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  1. I heard the word Skoodilypoop and ran here to say what the actual fuck.
  2. How did Andre get into my granny's closet to steal her flower shirt?
  3. Jovi is jealous of his own child. That's sad.
  4. I love how this whole family likes to pretend they all worked super hard for what they have and were never handed anything....when daddy handed them everything. Andre is just holding his hand out the same as they have.
  5. Michael she's never gonna tote that baby for you both because she doesn't want to and also because there's likely a 0.0000000000000000001% chance she even can. Give it up dude.
  6. I didn't sign up for a sad baby elephant story, Natalie.
  7. "My husband works really hard for where he is-" NO, he hasn't. Your daddy gives him and you handouts. Neither one of you work hard. Stop.
  8. Every Sunday I think to myself, I don't need to check the forums it's fine. And every Sunday some traumatizing bullshit goes down that makes me wanna sue tlc and here I am.
  9. If I never hear the phrase my clit is on fire again in my life it'll be too soon. My poor delicate ears didn't need to be traumatized.
  10. "They're still okay." The half assed compliment everyone woman longs to hear.
  11. It's always the weakest men that complain about not being given top spot at head of the household.
  12. I still can't understand how anyone asks anyone else for a 100k loan. That doesn't compute for me. Daddy Warbucks doesn't look THAT rich to have an extra 100k laying around either.
  13. Betty saying "guess we'll just do the work ourselves" clearly lays out why she wants them around. The free kennel work. Here's a thought, don't have 408373 dogs if you can't take care of them without forcing your son's wife into free labor. Hire someone and pay them or have less animals.
  14. Tiffany just wants a break from her own kids, she doesn't want a husband. What she needs is to go home and hire a nanny. (but ronald should change those nasty diapers)
  15. Tiffany is a complainer but Ronald also has none of his shit together and just gave that baby a plastic bag to play with so I'm having a hard time deciding who is less obnoxious.
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