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90DF Live Chat: Rice-A-Roni & Google Translate

Message added by SilverStormm

Don't post social media info/spoilers in the live chat.

This is the LIVE CHAT topic for ALL 90DF shows. Posting should only occur in this topic during the FIRST live airing of the episode.  See here for more details.

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Just now, Armchair Critic said:

"I am an affectionate person, I thought she would be very comfortable with me". In other words Tarik thought he would be getting some the first night.

I do not like his attitude. He’s not owed sex by this woman. The “you have to smooch me”!! They just met! If Tariq was a real gentleman he would’ve offered her a room/condo of her own, and when SHE let him know she wanted to get intimate they could’ve done so. The power dynamics are just too iffy. 

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5 minutes ago, PityFree said:

Tarik and Hazel —  just do the “one person sleeps above the top sheet, one person sleeps below the top sheet” thing.

In a lot of other countries people dont use top sheets much. that surprised me my first time in Europe

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1 minute ago, JennyMominFL said:

In a lot of other countries people dont use top sheets. that surprised me my first time in Europe

It can be challenging to find fitted sheets here. Lots of top sheets. Guess most just use the duvet.

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The way Jon looks at Rachel? Looks like he’s thinking of all the places he can store her body. “Oh erm...I’m going to check on Lucy.”

Using McFadden and Whitehead for a ketchup commercial is blasphemous.

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I can't believe Rachel just left Lucy alone in a new environment (in a different time zone) and then Jon was the one who went to check on her...

I can't believe a woman in her 30s can't figure out birth control.

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3 minutes ago, Frozendiva said:

It can be challenging to find fitted sheets here. Lots of top sheets. Guess most just use the duvet.

Yeah, I actually like the duvet cover practice.  Once i understood the duvet thing i realIed why there werent 2 sheets. Are you in the UK?

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Rachel, it's called Implanon or Nexplanon, and if you're lucky--like me--you won't even have a cycle while it's in place. It lasts three years and can be removed from your arm at any time. 

All of these people are idiots. I do like Hazel, though. I can't fault her honesty. I wonder if Tarik knows about her son. Maybe that's why he thinks she'll be a good stepmum?

And Angela....nobody wants to hear about you getting it in 2-3 times. 

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Jon baffles me really. He insisted on taking the "dad" role. He supported Rachel through her pregnancy and face timed through her labor. He enshrined a piece of the umbilical cord! and now he acts like this sweet little baby has been foisted on him unbeknownst. WTF?

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