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  1. snarkish

    The Snowdens

    Just popping in here briefly, as I've only watched a bit of this ridiculous couple, but does anyone think Ashley looks like the female version of actor Don Cheadle? I'll see myself out now...
  2. snarkish

    S07:E02 Brianne's Story

    I am not that far into the episode (watching from TLC site since I forgot to record it), but I couldn't believe Brianne: "I hope Dr. Now can help me because he's my last shot. I think I'll have some of that leftover pizza from last night and take some for the road." AYFKM???? You buy 3 plane seats to fit you, but are bringing pizza for the road? Does anyone cook in their household? The poor stepdaughter looked like a poster child for bad nutrition with the dark circles, acne, and extra weight. I just want to cook her some vegetables, I'm sure she's never tasted one.
  3. Steven's face is SO red. Ashley holding back remarks and her face was comedy gold.
  4. Should we all chip in and buy Leida the "Finishing Touch Flawless" face razor for her upper lip?
  5. Love the way Steven spit the word "RESHPECT" through clenched teeth.
  6. This must be why there are two parts. If they're going to spend the first 30 minutes with just Ashley and Jay's beaten dead horse, we still have 4 more couples to get through.
  7. It's on WE tv. I found it via Xfinity OnDemand.
  8. WTH, Undershot Jaw "doesn't even want to see Asuelu tomorrow?" What did he do, accidentally come in her sister's ear??
  9. Love how Leida only has a British accent for the word "DAW-tuh".
  10. *scrapes rocking chair across the floor into Live Thread* - Can we just stay put the rest of the episode and stop moving around willy nilly?! My arthritis is acting up! Oh...and get off my lawn.
  11. Mother Kalani's hair is driving me batty. They are like three haystacks getting pedicures.
  12. All I can think of is @Toaster Strudel's remark about Colt's "spinning eyebrows". They have more animation than his voice. Speaking of eyebrows, I cannot stand Leida's with that dimple between them when she raises them constantly.
  13. Ok, so I'm drying out after a large Margarita with extra Grand Mariner and tequila...but WHY is live chat here? I feel like the ant in "A Bug's LIfe" ... "I'm LOST!!!!"
  14. snarkish

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    I keep saying I need to quit watching this shitshow. I am only 30 minutes into this episode and haven't read much above yet. But if I continue right now I will need to go take more of my BP meds. Kalani. You frigging hairy, fertile blob. You feel like you are "SPREAD TOO THIN" already?? The only thing spread is your legs. Try being a single parent of two children with no family even living within 350 miles. You have limited options for birth control due to breastfeeding? And Asuelo refuses to wear a condom? Yet you still let him dip his naked wick? And there are wonderful, smart people out there that cannot conceive a child. *steps off soap box and slams door on way out*
  15. snarkish

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    I stink at sharing links, especially when I log in here from my computer and want to share info from IG on my phone. But yesterday, according to 90 Day Fiance Tea, it was shown that Eric and Leida were married in Jakarta in November of 2017 (along with a photo of their wedding). SO, basically this couple is a complete farce and are already married. And the American wedding is just for Eric's friends/family. If there entire storyline is a fabrication, who the hell knows about the rest of this crew. I know it's a complete shit show, but now that they are proven to just be actors with no truth their storyline, I personally can't invest anymore in this show. If anyone follows 90 Day Fiance Tea on IG, go there to see the post.