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  1. These aren't her exact words, but it was about how horrible people on TV who act the most poorly unfortunately getting rewarded for their bad behavior.
  2. ^ Yeah, MM’s comments seemed like they were being aimed at Nicolle, Abby, Sara, etc. who she considers “fake,” simply because manners and class are not among her own skillset. So I laughed my ass off when Sunny then shaded her right after. You could see McCain's expression that she knew it was about her, too... Besides, MM is clearly the fakest person who’s ever been on this show. Nothing she says ever feels genuine, but something pre-written by her husband as a counter to Joy or Sunny, or else it's a preplanned mention of her baby, her dad, etc. etc. in an attempt to make people care about her or feel sorry for her. The only reason she’s lasted this long despite that is because of her last name. I was too busy to post the rest of the week, but about yesterday's show... McCain clearly comes onto this show every day already pressed over Joy. She's completely obsessed with the woman. For someone with a baby on the way, she really seems like she doesn't have a life outside this show. So did she mean that Trump is inaccurate considering Joy only quoted something Trump said in the first place? And McCain's unintentional fact-check of Trump happened in a rage spiel that was all intended to say Trump should never ever be fact-checked. LOL What a buffoon. But I thought Whoopi ended the segment well regardless when she mocked McCain's idiocy that Twitter might start fact-checking random teenagers lying to their parents about their whereabouts. That's so stupid it's hard to believe someone actually said it.
  3. No thanks. Sunny and Ana are the only other co-hosts I like on this show.
  4. Well, I wanted to see Yvette, but as soon as I saw Joy wasn't there, I turned it off. It's sad that Friday's used to be when Joy moderated, and Ana co-hosted, and now neither are even on. What a trainwreck.
  5. It amazes me that Whoopi can find an insult in a compliment when it comes from Sunny. Sunny bends over backwards trying to get along with her, and that's keeping in mind all the dumb things we know Sunny knows Whoopi says on a daily basis. Meanwhile look at how McCain speaks to Joy with undisguised (and feral) hatred, and Whoopi doesn't bat an eyelash about it. I think that's kind of shitty of Whoopi, tbh, not that I have a great opinion of her since the season Rosie O'Donnell was on the panel with her. I guess if it was me and I was friends with someone, as she says she's a close friend with Joy, no way could I sit there while someone talks that way to them and not shut that mess down real quick. I don't think I could contain myself if that was being done to someone I barely even knew really. I'm sure TPTB have probably scared them all off from going up against McCain, and yet Whoopi has never shied away from running people off this show before who did nothing like that in comparison. Sunny's a better friend to Joy, imo. You can tell whenever McCain does it that the next thing Sunny says, you can hear in her voice that she is ready to throw down.
  6. Same. I was really looking forward to her, and we got Chuck Schumer instead.
  7. Her speaking on that topic is such a So What, Who Cares moment. We know Mean Girl McCain would be the first to attack someone's weight and appearance if she wasn't a hefty girl herself. We know, because she's been vile and disgusting in every other possible way since she's joined this show.
  8. Like Sunny said, he was being investigated until McCain's party put a stop to the investigation. Sunny was right overall that it's always been about listening to women, recommending it to be investigated and looked into / corroborated when possible--not simply believing something on pure faith.
  9. I loved how Joy just started laughing at the guest. Why do they invite lunatics like this on the show?
  10. Well, no doubt she benefitted from all the other guys dividing the WGWG vote between one another. If it had been a 1 on 1 match like in the old days, we would have never seen a woman win the show again post-Candice.
  11. Poor Messy can't stand not going last and getting to rebut what everyone says. She always wants the last word, well, sorry--fair is fair. I'm glad Whoopi just went to commercial because it was WHOOPI's turn to talk, the others already had their turn. I loved what Joy and Sunny both said re:her Culture War BS. I guess she thinks there are no such thing as working class people who are liberal. And funnily enough, every co-host on this show has been poor at one time--except for Rich Bitch McCain, who grew up on a silver spoon.
  12. I'm happy for Sam. Although Jonny West would've been my overall preference, I can't NOT be happy to see a woman win this show, seeing as it happens so seldom. Arthur and Dillon were both cute, but I didn't really care for their music, tbh. I thought Dillon would win for sure. Overall, I think the revival is much better than the last years on FOX. Loved Maddie Poppe, and like Laine Hardy and Sam. At least I don't dislike any of them, whereas I hated all the winners but Candice from season 9 through 15.
  13. Plus, Joy had not agreed to come back at that point. Joy didn't sign the dotted line until the very last moment, so I think they planned to keep Michelle to fill the void if Joy didn't come back. With Joy there, she was kind of pointless and was always stepping into Joy's punchlines, from what I remember. It took Michelle a very long time to get comfortable on the show, probably not helped by Raven and Whoopi being the only people you're conversing with everyday... Both of them are spoiled and more than a little gross. It was only a month or two after I finally started to like Michelle that she got fired. Admittedly, she brought a different perspective than they've had on this show, being both Jewish and a single woman. I'm not sure I'll even watch this, tbh. I didn't watch Star's show and I'd hazard a guess that was better than this will be.
  14. I enjoyed there being only three people today. Joy could actually speak for once instead of getting what feels like a 60-second blurb.
  15. I watched the first half hour even though Joy wasn't there because it was nice to see Sara again. I like this new Sara, she's got backbone without ever being hateful or raising her voice. You can tell McCain hates her (but who doesn't she hate, really?). Sara made her comments about Fauci not being a political figure like Rand Paul right after McCain tried to attack and discredit him, and you could see via camera that McCain was huffing and puffing.
  16. Other than Christie, I think they have a strong guest list this week. And Joy knocked Christie last week on the show even though he’s a fellow ABC employee these days, so hopefully she does that to his face. I’m glad Joy was able to see her daughter and grandson for Mother’s Day. I think she’s said she’s been separated from them throughout the pandemic thus far. I was happy that she defended Cuomo against McCain’s latest lie / smear attempt. Meghan thinks people have been making fun of her for not looking her best during the pandemic... Uh, no, people have just been making fun of the dumb Where’s Waldo glasses that look two sizes too large for her head. She wants so desperately to be a Victim! Somebody should just brand a V across her chest.
  17. Now they’re going to commercial only six minutes after they’ve come on. Jeez.
  18. Who knows. Cows probably would be a big challenge for Hunter Time Messy, just going by how inept she is as a "pundint" and talkshow host even after three years of experience at this.
  19. And I forgot to say, as far as McCain's baby weight--PUHlease! Being overweight is the least of the world's issues with you. She is so absurd.
  20. I appreciated The View giving attention to the counter-protesters (the nurses in masks standing peacefully and silently). I hadn't even heard about that until seeing today's show, so it was nice to hear about. This show was also the first time I'd seen the new press secretary as well. I had read about the Ahmad Arbery story already though. So sad and horrifying. Does anyone else think the opening segments have been inexplicably shortened since they started doing this show remotely? The show used to be on for the first 15-17 minutes before going to the first commercial break, and then all the segments after that were around 5 minutes long. Now it's like they're going to commercial already after 10 minutes... No wonder Whoopi doesn't get to give her opinion until they come back from commercial all the time now. And I really don't blame her for making sure she gives her two cents on the previous topic when they come back before moving on.
  21. Another good show today even with McCain there. While the co-hosts being remote has come with its annoyances, the one good thing is it's put an end to McCain's attempt at screaming over top of everyone so they can't be heard and the interruptions. She tried it today when Whoopi was trying to have her turn to speak, but nobody was able to be heard and she finally gave up. I loved that. <3 I thought Joy had the best comments today, but I did like how Sunny addressed the China deflection on the Coronavirus topic.
  22. Great show today without Messy. I was definitely feeling Sunny's anger over the armed protesters. It's too bad Whoopi gets all pissy every time Joy tries to speak. Joy ends up starting to speak and then stopping even more because she wants to be deferential to Whoopi, so there ends up being even more times where there's silence. lol
  23. The chemistry of the co-hosts used to be the main ingredient of this show, but there has been no chemistry since they allowed the baby to get away treating everyone there like garbage with no consequences. People can't just act the same after that. None of the other women have any f***s left to give and it shows onscreen 24/7 now.
  24. I think they've all questioned stories on this show before... From what I remember, Joy never did "fall in line" when it came to the Al Franken accusation, although she supported others like those that accused Harvey Weinstein. And they all dismissed the Aziz Ansari story. I don't think any of them have said believe women even when they're contradicting themselves...
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