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  1. Id still argue that the kingdom is more corruptible than before as its now gonna be easy to buy influence if one wants to be king. And we already see corruption starting with Bronn as master of coin for no other reason than Tyrion owes him a favor. I don't imagine if D and D did that on purpose but gj if they did. Probably should've made Yara master of ships and Davos master of laws. Whether its the king after Bran or the King after that one, one of these kings is just going to go lol, no, it's back to hereditary and the wheel will be rebuilt. It makes no sense to grant the North inde
  2. Im assuming nothing. The brothels were previously run by Littlefinger, Littlefinger had no heirs, pretty obvious where they revert to. Fine, since you insist. From everything we've seen on the show, she was clearly in love with him. Since you refuse to believe that she was a naïve young girl taken advantage of by a predatory older man feasting on her beauty, then she was a narcissistic bitch who ran away with a married father of two that didn't care about the consequences of her actions. Does that make her actions better because she was in control of them ?
  3. She wasn't thinking. Even from the best reading, she barely knew the dude and ran off with him knowing the consequences so it can either be chalked up to youthful naivete, narcissism or stupidly believing in a prophecy told to her by a guy she just met. There was no good reason regardless. They're talking about bringing back Brothels, so I assume its government run. Also doubles as a way to have that honeycomb call back.
  4. She was engaged to Robert on the show, even if they didn't make it obvious, they did imply she wasn't particularly happy about it. I tend to give Lyanna a break in regards to her running off with a married man being that she was so young when this all happened and susceptible to someone like Rhaegar. They tend to be government run and if not there tends to be some form of government payment for them to look the other way.
  5. While being a nice bit of trivia, still no reason for Arya to be there. Matter of fact it would've made more sense for Arya to be at winterfell, to allow Bran and Sansa to travel to kings landing. There are no lawyers here, Davos shouldn't have been there either. And Bronn should've been there instead of Sam but I'll chalk that up to Sam representing Bronn. I get that they needed that final goodbye between the starks which is why they were all there, but they definitely could've handled that better.
  6. Lyanna was a young girl stuck in a loveless betrothal, Rhaegar offered her a way out. Because Brothels make a lot of money for the city
  7. Bran was there cuz he sensed that he had to be there. No idea why Arya was there other than to make "a cool threat" to Yara. No need for Davos either really. I do like that Bran said if you gonna make me rule this shit hole than you're gonna do all the work. While I go um look for that dragon.
  8. Still changed nothing other than Jon surviving. Also, who was watching over Winterfell? Did both Arya and Sansa have to be at that meeting?
  9. To be fair it was either be lord commander or be Sansa's guard in winterfell. This was a promotion for her.
  10. Basically the only thing it meant was that Sansa was able to use that information to cause turmoil in Danys inner circle. It literally did nothing else. He didn't even come close to the throne
  11. So Sansa's qitn and shes going to lose that in about a year. They barely respected her with Jon there, I can't imagine they'll do so when she doesn't even have protection of the crown anymore. You put a mercenary as your master of coin. Yea I don't see how that's gonna go off the rails. Jaimes knight guard entry being lengthened was the only thing I called, even if it wasn't Brienne I saw doing it. So Aryas entire arc was to kill the night king. That's it, nothing else apparently. Tyrion being kingsmaker was weird as hell, though I didn't hate the fact that being hand is mo
  12. kinda crazy that the most intriguing part of this season was something that's probably not going to happen in the way we described from a usually reliable spoiler.
  13. Cuz they're more attached to the spectacle and less to the emotional cost. Probs wouldn't have really worked anyway with the lack of light. Would've loved to have seen wight summer
  14. To be fair, what hinted me off on Dany's madness was her almost orgasmic reaction to fire. Its always been there just , her heel turn came out of nowhere. Crazy thing is they had to be convinced to add on another season. This was originally planned to be six then seven seasons before HBO convinced them.
  15. People I listen to/ read aren't even mad at the actors, they mad at d and d. Now d and d have to please a pissed off star wars fan base, good luck with all that. Problem is that George's ending wasn't the story they were telling, so why not change the ending if it didn't fit? I don't imagine George would've put up too much of a fuss. Bran don't make sense as king cuz it wasn't built up, Dany being the mad queen makes no sense, cuz it wasn't built up despite having multiple opportunities to. Tyrion and Arya have made little to no movement since earlier seasons and while Sansa and Jon's
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