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  1. I wonder what the attorneys first words will be after Smuggar gets convicted we want to appeal this verdict.
  2. I wonder if they would bring out what Smuggar did wasn't really bad and if it was really bad then why was he allowed to be around his kids?
  3. MommyRabbittron I just started reading The Hope We Hold and I don't want to say it's boring but I fell asleep reading it. I also thought that the 1st Star Wars movie was boring and I also fell asleep watching it. I wonder who proofread the book before publication because when each of my kids were in kindergarten they were better writers. Thanks 😊
  4. I wonder if his lawyer is going to play the wife just had a baby card and he can't go to prison because his wife needs his help?
  5. MommyRabbittron here and as some of you know I have been really sick with congestive heart failure and I am back in the hospital. It only took 3 days to get a bed in the CCU . I miss being in the ER because of all the action there. Last night Rabbittron came to visit me and she went to the library so I can have something to do. She knows what I like to read and then she surprised me The Hope We Hold. I always said that I wanted to read this but I refused to give them one penny. I also told her that if I was healthy that I would go to Smuggars hearing and demand the judge to make him go to th
  6. First of all I know that wildfires are no joke. This is a funny story about how my mom got kicked out of 2 cities in Colorado. She went to Fort Collins to visit her relatives and while she was there a wildfire broke out so her relatives barred her from that city. The very next day she went to visit some relatives in Colorado Springs and another wildfire broke out. So her relatives barred her from that city. To date she has not been to those cities.
  7. I know my mom will yell hi Smuggar and knowing her will give the finger. Because everytime she drives by she screams Hi Subway guy.
  8. My mom hopes that he goes to the Englewood Colorado Federal prison located in Littleton Colorado because everytime she drives past it she says that she is going to yell hi Smuggar.
  9. My mom heard from her friends daughter that Derek sat for the exam so I can safely assume that he did not pass it.
  10. I want to see Smuggars face when he goes from court straight to jail.
  11. Remember that there is no way in hell that Smuggar will accept a plea deal. He is the golden child who thinks he is made out of Teflon nothing will stick to him because he didn't do anything wrong.
  12. Help me please I just got back from the vets and I need to find a new one. I have taken the POMERANIAN to this vet for 21 years and after I found out that he is retiring he introduced me to the new vet that is taking over. Nothing about the new vet scares me except for his name Dr. Josh Duggar. I just can't deal with that name.
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