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  1. For those saying it wouldn't be that easy for Emilio to just come back once they're married, they said in the ep that Becky would have to move to Mexico for a few years for it to possibly work. Which is just... for someone you don't love... yike.
  2. this is good news. Really brightened my day. Might just break out the dvds!
  3. I feel like I can hear the original Roseanne telling the kids not to trade their lunch money for magic beans!
  4. I liked a lot here. I didn't sense that Dan wanted to be angry at Ed Jr just was staying away to prevent being a jerk to him. Hopefully the car was now a derelict clunker, but even so I would have sold it for scrap not blown it up.
  5. Grace should never agreed to it without knowing what Cuban actually did to Nick. Petty stuff like outbidding for a basketball team ruining her business? 🙄 And of course she should have told Frankie and strategized better. Maybe play the sharks off each other more.
  6. The fact that white tiger is still in this after chaka khan and drew carey were outed is some kind of ridiculous. He's not even trying to sing, and the judges noted it ("you are trying all the notes, even the wrong ones"). He's just playing up his dance moves. I would have loved to hear what Drew would do next.
  7. in a way brianna's spidey sense for bullshit helped her sister... but who knew he'd flip out that much? It was uncomfortable to watch. Seemed like not the same character even.
  8. There aren't many good endings to tv shows, but I'd say this was fulfilling, and sweet, and not dragged out too long. Could it have ended last episode? Maybe. But I enjoyed the after afterlife. Did we ever see where Mindy ended up after she was convinced to try?
  9. I don't believe llama is Drew Carey, or Howard Stern. There was a 60s feeling in the clue package, plus the glasses etc, that makes me think older. Unless there is a 60s movie reference? We've already had Tommy Chong.
  10. As a parent with a kid just applying to colleges, there is a FAFSA form for financial aid that all colleges use, and some colleges have their own system. It can be linked to your taxes. Darlene in the fall should have done her FAFSA, and CSS, and college board, and.... agh I have FAFSA PTSD. Wonder if Harris declares herself independent, she might do even better. College board also has a site that lists all the scholarships you can apply to, but it's overwhelming.
  11. Glad to have new Who; I love the companion mix; but a lot of things felt rushed or weird to me and my fam: MI6 acting like aliens were strange/distasteful/beneath them, at this point, was odd. The whole world knows about aliens after Downing Street/daleks/etc. If you're not going to fund Unit or Torchwood, then deal with it. Also get bulletproof glass. Waste of Stephen Fry. I was spoiled that there would be some master reveal, and saw it coming; Compared to the subtle dance that the missy intro was, this felt off. The doctor should have reacted differently, based on how it ended wit
  12. The show likes to tease that there are A-listers under there, (Lion is Brittany Spears!!?!) but there never will be. Michelle Pfeiffer doesn't need this. Weird Al might do it as a lark, but even he as a B+ (?) is unlikely.
  13. I have to question this, Alyson is definitely not a singer. Her lines in OMWF were basically spoken word. She begged Joss for fewer lines. There are others from that show who would be better. Amber Benson can sing, and probably has time... most of the cast is probably too obscure.
  14. maybe they gave bev the deed to keep it from the bankruptcy investigators or something.
  15. this morning the site had my dark theme. this afternoon it is no longer an option in the footer settings.
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