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  1. Stepping in to say I’m back after having an abdominal hysterectomy last week. Caught up on show but have not felt well enough to post. I deliberately didn’t say anything about it after what happened with Valley. Finally feel semi-human tonight. Yay! I have had to hold my belly when reading the posts. But it feels good too! ❤️
  2. Preverts are always the best people 😘 Thanks to everyone for the lovely words and prayers. It’s been quite helpful. ❤️
  3. So once again, unfortunately, I lost one of my fur babies yesterday. I inherited Sophie from my brother who wasn’t allowed to take her within into his group home situation. At that time, she was 14. She was born with mangled front paws and very short legs but was a force. Sophie knew what she wanted and when. Her coat as lovely and thick and she had these huge yellow, marbled eyes. Every day at Y&R time , she would come to get into my lap where she slept. We called her the “little tank “ because of the way she would walk so determinedly across the room. However at the age of 19+, she developed kidney issues which eventually wore her down. She didn’t eat for the last two days and I could tell yesterday was the day so I took her onto my lap for cuddles. I knew Sophie would rather pass at home rather than on a table at the vets’. I have had to do that too under different circumstances so it’s entirely unique each time. Anyway,I have a major sad and will miss my old girl deeply. Sigh 😔 Last weekend, it was an elderly aunt who was my mother’s remaining sister. She has been living in California for decades but will be returned to Canada for burial. I guess that’s why it doesn’t feel real yet.
  4. Was it just my sister and I who were hoping that Billy would fall nostrils first off the roof? Didn’t think so Lola showed great strength in dealing with Kyle IMO. Dummer is a cling on. Lola will be fine. Kummer, not so much. Phylly, way to not tell Dummer’s father that YOU encouraged her to chase after Kyle. If he breaks her heart then it’s partly your fault for encouraging her. You chasing your dreams hasn’t worked out so well so why would you want the same for your child? Rey, I like you. Society needs people like you who are caring and responsible. Not everyone is in your face like Phyllis or Billy for example. You were good with Kyle, showing him restraint but making excellent points. You’re a good partner for Sharon and loving with her children. That scores big points with me. Kyle, you’re a schmuck and deadtome. Dummer, stay out of the Society club/ eatery. Lola might have a weak moment and slip you some peanut butter.
  5. I really enjoyed Sharon again today as she underwent her first treatment. She showed fear and courage at the same time.Rey and Mariah both supported her off and on while she was infused. Faith was at school but was texting. Kyle, go fuck yourself. I’m so mad at you! Theo, generally you piss me off BUT when Lola kissed you after you pervertedly told her about Kyle fucking Summer, at least you had the decency to stop her. Rey, please go beat the shit out of Kyle.
  6. I’m disgusted. Dummer has been throwing herself at him forever. Ugh! * muttering incoherently*
  7. Kyle, you SCHMUCK! Billy just fuck off somewhere, anywhere else. Blah,blah Phyllis should open a little booth in the lobby of the Grotty Parrot where she dispenses advice out of her giant pie hole.
  8. Oh Anna, you said Phyllis and principles in the same sentence. Too funny! She hasn’t had anything resembling principles since she supposedly turned her father in for cheating people out of their cash.
  9. That’s what I thought. I wondered who all of these people were. Flatnose killed a complete family and there wasn’t many to start with.
  10. I hope Bjorn discovers Flatnose’s deceit soon. Torvi and Ubbe leaving best be temporary.
  11. The show has always been spectacularly stunning in the visual department but this was beyond magnificent. From the speeches to the sacrifice to the longboat being pulled into the bay, I was mesmerized. Bjorn sitting at the edge was heartbreaking as were the faces of Gunnhild, Torvi and Ubbe. The ultimate shieldmaiden was loved, admired and mourned by so many. Lagertha was my favourite and KW portrayed her to perfection. I will miss the character and actress both.
  12. Phyllis is disgusting, first with Chance and with Summer. Her obvious slobbering over Chance is OTT and then suggesting that Summer basically try to get Kyle back is not something any mother should do. Sick of her.
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