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  1. His father, Mitchell Sherman, was Kay Chancellor’s long time lawyer. David Sherman read her will to everyone.
  2. Wow Valley! He is gorgeous! He’s so shiny and muscular with such a beautiful mane and tail.😍
  3. https://apple.news/AsqmQ-pXEPga0_r1SCHqDXA An article about the sound choices made for Season 8.
  4. SC did ballet for many years and if her dance teacher was anything like my daughter’s, proper posture was drilled into them from toddler age.
  5. Sharon never had sex with Brad.. she was going to but called it off. The WTD was between Nick, Billy and Jack. They never had sex or were a couple though. Yes, he did say that she was the one who got away.
  6. https://apple.news/A4_L9LlxtTz6AxQOZMRsF3Q Another possible prequel
  7. Glad that show addressed the relationship between people on medication and street drugs. OTOH watching everyone react was high-larius👀
  8. A friend of mine still hates Lauren to this day for her shitty treatment of Traci back then.
  10. I have to give props to EB and MG for their confrontation scene at the raunch. Both actors were very believable and emotional.
  11. Oh AngelKitty, I’m so sorry! Our fur babies are such important parts of our lives that their losses are heavy and the timing is so terrible ( not that it’s ever easy ) when you are already dealing with your own health issues. Life can be so difficult sometimes. Giant, warm bear hugs for you! ❤️ RIP little Nelson 😢
  12. Oh AK! Scary times. Please feel stronger soon 🙏🏻
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