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  1. Oh, I didn't mean to imply they're fighting or anything. They do their jobs and get along (unlike certain crazies on The View who have no decorum at all), it's just it comes across forced. Maybe it's just me.
  2. I was going to post this in the weekly thread, but decided to put it here. It was in response to the fact that Sara is guest co-hosting next week on the show.: I so wish Sara would come back if Abby's not going to and Ana isn't allowed to be full-time. The funny thing is this past month, I've found myself occasionally walking away from the TV and not coming back to finish the second half of The View. So the TV keeps going and I end up seeing bits and pieces of that GMA Day show Sara went over to that comes on a little while after. I kind of feel sorry for Sara now. I think she was offered the position to help ABC get a third hour of GMA off the ground because she's a good employee in the same way that I think she was brought onto The View to help fix it back when it was really spinning off the rails after the entire panel of Nicolle and the two Rosie imploded. I think she ultimately said yes to get away from McCain, and yet now she has to work with Keke who's almost as bad. I've always said McCain is sort of like a worse version of Raven Symone as far as someone who is both *really* dumb and yet very smug and self-entitled about it, except McCain adds screaming, defenses of evil things, and extreme rudeness to the list. Well, although I like her as an actress, Keke as a personality is also that way as far as being dumb and yet thinking she is the smartest person in the room and what she thinks is more important than anything anyone else could add. She sucks up all the oxygen. I remember she guested on The View a couple of times like she was trying to get added onto this show and I'm grateful that didn't happen. But if Sara left to get away from McCain only to be saddled with a slightly less-bad version of her, I can't help feeling bad for her. I don't think she and Michael are that chummy either, although they are at least professional with one another. I'd rather she just come back to The View. At least she would have Whoopi, Sara, Sunny, and Ana to get along with every day.
  3. I'm glad Joy cut into the middle of McCain's dewy-eyed worship of Biden when she made that idiotic comment about Buttigieg. I'm wishing Biden well, but I don't see what these ladies see in him regardless. Buttigieg is a much better speaker than he is. But this is just more of McCain taking potshots at anyone who might jeopardize Biden's win--Kamala, Steyer, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, etc. etc.
  4. And yet Joy and Whoopi were right to say that Bloomberg could weaponize that against her. That is what Whoopi meant when she said Warren should be careful, because she's sitting on something problematic in her own history.
  5. I think Joy's motivation on this show has always been about convincing viewers over to doing what she sees as the right thing. She said that Trump was the main reason she re-joined the show in 2015 when it was capsizing in viewers and they were begging her to come back. Her statements on Monday make it seem to me that she realizes Bernie is going to be a hard-sell for her to make to viewers and would rather it not come to that. I can see McCain "winning" most of their arguments for the next year and that's not going to be pleasant for me as a viewer who only tunes in for Joy to watch her going through that. And, just speaking about myself personally, to find McCain so completely horrible in the way she acts towards everyone on this show and have to agree with some of the things she says despite that is going to be unbearable.
  6. I don't think they've excused Bloomberg at all? I think the general sentiment they've expressed is that all the candidates have issues. Sunny has said previously that she's not enthusiastic about any of them. And they were right to point out that Warren isn't some kind of pure as the driven snow saint herself when she pretended to be a minority to put herself through college (that's what the whole DNA controversy was). Btw, I meant to say earlier that I was glad Sunny--that anyone, really--finally broke down McCain's talking point of Steyer and Bloomberg trying to "buy an election." Using your own money instead of someone else's to fund your campaign isn't buying an election. Paying people to vote for you would be buying an election.
  7. It was what Joy said right after, which was that Bloomberg could've turned around and raked her over the coals for the DNA controversy, but he's chosen not to do that. Whoopi agreed when Joy said this right after, so I'm assuming that is what she was referring to. And I agree with them, the woman is a hypocrite. I also agreed with McCain that the fact that Warren attacked everyone but Bernie shows she's only there for a VP position at this point.
  8. It depends how you define the word. I consider them both progressive.
  9. Actually, Joy still praised Cuba today--the people living there. She just didn't praise the dictator and government there the way Bernie did.
  10. From my memory, Joy always liked Bernie on a personal level. It's more that she was pragmatic and didn't believe he could win. Clearly she still feels that way based on these past two weeks. There's no lightening up a show where McCain is present... Sara tried. Abby tried. Hell, Joy, Sunny, and Whoopi all tried, too. They didn't hate her from the get-go like Messy hated them. I don't think Ana tried as hard as the others simply considering McCain was hateful to her almost from her first day guesting on the show. Right? McCain used to tout him all the time before the primary officially began. She would do it in the same breath that she would paint the whole party as socialists. She'll love going back to that. As for a new "progressive," I personally like Joy and Sunny just fine. And Whoopi's been better lately than she has in the past. She was the best one on the panel today and during the AOC interview last week.
  11. I don't watch Shark Tank. Only seen it a handful of times. I didn't really like any of them, but Barbara was probably the nicest to me. McCain of course was enraged by her. Finding out it was because Barbara said that Ritchie Rich types will never be successful made me burst out laughing. McCain can't stand it when she gets clocked, even if it's by someone making a random comment on an entertainment show.
  12. Of course not. And Joy pointed that out, which lead McCain to say that these past four years the Left has been trying to make a point that they are better than the Republicans on the subject and yet here Bernie is praising Fidel Castro. We all know McCain doesn't really care about any of this. For her, this is only an opportunity to attack and smear all Democrats. The fact that her criticisms may happen to be correct this time--or any other time--is merely coincidence, not a sign that she cares about anything or that she has any scruples on the given subject.
  13. McCain was right that the Democratic Party was supposed to be better than the Republican Party, as far as Trump's love of dictators, and that Bernie is now making them equal. I'm glad that Joy opened the show criticizing Bernie, so I know where her heart is when she tried to be fair to him later in the topic. Still, I'm glad Whoopi intervened and said there's no way around this because there isn't.
  14. Paula Faris just cut in on The View with an ABC News Report... lol I guess this means they'll do View Your Deal an extra day this week.
  15. Good to know! I thought he was speaking a great deal of sense. Too bad they don't have more guests like that.
  16. I don't know who the guest is, but hopefully he's there for the rest of the show, lol. I love him.
  17. I was actually nodding my head to several things Meghan McCain said even as repulsive as she is in her delivery, particularly when she said Russia is in the bag for Bernie as much as Trump... Sunny was right that Bernie’s attacks on the media are just like Trump. It's going to be a very long year.
  18. So is it that more episodes haven't been made of OPM, Fire Force, and Dr. Stone yet that they are all gone? I liked all three of those shows. At least MHA is still there, but I wonder if they'll re-run the show when they finish the new season or take it off, too?
  19. McCain is true to form, a master at projection. Maybe she should go start "The Meghan McCain Show" since she can't handle other views with respect. But, oh no, nobody would want to give her a solo show? Gee, that's too bad.
  20. McCain was referring to something the person who heads Twitter said. She tried to dismiss Ana's disagreement with her, but Ana responded that she didn't trust Twitter's statements based on their history.
  21. Okay, I may not agree with everyone's take on Joy's comments this week, but this made me laugh.
  22. Funny, because this is the thought I had this morning. I assumed the only reason there was a guest was because McCain would actually control herself a little bit. Personally, I hate having guest co-hosts, especially ones that aren't really made for talkshows like Alec Baldwin. Everyone spends the whole show holding back and allowing the guest to eat up most of the airtime. I did like what Dyson said about participation trophies in regards to the South losing the Civil War. That really made me laugh. Ana had the best question during the interview, asking Hill why she resigned instead of staying on and bearing through the controversy. You know that had to piss McCain off, because she had just tried to insinuate (as she has on this show about the topic before) that Hill was some kind of sexual predator who abused her power over a subordinate. Ana was also right that it's possible it's not just one or the other in regards to BernieBros and Russian bots, that it can be a combination of both things at once.
  23. I'm not surprised. I think this is why she is so obsessive about mentioning her family legacy. I don't think she was referring simply to criticisms of Bloomberg, but the field in general.
  24. I thought Joy and Whoopi both had good points, personally. Whoopi's right that the majority of the candidates were more interested in going after Bloomberg than talking about the issues and making a case for themselves. I laughed when she brought up Elizabeth's DNA test, since it barely gets a mention anymore. Joy's correct that every person up there has an "issue" in their past. There's nobody that can pass these impossible standards that are being set, where microscopic problems are made into huge controversies. Anyway, McCain's agenda of the day is always so blatant. She thought she'd finished everyone during the Warren interview by taking potshots at "The Media" (which she apparently thinks is Joy and Whoopi, not her) for supposedly pushing Bloomberg just because they don't agree with her on every single thing. She was practically in tears over the fact that Joy said he would be better up against Trump. LOL
  25. Paula and Jedidiah definitely didn't back down. Whoopi just hated them and that's why they're not there anymore. I think it's funny... Probably more so since McCain joined the table, because it sounds like she's mocking her. Her British lady voice is funnier though. I thought today was pretty dull actually. Whoopi was the best one during the AOC interview because she didn't allow AOC to deflect from the questions--although AOC tried it. I laughed when Joy called AOC a trigger considering we know she's referring to how McCain's acted on this show. Unfortunately, it cued McCain to elevate herself as a trigger likewise, lmao. Like she holds real power in the world from her cushy seat on The View or something. EDIT: Ugh, I don't know why quotes keep repeating themselves at the bottom of my posts.
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