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  1. andipandi

    S03.E25: Boo Normal; Once Upon a Time

    Coming off S3 binge, and even after the excellent finale, I enjoyed these two episodes. I could imagine them happening mid S3 though, but the idea that OUAT was a possible "alterna-reboot" for S4 was clever. Having an episode without Pierce or a love triangle was a relief. The characters seemed like themselves, and not having to tie into a convoluted plot (is pierce good or bad this week) let the writers have some fun. Lucifer was yes, hot. These were fun. I do admit to being slightly disappointed that the Ghost was Azrael, but it's ok. I hope she appears again. We need more angels.
  2. In the S4 Eve episode Lucifer ogles the middle eastern gangster in a speedo, so there's that. I definitely get the Castle vibe (s3 manchild arc included), they out and out meta'd Bones... but I also get a Remington Steele vibe. Charming flirty man who doesn't know much about detecting, assisting capable down to earth detective, taking credit, not following rules, and being over the top? All we need is movie references and a trip to Ireland. (no, wait, I take that back.)
  3. andipandi

    S04.E02: Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno

    Could be worse, the baby could be kidnapped at birth and taken to a hell dimension to be raised by religious fanatics, grow up instantly and then make a whole bunch of dumb choices and then things get weird *cough Angel cough*.
  4. andipandi

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    I'm very pleased with the direction also. Like some characters were reset - Maze especially. I enjoyed the 2 extra episodes (don't see threads?) more than many of S3. Loving Lucifer openly using his powers. I get that someone had to be angry with Lucifer, so it made sense to be Dan... I did like their partnership in past episodes so hope it can be redeemed. Dan rolling to the dark side being a bad cop... makes for good fight scenes but worries me.
  5. andipandi

    S03.E21: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

    absolutely. I am binging also but season 3 is like a rollercoaster. Some good eps, but some where the plot seems recycled. It's reminding me of later Remington Steele even, trying so hard to keep the couple apart with plot bricks that change character behavior, retcon the past, ignore the canon. When they introduced Pierce as this great amazing lieutenant, obvious he was going to be the Big Bad. Then he was the Sinnerman. Then he wanted Lucifer to kill him. Then he was in love with Chloe. Then he gave her up. Now he's the Sinnerman again? It's like they couldn't make up their minds and put all the plot ideas into a mixer. Maze too. I give German and Ellis all the credit for acting with their eyes, that dinner scene, because I did like that, but all the mopey pathetic Lucifer just no. Why can't Chloe tell Lucifer she cares about him, without him saying it first?
  6. andipandi

    S03.E18: The Last Heartbreak

    I can't believe that no one in all these months has called amy and said "hey, charlotte survived mom, heads up." This is just anvilicious plot contrivance to have Charlotte learn about angels and swords and could have been handled much better. I did enjoy some of the romantic bits and Lucifer learning to overcome jealousy. Maze needs to get over herself.
  7. andipandi

    S03.E17: Let Pinhead Sing

    I'm ok with lucifer being in love with chloe, if it gives him more emotional growth... but not ok with the domestication that makes him a doormat. A boring unsexy doormat. Still, some good messages about consent and who has a say in who other people love, going on in all the plots. If Chloe and pierce continue to date, lucifer should also.
  8. andipandi

    S02.E10: Quid Pro Ho

    late to the party doing a binge via netflix... kudos to this episode for the courtroom scenes and really selling the personality growth of Lucifer. I was, like many people, dismayed to find season 2 lucifer a bit more boring/tamed since season 1... I missed the rowr. However, the "homeless magician" episode which showed him spiraling - drinking, kissing, trying to forget killing uriel... despite Tom Ellis pulling of that look, the desperate pain was totally not sexy but instead moving. After that I was willing to accept the personality growth. The acting sells it. Normally, I dislike obvious/forced UST but the kiss at the end here, seems very genuine, and rowr, in a totally different way. Oof. I predict a slow roll from here of course, but if the story sells it, it won't seem like pandering.
  9. andipandi

    S02.E02: Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire

    trixie to her doll: If thine right eye offend thee, pluck it out... The whole verse from matthew is interestingly about belief in god:
  10. andipandi

    Good Omens

    I think Tennant was channeling Bill Nighy, Keith Richards, and pure sex appeal.
  11. andipandi

    Lucifer: Devilishly Debonair

    Just started watching this show. Lucifer is a snack. A tasty tasty snack. It's not just visual, it's delivery. Rowr.
  12. andipandi


    My impression also, he wanted nothing to do with God now that he was at death's door.
  13. andipandi

    Good Omens

    In the book, they transcribe The Book into notecards to try to place them in order. The prophecies are random and don't make sense out of order. I think burning the sequel effectively prevents a season 2. Pratchett and Gaiman never wrote a sequel I think purposefully, and if they didn't do it in the last 30 years, I don't think Gaiman would do it on his own, out of respect for Pratchett.
  14. andipandi

    Good Omens

    book reader, long time fan, watched 2 eps and am loving it. There are few quibbles - nothing important was left out or changed drastically, I think the voiceover works well but I was surprised they went american on God. I didn't love Anathema's big round glasses, they looked non-functional and plain specs would have done. Aziraphale and Crowley are pretty near perfect.
  15. andipandi

    S10.E02: Archer: 1999 -- Happy Borthday

    If they are really going for the firefly courtesan reference, Ray could have rescued them by claiming everyone is his servant, or display his knowledge of bow and arrow and pick off the enemy, or as the ship is overrun, look longingly and conflictedly at some poison.