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  1. I was talking to a friend of mine who asked me how many Duggars still lived at home and I said too fucking many.
  2. Kody Brown kid at least they have gone to school.
  3. One day do you think that they will have a come to Jesus meeting and wake up that they did everything wrong parenting wise or are their heads so far up their asses that they can never pull them out?
  4. Mommy Rabbittron here Anyone wants a almost 22 year old POMERANIAN? My neighbor brought over some bunny food for me and the baby bunny started to eat it. I went to get my fishing net to catch it and the damn dog ran an obstacle course through my legs tripping me could not catch the bunny and now I have 3 broken toes.
  5. Well I'm blocked by Jilly I think that the reason is that I called Chimpy once too often.
  6. MommyRabbittron here please help me. One of the cats gave me a present a baby bunny and the bunny is fucking fast I can't catch it. So now it looks like I have a new pet. My cat gives me presents a few times a week and they are alive.
  7. I just got a text from my stepmother with what time the flight arrives. I texted her back and told her that I was sorry but she has to use Lyft or Uber because of the time she arrives I will be in the middle of a birthday party for the dog.
  8. When they forget items that is on the receipt when they said they delivered the purchase and text you a picture of the delivery where they put the bags of groceries and they delivered it to the wrong house. All of the things above happened to me.
  9. Mommy Rabbittron here and I just got a call from a friend whose daughter is graduating from university of Arkansas law school so I will be watching the ceremony for her daughters name to be announced and might as well stick around for Derricks name to be announced and boy I will be pestering her daughter with questions.
  10. The last thing that I heard was the students were allowed in the house because the daughter was over 18 and supervised
  11. If it did happen then it wouldn't surprise me if they claimed that one of the piano students had it.
  12. Does anyone want to bet he already has a burner phone?
  13. No she's not kidding. At least I will have quality time with my dad.
  14. Just got off the phone with my stepmother and she said that she was going to come visit me next weekend not to see me or the kids but to celebrate her dogs 22nd birthday I see where I rank .
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