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  1. Luann said she had had several blackouts during the summer at Sag Harbor and couldn’t remember how she got home. That may be enough to keep her off the sauce. Maybe.
  2. They had relocated to LA from Atlanta sometime last season.
  3. It is really odd. I have read the Bible multiple times and never once have I read anything anywhere that sanctions this as G-dly directives.
  4. Well, right there is the problem. The sharp interviewer part. Hell, they could’ve done the whole thing via Zoom. The Browns must know their days on TLC are numbered.
  5. I was in the hospital having birthed my first child on 20 November 1980. The reveal, due to a writer’s strike, of who killed J.R. was on 21 November 1980. Virtually every nurse on my floor wing was in my room that night to see the reveal. And I don’t believe the JR story was as a result of the death of Larry Hagman. According to his Wiki, he died in 2012 at the ripe old age of 81. I think it might have been a contract issue???
  6. I think this is a good angle to view Christine’s change of heart. She really was the chief caregiver in charge for probably 20 or more years. That role is simply not as important anymore. Robyn’s raising her own and the others are nearly all out of the house. She needs to open a daycare. Maybe that’s the ticket to her having purpose again.
  7. Yeah, agreed, but when one is constantly criticized and yelled at for real or perceived shortcomings and derided to others about physical attributes, that woman is a shrill harridan and deserves nothing good in her life. I actually fast-forwarded through their segments this week. Billy needs to get real and get out.
  8. On the contrary. Everything Meri said is absolutely true for plyg women. Everything. As someone said upthread, Meri gave Christine no guidance for dealing with her pain. She gave Christine Plyg speech #1-A - keep sweet no matter how you really feel. C doesn’t count for anything with anyone and she’s giving everyone the sads and needs to knock it off. That was the thrust of the speech.
  9. I should think her parents who were on earlier in the season will intervene, if they haven’t already. If they haven’t, they will after seeing this. Can you imagine what they must be feeling, watching this, while she has probably been defending everything that has happened to her?
  10. I knew someone in junior high that had to wear a halo brace for scoliosis. Not sure what happened to her - she was a couple of years behind me in school. My grandson’s graduation from middle school was a drive by last year. They collected their certificates then and were allowed more than six foot distance to get their graduation photo taken. I joked at the time that figuring out who all these people were in the photo would be a challenge, given half the class or more were wearing their masks. The ceremony was fine,
  11. It may have been a situation to do with their getting insurance to afford the surgery. That was all I could figure. There are great hospitals and teaching hospitals in the southwest. No need to go to NJ.
  12. I found myself asking out loud what his response to the surgery might be if it were one of Robyn’s kids. We all know the answer: he would be asking when do we leave and why is it taking so long to get scheduled?
  13. Might be interesting to know when the last time was that they filed....... If my understanding is correct (though it couldn't possibly apply to this bunch), these families fly under the radar by getting paid under the table and never incurring any income so no taxes are ever paid. Now, TLC is paying this bunch, but I don't know how the finances are being handled.
  14. I noticed that too. She isn’t as onboard with this as she thinks she is. She is doing this for Garrick, who is nothing but a horn dog. I would never have asked Danielle to be in the next room. Not even on the same floor. He is torturing her emotionally and this will absolutely not end well for any of them, least of all for Daniellle.
  15. I imagine he wanted no part of it. I am not sure why Lizzie came back, TBH. Ines was positively demented, while she was telling her side of it and listening to the reactions, sitting and just smiling at it all. She is a seriously toxic person, even when Sam was publicly ditching her, she just sat there and smiled. She is a very damaged person and I would be sincerely interested to know what became of her. I assume her paralegal career is over, unless she worked for ambulance chasers or some bottom feeder legal firm. If the law firm or lawyer had any sense of morals after seeing that
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