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  1. Jack because ......he’s Jack 🥰 Mariah because I have been a CG fan since day one when she was 6. Ashland is very pretty and I flove the actor but Mariah wins every time.
  2. There’s definitely something fishy about Tara and the way she’s glommed onto the Abbotts. She’s got an agenda. The way she’s rushing Harrison into calling Kyle Daddy and her staying with the Abbotts is suspicious.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct thread or not https://apple.news/A3TQlMjQ8QeGAmyw884qPsA
  4. I came to the same conclusion as I was looking at the names.
  5. God bless your Mum tveyeonyou 😂
  6. Kristoff St. John to be remembered on 'Young & the Restless' My link won’t work but on May 28 th, there will be a special episode commemorating KSJ.
  7. Gladys isn’t capable of keeping her mouth shut. It won’t be long before Sasha’s secret is out. Yet another thing for Cyrus to hold over Brando’s head.
  8. How I miss those beringed fingers waving in the air and her well polished fingernails
  9. I think it was mentioned 3 or 4. Chances are he knows his nanny better than his parents
  10. Congrats to all the jabbers! Jabbees? I prefer doin’ shots!🤓 I got my first dose of Pfizer last week, hubby got AZ the next day. No issues but tender arms. 👏
  11. There is a distinct difference between British and American actors. Many of the Brits are also very active in live theatre as well. I know that Richard Madden, Kit Harrington and Maisie Williams have been. These three are all part of the Marvel universe too.
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