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  1. Following this, because I hope to one day write a show kind of like the Witcher.
  2. That's the thing that disappointed me. A mystery, when it's anything other than played 100% straight, is basically not a mystery at all. It was one of the reasons I couldn't take Scream Queens seriously as a mystery show to be solved.
  3. Yeah, they try to gloss over Aaron's actions in LitB by saying that the homeowner in that house nearby was unavailable. I've been listening to a podcast recently that sort of brought it home for me, because in a sense I don't think we're supposed to get stuck in the details of the trial itself (since they're all so poorly researched). I think emotionally we're supposed to be sad but unsurprised that a rich movie star accused of murder and statutory rape beats the charge, and the specific vehicle getting us there is less important. Aaron was never going to pay for his crime in the legal manner.
  4. Erica as well, which is funny because she also plays Allura, Supergirl's mother (and theoretically her aunt Astra, additionally). So that's going to be quite the reunion.
  5. Wow, I made a huge mistake waiting so long to watch this. I fell behind this season and figured I'd catch it on Netflix, but then found out that it would only be up in like November, so I knew I couldn't wait that long. So I planned to use...other means of seeing the last three episodes. But then I saw elsewhere that someone was feeling as if they had been queerbaited "just like in The Magicians" and I realized: someone died. The sadness expressed in the post I saw convinced me it had to be death, and so I tried to prepare myself for them to kill Elliot. I wasn't happy about it and it seemed like a waste, but it seemed like it was basically confirmed. Then I caught the episode where QnA get back together and had to laugh at myself. Lol, I was jumping to conclusions. I was overreacting, overthinking. I was hearing hoofbeats and thinking zebras. TBH, I was a little surprised that the person's post I'd seen was so bitter about the ending just because they weren't together for the time being, but they'd still be in each other's lives once Quentin saved Elliot. Then I watched the finale. I don't think I've ever felt so gutted by a character death. Live-action TV, anime, book reading, video games. All of them contained shocking deaths, and yet the one that hit the hardest was this poor, self-conscious, anxious and depressed young man who started the series institutionalized for an attempt and ended it dying to stop someone who wasn't even the final boss. And the moment he showed up in Penny's office I knew he was going to ask if the culprit was his mental health, and I knew they were going to butcher the answer. Quentin Coldwater died by suicide. I'm sorry to anyone who wanted Quelliot; I did too. But apparently the story they wanted to write was one where this guy who always tried to do what was right, even if he didn't always understand how or why, even if he was supremely outclassed by all his enemies and the people who wanted to see him fail, decided his life wasn't inherently worth enough, and then had it reinforced by the narrative. So I probably won't be back TBH, and it'll be hard for me to watch another Sera Gamble show. Heck, it makes me want to stop writing, even, because after a glance at Twitter, I would never want to inadvertently hurt people the way that she has. From what I've read, Jason is doing great work fighting homelessness now, and I wish him the best. I hope that the show is still enjoyable for the people who will continue into S5. I don't want it to be poisoned like it is for me. But it is poisoned for me, and I just don't know. Maybe I'll give it an episode--I know people have theories regarding the Dark Lord in Fillory--but I don't think I have it in me to really engage with it anymore.
  6. Yeah, I don't see why Sansa has to have Bran-level foresight to be justified in disliking Daenerys, as if the default should just be that they be besties. Dany had goals that were in opposition to Sansa's goals. They weren't friends, they had two enemies in common, but they certainly didn't want the other to get what they wanted. Why should Sansa's desire for an independent North be less legitimate than Dany's desire to bring all 7 kingdoms under her rule?
  7. Regarding the speech: Jon reacted in very much the way I'd expect someone who doesn't understand the language but hears the tone and a recognizable word or two to react.
  8. Inverse ninja law, but for dragons? I like it.
  9. Positivity post: for all the talk of Kit's limited acting, I could see him physically thinking "ugh, Sansa, why" when Varys approached him. And to Jon's credit, he did not vocalize this. It was a moment that he could have said something dumb and didn't; I could even see him working out the chain of actors (if Varys is talking about this to me, then the person who talked had to have been Sansa). But identifying her in the moment would have been foolish, so I'm glad he didn't do it.
  10. Didn't he? He got it all jumbled and out of order, but I thought there was a sequence where he sees Drogon over KL intercut with Aerys yelling "burn them all!"
  11. I think the quotes by EB are pretty dispositive. What is Varys talking about "trying again" if it's thwarted by Dany refusing to eat? Edit: looks like you already saw lol, I'll go back to shutting up
  12. She also flew higher in the sky and came down from basically on top of them, so as to obscure her descent with the brightness of the sun.
  13. So I pretty much expected basically this, though it didn't go exactly as I predicted and I was mildly worried that Jaime was going to choke Cersei. Glad to see that answer (whatever it may be) will have to wait for the book series. The only character I didn't want to die that I thought might die was Arya, and I spent the last half hour not breathing. There were maybe 15 times in that sequence that I thought she had died, but the only thing stronger than plot armor is Parris armor, lol. I do think I was expecting Dany to be the final boss a bit more readily than most others here, though, so I don't think I was as disappointed by that turn of events as others seem to have been. What was the final count for this ep? I've got Jaime/Cersei/Sandor/Gregor/Qyburn/Euron/Iron Fleet/Golden Company/a good portion of King's Landing, did I miss anyone? More later, I guess.
  14. Incidentally, he at least acknowledges this argument when he leaves.
  15. She probably considers Cersei easier to beat than Dany.
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