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  1. McCain's disdain at the idea of Arizona turning blue made me smile. I guess she doesn't even represent the people of her own state very well, much less the "middle of the country" folk.
  2. Did they really just use Abby’s goodbye video to prop up McCain? Way to go, ABC, treating Abby like shit right up ‘til the end.
  3. It would almost be worth having McCain at the table then. If they want fireworks, dial them up to a 100, I say. No doubt McCain would leave of her own accord after six months of Ana every day or less.
  4. Yes, there was an article that McCain called the reports of her being responsible for a toxic work environment "sexist" (from the woman who called her co-hosts proponents of infanticide), and then the next paragraph notably said they contacted Abby for a response for their article and she declined to comment. Says it all.
  5. McCain had the hubs print a smear piece of the NYT via The Federalist in record time. lol The funniest part of it is when it accuses the other co-hosts of being the ones who scream over her. Points for blatant dishonesty, I guess.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/16/opinion/the-view-meghan-mccain.html God bless Shamira Ibrahim. “Predictable,” "exhausting," “product of nepotism,” “the common denominator” in every single breakdown of civility at the table, pushing with herself at the center a “narrative of the long-suffering victim of censorship," highlighting the fact that Abby talked to executives about a toxic workplace because of McCain and not the show in general, pointing out how she tried to smear Whoopi, that the show has never been this hostile on-air before. Perfect. It has nothing to do with Republicans, different opinions, etc. etc.—it’s her. Predictably, McCain went nuts on Twitter that someone accurately pegged her for what she is. And there are so many conservative outlets that seem extraordinarily protective of her; every time something anti-Meghan McCain occurs, they flare up in defense almost immediately. I’ve wondered for a long time if she’s working in tandem with them to damage ABC and The View as much as possible.
  7. Oh, that was Karen the hairdresser (I think that's what she was?) behind-the-scenes who's been there twenty years and Whoopi had to protect so she wouldn't lose her job.
  8. Even Elisabeth, who was not happy about being fired (she said elsewhere that when they asked her to come back a couple of years ago, it helped her release her bitterness even though she turned it down), never said these kinds of things about the show or ABC. But I think Elisabeth could at least recognize all that Barbara and Geddie did for her considering she was nothing more than a reality TV contestant, whereas I doubt McCain knows what gratitude is. That's why ABC shouldn't really be afraid of her, because she'd say these things no matter how nice they are to her. It's her M.O. Spread out over three years. I think the comments about Sara and Paula were when the show was talking about sex one day and of course McCain made the topic all about how it was so uncomfortable for her, and that listening to those two talk about it in the past always seemed so classless and trashy... From the woman who idolizes a Real Housewife. McCain doesn't have a tenth of the class they do.
  9. Joy was right that everything between Bernie and Warren is about taking one another out because they're dividing the same vote, that it's not some kind of personal vendetta like McCain implied. Of course everything is "personal" for McCain--Abby mentions her kids, McCain feels personally insulted, for example--so how could she possibly be able to tell the difference?
  10. When someone liked a mean tweet about her, she tried to get them fired. This girl is the definition of pathetic. And speaking of conservative women’s treatment on this show…. Abby and Ana haven’t been treated disrespectfully by anyone other than McCain. And we all know Jedidiah was fired so McCain could take her seat. Then there are McCain's regular jabs at Nicolle Wallace (who she never even sat at the table with) and Paula Faris (who she called--along with Sara Haines--"trashy"). Aside from Paula being hated by Whoopi, those two were never even treated as badly by the show when they were employed there as McCain treats them now.
  11. They do protect Biden, but I can't agree on the other part. They've mostly avoided ever being critical of Bernie up 'til now, aside from McCain painting the whole party as "socialist," I mean. Joy in particular always made excuses for him; I love Joy, but even a great person has to have flaws. Compare how Bernie has been treated by this show to Buttigieg, Harris, Warren, O'Rourke, Castro, etc., and it's been almost nothing but positive.
  12. That's what I think, too. lol It would suit her Always-The-Victim narrative.
  13. I enjoyed the first segment. I’m glad they’ve stopped treating Bernie with kid gloves compared to the other candidates. Joy thinking Leslie Jones said her friend's name was "Tomato" had me rolling.
  14. I agree with you. Keke is awful. She would be another Raven or Meghan, imo.
  15. In an ideal world, McCain would be out next, Sara would come back once she goes (leaving Keke to take over that other show), and either Ana or Yvette would take the other seat or alternate the week between one another. But since that likely won't happen... I'll be honest that the show might be better with only four people the way it is at the moment, although I always preferred five in the past. Maybe with only four people, everyone would get airtime to speak despite McCain's constant interruptions and caterwauling. This first week back, you could tell Whoopi was choosing not to say anything just to make things move along smoother for the other three to get their points out before / between McCain's fits.
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