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  1. I'm glad Rice was only on for one day, heh. Looking forward to Edie Falco. The thing is I've never liked Couric, even before the book revelations, and not for political reasons like is the case for a great many people who have been after her for years. There was always just something about her, sort of like Kelly Ripa, that sort of rubs me wrong. *shrug* She always had a fake quality to me, IDK what it is. I do hope they pushback on her for sure, yet I don't think she's the worst person in the world either.
  2. Apparently there was some kind of skit mocking McCain on The Daily Show a couple of weeks back. I don't watch TDS regularly--did anyone here see it?
  3. Cody Fern is one of my favorites of the present cast along with Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock and Frances Conroy. I love Sarah Paulson, too, and don't want her to go away at all, but I admit I feel a little overdosed on her. Macaulay Culkin was a really good addition; I hope he'll be back again. I wonder why Billy Porter hasn't been back since Apocalype for that matter--or Leslie Jordan? I miss Bates, Bassett, and Lange a great deal. When Lange first left, I was fine with that because all her characters started to feel the same in Freak Show. I wish she'd return for a season now and again though.
  4. So I suppose I'm glad she kept pushing and pushing this way, trying to create drama and make ABC look bad in the press. ABC had obviously been willing to let her go out gracefully the same as all co-hosts and only came out with the truth in response to her drama-seeking. Hoisted on her own petard.
  5. I thought the last five minutes would've shown us a little of the world either being taken over or post-taken over. I don't expect great things from AHS anymore--the only season since Hotel that I've truly liked was Apocalypse (barring 3 or 4 episodes), and I think that only happened because it was tied to my favorite season, Coven--but this was just weird.
  6. I enjoyed Joy recounting how she once dealt with a bully when she was a child this morning (bending their fingers back until they were on their knees). It was an interesting mix with Ana and Whoopi at the table together and Sunny out.
  7. Perhaps she was able to bargain her way into the category by mentioning her father nonstop in her "book." Sounds more like a glorified one-person podcast to me than something she wrote.... I guess this will have to do since nobody in their right mind would give her a show.
  8. I played a little of the show back later, and I wanted to say Sunny looked really great today in whatever she was wearing. And Joy saying she's taking her lasagna recipe to the grave makes me think the recipe she gave ABC is not the real one.
  9. But I'm glad Joy got that response in, about how German children are taught the Holocaust even though it probably makes them feel bad that Germans slaughtered millions... People like Rice know what they're doing. They're race-baiting with an obvious lie. CRT isn't even being taught in public schools, it's just a talking point guise for them to push erasure of Black history, women's history, LGBT history, and Native American history. Anyone who argues for less fact, less truth, is not trustworthy.
  10. She knew that if she threw the conniption she wanted to, they would keep making fun of her and it would make her look bad that she can't take a joke because her ego is the size of Arizona. I've said it before, but if The View was actually interested in countering all these smears McCain is throwing out into the ether, they'd woo Abby Huntsman back to the show. McCain's former BFF that she chased off the show, who went to HR about the toxicity McCain caused. It would show that the only problem at The View while McCain was there was McCain.
  11. Good for Joy telling it like it is in regards to education!! They should homeschool their children if they don't want them to learn about the Holocaust, the Trail of Tears, MLK, segregation, etc. What a shame Sunny got to speak the least on this topic. I think she has much more to add than a born liar like Condoleeza Rice. Pretty rich of people like her to pretend they care about children's "feelings" considering the kind of evil she's done in her life.
  12. Rice is as stiff and boring as Fiorina was. "It's my turn now, right?" LOL Cupp is the best one they've had on so far--unfortunately. There are still a couple more to try out though.
  13. At least they acknowledged how stalkery Lewinsky was at several points in this episode. A lot of this one felt like invention, but that's what I expected once they moved on from the interactions between Tripp and Lewinsky, which are known more exactly because of the tapes, than things like Hillary's reaction, what people were thinking or doing behind-the-scenes, and so on.
  14. ^ That's because he's a friend of Rosie O'Donnell, a liberal. It always comes back to that for who she attempts to smear and why. She's a dutiful shill.
  15. She was not the only conservative on the show--Abby, Ana. She never apologized for anything on this show. And she /was/ the toxic work environment on this show. I bet it was hard for her not to burst out laughing at the question about who was leaking to the tabloids considering the leak was her herself, all in an attempt to make people pity her. And this: is why I never trusted that Ramin Setoodeh person who wrote that View-related gossip book. They wrote it with a bias in league with McCain and I will never give anything from them or it the benefit of the doubt. McCain wanted and is s
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