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  1. Yes, but that is counterbalanced by the fact that her opinion is the only one that matters and she’s the only one he is having any serious conversation with. So yeah, she is..
  2. I am here to say that I had a project manager who Ed reminds me of. This guy was a Ph.D and traveled to Thailand on a regular basis. He was single, really nice guy and reminds me, physically, of Ed. We were never quite sure the nature of his activity there, it was always a vacation.
  3. Nope. Not at all. The best revenge is for Lindsey and Zach to hook up and see how she responds to him when he messes around on her. Sometimes, the best revenge is success. Mindy will be just fine. Proud of the girl for standing her ground and allowing just one more violation. I think she knew he couldn't do it and just waited for the situation to reveal itself. I have to wonder how all these experts missed all these red flags in all these interviews and surveys and all the rest of it they're supposed to be using in the selection process. This process is about as solid as that for the US Bachelor/Bachelorette series - non-existent.
  4. All this about Peter and very little about Madison??? I guess she is persona non grata now??
  5. I have to wonder about the deal with Robyn; this deal you want, whether you get it or you don't - if you were in the same situation, would you accept the deal you want? Because you're a bit of a spoiled brat and it's about time you realize that sometimes when G-d answers prayer, He says 'No.' What a bunch.
  6. My previous partner was a guy who worked for one of the big personal investment firms. Great guy and very diligent in what he did. Watched CNBC on a regular basis to stay on top of his business. When Kudlow would come on, he would turn the show off. Wanted nothing to do with the guy. All but said Kudlow is a hack.
  7. How can they be over? They never truly started, did they, now?
  8. I watched just a couple of minutes between the interview and panel intro, and someone was applauding. But not nearly as many as normal.
  9. Not so sure she will agree to do Paradise. That's just not a venue she will be able to operate well in. Way too secular and in too much violation of her personal ethics and standards. I will be highly surprised if we see Madi in the franchise anymore, given her experience.
  10. I know no one wants to hear about Dr. Phil here, but when there are issues with the in-laws, it's up to the biological child to take care of those issues. Peter needed to stand up to his mother's attack and put a stop to it. He was probably told to some degree to let it go on a bit, but it went too far and, by the time she finally ran out of breath, it was too late for Peter to do much of it. It's one of the few things I agree with with Dr. Phil: the bio kid must manage the bio in laws.
  11. Madi has probably never been personally attacked like that harridan did ever in her life. It's tough to know when you're being attacked how to appropriately respond in a way that won't just make the attack worse. I've been there. Madi didn't know where it was coming from and she couldn't break the fourth wall and tell the truth, so she kept her counsel and deflected. I have no problem with her response. His mother deserved nothing out of this scenario that she tried to make all about her when she had no business in it.
  12. I'm not convinced that Kelley was there as window dressing. I think they might've had a sit down with her, except that the whole last hour of this monstrosity was tied up with 'As the Stomach Turns' with Peter, Madi and Barb. That went on so long, it pushed the show 4 minutes past its ending. Certainly any hopes they had for Kelley getting a segment were dashed when that ate the show. I haven't read Reality Steve yet, to see what he has to say about last night, but the best thing I can say about it is: Thank G-d it's over. These people must never darken my doorway ever again. Or, to quote the late Nancy Reagan, just said no.
  13. That was the filibuster from the she-dragon that forced the overrun.
  14. But he did stand up to Mom. And Dad and brother for that matter. He said at the end he was happy and everyone should be open to this. Mama will not be open however. She is not gonna let this go. She is a horrid person and, if she thought SM was awful to her last night, she ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Mama is gonna get shredded. Awful person. The one thing I didn’t see in this thread, however: what was it with Madi working her mouth when she wasn’t speaking. It never stopped. She just get twisting and turning her mouth oddly, like it was the first day with the new veneers or lip gloss or something. Quite distracting....l
  15. I am always leery when they don't have an audience because it usually means it's another exploitive, exclusive interview session with someone or on something I just don't care about. What they should really do is suspend taping of the show for a few weeks in its entirety. They have enough programs available for re-runs to fill the time slot. If it means they have an abbreviated season or it goes longer than normal, so be it. It doesn't help the guests that have to fly there to be protected from exposure.
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