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S10.E19: Life Is a Cabaret

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It's the night of Luann's cabaret show, "Countess and Friends"; during the performance, Luann gets heckled, and Sonja shows some skin; at the after party, Ramona has a burning question for Bethenny, while Dorinda has some parting words for Luann.

Airs August 15, 2018.

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1 minute ago, KungFuBunny said:

Holy Shit!

Last week, Priv got my Dorinda makeup exactly like tonight's finale.

Okay...why do I want to watch Law & Order now...and maybe take a nap?


Blending can be your best friend. I like Tinsley's look. 

Ooh. Tin does not look happy with Carole in the preview shot at the show.

Carole: Everyone should know everything about everyone.

Tinsley, with gritted teeth: That's your new motto?

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“Nice gesture”, has Dorinda met these people?


“He’s always invited”

”You only have to ask”

These are not the same thing...

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Dorinda might be a big liar, and why would Tinsley believe Drunklinda?

One day I’ll pick up the newspaper and there will be a mugshot of Dorinda on page six, arrested for public intoxication.

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4 minutes ago, nexxie said:

Lu kinda sucks about inviting Scott but not John last minute, especially after Dorinda provided costumes.

She does. Lu is being petty. But it doesn't merit the level of rage she's showing, IMO. If Durinda hadn't been well so Slurinda about it, I'd totally be on her side.

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Luann might have thought Dorinda wasn’t even with John, I thought they had broken up.

Carole, you’re full of shit.

Have another drink Dorinda.  It would have been wrong if Luann didn’t invite Dorinda since it was Dorinda who got her the dresses. 

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1 minute ago, scoobie1 said:

Why is Tinsley telling Dorinda this?  Scott isn't even coming.  It's one thing if Scott was coming. 

It's the thought that counted! That is a little scummy; invite a stranger over John when Dorinda actually did talk to her about this! Deflecting won't work when the reunion rolls around! ;-)

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2 minutes ago, bosawks said:

I’m trying to explain these people to my mother, since she’s staying with me and watching the finale was a nonnegotiable, and she’s looking at me with the “where have I gone wrong” eyes....


Moms.  Love and judge in just one look.

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Just now, Rosiejuliemom said:

Yeah, Dorinda is pissed and just itching for a fight.


She needs to chill the fuck out about the dresses.

She's pissed and drunk.  Not a good combo. Usually she drinks then gets pissed. But this time she was pissed before. This won't end well. 

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I think Dorinda is actually right to be upset.  However, I would not stay around for the show.  Everyone else is having fun.  She is sitting there with a grimace on her face.

Dorinda and Lu are pretty much done. 

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Just now, b2H said:

I think Dorinda is actually right to be upset.  However, I would not stay around for the show.  Everyone else is having fun.  She is sitting there with a grimace on her face.

Dorinda and Lu are pretty much done. 

The Jovani thing is getting old.  Once is fine but moderation is something you should work on.

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12 minutes ago, dosodog said:

Unless the invite happened after Luann talked to Dorinda.

Show me the time stamps!

Dorinda said she texted/talked to Luann at 9 that morning. Tinsley said Luann texted her at 10. Pretty shady, if you ask me, especially if Dorinda helped out so much with the wardrobe. Don't be so uncool Luann. I don't blame Dorinda, I'd be livid. I hope (but doubt) she skips the after party.

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