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  1. They all clearly have delays.... It's more that Joy didn't stop talking when Whoopi wanted to speak. While we're on the subject, why doesn't Whoopi take a day off either for that matter? She's only supposed to be there four days a week anyway. I'd much rather Joy be moderating this show. I wish Joy would start throwing her weight around like Whoopi and McCain do when they try to "silence" her. There is absolutely no justification for her not being on this show at this point.
  2. Somehow I doubt Joy is off by choice when it would have been a nice break from her isolation. Most likely Whoopi was annoyed she talked over her and threw a hissyfit.
  3. Joy's off again, and so am I. If they have a problem with having five people, it should be one day of Joy, then one day of McCain. If any of them should be off, it's McCain considering she has the lowest seniority of the group.
  4. Part of me thinks Whoopi's grandchildren are helping her do the show and that's why she's doing so much better moderating from home. lol And it's funny, too, because she's much better-dressed via camera than she ever has been on the show itself. I have a feeling she must fall into a limo still half-asleep and only wakes up when she's at the studio.
  5. Well, Sara looked completely unfazed to me; she seemed like she knew McCain would be upset and didn't care, but said sorry upfront to be polite because Sara has manners. If Sara is thinking about returning, that's the attitude she'll have to take, steeling herself not to care about McCain's shitfits because they're the only thing guaranteed to happen on this show daily. The rest of them learned to deal with it mostly by not caring anymore, and being just as rude and dismissive back to her. I doubt any of them communicate with her aside from when the camera is running, whereas when Sara left, McCain had just started and that was still the phase when everyone was babying her. Besides, Whoopi loves Sara, she would take care of her.
  6. I hope she doesn't. I mean, this show's made it clear they don't mind trainwrecks since they've kept McCain employed two years past her sell-by date, so why should Joy be worried about disrupting this show's nonexistent flow at this point? At the end of the first segment, Whoopi seemed pissed that Joy kept talking over her, but Whoopi already got her turn to talk once already. Big whoop if Joy decides to speak a second time, both Whoopi and Sara got to. Besides, going by the show's normal speaking order, it usually goes Whoopi -> Joy -> Sunny -> Meghan -> Joy -> Meghan -> possibly Sunny again if there's time -> Whoopi for the remainder. It was a predictable order that seemed to come into being when they were trying to curb McCain’s screaming way back when. You’d think following the order would be even easier now they’re not even in the same room together.
  7. What people really mean when they say they hope being a mother softens her is that maybe loving another human being might make her less of a hateful bitch to other people. But then again, I'm sure she loved herfather!herfather!herfather1 and that didn't seem to help, so I doubt a baby will do anything.
  8. At least Joy should be on Monday. I guess Kim Kartrashian is coming on because of all the drama with Taylor Swift. *eyeroll* Never liked her or her hubby, so it's not like I needed yet another reason to avoid her interview.
  9. Hopefully so. She's more important to this show than the rest of them, SNS.
  10. If she has a bad connection, isn't that the show's fault anyway? Why don't they fix it?
  11. I agree. Such bull she isn't on this show; unless it was her choice for some reason? I really don't give af what Whoopi or Meghan have to say about anything, tbh. And where is Ana if they're not going to allow Joy on anyway? I keep tuning in at the opening to see whose faces are on the screen and then it's back to other things.
  12. Yeah, there's no way that happens. She's cultivated an image of being John McCain's ONLY child, so... And, plus, this will allow her to keep milking it. I tuned in today, saw she was there, and... *click* I definitely hope Sara comes back. I imagine she and Sunny are having fun being in the studio without the drama.
  13. I tuned in at the halfway mark yesterday just to check if Joy might be there since now McCain's going to be Skyping in, too, and lucked up that she was there. I'm not surprised she was off today. The delay with the cameras makes everything difficult, and with Joe Biden there, they probably wanted it to be as seamless as possible. Hopefully she's back tomorrow though. I admit I didn't watch all of today's show. I only tried because McCain wasn't there, but overall it was pretty boring. I did appreciate Sunny's passion in defense of elderly citizens though.
  14. Yes, I'll try watching this time, since Sunny and Sara will have more control of the room. I don't understand though why Joy isn't skyping in now when two others are?
  15. A child is a gift no matter who its parents are; I was reminded of that just this morning when I saw a picture of Kimye's baby in an old magazine. God bless it with the nerves to survive these two lunatics. So this means The View can actually talk about parenting topics again? Maybe Abby could work there without being harassed now, too.
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