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  1. You gotta love Colorado weather to the north of me clear sky to the south clear sky to the east clear sky to the west sunny above me a gray snow sky.
  2. Nurie got grape bubblegum ,flowers, pink candle ,cross bracelet and a coffee cup from the 1st guy.
  3. Just remember that according to the Fundie world females are the ones who determine the babies sex.
  4. do you know what 90% of the Duggars are so thankful for today on Thanksgiving that they're not being the one investigated.
  5. This name is way to close to an ex sil MaryEtta
  6. I wonder how long it will take us to find out that she had mistake #6 ?
  7. Also in another article I read about Silver Dollar City Anna Anna lost Another kid in the park.
  8. Yes he has shown that a lot to us but only for and to himself.
  9. what about Sierra and her family,?
  10. I am surprised that she has not come out with the statement they are persecuting us because of our beliefs.
  11. But in their minds these days they are doing every above board nothing they do is illegal.
  12. Not even this will get the fucking family off TLC.
  13. I got told I have 183 all day and after I cleared it next time same amount I count each time.
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