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  1. Check out Abhi Sinhas(Ravi) Insta. The Y&R pic. He makes some interesting statements about the show.
  2. I don’t understand why anyone would be friends with Kate. She’s so sour and self absorbed. She never stops talking about herself.
  3. Here’s the thing about DD being so unceremoniously dumped that scares me: it could happen to my fave next. Mal clearly is turning this show in a new direction, and it’s one that I’m not interested in, I’m afraid. I’ve watched this show all my life, and the older vets are an important part of the show for me. I don’t tune in to watch newbies. I never have. If over time, I learn to like them, great, but they don’t motivate me to watch. Doing away with the Abbots, minimizing Victor(I realize he’s a problematic character, but I do like him), making Nikki just a sounding board for her boring daught
  4. I haven’t watched this show is a long time but turned it on today. Kelly’s face looks different to me. Maybe some more work done? Fillers and botox(more than usual?)? I don’t know but it was noticeable.
  5. I was so excited to see Ford again I almost spilled my drink! I’ll take my Sir Anthony Hopkins anyway I can get him.
  6. Thank God Jonathon Tucker made it. And next week, apparently meets up with the Man in Black.
  7. What is happening on Angela’s head?
  8. I liked the shout-out to dark magic k-cups. I follow Retta on Snapchat, and I thought it was cute how they worked her little dark magic song into the show. Lol I want to like Mae Whitman’s character, because I like her, but I can’t stand her. I don’t root for her at all. I maybe could ship Beth and Rio, but he keeps referring to the women as bitches. I don’t find that attractive at all.
  9. That bandaid story was repulsive. Not just the bandaid. The bare arm in the sauce. Plus she had an open wound on her hand. And it made no sense that someone wouldn’t go pick up a spoon of some sort. Spoons aren’t that expensive.
  10. I keep wondering when Crozier is going to run out of liquor. He seems to drink it pretty liberally and they’ve been there awhile so if it were me, I might be starting to count bottles, you know? But I have no idea how many they brought, of course.
  11. I liked this one. I’ll probably stick with it.
  12. Was the little boy at Ruby’s house their son? Because I didn’t even know they had a son. I thought they just had the daughter.
  13. I agreed with Toby’s parents. Kate is so focused on her dead dad that it makes her absolutely exhausting. Honestly Toby deserves better.
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