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  1. It's even worse because one of their first sources of contention was that they wanted him to treat Riley and Cade equally, because Cade's dad (er, um sperm donor) had addiction issues and was essentially what would call today a deadbeat. So from the beginning they were blurring the lines between just sperm donor and father/father figure. They even wanted him to take on that role for Cade, who was not his child. Also, I think it's hilarious that they wanted someone really good looking to be the sperm donor so the kid could be cute. Tom was really good looking but I don't necessarily think his l
  2. Detective Howard knew it was Nique’s jacket as soon as he saw Kanan. I think he figured out Raq’s plan then and there right before he got shot. I don’t think he’ll rat out Kanan - so he’ll either say he didn’t get a good look because it happened so fast or he will say something like it was Nique based on the jacket and he saw him running away…… Honestly, maybe it’s just Patina Miller, Malcolm Mays, and London Brown - but I would be okay with Kanan hiding out all of season two and just focusing on the siblings. This cast is so good and the eye candy is…..chef’s kiss!
  3. Assuming Kanan is Howard’s son, it’s highly possible they have the same blood type. So folks may assume it’s Howard’s blood. DNA as it’s used today wasn’t a thing back then.
  4. Patina Miller is a goddess! I can’t believe how dumb Kanan and Marvin were with the bad crack.
  5. Thank you for this. The great sushi debate is happening and most people don’t even seem to know what sushi actually is or isn’t.
  6. Whoa! I’m not going to blame her for the sins or crimes of her mother; but I do hope she has a better future than said mom. This video reminded me of why I avoid interviews with American gymnasts like the plague. Their voices!
  7. I mean, Linoy also dropped her ribbon, I believe. All in all, it really wasn't the best final. I'm excited for the group final which I believe just started because someone actually beat the Russians in qualifying! Will we have another shock gold medalist? Another controversy? This is why I love Rhythmic Gymnastics and Artistic Swimming. It's just so exciting. LOL.
  8. I think there's a balance between two. For the last few years, everyone has been so focused on the big skills that they've forgotten about everything else (form, artistry, clean execution, the little details, etc). I'm not sure if it was the lack of warm-ups or what, but during the games this year, it seemed like everyone was struggling. Personally, I would rather see a beautiful clean yurchenko double over a sloppy Amanar where the gymnasts struggle with the landing and form, etc.
  9. Same! So happy for Rebecca. I was also rooting for her in the all-around. Happy for Lee but I really wanted RA to win, because I'm more familiar with her and have liked her for a few years. That being said, I also agree with others that the event finals for bars and vault were a hot mess. It's so stupid that the athletes cannot warm up. So dumb. It's obvious that Bruno Grandi's tenure as head of FIG was just awful for the sport and sadly his predecessor isn't much better. Yes! Please bring back compulsories and get rid of this goofy scoring system. Ditto for figure skating.
  10. He’s not wrong. There’s so much doping in swimming. Michael Phelps has said he doesn’t think he ever competed against a field of completely clean athletes. Russians are an easy target at the moment but it’s always been an issue. I just wish more athletes would take a stand against doping and not just speak out when they lose; because that just comes across like someone making accusation simply because they lost. (Ex. people accusing Ian Thorpe of doping) Like would Ryan Murphy had said anything if he won? Probably not.
  11. Nope. Russia competed as Russia in Rio. In 2018 they competed as Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) and for Tokyo and Beijing they are competing as Russian Olympic Athlete (ROC). I agree that the punishment was a joke but I’m also not surprised. I’ve always felt that doping continues to be a huge issues in some sports. As for the LA games, I’m sure that LA is capable of handling them, my belief is that considering all of the issues it’s probably not the wisest idea to host them. But I also think in general that the Olympics are a bloated overpriced mess and that most host cities and countr
  12. I think you hit the nail on the end. Some people are a little to angry and gleeful about the whole situation. Honestly, I wish Simone would quit trying to explain and respond. Her record speaks for itself. And I would love if the media would focus more on Suni and the other members of the team; who still have opportunities to medal in the event finals. I would be shocked if Simone competed in the event finals, as her issues seems pretty severe.
  13. Yeah. People are trying to compare apples to oranges. Not only that but WADA relaxed their rules and you can still light up when not competing. You just cannot use it during competition or close enough to competition to test positive. And I'll add to that, that the main reason it's on the list to begin with is because of the US. Every athlete competing at the international / Olympic level should be well versed in what is okay and what's not. At the end of the day one of them clearly violating their sports anti-doping policy. There is an argument to be made that Hadzic should not be at the Oly
  14. I’m very interested to see what happens with her career. She’s so inconsistent!
  15. The ITA is testing the Russians and they are the most tested athletes at the games on account of Sochi. The Russian athletes are under so much scrutiny currently, it’s doubtful that anyone who made it this far would be doping. They’ve pretty much been tested repeatedly since the end of last year heading into the Olympics. Also, I’m reviewing where Russian athletes have won medals - it’s been in sports with no previous (or at least proven) of systemic cheating or doping. There’s no way in hell Los Angeles should be hosting the Olympics. I mean California and LA in particular is dealing
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