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  1. What do you want to bet that Andy schedules a sit-down just with Eboni to allow her to pontificate uninterrupted by the other ladies? Bravo thinks it has something with her. The sad part is, no one other than Andy and a few other execs actually want what she's offering.
  2. I found myself wondering why they couldn’t compromise and move to a small town just outside of Tallahassee. That’s what compromise looks like to me.
  3. Sadly, just like the entire Bachelor franchise, this show is past its sell-by date. Most reality programming is dead from its original format.
  4. I did an alternative. I went hyphenated. I also kept my dad’s family name for my middle name. There are more than two options for last names. It isn’t an all or nothing proposition.
  5. They can have it on digital. No interest. Tell me the story or don’t waste my time.
  6. He consistently comes off with that dopey smile as a village idiot. I don’t know how anyone can take him seriously in his day job, if he maintains that same effect there.
  7. So who does a clip show as the third episode of a season? Deleted. I hope Ethan and Olivia figure this out. If they separate/divorce, Kim will win and the other kids, especially the younger ones, will never get a chance to develop into normal people. Kim is a horror of a mom and the older kids have figured this out. Kim is irredeemable. The loss of her small child has damaged her beyond reason for her other children.
  8. Kim must be scared that Lydia is going to be next to fly the coop. Honestly, does anyone take care of running the house other than Lydia? Also, with four kids having abandoned the lifestyle the family was raised in, do ya think the parents might get a clue that things should change for the benefit of the little ones? How possessive are the parents that they uprooted the whole family to move closer to kids that were trying to separate from the parents?
  9. My daughter in law and her parents all went through this process. Not one of them is any thinner than when I first met them nearly 10 years ago because the discipline simply wasn't there.
  10. Having read all the comments, now, I realize that one point John made is missing from this thread: The BOP air conditioned the place where the hogs were kept. I suppose animal rights trump human rights. That's the only reason I can see for the disparity.
  11. That sort of went out the window with Clare's season. Between no more Chris Harrison and a total suspension of anything resembling rules, this show is no longer worth watching. I admit, with limited TV selection in the hotel I'm in for the next week and a half, I wandered into the last 10 minutes of last night's show. I'll show myself out. They need to either suspend this show production until the pandemic is over or completely re-tool the show because, in its current form, it just doesn't work anymore. There's a reason the guys are bailing. All one has to do is look past the v
  12. Anyone want to help me understand how her status has changed, since she has always been single by not being in a legally binding relationship?
  13. Depends on how good her self-esteem is. If she can look away while he's doing stuff like he's been accused of, that's great, but she seemed more fragile than that. Ex-wife tried to warn her that he was a serial cheater. Ex-wife (for as much as I don't like her all that much) is vindicated on that point. And I can't begin to guess what Bri's momma is gonna have to say about any of this - the one-year lease on her bungalow should be about up, no?
  14. I think more of it will depend on whether there's another season of this show. I don't think she's as committed to him (or he to her at this point) as they'd like us to believe.
  15. That's ok - it's still, in either case, time to re-think what they're doing at Bravo. I used to watch several programs on Bravo - I'm down to zero. There's nothing I want there, where I could count on them to offer something interesting.
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