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  1. Real kissing! There must have been Covid testing involved. The one paramedic must be MCE’s actual hubby. He rolled her over and was touching her throat for a pulse. Am I wrong for hoping Faith peed in that water bottle?
  2. Peaches, I’ve just read about your father. I will pray for him tonight and send good vibes to you. May he get better soon. I can feel your pain about your son. Our house will be much quieter this year without our kids and grands. This year has been tortuous and depressing. I did feel a faint spark of hope watching people being vaccinated in both the US and Canada though.
  3. May you heal quickly and completely Ohio. 🤗
  4. That was one of the best soap slaps I’ve ever seen 🤣
  5. Anyone else getting a death vibe about Chance? Lots of talk about he and Abby getting serious and oh noes! the job is so dangerous? How Chance is the one! It’s seeming a bit heavy handed IMO.
  6. He was married to Phyllis once upon a time. Jack was sleeping with Gloria, does she count as being a bit tacky?
  7. Is the character of Nate leaving? With Elena? His hand has nerve damage. Not good for a doctor. I thought Brytni did a great job in her fessing up scenes.
  8. Lola ripping Dummer a new one was inspiring. She has zero f*cks to give. Bwahahahaha!
  9. I was a snivelling wreck after. I realize that it would have been a much different final scene sans Covid but those Abbotts can make me cry, Jack especially.
  10. Amen! I firmly believe that our animals will be waiting for us on the other side. (((((((SweetPea))))))
  11. Same here. I like Rey and he has been good to her as well as her children. I’m so disappointed.
  12. Thanks peeps! You’re the best 😘 Oh man, this is going to kill me. Marla has been fabulous throughout her years on the show, such a beauty and a great talent. I’m going to miss her!
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