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  1. They are rescued too. They've always done this. This is the only circus my kids were allowed to go to.
  2. Big Apple Circus only uses rescued dogs who when they aren't in the circus live on a farm with their trainer. Thankfully the Barnum and Bailey Circus is gone. I never took my kids and I hated going when I was a kid. We went once and that was it.
  3. Tinsley needs a really good therapist.Stat!
  4. This is the most boring episode and I love this franchise. But this episode was so bad. I love Tins and think she's beautiful but she looks like Joan Crawford's character in whatever happened to Baby Jane or maybe it was Bette Davis' character. The tears don't help.
  5. That would be nice but she hasn't quietly walked away from it. At all.
  6. Exactly! Bethenny will always be who she is. She doesn't hide her personality. When you aren't on the receiving end of her insults she, i guess, can be quite fun to be with. She's funny, sarcastic, etc. However, that gets old. Carole needed to just say that instead of dancing around the fact that she no longer wanted to be B's friend. The end.
  7. The thing that aggravates me about Carole is that she is acting like she is this innocent person who never was a bully herself. The things she said about Luann when she first came on was her being a bully. She says bad things about everyone. THEY ALL DO!!! That's the point of these shows right? they are all narcissists because you would have to be to think that other people want to watch you live your life. She should have just told Bethenny that we have grown apart. I'm sorry but there it is. It's nothing you did or if it is something she did then JUST TELL HER! The b
  8. An interesting thing about their shouting match was this: Bethenny : And I wasn't all those things last year? Did I suddenly become all those things you say I am? Carole then said something like well, I did sort of see it or something like that. Please stop Carole. Just stop with that. You didn't give a crap that Bethenny was the same person last year when she was whisking you away here and there. You were just fine with her personality until you weren't. Bethenny is the same person she has always been.
  9. This! It's true Carole has no career. Truth. Carole has no kids. Truth. Bethenny likes to dominate the conversation. Truth. Bethenny likes things to be about herself. Truth. So Carole why is your truth less hurtful than hers?
  10. Hi ! I have to go back to read all your comments but ... this... was.. hilarious Carole: You said Ramona was evil Ramona: Thanks Bethenny Bethenny: you're welcome. LOL ! Bethenny is reading her phone while Carole said that and without looking up she gave a quick bland "you're welcome" to Ramona. So funny!
  11. This. I think this is also why Andy was getting so pissy about this. He wanted B to be there and to get out of the car while they were filming. Clearly it was okay with Jill since she invited them or whatever. B knows her role. She plays it very well. All of these ladies try to carve out a storyline. Something interesting in their lives that viewers will want to comment on and anxiously await the next segment of said saga. However, when most of these (actually all of them) are single there's no man to talk about. No man to create drama with so they must create a lot of drama among
  12. LOVE THIS POST!!! They are ALL Narcissists! They are all bitchy and catty. Everything they complain about that the other is doing they do too. I agree with everything else you said but this one point is what drives me bananas about what happened last night. ALL OF YOU do the same exact shit you are screaming at B about.
  13. I thought she did that. I heard her say something like that right after they showed that old clip of her putting Sonja down. She said "but now she has a real business and I support her" or something like that. Can I just say that I giggled every time one of those ladies said "bologna". LOL.
  14. He gave her a look my mother used to give me when I would curse in front of her.
  15. I haven't really picked a side in this whole matter However, if Bethenny wanted to go the sole custody route she should have known there would be no punches held on the other side. What is her reasoning exactly for not wanting Jason in Brynn's life as a real father who helps make decisions for her. What did he do that was so horrendous? Ok he followed her and was getting hostile. Let me tell you I would get hostile, too, if my spouse was trying to keep me away from my kid. She got the restraining order and all was well. Now she still wants full custody? for what? The only person s
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