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  1. Sonja is not helping herself, then, by being on this show. Her antics are getting enough coverage that anyone with any self-respect will run from her at high speed. Now, I'm late to the RHONY part, in that I joined long after Sonja was no longer married, so can someone give me the Reader's Digest view of what happened to her Morgan marriage?
  2. Yes, but looking this weekend (on the announcement of seasons 5 and 6), we're not seeing any evidence of season 4. Have they posted it yet?
  3. Dear hubby made the apple pie this weekend - the one with applejack in the crust. Excellent.
  4. Yes, we saw that and my curiosity got the better of me, so I looked it up. She had some kind of rare brain cancer, for Heaven's sake. She died in October 2019. Sad for sure.
  5. Yeah, no one cares. This won’t be back.
  6. My key to this is if there is an empty space on the shelf where the item should be, then yes, you are absolutely correct. Typically, there is a label on the shelf where the item would be and my regular store has a ‘temporarily unavailable’ label. But for some of these items, there is no space, no label, nothing. They just don’t carry it no matter when.
  7. A small rant: Unless you live in a large metropolitan area, never believe him when he says some of these crazy ingredients can be found in your local mega-mart. I live in the suburban Twin Cities.. Dear hubby, a retired chef and baker, wants to make the super apple pie - the one in the tart pan. First, it is not a tart pan but a quiche pan. The tart pan is only about an inch high. We need the two-inch. Only available on line (Williams-Sonoma) after checking the usual suspects. Had to be ordered. Out of stock in all of the local stores. Even reached out to a local baker who told me this size pan is hit or miss for availability. Second, the ingredients - apple jelly, tapioca flour and Grains of Paradise. No grocery store had the grains or the apple jelly. We are subbing the recommended ground cardamom and black pepper, but cannot find the apple jelly anywhere. On line, even, is out of stock. Smuckers was the only site that seemed to have anything, but that is gonna include shipping. Found the last bag of tapioca flour at the fourth and final store I checked for these things. Not sure where he is getting his ingredients but no one should have to come up empty after four stores, two of them upscale and respected. Local mega-mart indeed.
  8. I watched/fast forwarded through nearly all of this before deleting it. I will skip this rendition. Didn’t like most of these folks the first time. Not all that keen on them a second time. I’ll get the summary on Pillow Talk.
  9. So is Meri gone from all this nonsense yet??
  10. I just had an officer on a local website say that this is a primary problem with the hiring process for officers and that those that had been bullied in their youth were coming to the force to settle scores. Not for all of them, but for enough of them. I'll take the officer's word for it. On the other hand, I'm good friends with a now-retired police chief and he was nothing like that.
  11. Until Fox abandons him, he still has a platform. More fodder for John.
  12. So with all this new drama, why are they broadcasting a THIRD episode of the reunion next week?
  13. Well, I have to say that I gave up on Beverly Hills after several seasons of gaslighting members they no longer wanted to deal with and that awful sister Kyle is stuck with. However I'm getting close to bailing on this one too - and this is my last RH franchise, pretty much. I can't deal with the holier than thou temperments of these washed up women who really have nothing in their lives other than this show. Seriously - they got nothin'. How's this supposed to be entertaining?
  14. No, Chernobyl casual was the Wisconsin Speaker of the House who sued and won in person voting for the State Spring Primary election. He was trying to protect a conservative seat on the State Supreme Court. The voters kicked the conservative judge to the curb in spite of the virus. @paigow
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