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  1. Loved how Pacho, the Number 3 guy in the Number 2 Colombian cartel, in essence tells Felix, the Number 1 guy in the Number 1 Mexican cartel, to Eff off when Felix wants to get paid more quickly for smuggling cocaine into the US
  2. After watching this, I understand why some have described the main character as the Forrest Gump of organized crime. But leaving aside the issue of historical veracity, I fail to see the point of this movie. It didn't cover any ground that hadn't been covered in Goodfellas or Casino (for that matter, I think it was Roger Ebert who said Casino was largely superfluous). One last hurrah for Scorsese-De Niro-Pesci, now with Pacino!, isn't a good enough reason. Sometimes this felt like a mob movie for remedial students You definitely don't want a silencer. You want to make a lot of noise to make the witnesses run away. No shit Frank. We've all seen The Godfather ("Yeah, I left it noisy. That way, it scares any pain-in-the-ass innocent bystanders away"). And we've all heard the stories about Kennedy, the Bay of Pigs, blah blah blah. When we're told Allen Dorfman's fate, I don't think I should be thinking "Oh yeah, that's the guy Alan King played in Casino" (and could they have at least have reported the correct year of his death?) And the de-aging didn't work, De Niro looked ridiculous standing over his newborn child when he was allegedly the same age as his wife.
  3. To paraphrase Barbara Mandrell, Princess Margaret was cougar before cougar was cool
  4. For anyone interested, Lady Ann Tennant has written a memoir https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/nov/24/lady-in-waiting-anne-glenconner-review Lady Anne is the friend and lady-in-waiting to Margaret who introduces Margaret to Roddy Llewellyn, invites her to Mustique, etc.
  5. Good point. I just realized that Charles and Anne are now older at the end of Season 3 than Elizabeth was at the start of Season 1.
  6. From The Observer, shortly after the Queen Mother died Some documents from the period have already entered the public domain, giving an indication of the royal couple's views. In the spring of 1939 George VI instructed his private secretary to write to Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax. Having learnt that 'a number of Jewish refugees from different countries were surreptitiously getting into Palestine', the King was 'glad to think that steps are being taken to prevent these people leaving their country of origin.' Halifax's office telegraphed Britain's ambassador in Berlin asking him to encourage the German government 'to check the unauthorised emigration' of Jews. Cambridge University's library still holds correspondence between members of the royal household and Tory Minister Sir Samuel Hoare, a leading appeaser. Key documents remain 'unavailable'. In 2000 the Bodleian Library at Oxford University published papers lodged with it by the family of Lord Monckton, lawyer to the Prince of Wales. One cache, 'Box 24', was kept private. A civil servant briefed on the contents of Box 24 claimed it included evidence of the Queen Mother's pro-appeasement sympathies. Guardian: MPs want quick release of Queen Mother's papers
  7. The first 3 seasons covered the 30 years from Elizabeth's marriage in 1947 to 1977. If that pace continues, it would only take 2 more seasons to get to 1999 and I thought organized the seasons in pairs 1/2 (Foy/What his name), 3/4 (Colman/Menzies), etc. Also, that would mean leaving out Charles & Camilla's marriage, Kate Middleton, etc.
  8. The Anti-Defamation League awarded Sacha Baron Cohen its International Leadership award last week. Cohen spoke about Facebook and other social media companies. He was scathing. Guardian: Transcript of SBC speech
  9. Reyes needs Russian weapons to fight back U. S. sanctions. If Russian weapons in Venezuela are a concern, and they result from U.S. sanctions, you could always, I don't know, remove the sanctions.
  10. Hundreds or thousands of years from now the "Queen's" hat will be used as "proof" that humans were contacted by Ancient Aliens
  11. Thank you for pointing that out. I was confused because the gentleman in question looked far too old to be the Duke of Kent
  12. Macmillan said the tumor was benign. He also said, It was the size of an orange. While that causes inconvenience and discomfort...I'll still require a long period of convalescence, not be in a fit state to undertake the arduous duties as PM. I wouldn't call someone who was wounded 3 times while serving in the front lines in France during WWI a coward. In any case, even if Macmillan was in perfect health, after the Profumo affair, Macmillan's position was politically untenable. Under those circumstances it's not the place of the Queen to carry on come what may.
  13. Elizabeth criticized Churchill and Eden in Season 1 for trying to hold onto office by hiding the state of their health from her. Now she criticizes Macmillan for being honest with her about the state of his health, and why that required him to resign. Consistency much? It's also a bit rich for her to refer to Churchill, Eden and Macmillan as a confederacy of quitters. That's the nature of parliamentary democracy. Sometimes Prime Ministers get thrown out of office due to losing an election, but as often as not Prime Ministers resign because their political position is untenable, their health is too poor or both. Would she rather have prime ministers whose political or physical health is so decrepit they can no longer govern? Stability is, after all, one of the standard justifications for retaining the monarchy. Prime Ministers come and go for whatever reason, snaps elections are called, government policy changes. But the monarchy carries on to provide a sense of continuity in a changing world. So suck it up buttercup.
  14. Of course he shouldn't shill for Coca Cola. Coke is rather plebeian. Royal Crown Cola on the other hand
  15. I'll have to watch again. I didn't get the sense that Margaret and Elizabeth confided to Lascelles, but it's quite possible I'm wrong about that. It was my understanding that their plan (or Margaret's plan since we may be seeing Elizabeth's reaction through Margaret's eyes) came to light somehow and Lascelles, since he's so good at playing the bad cop, was tasked with telling Margaret to wake up. But even if that's how it occurred in the show, I'm torn about whether it could have happened in real life. Part of me thinks it's wildly improbable. Part of me thinks the Royal Family so weird that maybe it could have happened. In any case, I'll use any excuse I can get to see more of Lascelles being bitchy.
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