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S04.E05: Week 3, Night 1

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A virgin arrives with a date card; a couple shop for sexy swimsuits and get wild in the water; a sweet duo experience their first fight in Paradise; a guy is torn between the "right option" and a "more exciting option"; a popular bachelor leaves Paradise.


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Jasmine is disgusting. Matt is an asshole. Oye, these people suck. Jack Stone is actually pretty attractive. I have no idea who he is, but I like what I'm seeing. I agree with him that the crab was way too far. I am living for Wells right now. 

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Except the before-commercial previews make Wells, who is there ONLY AS BARTENDER! not a player, look like a dick too. In fact, everyone on this show is being portrayed as jerks, babies, people who will never get a date IRL. No kidding, oye.

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18 minutes ago, Armchair Critic said:

Jasmine said she didn't want Matt to go on the date and he just ignores it and says "so you are okay with me going on this date?". Men, gotta love 'em. 

She completely missed that Matt told Kristin he would go on a date with her. He seems to want to get away from Jasmine at everg turn. He asked her permission - man up dude!!

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Jasmine acting all batshit crazy.  *sigh*  I know this stuff is producer-driven but at some point I would draw the line if I were on this show.

Lacey looked prettier with her hair loose and parted in the middle.  Now if only she'd smile more.....

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No kidding, Armchair. I don't like a single person on this show, and now Wells has joined the Don't Like club with his gossipy gossip making fun of people. At least when Taylor was making out with Derek we didn't have to hear her talk. Now THAT small blessing is over. GAH. Worst.Season.Evah.

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WTH Amanda. Robbie wants to be with you and no one else does after HOW many times on TB and BIP? And you're "not sure"? Geezy pete, fish or cut bait. (Translation: Take Robbie's rose or get the heck off this show you loser.)

And what's with Amanda's (obviously fake) hair down to her ass? Oye! OH: Breaking news: Corinne on GMA tomorrow morning. I'm not watching.

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I'd like to not hear Jasmine speak anymore either. These voices!! 

1 minute ago, Armchair Critic said:

Get a backbone Matt, you will end up engaged to Jasmine next because you are afraid to tell her no.

He found it!! Yes! 

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The editors of The Bachelorette must be EVIL GENIUSES.  Why?  Because before this show I actually used to think that Wells and Dean were gorgeous, cute, sweet catches. God. I was such a fool.

Maybe Jojo and ......god, I don't want to admit this......Rachel made smart moves after all.....

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When you need puppets, this isn't funny. 

Matt peacing out and Jasmine still being upset - girl you weren't together! Kristin needs a backbone too.

I am enjoying the single life more and more LOL!! 

Daniel is only good for some entertainment (I don't find him that funny) but he is not attractive to me (well not in the face lol!!) 

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Wait a minute, Alexis is complaining about Christin's "scallop fingers" when meanwhile she was attempting to put a crab that died of natural causes (i.e., not steamed) in Jack Stone's mouth. I am on Team Scallop. Scallops are delicious, and if one didn't have a fork, I could see eating it with your fingers; what else are you going to do stuck in a car on the way to da club? (More importantly, they let the contestants go out to clubs?!?! Where they can socialize and meet other men?!?!) But back to the scallops...cooked scallops aren't slimy (unless there was some sort of sauce); it wasn't scallop ceviche.

Matt is like please, anyone, save me from Jasmine! But this is really crappy that HE told Christin he wanted to go out with her. Christin even tells Jasmine this, but she completely ignores this and still focuses in on badmouthing Christin. Ok, women, PLEASE stop blaming "the other woman"; stop and check YOUR MAN. Christin doesn't owe Jasmine the fidelity, MATT does (if they were committed).

Now Christin is shrimp fingers. The girl likes her shellfish. But these petty bitches. They're so mean. Now I have to root for Christin. Not that I even remember anything about her but because the Mean Kids are assholes to her. Every season this happens--the "original" crew think they're the Popular clique and Mean Girl everyone. This is when we need Nick from Bachelor Pad to swoop in and vote Keep and put these jerks in their places!

If glow sticks in a hot tub isn't the "right moment," Amanda, I don't know what is. Er, um, maybe glow sticks in a hot tub isn't, either. Don't they have heat warnings? Probably not a good idea to submerge plastic capsules filled with chemicals in hot, chlorinated water. 

Taylor is dropping F bombs left and right in her reaction to explaining how she feels about Derek saying FU. She also says she shuts down when she hears that--but her complaint that she got the FU over was that she wasn't sure he has what she wants in a relationship because HE shuts down. Ugh, the hypocrisy. I don't even care--both of you can just go home.

Adam "is in a pickle." (Pick Sarah!) Diggy is "dropping bombs." (Bye, Lacey, don't let the door hit ya on the way out!) Dean wants to date BOTH women and will probably get one of his unattached buddies to keep D-Lo for him.

Robby steals one-size-fits-most-adults hotel slippers for Amanda's 3- and 5-year-old kids? Huh? Well, I guess the slippers were the aphrodisiac Robby was searching for.

Derek is better at this "functional talk" than Taylor is.

Matt and Christin are both terrified of Jasmine. To Jasmine: "There's something about you that keeps me from falling for anyone here--including you." Wow. Matt would rather go home than stay with Jasmine or deal with the repercussions (from the clique, I'm sure) of sending her home. I guess Harrison knew this was coming and this was the big twist he teased the group about. Jasmine: "I don't know if I want to be with someone like that." Uh, Jazz, you don't have a choice in the matter. Jasmine is already hanging all over Jack Stone! Uh, guess that was a 2-minute heartbreak. Whoa, the virgin doubles down on Jack Stone. ... Matt? Huh? Who dis?

Daniel!! Huzzah!!

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Kristina is pathetic.  Why is she waiting for Dean to make up his mind.  Have a little backbone and tell him to get lost, even if it means you don't get a rose.

Jasmine... how to run a guy off without even trying

Lacey... before you tell a guy off for not asking your permission when you've only ever had one date... and not waiting to hear what he has to say which is that he likes her better.  Gotta to give Diggy props for telling Lacey up front.


ETA:  And what the hell, Wells!?!?!  I think those puppets just disqualified him from being the bachelor. 

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Jasmine: what a crazy woman!  She will forever keep driving men away with her possessive, gonna-cut-a-b***h attitude.  I know people make fun of Jack Stone for being a "serial killer," but honestly I'm more concerned about Jasmine.  Jack is awkward at times, but Jasmine is 5 cans short of a 6-pack.

Christen: she annoys me.  She asks Matt out (which she has the right to do), but doesn't want to hurt Jasmine's feelings or to deal with drama.  It seems pretty clear that asking out Matt would hurt Jasmine.  She is either two-faced or incredibly dim or possibly both.

Wells: physically, he is very attractive, but he seems like a bit of a jerk.  I don't like Christen, but he spent a lot of time acting like a typical "mean girl" along with Amanda and Alexis. Mocking her over scallops got old pretty quickly.

Amanda: yes, Robby is probably gay, but if she wants to stay on this show, then she better accept his roses.  I don't see any other men chasing after her. 

Taylor: good for her for standing up for herself!  Derek was pretty disrespectful.  Did anyone catch what Taylor said right before Derek said "F**k you" in response? Hopefully, Derek's language was a one-time thing, but in my experience, it usually is not.  Taylor will find out either way.

Kristina: I can't believe someone as strong as Kristina would fall for Dean's bulls*t.  He is playing two girls.  He's not really into either one.  If he felt strongly about either girl, then he would've made his mind up already.  Dean is clearly playing the field and isn't being honest with either girl.  

Danielle: The amazing conversations must be happening off screen because she is as dim as a lightbulb on camera.  She is absolutely stunning (at least with all of the makeup), but she speaks like a middle schooler.  I honestly think Danielle is a better match for Dean than Kristina.  They are both immature and love to giggle while speaking.

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I was so looking forward to this show, but it is kind of the opposite of fun this year. Maybe they should have just remained shut down after poolgate. The season was tainted and now we can't have nice things.

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35 minutes ago, clubsauce said:

Hey Bachelor in Paradise! Seventh grade called. It said to tell you that it's embarrassed by how mean, completely immature, and not funny you are.

I am retiring in five years.  I am more worried about these knuckleheads having to take care of me than I am of losing Social Security and Medicare.  What a bunch of three year olds.  

Jasmine?   You're single because you are a straight up other word for a female dog.

Wells?   You should be ashamed of yourself.  Your antics were more of a reflection on you than on your victim.

Chris Harrison?  Can we now please have a Very Special Episode with these totally unlikeable people on bullying?  Seriously.

and another ]|#%^* hour wasted on the topic of the LAST Very Special Episode topic??  Seriously?????!  I may need to find something else to do tomorrow night.

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Agree with all of you not feeling this season. The cast ...oy. Are they freaking ten year olds? Scallop fingers really? I liked shark girl before but this episode showed what a total ahole she is. Jesus they all are. Someone there has to have some redeeming qualities!!!


And jasmine was acting totally psychotic. The desperation. Hanging all over Matt. He wasted no time bouncing the f outta there. . 

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First of all, the BiP editors/producers are the absolute worst this season. It's been five episodes with ONE rose ceremony. Ugh.  It's just dragging on and on and on. 

It's pathetic to say but I honestly wonder what Jasmine thinks watching this back. Was she just drunk the entire time? Is she actually psychotic? I realize the editing makes us see it one way but it really seemed like Matt wanted nothing to do with her and she just completely ignored it (even before the other gal showed up) and forged ahead to the point that he removed himself from the show!! It's just really cringeworthy to see these girls just HURLING themselves at these guys for a couple extra minutes on tv. I hope it's worth it for a couple thousand more instagram followers so you can continue to shill FabFitFun and hair gummies.

And I felt bad for Christin and how they were all mocking her even right in front of her. Even Wells (sweet Wells)! But girlfriend moved on quickly from Matt with Jack Stone who quickly forgot she did not choose him in the first place. 

I'm disappointed in Kristina. Dean is playing you. Dump him. Let Dean be with D-Lo who cannot say two words without giggling. You're too good for that chump. Can't she give Ben Z a chance?

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So much snark.  

Scallop fingers really?  Are we 12?  

Jasmine is a bunny boiler.  Sleep with one eye open, victims of her anger. 

Dean is a schmuck.  I liked him before Paradise.  His waffling on this show makes me hate him. Poor Kristina. 

And Wells.  You used to be cute.  Till you joined the mean girls club.  

Oh and Robby with his over-manscape and Amanda who is past her prime?   Gross. 

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The only good thing about this sham of a cr*p season is you guys here. I'm not sure I can keep watching until the end. This dreck episode is making Frasier reruns that I've seen a dozen times look more appealing. I dislike every single person in Paradise. But then, I've been out of grade school for a long, long time.

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Halfway through.  I just can't deal with the immaturity, the meanness, and the "like" every other word, the nasal 'little girl' voices, and the uptalking.  I think I have a murder mystery on Netflix to watch instead.

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Needed to add more things I hate about these idiots.
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Must be an alternate universe where Matt and Raven are considered the 'hot ones'.  Other random thoughts:

Wells has always made fun of people

Matt could have just given a friend rose instead of forcing someone else to go home too

Why is handsome Ben Z ignored?

Anyone who dated Taylor will be constantly analyzed 

Scallop Fingers? Really?

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I tried giving it another chance but lasted 10 minutes. Between all the terrible voices (Taylor and Amanda), and boring ass conversations with douche bag guys who are leading two girls on, I'm out. I almost wish I stayed for Jasmine's meltdown to see that trainwreck. The four hours weekly is killing this show, along with everyone being either annoying, douchebags, or bullies. 

Reruns of Psych. MUCH better. 

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How is Derek interested in Taylor ? The girl has one of the most annoying voices I've ever heard and she is absolutely in the wrong profession , as she never says anything soothing or warm to any of the upset people . 


I understand the show likes to fixate on certain things like Clare and the talking to the crab ? etc , but the scallop thing wasn't funny whatsoever . They really tried way too hard to make something dumb turn into something funny . That was a fail 

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3 minutes ago, twoods said:

I tried giving it another chance but lasted 10 minutes. Between all the terrible voices (Taylor and Amanda), and boring ass conversations with douche bag guys who are leading two girls on, I'm out. I almost wish I stayed for Jasmine's meltdown to see that trainwreck. The four hours weekly is killing this show, along with everyone being either annoying, douchebags, or bullies. 

Reruns of Psych. MUCH better. 

Be glad you saved yourself from Jasmine's meltdown. Annoying and delusional. 

I think she created a relationship with Matt in her head because he didn't seem all that into her when they returned. Paradise isn't Matt's jam it seems. 

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