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  1. Season 3 of Narcos, which we could think of as Narcos Columbia, takes place in the 90s. Season 2 of Narcos Mexico, when Salceda is checking the Panamanian hotel room for bugs, takes place in the 80s.
  2. That's a fair point. That said, even though Jimmy G started games as the Patriots QB, I never thought of him as the starter. In any case, here's an even more devastating bit of news. Break down Super Bowl sites into 3 1. States that belonged to the Confederacy during the Civil War, 2. States that belonged to the Union during the Civil War, and 3. States that were admitted after that he Civil War Tom Brady is 5 - 0 in former Confederate states 0 - 2 in Union states and 1 - 1 in post-Civil War states Sunday's game is being played in a former Conf
  3. I just realized Patriots former starting quarterbacks are undefeated in the Super Bowl after leaving the team. Sorry Chiefs fans.
  4. I read somewhere that the Rams won't have another 1st round pick until 2024. Goff was drafted in 2016. That's a long time to go without a 1st round pick.
  5. Comments like these always amuse me. Not because they're untrue, but compared to Drew Bledsoe, Brady was, if not Winged Mercury, at least someone who could move just a little.
  6. I don't see much of an advantage to playing a "home" game in the Super Bowl. The stadium won't be full thanks to the pandemic. Even if it were most of the crowd wouldn't be Bucs fans. Perhaps it's an advantage for players to stay in their own homes, if in fact they do and aren't required to stay in whatever hotel the NFL already booked. Or perhaps it provides more distractions. And the Rams weren't exactly playing on the road when they lost to the Steelers in the Rose Bowl in Super Bowl XIV.
  7. Remember way, way back on Pearl Islands when Johnny Fairplay said his grandmother had died? He's just been arrested for stealing from her https://ew.com/tv/survivor-jonny-fairplay-arrested-larceny/
  8. Another difference is the guy who purchased the comic. In UK he's part of the group; in the US he's not. At first I didn't think it made a difference, but now I do. When the Network killed one of the UK group, it brought home in a more visceral and personal way how dangerous the comic was (since I think they find out what happened in the comic store after they find out what happened to the guy in their group). But killing the guy in the US just made him another statistic. Also, I wonder if this had a Domino effect in the US version. I wonder if the US show runners felt they should kill of
  9. A couple of other points. The assassins obviously felt comfortable that their organization could successfully cover-up the mass murder at the convention? So when did the organization find out about the auction? Because it would have been a lot easier to intercept the couple selling the comic before they reached the hotel. And I was confused when we're first introduced to the assassins. At first, I thought the assassin driving the car was Grant, because Grant is rich, he's late and obsessing over which car to drive to a comic con is the kind of thing a rich dilettante would do. But th
  10. They'll look deeper if there's no security footage.
  11. So far, I don't think the UK version ever mentioned what would happen if the plot to sterilize almost everyone works, though I still have the last 3 episodes to go of Season 2. I know the US version at least mentioned it, albeit a little offhandedly. But it's an important question. How will youth of the future take care of the elderly when the youth are outnumbered 10:1 (or whatever the ratio would be). Even today, people point out how the strain placed on social safety nets due to the aging of the population the drop in fertility. That's one reason why some advocate for immigration, an i
  12. So far I've watched Season 1 of the US and the UK versions. With luck, I'll watch Season 2 of the UK tonight and tomorrow night. On the whole, I prefer the UK version, but I'm not among those -- I don't refer to anyone at Primetimer -- who act as if the UK version is the greatest work of art since the Sistine Chapel and the US version is such a terrible POS, it's not even suitable for fertilzer. A major difference is the length of the story. UK Season 1 has 6 episodes whereas US Season 1 has 8. I don't think the story needed the additional 2 episodes. To put it another way, the US ve
  13. Constantinople


    There are different types of treaties, but as an example, no one in the Danish government is directly responsible for trade treaties. That's all handled by the EU. Member countries of the EU aren't permitted to even negotiate trade matters with non-EU countries. Similarly much of Denmark's defense policy is guided by, or constrained by if you prefer, its membership in NATO. I'm not saying the Prime Ministership of Denmark is unimportant, but I do believe people, particularly people in positions of power, tend to overstate their importance. If I recall, Belgium, which has almost twice the
  14. I was afraid Mr. Rabbit would turn out to be either John Cusack or Jessica's dad (or both), mostly since no other people seemed likely, but it was disappointing. It's a problem when the villain has to give an exposition dump in the season finale, particularly when his adversaries are supposed to be so good at solving puzzles. I guess everyone needs Cliffs Notes from time to time. The blonde, twin female assassins belong in an Austin Powers movie. And Jessica Hyde is still a murderer who killed Sam unjustifiably.
  15. Harvest and/or Christie Industries, if there is even a difference between the two, is starting to remind me of the Mad Magazine spoof of The Sting when Paul Newman announces they conned $200,000 out of Robert Shaw, but spent $250,000 to do it. At this point what they've done is so elaborate, and it's required so much money and so many technological advances, it would have been easier and probably more profitable to go straight. I'm concerned it won't be possible to tie this together in a satisfying manner in the final 2 episodes. I can't decide if the photo of Jessica's dad is suppos
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