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  1. I'd be fine with any of Ana, Sara, or YNB on the show as long as Sunny and Joy remain.
  2. I think it’s because that woman from ABC who was just fired when all the racist and hateful things she said about people that worked there behind-the-scenes (Sunny included) came out had a hand in McCain’s hiring. Good point. My guess is because there’s no audience to give free books to, but I wish they’d do it anyway. I always think it’s interesting to see what Joy and Sunny pick.
  3. I thought Sunny's son was cute, too. I like the little shoutouts to her family and Steve this week. I admit it's likely only because I like both ladies specifically, since I don't think I'd care to see McCain's husband or Whoopi's extended family, but who knows. I'm grateful that Joy advises Democrats not to be delusional about election prospects. She was ringing that same bell in 2016--that the same thing that happened to Gore could happen again--but nobody was listening, unfortunately. :( I remember Raven Symone sneering at her like she was an idiot when she'd say that.
  4. I loved Whoopi's face while McCain was talking about "Karen's" as if she isn't one of them after that epic hissyfit she threw only five minutes prior... McCain must've saw it, too, which is why she said, "I appreciate the irony of me saying blahblahblah" around that time. Although I wish Whoopi had hit her back harder in that first segment, I did like when she defended Joy's right to have her own opinion. And for McCain to blather on about being the Only Conservative is rich, considering *she* is the only reason she's the only conservative co-host on this show. She chased off Abby, she's clearly getting TPTB to keep Ana off the show, and she just recently attacked Hasselbeck after she co-hosted. So whose fault is it that she's "alone"?
  5. I tuned out because, as per usual, Joy and Ana weren't there, screw this show, etc. etc. I did see the first three minutes though and it was worth it just for Sunny's face after that video they played. LOL
  6. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought it was laughably superfluous for McCain to feign offense over the use of Hamilton lyrics for the title of his book. We know she hates all celebrities, so no way does she give a crap about Lin-Manuel Miranda anyway.
  7. Loni Love was a great guest. I'm sorry that story of being arrested happened to her. Hard to believe that kind of thing is real. :( Also sad to hear about Abby and her family! I'm sending my prayers out for them. Why does McCain think she deserves to speak last on every topic? More importantly, why does she think she should get to speak last on the subject of race over Whoopi and Sunny??? I guarantee you she didn't say what she had planned to if she'd been allowed to go last. Most likely she was planning to attack and smear one of the others, but didn't get the opportunity. Too bad, so sad, princess!
  8. I don't watch The Real, but I've always loved Loni Love. I just don't really care for the others, which is why I never watched. Although I've seen an episode here and there since Tamar left, and the show is definitely better than it was.
  9. Watching Joy giggle through McCain’s victim noises at the end of the first segment made me laugh so hard.
  10. I noticed that, too. It made the moment even funnier. That's why I wasn't really surprised when she tried to start something. Same, and she used that exact word, too, which is what I'd liked. They all need to call it what it is.
  11. I’m glad Joy gave it back to her finally. It gets on my nerves how McCain will make comments to other people, but when they respond back then it’s suddenly an issue and they have to go to commercial. If she wants to denigrate somebody, they should be able to respond to her bullshit. And when they came back and had another segment, it seemed like it took less than five seconds for them to dismantle her point and she wouldn’t even argue Sunny’s point directly, she diverted back to the “MY BABY!!! MY CRIB!!!” nonsense.
  12. Poor Sunny! I hadn’t heard anything about the ABC story. I’m sorry that she was involved somehow (that comments were made about her), but of course they would be bad about anyone. :(
  13. Val Demings is a great speaker, too, looking forward to her! I'm not fond with interviews eating up the show all the time, but I will enjoy listening to her.
  14. I didn't watch today, even though the lovely YNB was there. I guess I'm just annoyed enough that Ana has only been on once or twice since the pandemic started, that I just turned the TV off when I saw Joy wasn't there today. I have no intention of watching this show without her.
  15. I agreed with Joy about the irony of having to be careful with their own statements while the person they’re discussing faces no consequences. Still, I’m glad Whoopi stepped in before McCain got to speak, because just from her facial expressions while Whoopi was getting Joy to clarify, you could tell she was going to try to attack Joy. Naturally she would be more concerned about Joy Behar of The View’s statement than the president of the United States saying the same thing about millions of Americans. Anyway, I loved what Joy and Sunny had to say during Hot Topics today though. Particularly Joy saying Neo-Nazis in Germany use the Confederate flag because the swastika is banned. I honestly didn't know that. Stacey Abrams is very well-spoken, and fiery, too. She deftly dealt with McCain’s gotcha questions. I remember one of the first times she was on this show, she made absolute mincemeat of Missy. Next to Abrams, McCain seems like a little girl playing dress-up. (And that’s not too inaccurate, actually. LOL)
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