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90DF Live Chat: Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate

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Don't post social media info/spoilers in the live chat.

This is the LIVE CHAT topic for ALL 90DF shows. Posting should only occur in this topic during the FIRST live airing of the episode.  See here for more details.

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How does the airline "lose" a ticket?   More likely he cobbled together some crazy itinerary of individual flights through a shonky online consolidator, like Tripsta. There's no other explanation for 5 stops. 

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Hazel looks really uncomfortable and he's not really getting the hint there. I kinda feel bad for her, he's very touchy and in her space and I just wanna reach through the tv and nudge him backward a few steps. I'm not saying he's being out of line, just that he's not picking up on some very obvious signals and it's weird to watch.

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Compare Angela to Rachel. Rachel isn't jumping Jon's bones in the first two minutes. She's shyly getting to know him face to face first.

Angela is just like Nicole who went bounding toward Azan and immediately became all handsy. No restraint. No self control. No self respect. And, no awareness of their partners' responses,

That last one kind of helps in an erotic exchange....

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