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  1. Teaser released. Read on AV Club that it will be an August release. Also Elizabeth Debicki’s character has been recast and played by The Dag.
  2. Yes. I was chafing at it as lukewarm Trek plot, but by then end I settled into and embraced it. But, man does Sutra (eyeroll) totally rock the Studio 54 Halston jumpsuit and Cher hair. Was expecting to see her in some shots with Andy Warhol.
  3. I'll will fess up as a middle age white man that may watch too much Dark, Serious and Important shows, but I've really enjoyed the first two episodes. The actresses in this were outstanding, and I was rooting for them. The plot, while a bit tropey, I didn't mind. The ending, while a bit head scratching, made me happy. This episode was good for my soul.
  4. Andy was killed and the car rolled forward. His initial idea was to leave to an area he could get a cell signal. The goal of the plausible story was to get Terry’s name cleared as much as to not look like kooks. This plays out more or less similarly in the book.
  5. Will answer book question generally: Having Holly scratched at the end was a tropey tweak, but nothing would happen to her since El Cuco is dead. On the whole, I really enjoyed the series and hope they have another based on Ms. Erivo’s Holly.
  6. Allow myself to quote myself, but I wonder if at the end we find that Glory killed this boy to create doubt for Terry. And no one knows. I doubt it, but would be a neat turn to my demented self.
  7. Am rewatching it now, and I agree. I think that when all is said and done, Terry Maitland will be exonerated, and this murderer will be tagged for Frankie Peterson's.
  8. He got Alec. Should have listened to the pennies.
  9. When Creature-Claude was describing the pre-historic bears sharpening their claws on the roof of the cave, I was wondering if he knew their size because he’s lived that long and seen them. Perhaps fed along side them Current access to cameras and technology hasn’t hindered El Cuco, the NYC bartender was also filmed by her cousin as as alibi, but that didn’t help her. It was accepting the possibility of El Cuco that is its apparent downfall. Book spoiler:
  10. Will answer this generally. If you want more detail, I can answer in the book v show thread: she is just as peripheral. Perhaps more so.
  11. I can't ever. I rarely turn my head and close my eyes to something on TV (even last week's Roger Stone sartorial montage), but I just..couldn't...watch it.
  12. The festival and thwarted child napping is a show creation.
  13. You put it very succinctly what I was thinking. I really am enjoying watching all of the perspectives. Holly is the most logical and cop-like. Yune believes more, but him following the bar manager make sense if you follow the facts. Ralph is just staring at drawings that are obviously related but can't make the leap. This is really well done. I liked the Andrews Sisters, Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar, reference when Jacks's mom was punching him. That scene really veered into Stephen King-land, and the song reference follows old-school pop culture references in his books. One thing I'll handwave: 28 days murder cycle is too tight not to be discovered nationally. These a gruesome murders in crazy cases (one in NYC), and they couldn’t have NOT been noticed on a national level. I've read the book, and I really enjoyed it as a book. Price, et al, have pushed it out to a 10 episode series that, thus far, makes great TV in keeping the book's tone and style. Really good examples of each media form.
  14. 10 minutes into watching this episode, and I never want to hear him referred to as “JL” again.
  15. Due to the Super Bowl, this episode is streaming early. It’s on HBO Go now. https://consequenceofsound.net/2020/01/hbo-new-episodes-curb-the-outsider-avenue-5/
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