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  1. It was about what I expected. Not something I'll see every episode of, I imagine, but I'll try to watch it when I see it on. I'm really only giving it that much attention because of Padalecki. I did like the woman that was his partner. I think they'll have a good dynamic as the series goes on, although it's a little stiff right now. I don't know much about the original series. Did the original Walker series begin with the main character's wife being killed? I just couldn't help thinking how similar it was to Supernatural in the setup, because that's how the first season of that show began, with the girlfriend of Padalecki's character dying and most of the first season revolving around finding out what happened to her (among other things). Also the part about reuniting with his family who he's been distant from. Perhaps they wanted a little familiarity there amidst all the new to help the show build an audience.
  2. Her acting like a bitter prune only gives me more joy, tbh. Even Joy was laughing at her!
  3. Love Joy refusing to back down in calling Cruz and Hawley traitors and enemies of this country. I could see Whoopi's frustration as they were trying to get Sunny back on, and then when they couldn't she thought she might actually get a chance to speak only for McCain to make sure she ate up that airtime instead. Since Whoopi wasn't getting her go anyway, I'm glad Joy stepped back in to kick her in the teeth for that ludicrous potshot about unity from someone who's done nothing in her entire time with this platform other than choose to mislead and stir up more division.
  4. I saw it again, too. I didn't realize how hard it would be to watch again. I kept looking away from the screen throughout Dean's death scene and everything else until the bridge scene. :(
  5. They've actually been saying "up from this point last year" since 2015, when Joy returned. I think it would be interesting to compare the week's ratings with those of the past two months' instead though.
  6. No, she's said it was a political thing. Somebody at the top didn't like her politics. She had the second-highest ratings on the network.
  7. Yeah, Fedida who helped hire McCain and, I imagine, protected her place on this show through all the drama she's caused. Birds of a feather and all that. When she was fired last year, suddenly McCain was kissing Sunny's behind like nobody's business. I did laugh today when Sunny followed McCain and brought up Kaepernick, who McCain repeatedly went after. You know Sunny did it on purpose. Sunny will never be as direct as Joy was last week because Joy's in more of a safe position than she is, but she throws these veiled barbs at the brat all the time. When McCain brought Fedida up, I actually think what she said was a little bit of biting-the-hand-that-feeds-you. Maybe it'll fly under the radar, but I imagine ABC wouldn't like the way she attempted to smear them...
  8. Well, as one of Sam's fans, I can't say I agree. The two have one of the strangest relationships I've ever seen on a show. They're brothers, technically soulmates, and yet there's also a parent-child dynamic that plays out between them at times, too. I imagine Sam didn't think of it as "I'm living an unhappy life because Dean would've wanted that." I doubt there was much thought put into it at all, it seemed more like an emotional reaction that he couldn't hunt without Dean and ended up roleplaying what he felt Dean always wanted him to do--return to the apple pie life without murder and mayhem. I think part of Dean having brought that up several times throughout the series was based mostly on Sam's own actions years prior by running away to college to escape, meaning at least at some time Sam must have wanted "more" than this deep down. It's sort of like if you had a child whose dreams crashed or imploded; even years later, they may be happy where they are even if that's nowhere, but as a parent you would always want them to go realize their dream for real. That to me is what Sam's impression of what Dean wanted for him would be and Padalecki was tapping into that. People have strange reactions to the deaths of loved ones.
  9. Am I the only one who didn't see anything wrong with what Padalecki said? I don't think he was saying that Dean didn't like Eileen... It was more that Sam was really just doing what he always thought Dean wanted over the course of the series, which was get out of the life, have a family, etc. That was always my impression, too? Unless Eileen was also willing to leave that life, then being with her wouldn't have worked. That's why I wasn't surprised they didn't put much focus on Sam's family itself. To me, it was sad because you could tell Sam wasn't really doing it for himself, it was more a reaction to losing Dean than anything else.
  10. Yeah, I emphatically don't agree with Paula or Abby (and have disagreed with Ana on many things, too), but I think I could be friends with all of them in real life. They seemed nice on a personal level. Actually, the same goes for Candace, although something about her made me a little uncomfortable, too... Candace was just not very well-spoken, which is why I didn't include her. I think it's an UO that I liked Perez. For people who didn't watch, the best comparison I'd make is that she was like Sara in the sense that she would attempt to give an inoffensive middle ground opinion most of the time. I know a lot of people don't like Sara either, but I do. Even if they're just kind of there, it's better to have someone nice and polite around than someone annoying or off-putting. Actually, Rosie Perez had that same "We're a Team" mentality as Sara, trying to smooth over disagreements and bring more camaraderie between the cast. It's unfortunate she had to be on the season she was. :(
  11. Good reminder! I forgot about that. I think everyone that isn't a McCain gets under McCain's skin. Tara Setmayer, Nicolle, Abby, Elisabeth, Sherri, Paula, Ana, Joy, Sunny, Sara--who doesn't trigger this big baby? I notice a great many on that list are fellow conservatives. My guess is she attacks other conservatives out of job insecurity more than anything else.
  12. Joy Friday's always work more seamlessly than the rest of the week. Part of me wants to blame Whoopi for that (I don't think she's a great moderator), but I know Joy occasionally asks Whoopi if she can say something else which then triggers everyone else to try to jump in with a second comment, too. When Joy's moderating, she can make a second comment as she throws it off to the next person or to commercial, which helps the issue. Thank you Joy for asking that question. It deserves to be brought up every time this man is on TV anywhere.
  13. Joy is the only reason I haven’t quit the show. I didn’t watch the season after she was fired other than Barbara’s final week. I do like Sunny, Ana, and Sara to varying degrees. Sometimes it makes me sad to think of a world where Joy is no longer a part of the TV landscape; hopefully that doesn't happen for several years yet. There isn't really anyone else on TV I'd want to watch daily. As far as old hosts, I also liked Meredith, Rosie O, Lisa, Paula, Star, Michelle Collins (eventually), Abby, and Rosie Perez.
  14. I think Joy is right when she talked about how she thinks Trump and his R supporters are intentionally subtracting anyone who isn’t white from the conversation when talking about the election being stolen, that “only legal votes should be counted” has a darker connotation behind it that sounds like a statement that anyone who isn’t white shouldn’t legally be allowed to vote in the first place.
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