with it for me. I actually think the fact that she gained weight over the progress of the series m
  3. Love Val Demings! Same with Cho, and I like Barrymore fine. *shrug*
  4. Tell me about it. I'd like her to treat McCain the way she did the Rosie's, Paula, and Sunny even.
  5. Seen this a million times over. How can anyone find this stuff exciting knowing nothing ever happens because the princess is protected by the network from the other ladies? Especially ironic considering the topic was about the press holding the powerful accountable, but the co-hosts aren’t even allowed to hold McCain accountable on their own show. And McCain’s opinion was of course the opposite of how she expects herself to be treated; she wants everyone on this show to be held in a bind so as not to question anything she says.
  6. McCain thinks Russia should be kicked out of the G7. I would agree except... Russia is already not a member of the G7. EDIT: Ninja'd. Aaaand Joy just let her know. "Happy to correct you." LOL
  7. Bold mine--I hadn't noticed that. I suppose it's because Miranda works with Disney and so the network wanted them to be careful in how this story was discussed in order to protect him.
  8. What a great week so far! :D I don't even have much to say because bitching about how horrid the show is is usually the main reason to comment these days. What a refreshing change! EDIT: LOL, this was not a response to BronzeDog, I'm just seeing now they posted the exact opposite above me, ha.
  9. Smells fake. I might've believed it if Ana hadn't already been on last Monday, too. If there was any fit thrown, I imagine it would've been over Ana's presence than any particular topic...
  10. Oh, goodie, Sara made sure to tape View-Your-Deal ahead of time for us. I would have been lost and forlorn without The View's wannabe QVC segments!!
  11. I hope Ana being on all the time is a good sign for next season! They need to do something to stem those ratings losses. And thankfully Joy isn’t off this time Ana's on Monday. Joy is not this show’s problem, otherwise the claims of toxic workplace culture would've been around more than a decade ago rather than simply popping up during McCain's time on the show.
  12. If others who mentioned contract negotiations for next season going on are right, perhaps this is her way of threatening ABC, lol, as in "This is what I'll do to you in the press if you fire me." But the thing is she regularly smears ABC even while she's been employed. What exactly do they have to lose other than one loudmouth megalomaniac? Her trying to pretend she cares about race issues might be an attempt to repair the Jon Oliver-Asian American controversy, since that happened around the time the ratings started to drop.
  13. I've been busy this week helping my mother who's down from a surgery, so I missed most of the first segment yesterday and today. I've seen Ana and Sara speak, and I know Sunny's there because Whoopi just mentioned her, so I'm assuming Joy is off? At least that gives me an excuse to miss this show, too, but good for Ana, I guess.
  14. America Ferrera is the only guest I'm interested in as well.
  15. I wonder if Sunny recommended Rachel Lindsay because she was going to be off today? They didn't say why Sunny was absent.
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