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  1. Joi, Noah being the donor is exactly what I want too. I don’t want to go another round of Darvon being the sperm donor. Noah’s making goo goo eyes at Tessa and she needs someone to talk to. Bingo !
  2. https://apple.news/ABs5Yv_8jTLyfpp7OG0goaw
  3. Her CT was at 6 pm last night. Maybe she was just tired from the whole experience and will be here something today. 🤞🏻
  4. As a fan of PB and his character, I have ZERO. Interest in seeing him paired with MS again. I remember her rolling her eyes over his shoulder as they embraced and putting in lacklustre performances when she was with him. I find her petty, immature and completely unprofessional. JMHO
  5. My God Jack, step away from the swirling vortex of suck that is Phyll 🧿
  6. That horrible green sateen fabric again ! 🤢 Between Phyll and Sally it’s making my eyes bleed! My gawd, Phyll is soooo obnoxious 😡
  7. One theory I’ ve read is that Stitch wanted cord blood to try to help Max in some fashion. Or he is looking for a normal kid.🤷‍♀️
  8. Charlie Watts, Rolling Stones drummer, has died at age 80. 😓 My favourite band since my teen years. 😞
  9. 🤬 https://apple.news/AX0u2-gcPTo6WETS4jY0d0A
  10. You are far better off out of that toxic environment Jewel.
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