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  1. Another reason to go on living. Things are about to get a whole lot more stupider.
  2. brilliantbreakfast

    Pit Bulls And Parolees

    Well I have just watched the March 23 episode and I am just weeping with joy. I think that the weddings of Tania and the twins have been lovelier than any of the real-life weddings I've ever attended. I know that the twins had a troubled past before Mariah brought them home, but I actually felt pride in how well they have done. Lizzie and M2 are utter prizes (as is Marcel). Whatever anyone says about Tia, she has definitely done something right. Think about what these kids do, between the shelter and the parolees and the restaurant (which was their idea) and the shop. It's really quite impressive. I know that we don't really "know" people that we see on TV, and we see what they want us to see, but it's hard not to love this family. This show just keeps getting better. I don't have a big bucket list, but walking dogs at Villalobos is on it.
  3. brilliantbreakfast

    S05.E09: I Want to Meet Your (Transphobic) Mom

    And see, if they had waited till Jazz hit puberty to suppress, she could have banked sperm and had a biological child -- with a surrogate other than Ari, of course.
  4. brilliantbreakfast

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    Cheating is a big issue in Jamaican culture. Go to the Jamaica Observer or Jamaica Gleaner web site and search for it. Go to YouTube and search for "Jamaican men cheat". You'll find a bunch of stuff, along with videos about Jamaican WOMEN cheating. Obviously Ashley did not watch this video before getting involved with Jay.
  5. brilliantbreakfast

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    What Ashley needs more than anything else is some therapy to learn why and get past this thing where she makes such bad choices and doesn't recognize them. Having had two children by two men who cheated on her, what on earth would make her think that a 19-year-old Jamaican tattoo artist would break that streak?
  6. brilliantbreakfast

    TLC Junkies: 90DF + Other Train Wrecks

    Thanks for weighing in on this. I don't know if many widows/widowers are bitter, but many do feel cheated of a life that others still have, no matter how young or old they are or how long they were married. The "grief competition" thing is real as well, as are the judgments. I worked through my husband's illness because I had to. The only concession my manager made was letting me work remotely from home or from hospitals. I went back to work at the office two weeks after my husband died because I had to, and because I only had 3 days of bereavement leave and 7 days of vacation time yet. I am now five years out, and I see widows (it's mostly the women) still with raw grief, judging those who are not still unable to get out of bed. I'll grant you -- finding a place for this "new normal" as it becomes more immediate than the married years were can be challenging. After five years, my 30 years with my husband were like someone else's life. I'm not dating, nor do I have any desire to. I had a couple of bad experiences with men's scorn just at social gatherings that were not even for singles so I just don't want to deal with it. My other reality indulgences: Married at First Sight Survivor Return to Amish Lost in Transition I am Jazz Outdaughtered
  7. brilliantbreakfast

    Watching Trainwrecks in Realtime: The 90DF Live Chat

    I'm sorry, but there has to be a way to have a wedding in Las Vegas without it being Elvis-themed. Hell, they could have gone to city hall and then had a nice lunch at a restaurant with friends....except that it seems that Ashley's friends have had quite enough of Ashley and Jay.
  8. brilliantbreakfast

    S37.E13: Finale

    I have no issues with what you said, and I'm a woman. I also knew what it was going to be about. The idea that men and women are always EXACTLY THE SAME is ridiculous. The only reason we seem to have to think this way is that we as a species tend to rank things, and things that men are inclined towards are always seen as more valuable than things that women gravitate toward. Angelina is a perfect example that proves what you said. She perceives her cruelty as being somehow indicative of being a "strong woman", when in actuality it's a caricature of what she thinks a "strong man" would be like.
  9. brilliantbreakfast

    S37.E14: David vs Goliath Reunion

    Never has anyone made a bowtie and blazer look so hot. I have a completely age-inappropriate crush on Christian. Genius, brilliance, and quirky fashion sense are a hot combination. Angelina is such an unaware asshole. If being gratuitously cruel is being a "strong woman," then I am Marie of Rumania. I don't know what she thought she would get out of it, but her beef with Alison, a woman who is Chief Inpatient Resident at UNC Hospitals and who plans to work in hematology/oncology after completing residency with a focus on palliative care, coming from a Wall Street tool, seemed completely uncalled for. And oh, by the way, Twitter was full of REAL women of color last night saying "WTF" about the obviously Caucasian Angelina trying to convince people she is one too. Christian was my first choice (though I'm frankly surprised he made it as far as he did, then Davie, then Nick. So I was fine with the outcome. But Christian's vote for Mike is baffling. The fallout with Nick must have been severe and he and Mike must have bonded a lot more than was portrayed.
  10. brilliantbreakfast

    S37:E13 Finale LIVE CHAT

    If Angelina wins this thing, the entire season will be ruined. Smart gameplay is one thing, but taking such glee in outright cruelty should not be rewarded.
  11. brilliantbreakfast

    S06.E10: Backed Into a Corner

    Nor should you feel you should let it go. It can't be hammered home enough.Pull out is better than nothing, but not much better. As someone who in college was a volunteer at Planned Parenthood in the 70s, it boggles the mind that in this day and age, people are still so stupid about contraception. I get being a horny teen who doesn't want to tell her mother that she's having sex. But a 30-year-old? That's just stupid. But even the horny teens -- most of my friends who have daughters AND sons give them the birth control lecture at an appropriate age. Not one of their kids has become pregnant or impregnated someone.
  12. brilliantbreakfast

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    That broke mine too. I don't know anyone who has lost someone they love to death (including me) who hasn't seen that person somewhere in real life. I've seen my husband in a supermarket parking lot and at the airport when I flew to look at the house I moved to after he died. That scene with Brianna seeing Frank at the docks echoed that strongly for me and I'm sure for others.
  13. brilliantbreakfast

    S04.E07: Down the Rabbit Hole

    I'm usually able to suspend a lot of disbelief with this show, and maybe it's because Sophie Skelton is not the actress that Caitriona Balfe is, but this episode kind of lost me. First of all, who decides to time-travel to SCOTLAND in the dead of winter -- and with no gloves? I realize that Brianna is young, but really. She did enough homework to buy or make reasonably appropriate attire, she didn't think about what walking around Scotland in the snow would be like? She didn't think about what talking about knowing things that would happen in the future would sound like in 18th century rural Scotland?
  14. brilliantbreakfast

    Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    My mother bought a Louis Vuitton bag (the cylindrical one) on eBay once and years later asked me to sell it for her. I happened to stumble upon a "How to tell a fake Louis Vuitton" web site, and sure enough -- her bag was a fake. I told her I couldn't sell it because it was a knockoff, and she said "Then sell it as used." She just didn't get it. I now have two Coach bags she bought me that I fear are also knockoffs. They have what seem to be legitimate numbers, but I think only Coach can verify them.
  15. brilliantbreakfast

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    IIRC, the shower and yes, the engagement party (because that's now a thing, so now you have to show up with a gift for an engagement party, a shower, an bachelorette party, and a wedding) are held by the family, but the attendants are expected to arrange and pay for the bachelorette party. Then let's not forget the wedding registry. I've read that these are not as much of a thing as they used to be, but the last wedding I was invited to, there was NOTHING on the registry under $200 and the groom-to-be, who was a co-worker, explained to me that they did it that way because the expectation is that if you are invited with a guest, you're expected to "cover your plate" (which basically means you have to guess what they paid for you to go to their wedding and pay your own way). And with that, I stopped going to my friends' weddings. I started my tradition of buying each couple two champagne flutes from Tiffany's. The bride gets a Tiffany blue box, I buy a nice gift, and I don't have to deal with this "cover the plate" nonsense. Nor do I have to dress up and go eat a mediocre prime rib and dance to lousy disco pop music. Everyone wins.