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  1. Exactly what I was thinking....except for Jax and Brenda because I wasn't watching back then and don't know anything about that relationship. BUT, I think seeing Carly end up without Sonny and Jason would be great.
  2. Agree about Imran. He's become one of my favorite characters and I hate what the writers are doing to him. Think this will be the end for him and Toya.
  3. I have a feeling that Esme doesn't come from a family with money. Did Spencer ever say where or when he met her? How long were they together before he started the stalking. Esme seems too invested in making Ava and Nicholas break up. For what reason? Is it the money or because she was sent there to instigate the stalking?
  4. I spent most of 2020 watching ATWT on You Tube. Started around 1987 and I think I was watching up to the fall of 2001 when I stopped. It was at a point where the storylines were dragging and with the holidays approaching, I took a break and have yet to go back. You can really tell the difference after Marland was gone. ATWT was at its best in the 80s/90s.
  5. I think Toni Braxton agreed to do the show only if she would be on a certain amount of episodes Likely due to her medical concerns. She was too good to be voted off so soon. Cannot imagine trying to sing with a mask on, let alone with another huge one on your head.
  6. Is Ms. Wu related to Brad? I seem to remember his family was somehow connected to the mob.
  7. I know what you mean. I'm so fearful my Dr. will want to give me that test and I KNOW I will not remember them. I was actually surprised that Doug came through the test OK. Until he didn't. LOL.
  8. Neither Corrie or Emmerdale are up for this week. I've been trying to figure who's to blame...Britbox or Amazon. So from what I'm reading here, it's an Amazon issue.
  9. I think when Sonny comes back to the bar, Nina won't be there because Peter kidnaps her (probably in retaliation to get info out of her since the lead she gave him was a lie). Sonny will think Jax took her and will head to Port Charles to find Nina.
  10. I wish Britbox would get it's act together. Monday only Part 2 was available...which when Part 1 showed up on Tuesday, it was really Part 1. Wonder if we'll ever get Part 2. Seems like Britbox often orgets to load shows for Emmerdale and EastEnders as well.
  11. Not sure if they'll take Sasha out, though they may put her in a coma for a couple of months while Sophia is on maternity leave. Brando may take a hit too if he tries to jump in front of Sasha to protect her. I do think the baby is a goner.
  12. I love this. Truer words have not been spoken.
  13. Kelly isn't blameless, but I guess the fact that she's on trial for Seb's murder and facing serious jail time is what is driving this "sympathy" thing (since we know she is not responsible for his death). I remember Simon and Kelly had set up a date and he did not show. Not sure why...maybe the drug mess he was involved in or something to do with Peter. Simon had a lot going on at the time. Anyway, Kelly was quite angry about it.
  14. I've seen speculation that Esme could be working for Ryan. Perhaps even be his daughter. I definitely got the feeling today that they've already met in one way or another
  15. I feel so bad for the actor playing Tripp. I really think he could be a good "good guy" (because we do need one or two on a soap), but they have paired him with an absolute drip. Is it the actress or the character? I just don't care for Allie because she's just not interesting.
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