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  1. He also figured Homelander was outside looking for him so he might have been overconfident at that time. He did read Hughie as someone who could be manipulated. Hughie was that person up to a few moment before the big pop. Emma Frost with diamond skin is another. Translucent's skin is also similar to Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist (minus the invisible part)
  2. Nice insight on Translucent. According to him, his superpower was observation, not invisibility or diamond skin
  3. This is a great show. Very strong 1st episode. Some amount of gore, which was "realistic" given the dark comedy tone.
  4. Agreed with this. The overabundance of remakes is one of the reasons I do not watch that much TV anymore.
  5. They all say that is a weird hyperbole or "you invest too much on a show" until the TPTB start remaking TV shows / movies they love and/or grow up with 😄 😄 😄
  6. Last show I watched from beginning to end was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Prime. It took a couple of weeks to watch 64x 25 minutes episodes since I could only watch 3-4 episodes per night. I am definitely a lightweight 😄
  7. Binging the whole season (of whatever show) in 1 seating is bad for your health, not to mention relationships. Sadly a lot of people at work disagree 😞
  8. Seriously, what the F*** is wrong with people ??? She is SEVEN !!!! Lexi Rabe: 7-year-old Avengers actress says 'please don't bully me'
  9. IIRC 1st season was good. But once they added a baby it just fell apart for me.
  10. They should have killed a John every other episode to make a whodunit subplot
  11. All of the time travel related plot holes in Endgame are the main reasons why I think Inifnity War is a superior movie compared to Endgame
  12. Dollhouse would have been much better show had they cut 90% of the pointless episodic missions and focused on the futuristic tech and shady underground organization. IIRC both season finales were great
  13. Yep, training for these agents is expensive and time consuming. They should be trained to operate multiple vehicles to increase their chance of escaping any dire situation. Consider this: Bad guy: You could have stole 1 of my cars to escape Mr. Bond 007: Who still drive the &^$^%# stick in 2019? DAMN YOU !!!
  14. Flying them is 1 thing, doing all sorts of advanced flying maneuvers just after 2 minutes of using alien tech is quite another
  15. Was he much stronger? In the beginning of Infinity War, he easily defeated the Hulk without using the 1 Infinity Gem he had. ETA: I would have loved to see Steve meeting ghost!Red Skull as he was returning the Soul Stone
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