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  1. I really need this show on DVD! I can’t believe the music licensing rights are still such a huge issue this day and age. For those of you who have been able to watch via the Roku Channel or SMART, is the original music in the episodes? I tried watching Queer as Folk when it was on Netflix(US) and I gave up midway through season one because the music was different and awful. LOL.
  2. Yep and I keep thinking back to what Lupe said about the dead knowing things they shouldn’t and then Perry says like who murdered them. Hmm. Not really a spoiler, speculation but spoiler tagged to be safe:
  3. Dani and Sophia would never work long term as a couple but I hate that we get a cliched hook-up the night before they were getting married. I wish Sophia had talked to Dani and ended things before she decided to sleep with her good friend. I want to like Sophia but she’s kind of a brat and also she reminds me of a woman I had a fling with once who I cannot stand, lol.
  4. I’m late to the party, but I loved it. Tess and Howard has great chemistry and could see them getting together if the show had continued. I wish there had been a third season - it could have focused on people getting unstuck. Howard, Simone, Jake, Will, Ari, Sasha, et al were all very much stuck. I also had didn’t think Omar came across that bad in the sex scene. If anything he was pointing out that she was performing, lol. When he was like I’m not really moving or doing anything really, and Tess was acting as if she was in the throes of orgasm.
  5. ShellsandCheese


    I have a theory. Well two. I wonder if Vida sent Emma away not because she thought she was a lesbian, but because Victor was abusing her or had abused her (maybe phsyical, sexual, or both). I mean, she told her daughters he was dead. That tells me it was probably more than just spousal abuse; he probably did something horrific to one or both of the girls. But if I had to guess, I would say Emma - because she is really messed up and it goes beyond my mama sent me to Texas to live with my grandparents. Two, Eddy seemed shocked when Lyn told her Emma had been with Nico. I bet Eddy has been thinking this whole time that Emma didn't like her because she was gay - and that's not it at all. Also, I really like Nico. And I like Emma and Nico together. I hope the story with Nico's wife really is that they are married in name only and over, she still should have told Emma though - especially when they started to get close.
  6. Yes! If the show had stuck with cases of the week, with the occasional Presidential scandal. It would have been a lot better. And agreed, there was so much retconning when it came to Mellie's character. Also, just a heads up, it's moving to Hulu starting May 20th 🙂
  7. I had quit watching after the season five mid season finale. I finally did a full rewatch and finished the end of five, along with six and seven. Watching it all in such a brief period of time pissed me off. Why? Because this show was good until it got hijacked by the love triangle no one wanted and the top secret government spy agency that no one wanted, lol. This show should and could have been a lot better than it was, and that's the saddest thing of all. I really wish that Olivia that had left both Fitz and Jake alone. She should have been done with Jake after he choked her ass or better yet after she found out he was spying on her for both her father and the President - and had camera's in her apartment!! Like, seriously? WTF!!! And she should have been done with Fitz after he proved himself to be emotionally abusive. Also, I'm all for a female President but on what planet was Mellie even remotely qualified to be President? Lawd. As if being being the wife of a President, and what Senator for two years makes one qualified to be President. Also, I know that people praise Shonda's casting choices. But as a black woman it totally left a bad taste in my mouth to have what was supposed to be this amazing wonderful Black female character in two very destructive and dysfunctional relationships with abusive white men. Ugh. (Although, I will admit that Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn's chemistry was out of this world, especially in earlier seasons)
  8. I still think Lila is the most interesting character. She drives all of the action. And yes, Lenu is the narrator. So I'm always wary of the unreliable narrator. Also, if the story stays true to the books, it's a good thing that Stefano is taking care of Rino because:
  9. Molly was wrong on this one. Issa was networking. She wanted a connect from Andrew and Molly said no, so she networked and used Nathan; someone she already had an established relationship with. It wasn't a slight against Molly, nor does it have anything to do with Molly's personal relationship with Andrew. Molly is just super righteous, that's her problem. I mean she spent all this time being pissed at her dad for having an affair when her mom and her parents had already moved on. Molly may not even realize it, but there is a part of her that wants Issa to remain a fuck-up because that's the Issa that she's comfortable with. Just like, there is probably a part of Issa that wants Molly to continue to be the one who can't get her relationship situation together, because that's the Molly that Issa is comfortable with. This is a classic case of people not struggling with their friends growing, changing, and evolving and becoming someone that they are not comfortable with.
  10. This show was better than the book in my opinion. But I am probably the rare person who isn’t that impressed with Sally Rooney. The show was lovely and actually improved on the book. I liked what they chose to change - although I think more could have been done to show / explain Marianne’s family dynamic. And Cornell’s too for that matter.
  11. The narrative made no sense. Dolores picked Caleb because she deemed him good in the brief interaction she had with him while he was undergoing training in park five. Meanwhile, in the real world Caleb murdered his own best friend, rounded up outliers for, was was a thief, and criminal.....but of all of the people who Dolores could have potentially interacted with, she chose him? That felt like a total end of season retcon quite frankly. Everyone was wasted this season! Even the characters who got screentime, just did the same thing over and over again throughout the season until the very end when things seem to magically work out.
  12. Aaron Paul is such a one note actor. I really don't understand why they cast him in a role that is seemingly going to go into another season. This whole season was a hot mess. It was so uneven, so repetitive, and for the most part boring. I cannot believe they wasted talent like Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, and Ed Harris to spend more time with Aaron Paul. They also wasted Vincent Cassel. Ugh. Way to ruin what was a pretty darn good show in less than three seasons. Bravo. P.S. They should have stayed in the fucking park. There was so much more to that story.
  13. I meant next week's season finale. It looks like another Maeve/Dolores fight/battle. And I know about Caleb that's why I put "hero" in quotations. My point out is, he's taking up way too much screen time and I just don't care about him or his journey.
  14. I think it was so dumb for Westworld to introduce this Caleb character. I don't give a fuck about him. I care about the characters I've been invested in (or at least have known) since Season One. Serac works, because he's a villain, but I don't buy Caleb as the "hero" of the story after everything we've been through with Dolores, Maeve, Bernard, William - even Stubbs. I guess they needed a human/human element but I am not invested in his character and really don't care. Oh and another battle between Maeve and Dolores, how original for a season finale.
  15. Exactly. I think they were trying to do it cheaply? Or maybe the couldn't afford to do it the right way. Or maybe they were denied or there was stigma? No idea. But I had a hard time feeling sorry for them because what they did was gross and creepy. When Mrs. Ryan found out that Mia hadn't even had sex before, she should have put a stop to the whole thing right then and there instead of offering to inseminate a clearly desperate teen who just told she'd never even inserted a tampon. You know what else that means? No physical exams or pap smear, what if the pregnancy was ectopic or something went horribly wrong and she died? What if it left her unable to later carry or bear her own children? I found them both gross.
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