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  1. God, I wish Joy could just speak without McCain constantly talking over top of her. She's obsessed with everything Behar says, whether it's about Warren or Dave Chappelle.
  2. I tuned out as soon as I saw Joy wasn’t there. She’s the only reason I endure the Foxbots and The Great Whoopi, even if I like Sunny. Maybe if Ana and Sunny both had been there, but just one of them surrounded by the other three blowhards is a big no thanks from me. Unfortunately, I forgot Meredith Vieira was supposed to be there today. Of all days for Joy to be out.
  3. What a fantastic lineup this week.
  4. I agree, butting heads with him isn't ageism at all. Hillary was old, too, but she wasn't constantly stumbling over her words. She was on her game nearly the whole campaign, and so is Warren this year, for example, even if I'm not necessarily rooting for Warren to be the nominee. I wonder if Sanders or Warren were to say the exact same thing to Biden as Castro and in the same way, would the ladies of The View still disregard it as ageism? lol The truth is age is individual. Some people are with it their entire lives, others not so much. Joy and Whoopi are a perfect example. Whoopi isn't even as old as Joy, and yet she's always fumbling, inarticulate, discomposed, and nonsensical. Barbara showed her age much worse than Joy, too.
  5. I appreciate Sunny finally giving voice to the opinion of a great deal of people out there that feel Biden is a weak candidate and who are tired of the media (The View being one of the worst examples) basically acting as members of Biden's campaign propping him up at every turn. I mean, even when she was speaking, they tried to do it again, with Whoopi interjecting with a lie that he didn't say "The details don't matter." Sunny's right that it's his own ineptitude that repeatedly opens himself to these attacks, it's his own incompetence that is responsible for gaffe after gaffe, and only the fact that he's "grandpa" saves him because people pity him when the younger candidates go after him. That's not going to benefit him when he's running against someone equally old in the general. I think the show's blatant and OTT attack of Kamala Harris last week is what finally woke Sunny up. I hope she continues to give voice to Biden's weaknesses on this show from here on out.
  6. I'm glad she wasn't. I was thinking that Stephen King would get the shaft trying to fit two guests in that way. Thankfully he had two segments to himself. Today felt like Whoopi Day anyway. First she talks about vaping and cigarettes and marijuana, which she alone on the panel seemed to care about, then Stephen King is there for her to announce she's in The Stand. The last two films I've seen Whoopi in (For Colored Girls and that movie with Ashley Judd), she wasn't as good as I'd thought she would be, but I think she'll be alright in this role. I've seen bits and pieces of the original series. I could never get into it because the acting was really bad to me, although I loved Ruby Dee. That was sort of like the It mini-series from back when. Tim Curry was amazing as It, but the rest of the movie (especially the effects) was pretty bad. That's why I love the fact that the book has been re-made with today's technology, even if the clown will never be as good as when Tim Curry did it back when.
  7. And 99% of the time she has never been made to apologize for it. Usually, if anything happens at all, it's Sunny making a correction of a lie McCain told after the break while McCain is completely silent.
  8. I loved Sunny for calling out The View’s bias for Biden. She’s right that barely a day goes by that they haven’t been excusing his latest screw-up, so they can all shut up when it comes to Kamala Harris. Pinning something an audience member said to her vest is just idiotic considering how much they’ve forgiven Biden and for things that are worse, imo. How stupid that woman guest sounded screaming about jobs everywhere! Where is she living? In some delusional reality world, I guess, because there most certainly aren’t jobs galore no matter how much she screams about coastal bubbles. Even if I lived in NY and California, I would know that's a lie, but since I'm actually living in one of the rural areas she’s referring to, it’s even more obvious she's a liar liar pants on fire.
  9. Exactly. Joy and Sunny did challenge her, and they did it without making Anderson seem like some kind of persecuted victim the way McCain's trademark, unnecessary rudeness and snarling does to anyone she directs it towards.
  10. It truly is amazing that McCain is so vile she can almost make you want to root for an Assange apologist and Bernie Sanders. She is disgusting. I would hate for her to be my "representative" on the panel, lol.
  11. That first segment showed Abby and McCain both having a complete break with reality, and moments like that are why they are unfit to be on any TV screen. I don't even like Bernie, but... talk about a fundamental, blatant falseness on display from the two of them. I'm glad Whoopi kept on pointing out they were liars, ascribing words to him he did not say.
  12. He clapped for the person McCain was attacking and that's all.
  13. I generally like Abby more than other posters here do even if she is pretty dense (while still managing to come across wise in comparison to the dunces sitting at the right and left ends of the table, imo), but that was honestly such a ridiculous reaction. Buttigieg didn't even claim to "speak for" God, he asked the audience to honestly question themselves about what God would think about choosing to do nothing to protect or take care of the world He's given us. I'm just glad Joy cracked back about how Abby apparently has no problem when her party regularly attempts to speak for God and use the Bible as a weapon. Was it a gay man daring to bring up God that made her uncomfortable? Or was it him being a Democrat? I hope Joy doesn't waste one moment of her time cooking her lasagna for that asshole, McCain. I think it's enough of a kindness that she doesn't curse that bitch out live on TV the way she did her. Btw, I also watched Dave Chappelle's special, and hearing him talk about the MeToo movement was naturally more interesting and with more nuance than McCain's obscene excitement at the prospect of being able to call accusers liars with no blowback once again. At least we got Sanders out of the way, ugh. I did laugh about how McCain pretended she would never say something like "Crazy Bernie." She says much worse things than that about many people daily. I was surprised to hear on the premiere that Pelosi and especially HRC will be on the show--later this month, I assume? Looking forward to it.
  14. Exactly! Sara beat her loser friend. And here I thought McCain was just criticizing Elle for not lifting women (her) up? Now sniping at one of her co-hosts and a fellow ABC employee. She’s disgusting. I noticed a long time ago, but this article just makes it more apparent, that this Good Housekeeping website is practically a mouthpiece for whatever narrative McCain is pushing at any given moment. Reading this, you would think McCain wrote it herself, lol. She must have connections there (via her family, ofc, since she’s never actually done anything herself): https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/a28710492/the-view-meghan-mccain-strahan-and-sara-sara-haines-shade/
  15. Yes, ginger90, that's exactly what she said. Meghan wants women's rights to be demonized and ripped away. F*** her for ever daring to talk about lifting women up. And that's not even mentioning how she's tried to tear down every other woman on The View at one point or another--trashtalking Sara and Paula now they're not on the show, daily harassing Joy Behar and Ana Navarro, trying to get Sunny and some hair stylist fired, even being vile to her support animal Abby on occasion when she forgets to walk in lockstep with her. She is TRASH.
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