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  1. And Corey Booker was mentioned by McCain on this show during the Steyer interview.
  2. I thought McCain had so much to say about topics that she can relate to, too. And yet nepotism comes up and not a peep. When Joy was talking about how you can look everywhere to find nepotism, I really thought she was about to say, "Just look at this table." I would've died if she'd actually popped that balloon.
  3. Actually, there used to be more political topics before McCain joined the show. They started to add in even more fluff topics and Real Housewives nonsense for Meghan McCain's sake because she usually has a tantrum after 15 minutes of politics. This is why every time they have a heavy segment, they immediately come back with something fluff (even when something else was advertised as coming up) to appease poor Megs, but usually she has arms folded by that point and refuses to cooperate even with topics chosen for her.
  4. Yeah, her comment had nothing to do with Meghan McCain screaming over everyone the whole show, nothing at all....
  5. I have plenty of thoughts in response to this, but they would be off-topic, so... I'll just leave it at I disagree with you vehemently, other than to say that polls and votes show who has support, not money (whomever it comes from).
  6. The screaming is out of control today. Now Abby is being screamed over for daring to have kids in a world where Meghan McCain has none. Joy admitting she imitates the other ladies made me laugh, especially when she said McCain is the easiest. Of course she is. The real thing is practically a parody as it is.
  7. McCain screeching about her barren womb and empty breasts again. I'd rather hear Joy talk since she actually does know something about the topic, but who can get a word in with all her caterwauling.
  8. I actually agree with Sunny and Abby both on Pete v. Bernie, particularly Abby saying just because Bernie is going to repeat it over and over doesn't mean the other candidates have to dance to his tune.
  9. "Must act happy," "must act nice," "must act human" are probably directions that her brain can't compute. Only drugs could accomplish that.
  10. Another article worth reading if you want a laugh: https://jezebel.com/meghan-mccain-is-canceled-1840068529
  11. Yeah, what a dud of a show today thanks to Christie being there. I would've liked to have seen Ruben sing, but I wasn't going to watch that segment because I expected McCain to be screeching about how she's friends!!! with another person. She must be trying to prove to us that there are people who exist who she (shockingly) doesn't repulse. It doesn't make me like her more, just like Clay Aiken less.
  12. The show was interrupted today and yet McCain still found the time to be rude to her co-hosts multiple times in the little time they were on the air. First her nasty comment towards Sunny when they just sat down at the table--which was worth it because Whoopi actually dressed her down before ABC News cut in. Then when they came back, Joy started talking about The Crown after Abby brought it up by referring to a speech they re-created by JFK--only for McCain to interrupt her mid-speech with "This is The Crown?!" And then when Joy said yes and tried to continue, McCain interrupted again to act all offended because how is she supposed to know what Joy's leading to, blah blah blah. Maybe if you'd STFU, you'd know. I'm only surprised one of the ladies didn't say that to her.
  13. I guess this is supposed to be reality distortion? She's one of his biggest defenders.
  14. On the bright side, Christie will probably disappear as soon as the guest interview starts and since there's going to be a musical performance, too, that means only 30 minutes of him. The show could also be interrupted that day. :D
  15. Maybe then Abby might learn to recognize what something "sick" actually looks like.
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