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  1. You really think that they have auto insurance. Thanks for the good laugh today I really needed it
  2. I was being sarcastic when I said key was thrown away.
  3. Do you know why Clown Car didn't have any more kids after Jubilee? Her uterus said that's enough and double locked and threw away the key.
  4. The Federal prison near my mom's house in Colorado is known as Club Fed and if Smuggar does go there maybe he can get free food from Subway because the guy from Subway is on a vacation there.
  5. They will never get out of the denial phase. Depending on which security level you are at federal prison you can have more freedom than county jail.
  6. I can't wait until he gets sentenced and Blob objects I don't accept that Prison where he is going to. Do you?
  7. Now all over YouTube they are saying that Jessa is pregnant and that's why they had to buy a bigger house. Are they going to use Bunk beds for the kids?
  8. My mom was in a very bad accident about 10 years ago and she tore her things in her knee all to hell. She went from the ER right to the OR. If Jillybean was really bad off she would have been operated on.
  9. He also worked in Colorado as a news reporter.
  10. I don't know which face I want to punch really bad Kodouche or Smuggar?
  11. I gave up watching the show along time ago and I just read this site and know what is going on with the family.
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