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  1. Reading your comments (getting caught up on the last couple of episodes), I don't disagree about the married couple. They should have seen the many, many red flags before forking over all that money. But I do understand how Co$ can get ahold of vulnerable people because I've seen it. Back in the late 70s/early 80s, I had a friend from high school who was horribly injured in a car accident and was a quadriplegic (totally paralyzed from the neck down). He was basically housebound. His friends (I was one) used to come over to see him as often as we could, but we were all going away to college and moving on with our lives. So it was pretty much him, his mother, and a full-time medical aide in the house most of the time. He played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons and watched a lot of TV, but not much else. His parents had set up a trust fund for him and signed their house over to him so that he would always be taken care of if something happened to them. So he had money. At one point, he got a new medical aide who happened to be a Scientologist. I was over there with other friends the day that Co$ came to call. They had the personality tests. Most of us just said, "No way." And we noped out of there. But my friend? Yeah, they had him. They pretty much told him that Co$ and LRH could make him walk again. He turned over almost everything to them without a second thought. And there were Scientologists at the house ALL the time. Most of his friends stopped going over because we didn't want anything to do with us. And the Scientologists made us very uncomfortable. We tried to talk to him about it, but he had stopped listening to us. He got out of it after a year or so. But most of his money? Yep, gone. It was very, very sad. His parents ended up selling the house and buying him a much smaller place to live, and they were able to make other arrangements for his care. But it was extremely stressful and hard on all of them. So I can see how it happens to someone who is that vulnerable. Watching the episode made me think of my friend and get VERY sad all over again.
  2. OMG!! That's it!! You nailed it. (I'm not Canadian, but I grew up in Detroit in the sixties. Some of the best children's programming was on CBC.)
  3. Well, folks, it's been real. I'm going to be out of the loop with out of town company next week. I rely on all of you to carry on the snark! Freak flags flying, all.
  4. Hugs to you!! Yes, that's definitely what "unfair" means. All the best wishes to you!
  5. I believe the proper expression is "rode hard and put away wet."
  6. Oh, Grangela. Braless is NOT your look!!!!
  7. Cue the sad, sad music. This time with vocals!
  8. No, Jon. The universe is NOT keeping you apart. That would be your criminal record. Petty detail, I know.
  9. And here we all thought that was Mo and Danyell.
  10. I hope they tow Darcy's car while she's slobbering on Weasel Boy.
  11. Okay, I now LOVE Ximena!!! Lay that truth smackdown on that troll!!
  12. I'm glad you're with us and that we can brighten your night with snark. But PLEASE take care of yourself and be safe!
  13. I don't think X is taking it as well as Ricky had hoped. Shocking . . .