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  1. The show likes to tease that there are A-listers under there, (Lion is Brittany Spears!!?!) but there never will be. Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't need this. Weird Al might do it as a lark, but even he as a B+ (?) is unlikely.
  2. I have to question this, Alyson is definitely not a singer. Her lines in OMWF were basically spoken word. She begged Joss for fewer lines. There are others from that show who would be better. Amber Benson can sing, and probably has time... most of the cast is probably too obscure.
  3. maybe they gave bev the deed to keep it from the bankruptcy investigators or something.
  4. this morning the site had my dark theme. this afternoon it is no longer an option in the footer settings.
  5. I thought it was water pods of some kind.
  6. It's possible Leon or Nancy gave their share to Bev? For some reason? If they owned the land, it's more surprising they went under. Most restaurants have rent issues, when property values go up. Re Andy: I was fully expecting someone to mention, during becky's pregnancy/birth/hospital, how overboard Jackie was being, and how she was compensating for loss.
  7. Mark appeared to be David Bowie a la Ziggy Stardust.
  8. andipandi


    Could be kind of cool to have Scottie and NotKatarina duke it out, after Scottie rescues Agnes when NotKatarina kidnaps her in 2 episodes. #TeamScottie.
  9. It's interesting that she ended with the old school version where Little Red gets eaten by the wolf, not rescued by the woodsman. Nowadays fairy tales are sanitized so even the woodsman version is considered violent. Seriously, they changed the lyrics to "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly" and "It's raining it's pouring". This lady can't be katarina. I know time can change people and harden them (see next ep) but...
  10. andipandi


    When cooper got the bloody shirt to do the DNA test, it was because he remembered being in a shootout with the original red before the fall, right? So there have been references to red's past military service before. They could have served together without being in the same unit going to the same bars. If this is katarina, she doesn't jive with young katarina at all. Too harsh and unsympathetic. So many henchmen's lives could be saved if they would just all be straight with each other!
  11. Thank you, I've been scouring my DVR for new episodes. Guess I'll wait for midseason...
  12. Rassvet was Dom's code name. Liz had already visited him before. I was really worried Red was going to shoot him. Young not!Red did a great job. I thought a sibling made sense, but that theory is debunked, unless, you know, lannisters. I think he turned himself into a monster for Katarina though. The blood that Harold got from the old shirt in the old shootout with Reddington, that was pre-swap? Cuz that blood was a match to Liz.
  13. I liked Samar but didn't like them together. Aram should not have been angry with Red.
  14. I am enjoying Prison LIfe Red. It's good for the show to shake up the dynamic somewhat, although I don't think Liz should have ratted him out. The sister is headed for a mental break.
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