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  1. I think he is gay and he bleaches his hair.
  2. she is a republican - what do you expect her to say??????
  3. No she didn't. She gave notice that she will not be turning this fall. She is very talented and has job offers.
  4. She just waits for a chance to throw something into the conversation to muddy up the election for the Republicans. I'll bet she and her husband have a slew of one-liners prepared for her to throw out.
  5. Why did Megan bother coming back....why didn't she just quit???? she is such an unpleasant person.......
  6. I wonder if she really wrote it - if she did, wouldn't she know the name of it?????
  7. I have a B.S. degree in microbiology and mw is an idiot who shouldn't be running for dogcatcher. It makes me very sad that people who have no medical knowledge are running their mouths off on stuff they know nothing about.
  8. It depends on who is "counting" the crowd. If the Trump people are counting, the number of people could be closer to 3,000!
  9. No - but it was probably the only book title she could remember
  10. Can somebody tweet this to Meh-Gun? and at the same time, tell her that Arizona in not in the middle of the country!
  11. Lately I have been falling sleep while watching the show - today included. Finally decided Meghan is one of the reasons. Between her squeaky and screaming voice, she says nothing of interest to me.
  12. He played a gay man in a movie with Timothee Chalomet and is absolutely gorgeous. Wish I could remember the name of the movie.
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